Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 15-16 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 15-16 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Deng Deng’s feelings for Lu Yan began to waver. Lu Yan kept his word to her, protected her, made it rain for her and even prepared umbrellas, all just for her comfort and safety. While seeing Lu Yan drenched in the rain, she was distressed but tried to act indifferent. Let us see what Deng Deng will do in the following episodes 15 and 16.

Episode Recap

Episode 15

In Yingdu, Deng Deng and Dahai set up a stall to sell books. Their most precious collection was the Book of Millenium Memorial, a valuable collection for any self-respecting spirit hunter. This was Deng Deng’s way to lure her father, Paralyzed Yu, out.

Along with Gu Bei Xi, the three of them started business, luring potential buyers by flaunting the fact that they have the Book of Millenium Memorial in their collection.

Strangely, no customer was interested.

A Xin who was observing them from a distance with Lu Yan, found this funny. At this time, A Chang came to report his finding regarding the Rose Hotel incident.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 A chang

Not long after they have set up their stall, they were approached by a group of police officers asking them to show their license. Naturally, Deng Deng and her friends did not have this. Hence, they had to make a run for it and try to escape from the law. Shaking my head…..

Deng Deng, Dahai and Gu Bei Xi all split up to confuse the police. Deng Deng came into a deserted alley. Suddenly, she was approached by Zhu Rong who disguised himself by wearing a mask. But still look so good!

From his superior sense of smell, Zhu Rong was able to recognize that Deng Deng was actually Yun Xi. Deng Deng tried to threaten him with her gun, but it was useless. The gun was quickly tossed aside using Zhu Rong’s inner power.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Zhu Rong

She then tried to fight him using her unbelievably strong physical power, but she was no match for Zhu Rong. He even stopped her from cutting her hand to draw blood.

But when Zhu Rong tried to take her hairpin, Lu Yan showed up and attacked him, flinging Zhu Rong away from Deng Deng. Zhu Rong’s objective today was Deng Deng, but Lu Yan was not about to let him have his way. Fight ensued between the two.

Zhu Rong was the culprit behind the poisoning of Qing Quan Mountain people. The poison turned them into wild men while sucking away their energy and vitality. Then Zhu Rong absorbed this energy and vitality for himself.

Knowing he could not win the fight, Zhu Rong created a distraction and escaped. While looking so so handsome, let see how he looks like again!

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 handsome Zhu Rong

Lu Yan did not recognize that it was Zhu Rong who tried to attack Deng Deng. But he was still worried for Deng Deng’s safety. He offered to help Deng Deng find her father. Naturally, Deng Deng turned him down, she was still scared of Lu Yan’s true motive.

Hence, they went back to their original arrangement which was to have Lu Yan protect her only from a distance.

Lu Yan walked Deng Deng to her inn. Before he turned back, Deng Deng called out to him and said thank you. Regardless of the grudge between them, she was still grateful for his help.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Deng Deng thanked Lu Yan

At the inn, Gu Bei Xi was restless while looking at Yu Deng Deng who seemed to be getting soft towards Lu Yan. He started to lecture Deng Deng out of concern, and mostly out of jealousy. Dahai looked on with a knowing look, but he did not stop Bei Xi’s effort in love.

Deng Deng just brushed him off and started to discuss with Dahai the progress of their search for Paralyzed Yu. It was strange that they were unable to lure Paralyzed Yu out with the Book of Millenium Memorial. Therefore, Dahai decided to search through all the gambling houses in Yingdu. Gambling was Paralyzed Yu’s favorite pass time.

Gu Bei Xi saw this as an opportunity to paste himself on Deng Deng. So, under the reasoning of guarding Deng Deng against Lu Yan’s guile, he suggested he stayed behind with Deng Deng.

Of course, Deng Deng saw through his ploy and threatened him with violence. Dahai then dragged Bei Xi out with him, before he was pummeled down by Deng Deng. If Deng Deng really beat him, Bei Xi will not be able to make it.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Deng Deng violence

Lu Yan, on the other hand, started to suspect the one who attacked Deng Deng was Zhu Rong. When he fought Zhu Rong 3000 years ago, he remembered Zhu Rong also used the spirit butterfly, similar to the mysterious person who kept attacking Deng Deng lately.

A Xin found this hard to believe since Zhu Rong was killed all those years ago.

Nevertheless, Lu Yan ordered A Xin to select a few powerful spirit clansmen to protect Deng Deng. But A Xin said strange things were happening lately in Yingdu. There were not many spirit clansmen around Yingdu left.

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Thousand Years For You Episode 15 A Xin

On a throne, in a dilapidated building somewhere, Zhu Rong was gathering his spirit energy. Lu Yan was still as powerful today as 3000 years ago. Zhu Rong was determined to take the energy core from him.

Meanwhile, Bei Xi brought Dahai to the brothels to collect for information. Dahai was not used to this way of gathering intelligent. But Bei Xi convinced him that this was the place where influential people in the city gathered. He was sure to be able to get information on Paralyzed Yu’s whereabouts from this group of people.

Convinced, Dahai let Bei Xi lead the way and showed him the ropes.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 how to get information

Bei Xi quickly blend in with a group of customers who seemed to be high profile people and acted familiarly with them. Much to the fascination of Dahai.

Things were going swimmingly, though through their conversations it did not seem they have seen Paralyzed Yu. But it was until the group offered Dahai to join them to drink. Burdened by his unique predicament whenever he drinks, Dahai wanted to refuse their offer. But being stared down by Bei Xi, he just had to power through.

After he took a small sip, he made a run for it, leaving the group stunned. Luckily, Bei Xi was smart enough to salvage the situation.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Bei Xi excuse

Poor Dahai had turned into a woman and was running around the city trying to find sobering soup. As if this was not humiliating enough, a lewd guy tried to hit on him. Dahai hit the man as a form of self-defense. Who knew the guy was a police captain!

At this time, Bei Xi who was trying to catch up to the male Dahai, found him/her. Left with no other feasible choice at the moment, he told Bei Xi the truth.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 lewd police captain

At the inn, Deng Deng was busy drawing a picture of Lu Yan. Dahai silently walked into the room and took a peek. He asked Deng Deng whether she was planning to fall in love with Lu Yan again. This is a funny way of asking (⁀ᗢ⁀).

Embarrassed that she has been found out, Deng Deng wrote some scolding words next to the drawing. Dahai was impressed and wanted to frame it. Deng Deng immediately tossed the crumpled paper out the window. She then chased Dahai out.

Yet, she also wondered whether she has fallen back in love with Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Deng Deng in love

She vehemently tried to deny this feeling. Determined not to fall into the same hole twice, she started to write all the bad things Lu Yan has ever done to her. The several things she has started to list down, started to become biased, but she still continued on.

Unbeknownst to her, the crumpled paper under her window was picked up by A Chang. He thought the picture was hilarious. So, he smoothed out the paper and folded it nicely to keep for his collection.

Unfortunately, upon returning back to their inn, Lu Yan noticed the piece of paper and took it from A Chang’s hands.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 drawing of Lu Yan

There was no doubt in his mind that it was written by Deng Deng.

A Chang felt guilty on behalf of his master, so he offered Lu Yan to throw away the paper. But Lu Yan insisted that he will throw it away himself later. However, after A Chang left, Lu Yan picked up the paper again and studied it. He seemed to find it so amusing that he smiled.

Later on at nighttime, Deng Deng was having a nightmare about her father and had a restless sleep. Lu Yan transported himself into Deng Deng’s room and sooth her troublesome sleep with his spirit energy. This helped Deng Deng to calm herself and have a more pleasant sleep.

Lu Yan then looked around the room and saw papers strewn everywhere. On each page were bad things about him written down by Deng Deng. Instead of feeling unhappy, he smiled happily instead.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 smiling Lu Yan

In the morning, when Dahai tried to wake up Deng Deng, he saw Deng Deng’s face was painted with cat whiskers. At first, Deng Deng suspected that Dahai was behind this prank. But Dahai strongly denied it, he just walked through the door that morning.

Feeling strange, Deng Deng went to a breakfast stall with Dahai and discussed their next move. Since every traveler must register with the police, Dahai suggested they check the registration form at the police station to confirm Paralyzed Yu’s whereabouts.

At this time, Deng Deng just noticed that Bei Xi was not there. Dahai told her that he left following a clue regarding Deng Deng’s father.

Suddenly, two horse carriages sped through the street towards Bai Mansion. Deng Deng was intrigued. From the stall owner, they learnt the Bai Mansion was owned by the police chief.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 powerful Bai

At the Bai mansion gate, Bei Xi was being kicked out by the guards. They claim not to know a Gu Bei Xi from Nanfeng village. Even though Bei Xi was supposedly the childhood fiancé of the young lady of the Bai mansion. Bei Xi was vexed but he was still trying to find a way in.

Not long after, a police car came with police officers carrying files for missing people cases to be given to the police chief. Bei Xi thought of an idea but he first went back to Deng Deng and Dahai.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 police files

Sneaking into the Bai mansion will be tricky. Therefore, they needed to come up with a plan where the Bai mansion would invite them to come instead.

Deng Deng and her friends planned for bandits to hijack the caravan that the Bai women will be riding in when they went to pray/offer incense. Deng Deng then pretended to rescue the women so that the chief of the Bai mansion will be indebted with gratitude to them. Then he will invite Deng Deng and the rest to come to the mansion.

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This plan was relayed to Lu Yan who has placed his men around Deng Deng and the others.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 spy

Lu Yan was not worried of Deng Deng’s plan. He would be able to sense if she was in danger.

He then asked A Chang to take a closer look of a spirit butterfly he has captured. A Chang was able to confirm that the spirit butterfly was indeed Zhu Rong’s subordinate.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 spirit butterfly

As planned, Deng Deng and the others were waiting for the Bai mansion caravan to pass through a path in the woods. Bei Xi and Dahai would make their move and pretend to be bandits who hijack the caravan. Deng Deng will then heroically fight off the bandits and save the women.

Bai Shiqi, Bei Xi’s supposed fiancé, will also be riding in this caravan.

When Bei Xi and Dahai made their move, everyone was in horror. However, Bai Shiqi remained calm and asked for her maid to give the jewelry and money to the bandits.

Naturally, Bei Xi rejected the money, but Bai Shiqi stepped in and tried to negotiate with him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Bai Shiqi

Bai Shiqi displayed her courage in front of Bei Xi. At the moment she was sure Bei Xi would kill her, Deng Deng appeared stunningly and stopped Bei Xi and Dahai.

What happened next was a series of hilarious play acted out by the three friends.

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 bandit play

Anyway, the plan worked, and the entire Bai mansion people were grateful for Yu Deng Deng’s help. She then offered to escort them back to the city. However, Bai Shiqi suggested for Bei Xi and Dahai, who both have been tied up by Deng Deng at this point, to be taken to the police station to be detained.

Although this was outside of their plan, to avoid suspicion Deng Deng had to play along and agreed to the suggestion. I cackled ( ´ ∀ `).

Thousand Years For You Episode 15 Bai Shiqi was not easy

Not far from the caravan, Lu Yan’s man was following Deng Deng as per ordered. Unfortunately, he was careless and the spirit butterfly lady who worked for Zhu Rong subdued him.

She then released a spirit butterfly to poison the caravan horses and made them run amok.

Episode 16

Deng Deng and her friends chased after the two runaway horse carriages. Bei Xi was chasing the one with Bai Shiqi in it, while Dahai helped Deng Deng chased the other one.

Bai Shiqi’s carriage ran towards the cliff. Bei Xi was desperate to get a hold of it. His several attempts to control the horse were in vain, so he decided to grab Bai Shiqi and jumped off the carriage. The momentum from the fall caused them to roll several times and got themselves entangled with each other. Could it be that spring has come for Gu Bei Xi?

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Bei Xi Bai shiqi

Gu Bei Xi’s heroic act touched Bai Shiqi. Unexpectedly, she recognized his true identity. She helped cover for him so he could make his escape, away from the Bai mansion’s guards.

Deng Deng and Dahai on the other hand, managed to stop the runaway carriage. The carriage was supposed to carry the Bai mansion’s last concubine. But when Deng Deng and Dahai opened the carriage, it was empty except for the pet cat that the concubine always carried on her lap, and a lady’s handbag.

Seeing the situation was not right, Deng Deng and Dahai decided to avoid the Bai mansion’s people. They regrouped with Bei Xi and decided to discuss their next steps.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 protect ourselves

Back at the Bai mansion, the police chief was notified that his last concubine was missing. The police officer who reported the incident suspected this was also part of the many missing person cases plaguing the Yingdu city recently.

The police chief was livid. He immediately ordered the sketches of both suspects (Dahai and Bei Xi) to be spread throughout the city.

Meanwhile, the man that was sent by Lu Yan to follow Deng Deng, reported the incident to Lu Yan and A Xin. Lu Yan recognized the spirit butterfly powder that was on the man’s shoulder. The perpetrator was the same one who has been targeting Deng Deng lately.

Unfortunately, this was the only evidence they had.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Zhu Rong is involved

Lu Yan then used his power to try and probe the mysterious butterfly lady. He found her after defeating the poisonous attacks she launched against him. Turned out they were old enemies since 3000 years ago.

Lu Yan then tried to retrieve her memory to see what Zhu Rong has been planning. But during the retrieval, she committed suicide and hurt Lu Yan’s energy in the process.

The repercussion was Lu Yan would not be able to retrieve memories using the same method as he has used in the past anymore.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 butterfly lady

This posed a problem as he still wanted to know what had happened to Deng Deng recently. But then A Xin told him about the matter of Bei Xi and Dahai face sketches being spread all over the city.

The dire situation forced Deng Deng and her friends having to leave the city immediately.

A group of policemen were already at the hotel lobby of where they were staying at. They escaped the place in the nick of time.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 police officer

Deng Deng has started to notice that what had happened with the Bai mansion concubine and the horse carriages were strange. She suspected the Spirit Clan was behind this incident. Meanwhile, Bei Xi naturally blamed Lu Yan.

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As they were now wanted by the police, going to the police station to check records of Paralyzed Yu’s whereabouts was no longer feasible. Bei Xi also said that the missing person files were all relocated to the Bai mansion as requested by the police chief.

Therefore, Deng Deng planned to go the Bai mansion on the following day.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Deng Deng

Later in the night, Deng Deng made a visit to Lu Yan to threaten him not to mess up her plans. She also accused him as the person behind the kidnapping of the Bai’s last concubine, leaving Lu Yan speechless.

She then left after waving the wooden hairpin around, in front of Lu Yan.

At the Bai mansion, Bai Shiqi was busy making drawings of Gu Bei Xi. The Gu Bei Xi with the new haircut, as ‘preferred’ by Deng Deng. But next to it, there was also an older drawing of Gu Bei Xi, with long hair. Aaa it seems Bai Shiqi have long been interested in Gu Bei Xi.

A servant came in bringing in snack for Bai Shiqi. She then told her of the update regarding the kidnapping incident. Sketches of the perpetrators have been spread throughout the city. The maid noticed how the drawing of Gu Bei Xi in Shiqi’s hand was similar to the kidnap suspect.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Gu Bei Xi drawing

Bai Shiqi then came up with a plan and went out of the mansion.

Meanwhile, Deng Deng made Dahai turned into a woman and sneaked into the mansion, dressed up as servants. They went inside the police chief’s office and searched through the case files.

Deng Deng could not find what she was looking for, but she noticed files of the missing person cases seemed to have strange physical descriptions. She decided to make notes of them.

When Deng Deng and the drunk female Dahai came out of the mansion, the police captain saw them. He sent some of his men to follow the two….errr….girls, since he felt they looked suspicious.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 police captain

Deng Deng sensed that they were being watched, hence she decided to split up with Dahai and made a run for it.

Fortunately, both Deng Deng and Dahai were able to escape from the police’s chase. Walking in the quiet alley, Deng Deng took out the notes she made from the missing person cases and studied the description of the people properly. She tried to retrace the steps of one of the victims.

Deng Deng’s investigation led her to believe that the missing person may have turned into….a pig(???)

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 pig erkui

The female Dahai on the other hand went into a coffeeshop to lay low. She ordered a cup of coffee but then she fell asleep after sitting for a while. When Dahai woke up, he has turned back into a man. This alarmed the waitress as she thought the lady (female Dahai) that came before had been kidnapped.

The coffee shop then alerted the police. They recognized Dahai as one of the kidnappers on the police sketches. With the police surrounding him, Dahai had no choice but to surrender.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Dahai was caught

Both Deng Deng and Dahai who had promised to regroup, did not show up at the place promised with Gu Bei Xi. Bei Xi then went to Bai mansion, trying to find some answers. The police officers who were patrolling the area almost recognized him when Bai Shiqi suddenly came and covered for Bei Xi. The police officers naturally did not dare to go against Shiqi’s words.

Bei Xi on the other hand grew suspicious of Shiqi. Why would she help him? But Shiqi said it was to return his favor of saving her life the other day. Seeing that she seemed friendly, Bei Xi wanted to ask her about the Bai’s daughter who was betrothed to him, but he then changed his mind.

Bai Shiqi on the other hand, pretended not to know who he was and asked his name.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Bai Shiqi

Deng Deng and Gu Bei Xi regrouped. Deng Deng was eager to free Dahai. She was worried about him being turned into a scapegoat by the police. She planned to go to the police station and turn herself in. Pretending to be a spirit hunter, she would then offer her help to find the missing people, including the lost Bai concubine.

Before she entered the police station, Deng Deng spoke to Lu Yan through the wooden hairpin. She was telling Lu Yan her plan to save Dahai. She asked him to help her and in return she would pay him back in the future by ten folds.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Deng Deng asking Lu Yan to help

At the police station, the police chief was mercilessly torturing Dahai into giving the location of his concubine. As correctly guessed by Deng Deng, the police chief was trying to make Dahai into the scapegoat for all the missing person cases. Even though the cases happened before Dahai entered Yingdu.

Deng Deng entered the police station and surrendered herself. They handcuffed her and brought her to where the police chief was interrogating Dahai. Dahai was devastated and panicking, asking her to leave.

But Yu Deng Deng immediately approached the police chief and offered her help. The police chief looked down on her and acted very rudely that I wanted to spit on his face.

Thousand Years For You Episode 16 Police chief

To gain their trust, Deng Deng started to spout nonsense of how she and Dahai were spirit hunters. The reason why they came to Yingdu was because Yingdu was in crisis. She even mentioned the incident with the Bai mansion carriages. Had it not been for Deng Deng and her friends, the catastrophe befalling the family would be unthinkable.

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