Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 9-10 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 9-10 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Lu Yan’s attempt to extract Yun Xi’s spirit from Deng Deng has failed. Deng Deng now knew that Lu Yan was trying to kill her. She was heartbroken. However, the fact that Deng Deng’s blood was able to break the formation for the spirit extraction, made Lu Yan suspect that she was Yun Xi. Let us see if Lu Yan could find a way to confirm Deng Deng’s identity in episodes 9 and 10.

Episode Recap

Episode 9

A Xin suggested Lu Yan returned the wooden hairpin to Deng Deng for her protection. This was until Lu Yan was able to confirm her identity.

Meanwhile at the marketplace in town, Daqian was selling all of Lu Yan’s belonging at a ridiculously low price. Needless to say, the items were all sold in no time.

At this time, Deng Deng and her men were also passing through the marketplace. She overheard the drum singers singing a song which praised her to the sky and demeaned Lu Yan at the same time. Dahai told her this was Gu Bei Xi’s doing. Dahai has long considered him as an ally ever since Bei Xi has been very diligent in accompanying and cheering up Deng Deng after the fall out with Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Dahai

Lu Yan was also wondering the marketplace at this time, looking dark and gloom. Can’t say I sympathize with him at this point. He hurt our heroine!

Meanwhile, Deng Deng and her entourage went to Si Jichun Tea House. As soon as she sat down at the table in the private room, she was surrounded by all these sellers who were fighting for attention. From those who sell skin products to herbal medicine which improved manhood, they all squeezed together to be given a chance to be heard by Deng Deng. And Deng Deng bought their product seemingly in an indifferent manner.

Lu Yan walked into the Tea House at this time. Because he was gloomy, and handsome, so he walked in slow motion.

Mr. Wu, the boss of the theater, came to meet Deng Deng in her private room. He brought along a handsome young man by his side, an actor, who was willing to be the replacement of Deng Deng’s husband.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Lu the actor

This was Mr. Wu’s way of building a relationship with Qing Quan Village.

At first, Dahai wanted to chase them away, but Deng Deng stopped him. She showed interest in speaking to the young man.

Deng Deng then asked him to play drinking game with her. Dahai looked on while feeling hurt for Deng Deng who was obviously drowning her sorrows with alcohol. But to give the two some privacy in their game, the entourage left them alone.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 drunk Yu Deng Deng

Continuously losing the game, Deng Deng kept on drinking.

Lu Yan entered the room at this time. But he stayed by the door and only watched Deng Deng getting herself drunk.

The actor then started to speak to her in an ambiguous manner. He even dared to stretch his hand and touched Deng Deng. But Lu Yan stopped his hand with his power and made the actor slapped his own face.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 stopped his hand

Deng Deng was drunk at this point, hence she started to pour her heart break through a story. She told a story of a dumb rabbit falling in love with a white rabbit, who turned out to be a wolf. The wolf then skinned the dumb rabbit and ripped her flesh while she was dreaming.

The story was heart breaking to hear, and Lu Yan was also listening to it, but Deng Deng was telling this story while she laughed. As if it had nothing to do with her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 sad Deng Deng

Deng Deng then got up from her seat then lied down on the sofa to sleep off her alcohol.

Seeing that she has passed out, the sleazy oily actor wanted to start touching her. Lu Yan had wanted to step in and help, but before he could do that, the enraged Gu Bei Xi had already walked in thunderously into the room and sent a bowl onto the actor’s head. The ‘donk’ sound as bowl made contact with noggin was satisfying to hear.

The actor was so scared of Bei Xi, he almost crawled out of the room, trying to keep his little life.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 angry Bei Xi

Bei Xi then came to Deng Deng’s side and took care of her while she was unconsciously mumbling nonsense. Gu Bei Xi then carried her home.

Lu Yan did not appear in front of them, not even once.

On their way back to the Village, a spiritual butterfly was seen following them.

In the meantime, inside the carriage, Bei Xi was holding the unconscious Deng Deng. He started to have some ideas to want to kiss her, but he tried to stop himself by giving himself a pep talk. It was hilarious to watch!

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 funny Bei Xi

The previously sunny mountainside suddenly turned very foggy. Wan Lishan started to feel something was not right and stopped everyone from moving forward.

Bei Xi got out of the carriage and led the men, both his own and Dahai and his group, to scout the road ahead. Thus, leaving Deng Deng alone in the carriage.

All of a sudden, the entire group of men seemed to be under a spell. They looked as if they were sleep walking and continuously made their way to the edge of the cliff up ahead.

Fortunately, Lu Yan and A Xin were following the group the entire time. A Xin went to save the men while Lu Yan approached the carriage to protect Deng Deng.

Before he opened the carriage door, he sensed the presence of the spiritual butterfly and killed it.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Lu Yan

Lu Yan then entered the carriage and tried to place the wooden hairpin on Deng Deng’s hair. But Deng Deng was suddenly awake and pushed him away.

Lu Yan tried to explain the situation to her but Deng Deng immediately pulled out her gun and asked him to stay away from her and never appear in front of her again.

This time, Deng Deng really aimed the gun closely to Lu Yan’s face. But when she pulled the trigger, the gun didn’t go off.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Deng Deng shoot Lu Yan

A Xin meanwhile placed a barrier to prevent the men from walking off the cliff. The illusions that were messing with the men were lifted. Bei Xi immediately ran to the carriage to protect Deng Deng.

Everyone suspected Lu Yan and A Xin to be behind this incident. But Deng Deng did not want to push the matter and just left with her men.

Back at the Xin Sedan Chair company office, Lu Yan and A Xin analyzed the event just now. The illusion that was created by the spirit was quite potent and hard to break. Someone was purposefully targeting Deng Deng. Lu Yan was determined to protect her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 protect Deng Deng

A Xin asked Lu Yan what he would do if Deng Deng were really Yun Xi. Lu Yan said that he will return her the energy core, even if it meant that he would die. He was human hence it was natural for him to have a shorter lifespan, but now he has lived for thousands of years. He would have no regret letting go of something that was not truly his.

In the meantime, the trio Yu Deng Deng, Gu Bei Xi and Peng Dahai were busy discussing Lu Yan in Deng Deng’s house. Deng Deng said Lu Yan did not do anything to her. Even if he did, Deng Deng’s blood was able to fight spirits like him off. Dahai reminded her again that the other people in the village has not yet learnt that Lu Yan was a spirit, so he advised to be discreet.

Nevertheless, Bei Xi was unhappy with today’s event and planned to find ways to kill Lu Yan. Deng Deng immediately rejected this idea with an excuse saying that she was worried Bei Xi would be hurt in the process instead.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Deng Deng's excuse

Bei Xi then came up with the idea that both he and Deng Deng worked together to face Lu Yan. Dahai knew Deng Deng did not like where this discussion was heading. He immediately drove Bei Xi out of Deng Deng’s house.

The next scene showed the spiritual butterfly reporting to Zhu Rong who was seated in this dilapidated place. Zhu Rong understood that it was difficult to defeat Lu Yan. He then passed some of his powers to the butterfly. Then he ordered the butterfly to continue monitoring the movements of Lu Yan and the others.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 beautiful Zhu Rong

Yu Deng Deng was having a toothache and called a physician to do a checkup. The physician said the pain was due to inflammation that was brought on by stress. She needed to let go of her worries and stress, to resolve the inflammation.

Lu Er sat beside her and gave her a talk after the physician left. Lu Er correctly guessed that Deng Deng was stressed because she could not forget Lu Yan, especially after meeting him again at the foot of the mountain.

Lu Er wisely said that whatever the reason for Lu Yan wanting to kill her, was not Deng Deng’s fault, it was not because Deng Deng was not good enough. Deng Deng was true to him and treated him well. Deng Deng deserved the best, but Lu Yan was just not blessed to have Deng Deng. Such a warm moment between the two.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 LU Er and Deng Deng

Lu Yan came to Deng Deng’s room, bringing with him a box of Deng Deng’s favorite sticky rice cake from Li Lao Er’s shop. He saw drawings of him which Deng Deng made, scattered all over the table. When he was about to take a look, Dahai’s voice came floating in, calling for Deng Deng. Lu Yan concealed himself before Dahai entered the door.

Dahai came in to also give Deng Deng a box of sticky rice cake. Unfortunately, her favorite from Li Lao Er’s shop was sold out so he bought them from another shop. He left the room to look for Deng Deng and showed it to her.

Lu Yan replaced the sticky rice cake with the one he brought, which was exactly the one Deng Deng liked. When Dahai came in with Deng Deng to show her the rice cake he brought, he was confused. But he offered the rice cake to Deng Deng anyway.

Deng Deng refused to eat it, saying that she had a toothache. She went to lie down on the sofa instead. In actuality, Deng Deng refused to eat the rice cake because it reminded her of Lu Yan. She asked Dahai to share the rice cake with everyone else.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Deng Deng

At the Xin Sedan Chair office, A Xin came to report to Lu Yan that Deng Deng was having a toothache, her cheeks were swollen. Lu Yan told him he knew as he was just there to give something to her.

A Xin then advised him not to secretly give her the gifts but to go personally to meet her. It would be reasonable to give her a gift to apologize as well. A Xin just kept on twittering on, annoying Lu Yan. He then made A Xin’s voice disappear and kicked him out of the room.

This A Xin, now that there’s possibility that Deng Deng might be Yun Xi, he began to think sincerely for her. But how about before….??

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 A Xin

Dahai went to see Gu Bei Xi in Nanfeng Village. He reported to Bei Xi how devastated and stressed Deng Deng had been since Lu Yan left. Dahai wanted to support Bei Xi to chase after Deng Deng, he was willing to be his supporter in this. However, he warned Bei Xi to be more straightforward when expressing his feelings, as Deng Deng was quite an idiot in this department.

Dahai left after Bei Xi agreed on his plans to chase after Deng Deng.

Bei Xi then asked Wan Lishan to get his ancestor’s jewel ring that was reserved for his future wife. He planned to send it to the Qing Quan Village.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Bei Xi to propose

The jewel ring was kept inside a box. But the box also contained an old looking engagement letter. It said that the son of Nanfeng Village (Gu Bei Xi) was engaged to Bai’s Mansion Yingdu City’s mistress. This was arranged by the former Village Chief when Gu Bei Xi and the mistress were still kids.

Naturally, Bei Xi rejected this idea and would rather burn the engagement letter.
He then asked Wan Lishan to get him some fresh pear and ice cubes as part of his preparations towards Yu Deng Deng.

In the evening, Bei Xi went to Yuxiang Garden in Qing Quan Village. Dahai asked him to deliver dinner to Deng Deng. This was part of their plan to make Deng Deng fall in love with Bei Xi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Dahai working together with Bei Xi

Deng Deng was surprised to see Bei Xi bringing in pear soup for her. With swollen cheeks, Deng Deng drank the soup while Bei Xi watched her face carefully.

Bei Xi tried to lift Deng Deng’s spirit by saying that the Deng Deng he knew was someone lively and full of vigor. She should return to that person. He then made some jokes to make Deng Deng laughed.

After that, he gave Deng Deng some medication to relieve the swelling on her cheeks. Deng Deng felt touched and thanked him. Things were going well and the atmosphere was good. But then Gu Bei Xi had to open his mouth some more and said mean things he did not mean (-‸ლ).

Deng Deng kicked him out of the house. Nevertheless, Bei Xi’s attitude made Deng Deng became more energetic than she has ever been ever since her heart break.

Thousand Years For You Episode 9 Deng Deng kicked him out

After Bei Xi left, and Deng Deng began to look lively again, she turned around and was face to face with Lu Yan.

Episode 10

She scolded Lu Yan the moment she saw his face. Lu Yan came because he wanted to give her medicine for her toothache.

She actually felt very touched, but she just went to her house, leaving him out. She convinced herself not to be softhearted. Then she decided to go to sleep.

Lu Yan had no choice but to leave.

Meanwhile, Gu Bei Xi left in a good mood. Dahai was waiting for him outside of Yuxiang Garden and asked him whether Deng Deng has forgotten about Lu Yan. Bahahaha Dahai….such a simpleton.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Dahai

But Bei Xi’s answer was even more fantastic: He said Deng Deng was not a fish, how would she be able to forget someone so fast. But what was important now, Bei Xi was able to lift up her mood.

Dahai was so happy with Bei Xi’s effort, that he asked Bei Xi to stay at the Qing Quan Village longer. But Bei Xi was worried that doing so might affect Deng Deng’s reputation.

Hearing his response, Dahai was even more satisfied with Bei Xi. Dahai was determined to be Bei Xi’s supporter and aid in pursuing Deng Deng.

The following morning, Deng Deng opened her door and found the medicine which Lu Yan has left for her the night before. She gave the medicine to Dahai who came at this time. He came to say that Lu Er was looking for her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Deng Deng

When Deng Deng met Lu Er, he told her that Deng Deng’s father was missing. 10 days earlier, he has sent a letter saying that he would attend Deng Deng’s wedding.

But he has not shown up and he was nowhere to be found in Yingdu, where he was currently staying at. No one has even seen him at his favorite gambling place.

Deng Deng proposed to go look for him together with Dahai. She asked Lu Er to stay and watched over the village. But Lu Er said there was a mysterious market on the way to Yingdu, where only spirits could enter. It would be very dangerous if Deng Deng were to come across any spirit coming out of the marketplace. Therefore, he suggested to come along as well.

Even so, both Dahai and Deng Deng persuaded him to leave this task to them. Deng Deng’s blood was powerful against spirits and Dahai will be coming along as well. She had enough protection.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Lu Er was persuaded

Lu Yan knew of Deng Deng’s plan to look for her father. He planned to bring along A Chang and A Xin to secretly protect her along the way. Lu Yan’s worries were the same as Lu Er’s. He planned to eliminate the enemies even before Deng Deng’s arrival to the area.

Gu Bei Xi, on the other hand, was also informed by Dahai of their journey plans.
On the day of the journey, Dahai and Deng Deng were saying goodbyes to Lu Er. Deng Deng wanted to bring Lu Er’s tobacco pipe, as it gave her a sense of safety. It was as if Lu Er was there with her.

Lu Er then also gave both Dahai and Deng Deng each an amulet. He said it was a family heirloom and it could save their lives during critical moments.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Lu Er gave amulet

Up ahead, along the route of Yu Deng Deng’s journey, the people of the Yanhuo Village were getting ready to ambush her. They were vengeful of Deng Deng for tearing down their village that time.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew. Lu Yan and A Chang appeared before the group of men. They tried to fight Lu Yan but of course they were no match for him. Lu Yan was able to subdue them in no time at all. The Yanhuo Village Chief’s demeanor towards Lu Yan made 180 degrees change.

Lu Yan then made some arrangements with them.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Lu Yan

On their way to look for Paralyzed Yu, Dahai started to feel hungry and asked Deng Deng if they can stop somewhere to eat. But even though now they have money, Deng Deng still brought packed food given by their villagers. She believed that accepting their good intention was to appreciate them.

But Deng Deng promised Dahai she would buy treat him some sticky rice cakes by the time they reached Yingdu. Dahai was surprised, he thought Deng Deng would never want to eat sticky rice cake anymore.

At this time, Gu Bei Xi caught up to them, pretending they met on their way to Yingdu by accident. He used the excuse of being betrothed to the Bai’s Mansion Yingdu City’s mistress to make his trip this time. He wanted to see what the person looked like, since they were engaged when they were only children.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Bei Xi lied

Bei Xi thought that Deng Deng would be jealous of him when he told her he was engaged. Who knew that Deng Deng would generously tell him that Qing Quan Village would prepare a wonderful gift for his wedding. Especially after receiving such lavish wedding gifts from Nanfeng Village during her previous two weddings.

At first, Deng Deng turned down his offer to go together. But then Bei Xi shamelessly begged Deng Deng to join her group. He did not feel safe travelling alone. Deng Deng finally relented when Dahai also spoke for Bei Xi. He expected that the group from Yanhuo Village would prepare an ambush for them up ahead. Such great cooperation between the two.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 smart Dahai

When they finally arrived in Luowu Village, what awaited them was totally beyond their wildest dream. They were greeted by the bruised looking Yanhuo Village Chief and his men. They were ready with a crude looking sedan chair and two horses and offered to give Deng Deng and her group a ride.

Feeling suspicious of their stranger behavior, Deng Deng and the group were ready to turn around and leave. But unexpectedly, the Yanhuo Village Chief and his men begged desperately for Deng Deng to be willing to accept their offer. This unexpected turn of events were arranged by Lu Yan.

And as expected by him, Deng Deng indeed took things as they come and accepted the offer for a ride.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 fearless Deng Deng

The entire way the men from Yanhuo Village provided Deng Deng with the best service. Provided her with delicious snacks, refreshing drink and even fanning her along the way. Though she was suspicious, nevertheless she still accepted all the services given.

Gu Bei Xi then took the Yanhuo Village Chief aside and coaxed him with money to tell him what was going on. He was able to find out it was Lu Yan that made the arrangement for Deng Deng. But he told the Yanhuo Village Chief not to let Deng Deng know.

When they finally arrived at Qianhe Town, the Yanhuo Village Chief considered the job was done and asked permission to leave.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 mission completed

Deng Deng then tried to give him all of her money. She knew the Yanhuo men were being forced by a certain someone. She asked the Village Chief to pass her message to Lu Yan not to do these meaningless things anymore. She will not accept them the next time.

The Village Chief did not dare to accept her money and said that Bei Xi has already gave him some. Hence Deng Deng passed her money pouch to Bei Xi saying that she has learnt not to rely on or be indebted to any man.

Gu Bei Xi found this character of hers charming.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Gu Bei Xi

The Yanhuo Village Chief reported everything that had happened and what Deng Deng said to Lu Yan. A Chang tried to lift his spirit by saying that women were indeed hard to coax.

Lu Yan then took out a jade token and gave it to A Chang. He ordered him to pass his message to all the spirits around Qianhe Town.

Meanwhile, in Qianhe Town, Deng Deng saw a mother persuading her daughter to eat some buns. It seemed that she was reminiscing her mother as she saw the scene.
She shook herself off and decided to eat with Dahai. Bei Xi who separated himself to go buy Deng Deng’s favorite food around town, saw Deng Deng and Dahai enjoying themselves at a food stall. He was upset they didn’t wait for him to eat together. Ai, Bei Xi’s journey to Deng Deng’s heart sure is an arduous one.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Gu Bei Xi was not asked to join

Dahai and Deng Deng were enjoying the delicious yet affordable food. They were eating with so much gusto that Bei Xi also wanted to try some. The food was indeed very tasty. Bei Xi complemented the cook. He then left to find a place for them to stay.

After lunch, Dahai saw that Deng Deng was distracted. She said that although they did not spend that much for their meal, but now her money was truly almost depleted. Dahai suggested they borrowed money from Bei Xi. But Deng Deng disagreed, she was afraid that Bei Xi was being nice to them because he has been eyeing the Qing Quan Village and could not wait to take over it.

Deng Deng thought it was better to rely on themselves on such matters. The misunderstanding with Bei Xi truly runs deep. Deng Deng then decided to find a cheap place to stay for themselves.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Deng Deng did not want to borrow money

In another corner of Qianhe Town, Gu Bei Xi was calling over his men who were stationed there. He gave them a picture of Lu Yan and ordered them to find any information on him. He also ordered them to find three rooms at the best hotel in town, with 1 room separated far away from the other 2.

In the meantime, Deng Deng and Dahai were not able to find a place to stay that fit their budget. As they were discussing some plans how to freeload someone’s place, they were passing by Laifu Hotel. Suddenly confetti floated all around them as an eager looking hotel manager announced that Dahai and Deng Deng have won the lottery!

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Laifu Hotel

The hotel will provide the best service providing two rooms for the ridiculous price of only 1 silver yuan! Bahahahaha what is this…?

Gu Bei Xi came at this time and told them he already has the accommodation arranged. But Deng Deng insisted that Laifu hotel was cheaper, then Bei Xi said the place he arranged was better. The Laifu hotel manager then said that his place was now free! Deng Deng did not have to pay anything.

For good measure, the manager threw in 3 free meals and free horse care. Naturally, Deng Deng, who did not want to owe anyone, agreed right away. Bye bye Bei Xi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 free hotel

The manager tactfully placed Bei Xi in a room of his own far away from Dahai and Deng Deng. While in Deng Deng’s room; not only was it a luxurious suite, but as a welcome gift, the hotel has prepared a plate of sticky rice.

The room next to Deng Deng’s was occupied but the manager assured her that the rooms were soundproofed.

After the hotel manager left, Deng Deng sat down and happily enjoyed the sticky rice cake. As she took her first bite, immediately she was reminded of Lu Yan. But she swallowed down her sorrow and continued to enjoy the sticky rice cake.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 sticky rice cake

Dahai came in at this time and asked Deng Deng to go shopping. She told him she didn’t have any money, but Dahai said there was a special event at Qianhe Town.

Hence everything was sold at a special price.

She wanted to take Bei Xi along, but Dahai said he left the hotel to take care of some things.

At the marketplace, Deng Deng saw almost everyone was carrying mugworts. But she didn’t inquire further, thinking there must be some kind of event.

Then she passed by a ring toss game. She was persuaded to give it a try. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, Deng Deng was able to hit all of her targets. From a building not too far from the ring toss game, Lu Yan, A Chang and A Xin were observing her with delight.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 ring toss

The owner of the stall offered to give her reward in the form of money instead. This was exactly what they needed. The method seemed too obvious, yet Deng Deng behaved as if she did not realize it.

Dahai then decided to bring her to another stall that can make money for them.

Bei Xi was sitting at a restaurant, when Wan Lishan came and whispered something to him. Bei Xi now knew the perpetrator behind all of Deng Deng’s ‘luck’.

Meanwhile, Deng Deng and Dahai were thoroughly enjoying themselves at the marketplace. They have won many prizes. They planned to sell them to fund their trip to Yingdu.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 Deng Deng Dahai

But along the way, a pick pocket ‘bumped’ into her and stole her money pouch. When Deng Deng grabbed his hand, the young boy’s hand faintly glowed red. Deng Deng was too surprised, so she immediately let go.

She shouted to Dahai to give chase and they ran after the little thief together.

It seemed the young thief was arranged by Lu Yan and the others. As he ran past, A Xin grumbled when the young boy was discovered but then he transferred some power to the boy which allowed him to run faster.

Deng Deng who was outrun by the boy looked towards the hotel, where Lu Yan and the rest were hiding. She did not see anyone, but she suggested to Dahai that they go separate ways.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 separate ways

In the hotel, Lu Yan ordered A Xin to prepare a carriage for Deng Deng and the others. So far, he has covered all of Deng Deng’s transportation, meals and accommodation costs.

Both Dahai and Deng Deng were able to chase down the young pick pocket. Deng Deng attacked him with a pole, which inadvertently had some of her blood on it. The effect of Deng Deng’s blood on the boy was apparent, he became instantly sick.

Thousand Years For You Episode 10 young spirit

The young boy turned out to be a spirit. He was ordered by General Yan not to steal Deng Deng’s money, but to add more into the money pouch. Deng Deng then confirmed with him whether everyone who has given her prizes and reward all this time were all spirits.

After confirming, Deng Deng returned all the money to the spirit and asked him to tell General Yan to stop what he was doing. But the spirit did not dare to go against the General, for the punishment was death.

Hearing this made Dahai and Deng Deng felt incredulous. Just what kind of a person is Lu Yan! The spirit then started to tell them the legend of General Yan.

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