Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 1-2 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 1-2 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

The Cdrama recap this time brings you a hilarious love story that spans thousands of years. At first, I did not expect this Thousand Years For You drama to be so funny, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope they keep the tone humorous like this until the end. So, let’s start Thousand Years For You episode recap with episodes 1-2 recap.

Episode Recap

Episode 1

The story began with a narration of an event which happened 3000 years in the past. The Spirit Clan, led by the saintess Yun Xi and their leader Zhu Rong, waged war against the Human Race. Witnessing the misery experienced by the people, Yun Xi had a change of heart and sealed her killing intent. However, Zhu Rong continued to fight against the people.

The prince of the Human Race, Lu Yan, then joined hands with Yun Xi to fight Zhu Rong. But the fight caused Yun Xi’s demise. Before she died, she gave her energy core to Lu Yan. Lu Yan was then able to kill Zhu Rong, fulfilling Yun Xi’s dying wish.

After peace prevailed in the nine continents, Lu Yan disappeared. Only legends of his bravery remained.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Legend

The scene moved to 3000 years later, in Qing Quan Mountain. A group of explorers led by a beautiful young woman was on a treasure hunt. A corrupt official in an ancient dynasty was said to have kept all his treasures within the mountain. But as they were opening the cases one by one, they found the boxes were empty.

But as the leader was examining the biggest and most luxurious looking chest, she accidentally pressed a button and fell through a hidden passage at the bottom. The hidden passage ended in a deserted looking cave.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Hidden Passage

The woman, Yu Deng Deng, lighted up her small torch and found a big mural on the wall. One of pictures on the mural also showed a handsome looking man and fascinated her.

As she wondered how such a beautiful mural of a man was inside that cave in the first place, her fingers traced the shape of the man. Suddenly, the drawing of the man started to glow, and bright golden color burst out of it, startling her.
Inexplicably, Yu Deng Deng started to have countless visions in her mind of herself and of another man, seemingly the man in the mural. She also saw how an arrow pierced through the man’s chest during a battle.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Vision

Then the ground started to shake, and the cave looked like it was going to collapse any moment.

Debris, big and small, started raining down all around Yu Deng Deng. When a boulder was about to clobber her, the man in the mural appeared! As in he materialized from the mural and walked out of it into a real person. He was Lu Yan, prince of the Ancient Shu Kingdom.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu Yan

Time has stopped for Yu Deng Deng. As Lu Yan approached her, he recognized her as Yun Xi.

He took out a wooden hair pin, the same hair pin which Yu Deng Deng saw in her vision as she gave it to the man. But the wooden hairpin was not able to touch the woman, startling the man and made him think that she was not Yun Xi after all.

Shouts from Yu Deng Deng’s group, calling for her, was heard. Lu Yan then left the cave.

He searched everywhere for Yun Xi and wondered if she has transmigrated and returned to the world. Wait, what? This is a transmigration story? Why did he say that?

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu Yan thought wrong

Meanwhile, the group of explorers finally found their leader. She was lying on the floor, unconscious.

She dreamt she was married and the man she was married to was placing a hairpin on her hair and caressing her face. But she could not see his face. She then woke up to sound of a rooster crowing. She was surprised and wondered why she dreamt this kind of dream.

Her attention was then diverted by the smoke spread by her uncle, Lu Er (played by Xiao Shen Yang! waaa I love him in Lion Roars!!!), who was completing rituals to drive away bad luck in the next room.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu er

Lately Qing Quan village was met with a lot of disasters and unlucky incidents. Uncle Lu Er suggested Yu Deng Deng to get married to dispel the bad luck. Hearing the ridiculous suggestion, she almost choked on her tea.

Naturally she disagreed with her uncle. She also lamented the fact that 10 years earlier when famine hit the village, her dad suggested she married a rooster to dispel the disaster. She fulfilled the wish, so she now found it preposterous that she had to marry again (though to a man this time) to quell another misfortune to the village.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu Er 2

Later during the day, a member of Yu Deng Deng’s gang came to report that the cart containing the grains to be transported to Qing Quan village has rolled down the hill, emphasizing the fact that this was bad omen for the village.

As Yu Deng Deng tried to calm her mind, one bad news after another started coming in. Basically, what they needed in order for the village to survive was money.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 money

Lu Er used this opportunity to also convince Yu Deng Deng to marry a man, a rich man, so she could get an expensive dowry. This time she agreed and immediately asked someone to help her find a rich family to marry into.

In the meantime, Lu Yan was walking the busy streets, looking out of place in his battle armor. Everything he saw, such as cars, the marketplace, the shops, all shocked and confused him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 confused Lu Yan

In a sedan chair shop, Mr. Lu was specifically looking for a certain sedan chair. He wanted the one that can perform magic, the shop’s special product.

At the same time, a car was seen whizzing through the marketplace in high speed. Lu Yan, who was confused, did not move and stood in the same spot in the middle of the street. Upon impact, the car almost jolted upwards. Lu Yan has disappeared, but the car suffered serious damage to its engine and hood.
From the rooftop, Lu Yan looked down at the commotion he caused.

He then seemed to use his special power to sense something far away.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu Yan on rooftop

In the sedan chair shop, Mr. Lu was overjoyed when the shop agreed to help him with his request.

Later in the day, as A Xin was looking at the account book, his movement suddenly stopped, and tears ran down his face. He immediately asked A Chang to empty the shop, even though currently there were still customers inside.

Lu Yan has appeared in the courtyard. Both A Xin and A Chang immediately knelt in front of him and called him ‘General’. They were originally Yun Xi’s subordinates and they have waited for Lu Yan to come out of the ancient tomb.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Shop manager

Lu Yan then asked them if Yun Xi has transmigrated since he could not sense her spiritual essence in the mountain. The two subordinates cried even louder when they admitted that they have made a big mistake.

As they were walking in the vicinity of the mountain, A Xin reported that they have lost Yun Xi’s spiritual feather which carried her spirit. The incident happened 20 years earlier when A Xin and A Chang, who were a part of the Spirit Clan, were attacked by a passing spirit hunter.

Hearing A Xin’s report, Lu Yan exerted his power towards the ground and woke a Qing Quan Mountain earth spirit and asked him what happened 20 years ago when the spiritual feather disappeared.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 mountain spirit

The earth spirit said that he saw someone stole the spiritual feather, but he did not recognize who it was, and he had no way to stop the person either. But he drew the emblem on the dagger that the person carried (It was the word Yu 于).
With this information on hand, Lu Yan and A Xin went to the local public record building and looked through information pertaining to Qing Quan Town. Lu Yan used his power to read all the books available with incredible speed.

As he was reading through all the books, the armor on his body slowly turned into a black suit, very fitting for the style of the year.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Lu Yan's research

Suddenly Lu Yan felt pain inside his chest. The pain was caused by Yun Xi’s energy core that he carried in his body. Carrying the energy core wasn’t easy for him all these years. They needed to find Yun Xi fast.

A Xin then started to worry about how Yun Xi would look like. Maybe she has turned into a man this time. Or even an animal. To me, this was a funny comment, but Lu Yan’s face was as serious as a piece of brick.

Yu Deng Deng, dressed uniquely as a ‘bride’, was knocking on the door of the bridegroom’s family, clamoring for the father-in-law to open the door for her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Yu Deng Deng getting married

The trembling hands of the person inside the house could be seen. Yu Deng Deng threatened to break the door if she was not allowed in.

Turned out, it was the house of Mr. Lu.

The bridegroom, who was Mr. Lu’s son, knelt in front of his father begging him not to let him marry Yu Deng Deng. The role reversal here of the bridegroom begging the father not to marry him off, is hilarious. But Mr. Lu told him that he had no choice on this because Yu Deng Deng and the gang had something on them that made them unable to refuse the marriage.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 the bridegroom

They finally let Yu Deng Deng and her entourage in. Immediately, the group looked through the cases filled with the betrothal gifts as Yu Deng Deng went inside to meet the bridegroom.

Looking at him up and down, she commented that he had a good face, but his body looked tender. The bridegroom shed a tear silently ( ՞ਊ՞). The scene was on point of that a tender white lotus who was forced to marry a black belly villain.

After Yu Deng Deng’s gang have successfully bundled the bridegroom away, Yu Deng Deng threatened the father-in-law to stop doing his drug business. After that she left with her entourage with a lot of fanfare.

But it seemed the sedan chair that Mr. Lu has prepared was the magical one he had ordered from A Xin the other day. As soon as the sedan chair was lifted, the bell started to glow.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 sedan chair

The procession passed through Qing Quan Mountain.

Suddenly, she motioned them to stop and asked the group if they carried weapons with them. She was concerned the road they passed was too quiet. They finally realized that the bridegroom inside the sedan chair has stopped crying.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 bridegroom

When Yu Deng Deng opened the sedan chair, the bridegroom was gone. In his place was a half a man size paper doll. Yu Deng Deng was furious, and she started to interrogate the wedding wench from the Lu family. But she refused to say anything.

So, Yu Deng Deng threatened to marry the wedding wench’s son whom she knew was already of age. Immediately, the wedding wench began to spill the beans. She said it was because of the magical sedan chair which allowed brides who were not willing to marry, escape.

The bride who was carried with the Xin sedan chair would disappear from the sedan chair and showed up at the other sedan chair placed in her house. This gave them a chance to flee to another town. On top of that, the Lu family has cunningly replaced the betrothal gifts with rocks inside all the cases.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 sneaky LU family

Yu Deng Deng led her group to Xin Sedan Chair Company to demand explanation or maybe compensation as well, but the shop was closed. Yu Deng Deng tried to smash the door down with her hand, but the door was solid.

She then ordered the group to shout out for the Sedan Chair Company to return her husband, which was an embarrassing thing to say in public, to say the least. But they started chanting anyway. Suddenly they heard a commotion.

Several armed soldiers ran through the marketplace chasing after a group of dodgy looking men who also carried weapons with them. It was chaos in the marketplace and some innocent people were inadvertently got themselves caught in the struggle.

One of the thugs suddenly grabbed a child who fell down during the mayhem. He used the child to threaten the soldiers. But fortunately, Yu Deng Deng stepped in and grabbed the child in time. Amidst all the shooting between the two opposing groups, Yu Deng Deng and the little boy was caught in the middle. An axe was on its way to collide with Yu Deng Deng’s head.

Then time suddenly stopped. Lu Yan has arrived.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Time Stopped

Using his special power, he saved Yu Deng Deng and the boy and diffused the situation between the soldiers and the group of thugs.

For the first time, Yu Deng Deng was mesmerized by a man.

A Chang suddenly came after Lu Yan. He was shocked when he saw Yu Deng Deng’s face which resembled Yun Xi so much. He called her ‘Master’ but his soft voice was drowned by the panicked concerns from Yu Deng Deng’s group who quickly surrounded her. Lu Yan quickly assured him that she was not Yun Xi.

Recognizing that Lu Yan and A Chang were from the Xin Sedan Chair company, Yu Deng Deng now had a new plan. She declared she wanted the man.

Thousand Years For You Episode 1 Yu Deng Deng wants Lu Yan

She smiles so beautifully after declaring that! Haha

Episode 2

Yu Deng Deng and her country bumpkin group of people crowded the Xin Sedan Chair Company office. Yu Deng Deng demanded their explanation on the magic sedan chair that Mr. Lu used for his son. A Xin denied the sedan chair was magical, but Yu Deng Deng’s group demanded the company pay for their compensation regardless.

Yu Deng Deng, who have set her eyes on a bigger fish, suggested Lu Yan paid her back by becoming her husband!

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Yu Deng Deng to Lu Yan

Lu Yan, who was loyal to Yun Xi, threw her out of the store using his power. She vomited blood due to the impact but denied it in front of her group who was flabbergasted. She said the blood was because she was heaty.

The group wanted to retaliate but realized that Lu Yan’s power was way above theirs. Therefore, Yu Deng Deng suggested a plan that was in line with her own obsession; to obtain the man, Lu Yan.

In the meantime, A Xin wondered how Yu Deng Deng looked so much like Yun Xi. But Lu Yan convinced him that he has tested her and she was not Yun Xi. Also they should focus now on finding the dagger with the emblem as drawn by the earth spirit.

Suddenly, Lu Yan chest pains relapsed. He tried to stabilize himself using his inner power.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Yan relapse

Yu Deng Deng was still sitting outside of the sedan chair office. She was still in pain. All of a sudden, a dark shadow started to dart towards her. Coincidentally she spat out a mouth full of blood to the ground from Lu Yan’s blow earlier. The shadow, which was coming in fast, suddenly changed direction and fled.

One of Yu Deng Deng’s man, meanwhile, climbed up the roof of the office. He was able to see Lu Yan who was regulating his power to resolve the pain attack he was experiencing.

He reported his findings to Yu Deng Deng, and she used this chance to sneak into the office. She blew some suspicious gas into the office room where Lu Yan was in, perhaps to cause him to faint.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Yu Deng Deng poision Lu Yan

She then sneaked inside the room after covering her face so as not to inhale the gas.

Lu Yan was still sitting upright, but he seemed not responsive. So Yu Deng Deng used this opportunity to caress his face, saying that she will let him bear 10 children if he were willing to marry her. I’m sorry, what now? She then decided to kidnap him and leave a ransom note to A Xin.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Yan bear children

When Lu Yan woke up, he found himself bound in Yu Deng Deng’s bed, face to face with Dahai who was one of Yu Deng Deng’s men. Of course, he was able to free himself without the slightest problem.

Whereas Yu Deng Deng was currently with Lu Er, accompanying him sewing. After reprimanded her that she has given Lu Yan too much drug, he advised her how to progress with the next step. Now that she has a man, she must now have children. Lu Er seems to be taking to role of Yu Deng Deng’s mother, and I am living for it!

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Er advise Deng Deng

Later in the evening, Dahai was seen thrown out the window by Lu Yan. Lu Er tried to diffuse the situation by explaining to him that they mean no harm. They only wanted him to stay as Yu Deng Deng’s husband.

Lu Yan was hostile throughout their interaction, but then Dahai pulled out the wedding certificate between Lu Yan and Yu Deng Deng. Deng Deng advised Lu Yan to change his name to Yu Lu. I’m beginning to wonder if Deng Deng’s spirit was actually that of a ruffian, domineering man.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 wedding cert

Lu Yan and Yu Deng Deng began to fight, but he stopped when he saw the dagger in Deng Deng’s hand. It has the word Yu 于 on its hilt.

In a moment of carelessness, Yu Deng Deng used this opportunity to cut his hand. She then further coerced him and said that should he chose to resist; she will not be hesitant to hurt him.

Lu Yan was half listening the whole time, he was busy contemplating about something. Suddenly he told Deng Deng he agreed to stay, as long as he was allowed his freedom. He also requested not to be touched by anyone.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Yan's request

Agreeing to his terms, Deng Deng and everyone left him be. The cut on his hand disappeared without anyone noticing.

In Nan Feng Village, Gu Bei Xi was practicing his shooting skill on Beigou people who was caught snooping around his territory. One of his men suddenly came in to tell him that Qing Quan Village was holding a wedding. He was shocked and panicked to hear that it was Yu Deng Deng’s wedding.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Gu Bei Xi

Gu Bei Xi reasoned that Qing Quan Village has married twice now (the first one being with Mr. Lu’s son), while Nan Feng Village has not married once. This made them lose face. Having said that, his subordinate mercilessly exposed him that he has a crush on Yu Deng Deng. Gu Bei Xi immediately lamented that since his feelings were so obvious, then why haven’t Yu Deng Deng realized it all this time.

They then hatched a plan to sabotage her wedding.

In the meantime, at Qing Quan Village, Dahai was persuading Deng Deng to find another man to marry. Every time Deng Deng meet Lu Yan, they would fight! But Yu Deng Deng was still hardheaded and even pushed the wedding to be held within three days.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Yu Deng Deng propose wedding

She cunningly pacified Dahai by saying that once Lu Yan was married to her, the sedan chair company will be theirs. And also said that though Lu Yan seemed so unrestrained towards her now, but she will definitely tame him. Bahahahaha oh my goodness.

Lu Yan meanwhile was given a tour around Qing Quan Village by Daqian. He noticed the village’s layout follows a certain feng shui arrangement. He realized the person who set it up was a master.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Yan tour the village

A Xin came to the village looking for Lu Yan. He was captured by Deng Deng’s men and was about to brought into the hall. Lu Yan stepped in to stop them, but Dahai ignored his request.

Deng Deng, thinking that A Xin came to pay Lu Yan’s ransom, invited him to dinner instead.

In Deng Deng’s dining room, A Xin telepathically spoke to Lu Yan to just attack them all. But Lu Yan told him to notice the emblem on all their weapons with the word Yu 于 on them. A Xin realized these people was the one who took his master.

As Yu Deng Deng was eating, Lu Yan started to have flashbacks of memories he had with Yun Xi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Yun Xi

But as Lu Yan started to lift his chopsticks to eat, Dahai stopped him. A tray of food especially prepared for Lu Yan was brought in front of him. Compared to the sumptuous spread that Deng Deng and Dahai were enjoying, Lu Yan’s portion only consist of porridge and rough looking rice.

Dahai took out an abacus and said that every meal should be based on budget. Hence, if Lu Yan wanted to eat more comfortably, he should pay more.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 extorting Lu Yan

Yu Deng Deng then moved in to tease Lu Yan, asking him to smile and dance for her. A Xin was livid and broke the dining table in two. Both A Xin and Lu Yan then made a move to leave.

Yu Deng Deng stopped them and asked Dahai to read from them about the rules of the Qing Quan Village in details. It’s hilarious that Yu Deng Deng called Lu Yan 陆姨娘 Lù yiniáng which would mean Auntie Lu(✿>ꇴ<). Dahai proceeded to ‘read’ the rules from a book of rules he brought with him. It was actually a sketch book filled with ugly drawings. The rule basically said the madam was not allowed to blow up at will at the head of the family.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 book of rules

Lu Yan and A Xin still turned around to leave, but then Yu Deng Deng said out loud that if he still chose to leave, he will never know the secret of the emblem. Turned out Yu Deng Deng has figured out the reason why Lu Yan agreed to stay and why he was interested with the layout of the village. It was to reveal information on the emblem.

She then asked Dahai to continue ‘reading’ the rules to Lu Yan, who now seemed no longer wanting to leave.

He then brought both Lu Yan and A Xin to Delicious 好吃 Hall to perform tea ceremony in front of Lu Er, as Yu Deng Deng’s uncle, the only elder present.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 tea ceremony

Seeing Lu Yan’s reluctance, Lu Er did not push him to perform the tea ceremony. He then gave Lu Yan some presents which were his hand made pair of baby shoes and a red packet. Lu Er is so tender and delicate, love his character.

After that was done, the villagers streamed in to also give him more presents. Such as sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, turnips etc. Deng Deng taught him to receive the villagers’ good intention. This was their first harvest afterall.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 presents for Lu Yan

Dahai continued to teach more rules in Qing Quan Village to Lu Yan. He also introduced Lu Yan to Deng Deng’s rooster, which was considered her main husband. Lu Yan was then given the task to take care of the chicken. Alternatively, he could pay someone else in the village to do it for him. Dahai immediately offered his service.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 serve chicken

Yu Deng Deng then invited Lu Yan to come to her room. Everybody cheered.

In Deng Deng’s room, Lu Yan was shown the dagger with the Yu family emblem on it, which was passed down from the family’s ancestors.

Lu Yan started to ask her questions about her whereabout 20 years ago. Deng Deng said she did not remember as she was always travelling with her father, until he built the Qing Quan Village.

Unexpectedly, Yu Deng Deng started to speak about the Spirit Clan to Lu Yan in a hushed voice. She said that due to the fight between Spirit Clan and Human Race, a new profession was born which was the spirit hunter. But in the end, she said she was only joking to scare Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Yu Deng Deng sneaky

Yu Deng Deng saw how Lu Yan was so interested in her family’s emblem, so she advised him not to believe in superstitions and things like Spirit Clan, spirit hunter, etc.

Perplexed, Lu Yan got up and left.

Dahai came in and voiced his dissatisfaction with Lu Yan. But Yu Deng Deng refused to change her mind.

Meeting A Xin in the house designated for him, Lu Yan told him that Yu Deng Deng did not seem to know anything. But the Qing Quan Village looked suspicious. He was sure some secrets must be hidden within.

At night, Lu Yan tried to sneak inside the forbidden Hotpot Courtyard but was caught by Lu Er.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Er caught Lu Yan

But instead of coaxing him to leave, Lu Er opened the locks and seals to Hotpot Courtyard and opened the gate for him to come in.

The inside of the courtyard was another gate with many talismans and seals placed on top. Through the gate was a door to a cave made out of stone. Inside the cave were many curious things; phoenix feather, eyeball of four eye bird, tail sting of a hook snake, and many other remains of the ancient spirit clans.

Without sounding too surprised, Lu Er looked at Lu Yan who also recognized these items. He told Lu Yan that the Yu family ancestors were spirit hunters. And now that Lu Yan was family, he could take any item he fancied. The most precious among the lot is the Bone of the Ying Dragon.

But since Lu Yan cannot sense Yun Xi’s energy within those items, he refused Lu Er’s offer.

To this, Lu Er straight forwardly asked Lu Yan of his true identity.

Thousand Years For You Episode 2 Lu Er asked Lu Yan

Waa so many interesting things happening at once. Not a dull moment so far.

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