Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 3-4 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 3-4 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Lu Er brought Lu Yan to enter the forbidden Hotpot Courtyard which contained artifacts and remains from the ancient Spirit Clan. Will Lu Er be able to make Lu Yan reveal his identity? Let see what will unfold in episode 3 and 4.

Episode Recap

Episode 3

Lu Er badgered Lu Yan with all questions he could think of, perhaps only short from asking him about his pets. Lu Yan was able to answer him smoothly, hence Lu Er started to withdraw and relax his guard. He started talking about Deng Deng and her background then warned him not to hurt Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu er

He seemed imposing in front of Lu Yan, but in reality, he was shaking in fear.

Lu Er then reported his findings to Deng Deng, but this time he tried to persuade her not to marry him so hastily. Lu Yan seemed like a complicated person to Lu Er, not an ordinary man at all.

However, all of Lu Er’s complaints fell on deaf ears. Deng Deng was determined to marry Lu Yan. She has been bewitched by his wealth and more importantly, by his beauty.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu er and Deng Deng

Daqian was doing night patrol around the village when A Xin approached him. A Xin offered to accompany him on his round, but his real objective was to probe information about Deng Deng.

The former Head of Village, Deng Deng’s father, once told him when he was drunk that Deng Deng was severely ill when she was 3 years old. But the next day he caught a magic bird by the big lake in the mountain. The bird was said to have golden feathers and might even had the ability to talk. After eating the bird, Deng Deng then was able to recover to perfect health and now even has great strength.

Lu Yan was listening into their conversation without revealing himself. As he heard that the magic bird was eaten, strange winds started to blow around them, the animals became restless and dark clouds started to cover the sky on the village.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 strange wind

Thinking it was going to rain, Daqian immediately left. But A Xin who knew what was truly happening went straight to Lu Yan and begged him not to unseal his energy as the result would be catastrophic.

Lu Yan was enraged as he knew Yun Xi’s spiritual form is the golden bird. Of course, hearing that someone has eaten her angered him. But A Xin quickly persuaded Lu Yan to probe Deng Deng one more time to see if Yun Xi’s spirit core was indeed inside her spirit.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu Yan

Lu Yan went to probe Yu Deng Deng while she was sleeping in her room. But before he could exert his power, Deng Deng woke up and pinned him to the bed instead. Since Lu Yan came and delivered himself, Deng Deng did not want to miss this opportunity and wanted to force kiss him.

Lu Yan was reluctant, but he did not do anything to stop her. But A Xin who was peeking through the window, thought of helping Lu Yan. So he used his power to smack Deng Deng unconscious.

Deng Deng’s limp body fell on Lu Yan and immediately Lu Yan was able find through his powers that Yun Xi’s spirit was indeed inside Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu Yan probed Deng Deng

Lu Yan then planned to take Yun Xi’s spirit by force from Deng Deng’s body the following day at dusk. This process will be painful, even more painful than breaking one’s bones. Hence, so as to minimize trouble, Lu Yan planned to lure Deng Deng out of the mountain.

Yu Deng Deng meanwhile, could not stop dreaming sweet dreams of Lu Yan. And when she was awake, she would even draw him many times. Dahai who saw Deng Deng’s annoying behavior wondered why Deng Deng liked him so much when there are other rich and handsome men out there. On top of that Lu Yan did not like Yu Deng Deng, which was hard for Dahai to watch.

Deng Deng then told him of how Lu Yan came to her bedroom the night before. Grabbing a handful of melon seeds, Dahai prepared himself to hear some gossips.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Dahai

Deng Deng told him of the steamy details up to the point they were about to kiss, but then she fell asleep. Dahai was disappointed to hear of such bland and boring ending.

Then someone came to announce Lu Yan’s arrival. Immediately, Deng Deng hid all of her drawings of Lu Yan, checked her appearance then posed naturally to wait for Lu Yan to enter.

Lu Yan asked her to go down the mountain to buy necessities for the wedding. He also tricked her into spending her own savings to buy them, refusing to use his own money.

Therefore, before too long, Deng Deng has run out of money when they visited the marketplace at the foot of the mountain. But she was adamant in indulging Lu Yan, so she kept allowing him to buy even more stuff. She then asked Dahai to keep an eye on him while she went to visit Mr. Ya to give him an invitation to her wedding.

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Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Deng Deng indulged Lu yan

Mr. Ya had a photo studio which Deng Deng and her father used to visit often when she was young. So, he asked Deng Deng about him, but Deng Deng has not heard from him even after sending him the wedding invitation. Nevertheless, no one doubted that he would come.

Deng Deng then invited Mr. Ya to come to the wedding and to bring his camera along. She wanted to take wedding photos on the day.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Deng Deng and Mr Ya

On their way back from the marketplace, Deng Deng wanted to switch sedan chairs with Lu Yan. Although he looked annoyed, he still allowed Deng Deng to be willful. He had planned with A Xin to get on with the plan on this trip back to the village.

Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious person in a black cloak was watching their group.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 black shadow

Along the way, Dahai began to complain why the fog began to grow thicker in the area. Suddenly, they realized Lu Yan and Deng Deng’s sedan chairs were missing.

Meanwhile, Deng Deng realized she was now alone. The group that surrounded her before was suddenly missing. The she saw Lu Yan walking towards her amidst the fog. She wanted to approach him, but Lu Yan has stopped time around her.

He then extracted Yun Xi’s spirit from Deng Deng. But when the spirit core was in his hand, it began to disperse and scatter to different directions. So, Lu Yan collected them and returned it to Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu Yan extracted Yun Xi

Time flowed normally again, and Deng Deng suddenly felt severe pain in her heart. She asked Lu Yan to carry her back to join their group, but Lu Yan refused.

In the midst of Deng Deng’s prattling, Lu Yan noticed abnormalities in their surroundings. They were suddenly surrounded by armed wild looking men who looked deranged. But Lu Yan told her that those people are not humans, hence daggers such as the one in Deng Deng’s hand currently, will not work on them.

Behind the trees, Gu Bei Xi was holding onto his rifle and was watching Deng Deng and Lu Yan. It seemed this ‘men’ were arranged by him. But Bei Xi became worried for Deng Deng after seeing how scary the men were. He fired his weapon towards them, startling the group.

Seeing the dire situation, Deng Deng told Lu Yan to leave while she took care of this group of wild men.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Deng Deng helpled Lu yan

As one the men started to attack, Lu Yan pulled Deng Deng behind him. He then used his power to navigate the bullets that Bei Xi shot to hit the group of men one by one. Bei Xi missed some of his shots, but Lu Yan made sure the bullet would change direction and hit the targets.

Hence, no one noticed Lu Yan’s power because it looked as if Bei Xi was the one who defeated them. But Bei Xi hid himself again behind the trees as soon as all the wild men fell. He then left before Deng Deng discovered him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Gu Bei Xi

After Gu Bei Xi left, Deng Deng gingerly nudged the ‘dead’ bodies of the wild men. Surprisingly, the ‘dead’ men started to rise one by one and attacked Lu Yan and Deng Deng.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng fought back but in the middle of the fight, Deng Deng’s arm was hurt. Lu Yan then made Deng Deng unconscious using his power, so he can use his inner power to fight the group without anyone seeing. But he also noticed the presence of a dark shadow. He tried to attack it, but the dark shadow managed to escape. The dark shadow turned out to be someone from the Spirit Clan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Another Spirit Clan

Dahai and the rest who were separated from Deng Deng, was seen to be attacked by the man with the black cloak. A Xin came in time and attacked the man. But as he was about to capture the man, the man vanished and only left behind his cloak, which also quickly vanished.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 A Xin

Meanwhile Dahai was hurt badly on his chest. When the doctor checked his pulse, he mentioned that Dahai’s pulse seemed like he was poisoned because it was sometimes strong but other times it was also weak.

Lu Er, who was listening in, said that it must mean that Dahai was sometimes a man and sometimes a woman, which made no sense.

After everyone left, Deng Deng asked him details of the incident. Dahai turned out was slashed across the chest by the man in the black cloak. Deng Deng wanted to help him to apply medicine, despite being hurt on her arm herself.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Dahai was hurt

In his room, Lu Yan was discussing with A Xin about the Spirit Clansman he saw today. Lu Yan said that the person was after Yun Xi’s spirit. They both were also confused why Yun Xi’s spirit dispersed after it was extracted.

Therefore, A Xin started to research on the matter from the books written by spirit hunter Yu Houdao, who could have been Yu Deng Deng’s ancestor. He found that to extract Yun Xi’s spirit, they would need the bone of a spirit clansman and extract it during the full moon, which was when the spiritual energy in the environment was the highest.

So, they decided to keep Deng Deng safe until the next full moon. Currently, Lu Yan was able to sense that Deng Deng was proudly recounting how brave she fought today, while her injuries were being treated. Lu Yan just let her be, since he thought she didn’t have much time left to live.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Deng Deng boasting

The problem at hand was where to get the bone of a spirit clansman. But then Lu Yan remembered the Bone of the Ying dragon in the Hotpot Courtyard.

Lu Yan went to Hotpot Courtyard, but he could not open the seal. Even when he took Lu Er’s tobacco pipe, which he saw managed to open the seal the last time they went inside, he still failed to break the seal on the door.

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A Xin suspected the Yu family kept a secret inside the courtyard, hence they made the barrier from the Ying Bone Dragon itself.

Yu Deng Deng barged in at this time, so A Xin left the two of them in the room. Deng Deng turned out came to give Lu Yan a massage.

Lu Yan promptly refused.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Lu Yan refused

Then she took out a plate of sticky rice cake which she personally made. She said she knew how much Lu Yan loves them because his eyes would shine whenever he saw them.

Although he refused at first, Lu Yan tried them in the end under Yu Deng Deng’s threatening. Deng Deng actually wanted to thank Lu Yan for his help today. He did not leave her when the wild men tried to attack them.

Lu Yan did not want her to thank him, but he wanted Deng Deng to tell him the secret that was kept in the ancestral temple at the Hotpot Courtyard. However, Deng Deng told him there was no secret inside. She was able to come and go to the courtyard as she pleased anytime.

Lu Yan then asked her to be brought inside, but Deng Deng said only Yu family members can go in. As they will be married the following morning, then Deng Deng can bring him into the courtyard after that.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Deng DEng taking Lu Yan

Remembering how Deng Deng injured her arm today, Lu Yan suddenly took out the wooden hairpin he has kept with him all this time.

Episode 4

Lu Yan gave the wooden hairpin to Deng Deng. It could ward of evil. Lu Yan was determined the protect Deng Deng until the next full moon.

At Gong Bao Garden, a group of Deng Deng’s men barged their way in, wanting to beat up Lu Yan since Deng Deng was not around. They were unsatisfied with Lu Yan. But they were thrown out the gate the next minute.

They then went to complain to Lu Er. They were unable to accept that their chief, Yu Deng Deng, was going to marry a pretty boy. They’d rather if she married Gu Bei Xi. But Lu Er said Deng Deng did not like Gu Bei Xi. He instead passed them the wedding invitation to be sent to Gu Bei Xi.

Gu Bei Xi was distressed after reading the invitation, he shot the paper in two. Driven by his jealousy, Gu Bei Xi intended to attend the wedding but with the idea of hurting Lu Yan in mind.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 jealous Gu Bei Xi

It was very festive at Qing Quan Village during the day of the wedding. Even the rooster who was the house husband, was dressed handsomely.

Mr. Ya came, bringing the camera with him. Mr. Bu, who was the dress maker, also came to deliver the wedding dress himself. He gave two presents for Yu Deng Deng; a red packet and a pink shawl with his emblem on it.

But his real purpose of coming was to meet the other village chiefs who were invited to the wedding. He wanted to win businesses from them.

He giggled to himself thinking about this. Such an eccentric man. I love that he is a bit deranged.

Thousand Years For You Episode 3 Mr Bu

Lu Er was lovingly brushing through Deng Deng’s hair. He’s such a doting mom (^̮^).

Deng Deng then asked him to place the wooden hairpin in her hair. Deng Deng thanked him for being there for her all this time. She lost her mother since she was young and her father was hardly around, it has always been Lu Er, this uncle of hers, who stayed by her side, watching her grow up.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Lu Er

In the middle of their heartfelt exchange, Deng Deng realized her father hasn’t arrived. They have already sent someone to fetch him but there was still no news as of yet.

The wedding dress was delivered to Deng Deng at this time. So Lu Er left, saying he will go to Dahai, so that Deng Deng could change.

Meanwhile, Lu Yan has changed into his wedding outfit. He looked very handsome, but he said he did not like it.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Lu Yan complained

The sedan chair, which was usually reserved for the bride, was delivered to Lu Yan. The group of men said that since he was a special man who will be marrying their chief, then they should treat him accordingly (which was like how a bride should be). Lu Yan was not happy; hence he used his power to move the wind in their surroundings, creeping out the group of men in the process. They left while carrying the sedan chair with them.

In the guest reception area, Lu Er came to Dahai and asked him to go to Deng Deng and help her out instead. He was about to take a jar of wine before he left, but Lu Er stopped him saying he would be drunk if he drank that. Dahai then left after giving Lu Er one of the presents given by Mr. Bu.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 present from Mr. Bu

Deng Deng meanwhile was putting on her wedding dress. It did not fit her right and the seam ripped. The assisting ladies then went out to get Mr. Bu, the dressmaker, leaving Deng Deng alone in her room.

Dahai came at this time. Deng Deng suddenly blurted out complaining how come Dahai was not a girl. She wanted to have her own wedding wench to accompany her through the wedding procession, but there were only guys in the village. Dahai almost said something, but he stopped himself.

Finally, hearing Deng Deng’s sad laments about having a wedding wench to perfect her wedding, Dahai made up his mind. He was going to share his secret with Deng Deng.

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Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Dahai

He then took a small jar of wine and drank its content right in front of Deng Deng. In just a few moments, he turned into a woman. Wait, whattttt,……shut the front door! (ʘᗩʘ’)

As it turned out, ever since he was injured that day, he would turn into a woman every time he drinks alcohol. It has been troublesome for him ever since.

Deng Deng laughed at his unfortunate situation, but she planned to ask Gu Bei Xi if he knew of a cure for this unconventional condition. In the meantime, the part of wedding wench will be carried out by female Dahai. Deng Deng asked him to change his clothes.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 female Dahai

On his way out, he bumped into Mr. Bu who was coming in to fix Deng Deng’s wedding dress.

While fixing Deng Deng’s dress, Mr. Bu commented that it was very obvious that Deng Deng was in love. However, being a man himself, he understood how a man would behave if he was in love with someone. He asked Deng Deng whether Lu Yan has shown her these falling in love characteristics before. Deng Deng knew that Lu Yan was not in love with her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Lu Yan does not love Deng Deng

Mr. Bu left after messing with Deng Deng’s mind.

Deng Deng walked out to meet her guests, accompanied by female Dahai. All the men were infatuated by female Dahai’s beautiful appearance. Much to Dahai’s annoyance.

Deng Deng then instructed him to share the humble wedding gifts to those who were in need in their village.

At this time, Gu Bei Xi and his group from Nan Feng Village came, bearing wonderful gifts for the bride which were much better than the ones Deng Deng has received so far. Dahai was overjoyed.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 presents from Gu Bei Xi

Bei Xi purposefully showed how wealthy he was then he proposed that Deng Deng married him instead. That way, Deng Deng did not have to marry a ‘pretty man’ and the Qing Quan Village poverty problems would also be solved.

Deng Deng was confused by Bei Xi’s kindness today.

She then asked Dahai to check whether there was anything wrong with the gifts he brought today.

Under the gawking eyes of everyone, Dahai checked the gifts brought by Nan Feng Village. He complained that if only Bei Xi looked a bit more decent, Deng Deng would have taken a fancy to him.

Gu Bei Xi, overheard Dahai’s comment. He was then inspired to have a haircut. Poor fellow.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Gu Bei Xi short hair

In one of the alleys in the village the dark shadow possessed Lu Er who was walking past.

The possessed Lu Er came into Deng Deng’s room. She was sitting down in front of the dresser, looking a bit sad. Lu Er suddenly asked her to take down the wooden hairpin which Lu Yan gave her, saying that it was ugly.

At first, Deng Deng took it down because she was upset. But as the dark shadow rushed towards her body, she placed the hairpin back, thinking that Lu Yan gave it to her anyway. She did not want to have quarrels with Lu Yan just because of this. And the dark shadow missed its chance just like that.

Then Lu Er woke up feeling confused that he was suddenly in Deng Deng’s room.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Gu Bei Xi short hair

Mr. Bu was a social butterfly at the wedding banquet. He gave all the Village Chiefs the same present he gave to Deng Deng; the pink shawl with his emblem on it. I think this serves as a name card for Mr. Bu.

Mr. Ya on the other hand was feeling a bit unwell. He said he wanted to lie down a bit to rest.

Gu Bei Xi suddenly showed up with short hair. He tried so hard to win Deng Deng’s heart, but he felt that his effort was futile. Nevertheless, he still did not give up. He planned to take down Lu Yan first, eliminating his competition.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 poor Bei Xi

Lu Yan oddly was practicing calligraphy at this time. He was discussing their plan to drug Deng Deng with A Xin, when he suddenly sensed Bei Xi’s arrival. He closed the gate using his inner power.

Then Lu Yan straightforwardly confronted Bei Xi about what happened the other day with the wild men. He has suspected that they were arranged and also killed by Bei Xi.

Bei Xi admitted his crime. He openly told him that he wanted to hurt Lu Yan. Then he gave Lu Yan a pouch filled with money telling him to leave Deng Deng. He knew Lu Yan was not willing to marry Deng Deng any way. Inexplicably, I find that Gu Bei Xi is defending Yu Deng Deng’s honor this way hahaha.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Bei Xi and Lu Yan

Lu Yan refused. Gu Bei Xi then threatened him by pointing his gun to Lu Yan’s neck. Lu Yan did not budge. When the gun went off, Lu Yan used his power to stop time and even sent Gu Bei flying through a portal. He woke up in a shed l, bind with rope all over his body.

Gu Bei Xi was in shock. He wondered who Lu Yan was.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Bei Xi shot Lu Yan

The wedding ceremony finally began. Yu Deng Deng entered the wedding hall, accompanied by Dahai. All the guests agreed that she looked beautiful, but they also thought that marrying her must be tough for a man.

The bride sedan chair came, and Lu Yan stepped out. He reluctantly went through the rituals, even skipping some of it. These did not escape Yu Deng Deng’s eyes. She felt disappointed, but also angry. When it was time for the wedded couple to bow to each other, Lu Yan refused. Angering Deng Deng even more.

Then the wedding wench came carrying Deng Deng’s house husband, which was the rooster. The ceremony required Lu Yan to offer tea to the rooster. Feeling humiliated, now Lu Yan was also angry, while the guests all laughed.

Thousand Years For You Episode 4 Lu Yan refused Deng Deng

Ho boy, this is all a mess now. 

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