Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 5-6 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 5-6 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

On the last Thousand Years For You epsiode recap, the wedding ceremony for Lu Yan and Yu Deng Deng has started. Lu Yan’s reluctance and Yu Deng Deng’s outrageous demands have caused everything to become a mess. Will they be able to complete the ceremony and become husband and wife? Let see how episode 5 and 6 unfold.

Episode Recap

Episode 5

Lu Yan found the ceremony to serve tea for a rooster, ridiculous. Coupled with instigation from the Chief of Beigou Village, the supposedly solemn wedding ceremony turned into a circus where the guest felt they were watching a show, a funny show.

Deng Deng lashed out to the guests who are at this point laughing right to their faces. Deng Deng then announced that the tea ceremony for the rooster need not be continued. She was the Chief so she made the rules.

The Beigou Village Chief tried to stir up some more trouble, but he suddenly found himself unable to speak. It seemed like Lu Yan has intervened by using his power. Dahai of course took this opportunity to shoot down the Beigou Village Chief.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 the wedding

Amidst the commotion, Lu Er stepped forward and announced that the ceremony has been completed. He then invited everyone to take a picture in the Courtyard, as the honorable Mr. Yas has been invited to the ceremony.

Mr. Ya, who was behaving awkwardly, set up his camera and began to take pictures of the couple. Deng Deng warned Lu Yan that cameras could take people’s spirits away. Therefore, he could stand behind her if he were afraid. But Lu Yan replied by saying that with him around, he would not let anything bad happen to Deng Deng.

Deng Deng was touched to hear this, so she grabbed Lu Yan’s arm enthusiastically and posed for the camera. This wedding picture that shows the Yu Family is hilarious!

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 the wedding photo

Gu Bei Xi, with his body bound tight with a rope and his mouth gagged by some rough looking rag, was trying to find a way out of the woodshed. Hopping around the shed like some Jiāngshī 僵尸(Chinese Vampire), he finally found a protruding nail that could help him cut the rope loose. Don’t ask me how this is possible.

Meanwhile, the wedding banquet was in full swing and went late into the night. Deng Deng asked Mr. Bu’s help to send Mr. Ya home.

Female Dahai has been taking the drink offer for Deng Deng all night long. Now she was so drunk, she was barely able to stand. Deng Deng then asked her if she has seen Gu Bei Xi. Dahai told her that he was locked in the woodshed by a certain someone. Deng Deng felt relieved, at least Bei Xi was not let loose to make trouble.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 female Dahai

Lu Yan, on the other hand, was looking sour the entire night. Deng Deng tried to coax him to at least be nicer to the guests. But Lu Yan was not willing to entertain Deng Deng’s request at all. Hence, Deng Deng decided to actually request for the guests to be nicer to Lu Yan. Then she proceeded to take all the drinks on his behalf.

Worry that she might damage Yun Xi’s spirit inside her, Lu Yan stopped her from drinking and took the drink offer himself instead. The entire scene was awkward and a bit embarrassing for Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 awkward couple

Gu Bei Xi was finally able to free himself, but he was still locked inside the woodshed. He reached the window and whistled for his dog to come over. Then he gave his belt to the dog, asking him to go to his men for help.

Deng Deng and Lu Yan have now entered the wedding chamber. All the guests were nosily clamoring outside the door, trying to sneak a peek.

Deng Deng took the wine that was meant for the couple toast then she went to the bed and shook the bed with her foot. This was to give the illusion for the guests outside that they carried out a normal wedding night like other loving couple would. Aiyo, so sad.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 poor Deng Deng

Deng Deng cared about her face because to her it was also the dignity of the Qing Quan Village. As long as other people have respect for Deng Deng, they will not easily harm, bully or even try to take over Qing Quan Village. After Lu Yan heard her reason for putting up a show, Lu Yan took over the task to shake the bed. But the guests have now left, so Deng Deng stopped him.

Lu Yan suddenly asked her if she had any wish. Perhaps he was giving her the final wish before she died? Who knows. She then told him her memory of her mother, when they were making snowman in Sichuan while waiting for their father to come home. After that, she told him she wished to go back to the past, to once again see her mother.

To cheer up the sombre atmosphere, Lu Yan picked up the wedding wine and toast with Deng Deng, to the hopes they could invert fate.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 wedding wine

In her drunkenness, Deng Deng tried to approach Lu Yan, but then she fainted.

Gu Bei Xi’s dog finally found the group who were starting to worry that Bei Xi might have been trapped somewhere within Qing Quan Village. With the dog leading in front, the group was able to locate Gu Bei Xi and free him from the woodshed.

Gu Bei Xi then ran as fast as he could to the wedding chamber.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng was still in the wedding chamber, when suddenly someone shouted indicating an incident has occured. This sobered up Deng Deng, she immediately went to the source of the commotion.

Turned out, some of the Village Chiefs at the wedding banquet turned stiff like a corpse. Their faces looked old and wrinkly, and they were unmoving, in the same pose as they were before they turned stiff.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 the wedding incident

Deng Deng decided to seal the Qing Quan Village, not allowing anyone to leave or enter the Village. She also closed the access to kitchen, food, wine cellar and banquet hall, so they could start investigation.

At this point, other Village Chiefs started to put the blame on Deng Deng, claiming that she poisoned them to gain control on the other Villages. While Deng Deng was busy arguing and defending herself and Qing Quan Village, A Xin checked the victims one by one. He concluded that these people were still alive.

As soon as he said that, the ‘victims’ all started to come to life and attacked everyone. Deng Deng fought them and Lu Yan helped her dodge an attack. They realized that these people looked very similar to the wild men they encountered in the woods the other day.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng worked together to fight off the wild men. Deng Deng was able to see now that Lu Yan had high fighting capabilities. She then gave order to her men to contain the dangerous wild men.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 trap all the men

Gu Bei Xi and his gang have now arrived at the scene.

Bei Xi went to Yu Deng Deng to make sure she was alright. Lu Yan then asked Bei Xi to bring her out while he took care of the situation with the wild men. Deng Deng wanted to stay, but Lu Yan showed her his inner power. He should have the ability to subdue the wild men. Deng Deng then reluctantly left with Bei Xi.

Lu Yan then asked A Xin to get everyone out of the hall, leaving only him and the wild men. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Lu Yan then trapped the wild men inside the hall using his inner power.

Everyone was shocked and started to point fingers at Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 Lu Yan

Lu Er suddenly asked him whether he was the legendary spirit hunter who was able to subdue spirit clan. After he said this, immediately Lu Er and everyone, except Bei Xi and his people, knelt in front of Lu Yan. They begged Lu Yan to help them.

On the second day of the lock down at Qing Quan Village, the people who knelt and revered Lu Yan as master the night before, have now started to call him a monster. Bei Xi sneered at them and laughed at their hypocrisy. The tension was high between everyone.

Bei Xi then decided to announce that he was on the side of Qing Quan Village and would fight anyone who would hurt Yu Deng Deng. To this, everyone reluctantly backed off.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 high tension

Gu Bei Xi then shared his suspicion to his subordinate, Wan Li Shan, that Lu Yan may not be human. He told Wan Li Shan what he went through the day before when he was locked in the woodshed. Lu Yan’s power was too supernatural.

Meanwhile, Lu Er and Dahai were now seen dragging Yu Deng Deng to force her to face Lu Yan, who was deemed as a monster. But after entering Lu Yan’s house, which was originally the Village master’s house, Deng Deng was dazzled by all the many wonderful and expensive things inside. She looked at them one by one, almost forgetting why she came in the first place.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 Yu Deng Deng

Lu Yan watched her foolish behavior and asked her purpose of coming to see him. Deng Deng then approached Lu Yan, offering to give him a massage. At this time, she saw the wonderful and extravagant snacks laid out on Lu Yan’s dining table.

Lu Yan refused her offer, so Deng Deng tried to persuade him by complimenting him to the sky. Her real purpose was for him to help Qing Quan Village deal with the wild men and also to capture the monster who did this to them. Lu Yan refused and suggested they just returned the wild men to their respective villages. They were not Qing Quan Village’s problem.

Deng Deng was furious hearing his reply. To her, this problem concerned everyone not just Qing Quan Village. Also, if the wild men were released now, they might harm other people.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 angry Yu Deng Deng

Deng Deng thought that Lu Yan was not only cold on the outside, but his heart was also insensitive. She gave up and started to leave.

Lu Yan suddenly changed his mind and decided to help Deng Deng to capture the monster. Since they first encountered the wild men at the foot of the mountain, they decided to go there again to try find it.

However, before she even had time to rejoice, Lu Yan asked her to take off her clothes. Seeing the many wonderful reactions on Li Qin’s face, I’m thoroughly entertained. She is so funny (^o^).

She was horrified, but then she thought that this was a sacrifice needed for the good of the village. Hence, she powered through. Lu Er and Dahai who were snooping from the outside commended her for being so committed as their chief.

Thousand Years For You Episode 5 Taking off clothes

Deng Deng began to take off her clothes, but it was so difficult to unbutton. On her hairpin, a dark shadow was seen lurking around. Lu Yan stepped forward to help her. When they were close to each other, he whispered that there was something wrong with her dress.

Episode 6

Yu Deng Deng’s wedding dress took control of her body. Lu Yan used his power to take the dress off Deng Deng’s body, leaving her only with her inner clothes. He then pinned the clothes onto the wall. It moved around magically on its own, trying to break free.

Lu Er and Dahai broke in, thinking Deng Deng was being bullied. But then Deng Deng showed them the abnormality with the wedding dress, the color of the dress has even changed. The dress was designed to absorb human energy. Someone has targeted Deng Deng since the beginning.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 wedding dress

Lu Yan then called for A Xin and ordered him to bring one of the wild men.

The spirit has sucked away the person’s consciousness and essence and also poisoned him. Leaving the person old and demented. Lu Yan said that they must capture the spirit as soon as possible. Otherwise, the wild men would continue to grow old and perish within 1 days’ time.

Deng Deng then noticed that all the chiefs who were inflicted with this poison and were attacked were the ones that wore the pink shawl from Mr. Bu at the banquet. Lu Er took out the pink shawl that was meant for him, but he did not wear it as he forgot.

It could be seen that the shawl, which was a waist towel, changed color after sucking away one’s essence.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 waist towel

But now Deng Deng was confused, how come the ones who wore the cursed waist towel turned into monsters while she, who was wearing a cursed wedding dress, was fine. Lu Yan then took out the wooden hairpin in her hair, pointing out that some of her hair turned white. But most of the attacks were blocked by the wooden hairpin.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng decided that there was no time to spare. And it was time to go down the mountain to catch the monster who did this crime. Deng Deng warned Lu Er and Dahai to beware of Gu Bei Xi, before she left. Poor Bei Xi was misunderstood.

Lu Yan also ordered A Xin to mobilize everyone in the sedan chair company. Lu Yan did not reveal this to Deng Deng, but since she has shown signs of aging, she too will die within a few days if the spirit were not captured soon. If Deng Deng died, Yun Xi’s spirit would die with her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Lu Yan

On their way down the mountain, Lu Yan and Deng Deng was stopped by Gu Bei Xi. He wanted to join their group to catch the spirit. Deng Deng immediately agreed because in this way Bei Xi would not be in Qin Quan Village creating trouble for Dahai.

As Bei Xi was about to climb onto Deng Deng’s horse, Lu Yan grabbed Deng Deng onto his own horse. This way, Bei Xi would ride single on Deng Deng’s horse while Deng Deng would ride together with Lu Yan.

In town by the foot of the mountain, the group planned to look for Mr. Bu. Lu Yan used his power to sense his whereabouts. Turned out, he did not make an escape anywhere and was still at his boutique.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Lu Yan's power

On their way to Mr. Bu’s boutique, Bei Xi distracted Deng Deng by asking her to go buy some food for him. He was hungry as he hasn’t eaten since the day before. Deng Deng left, leaving Bei Xi and Lu Yan alone.

At this time, more of Deng Deng’s hair has turned white but she has not realized it yet. But she finally saw her reflection on the window when she was buying food for Bei Xi. She decided to hide it and covered her hair with the black ash she asked from the food vendor.

Little did she know that A Chang who Lu Yan has asked to follow her, saw her appearance.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 white hair Yu Deng Deng

Bei Xi who was left alone with Lu Yan, started to attack him with accusations that he was the one who caused all this disaster. And that he was targeting Deng Deng. Gu Bei Xi threatened to kill Lu Yan if he hurt Deng Deng. I like Bei Xi here, am I the only one?

Bei Xi then shouted for Wan Li Shan who quickly came out with a talisman in hand. The talisman immediately burnt into nothing while Wan Li Shan was transported through a portal by Lu Yan’s power.

Bei Xi tried to attack Lu Yan, but all attacks were blocked. Including the dog blood he brought to throw onto Lu Yan. Lu Yan then advised Bei Xi to stop doing stupid things as they did not have much time. Yu Deng Deng would soon die if they did not find the culprit immediately.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Lu Yan advised Bei Xi

Deng Deng returned with a meat pie for Bei Xi. Seeing the mess around the two men, Deng Deng threatened Bei Xi if he ever try to hurt Lu Yan. Bahahhaa poor Bei Xi. That is the ruthless reality of one sided love.

Wan Li Shan was locked inside a dog cage somewhere in town.

The group finally arrived at Mr. Bu’s boutique. They currently had a fashion show event. But the group was not allowed to enter as Deng Deng was wearing men’s attire, which was deemed inappropriate.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Deng Deng group

After a quick shopping trip, Deng Deng was now properly dressed as a lady. The group was able to enter and checked the entire area covertly, but they could not find Mr. Bu. Despite that, Lu Yan was sure Mr. Bu was around. He could sense his energy and was certain that Mr. Bu was someone from the Spirit Clan.

At this, Bei Xi pulled out a rose for Deng Deng and said he could protect her (´∀`)ʱªʱªʱª.

Back to the story, ehem. As the models walked the runway, we could see Mr. Ya was there as one of the photographers. Different from other photographers’, Mr. Ya’s camera was the old fashion one.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Mr. Ya

There was an array in the middle of the stage, it glowed then suddenly Mr. Bu appeared in the centre. Everyone applauded and gave him a thunderous welcome. Mr. Bu made a speech on how he wanted to use his skill in making clothes that would make people marvel at their beauty.

In the middle of his speech, and boasting, a flash bulb went off somewhere, triggering Mr. Bu. He suddenly turned into one of those wild men right in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked, except for Mr. Ya.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Mr. Bu

The transformed Mr. Bu locked the doors, preventing people to leave. Then he attacked them. Lu Yan used his power to unlock the doors so the people could escape. He asked the group to help everyone leave the place as fast as possible.

In the middle of all the commotion, someone bumped into Yu Deng Deng, causing the protective wooden hairpin to fall from her hair. She then saw Mr. Ya fell and went to help him up. They had to leave his camera behind while making an escape.

With the people now safely away from the boutique, Lu Yan quickly subdued Mr. Bu and rolled him up in a curtain. He then returned the wooden hairpin to Deng Deng. Turned out he picked it up when it fell. Lu Yan told her to not lose the hairpin as it could protect her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 hair pin

The curtain can only hold the transformed Mr. Bu temporarily. He tore through the curtain and freed himself.

Bei Xi tried to shoot Mr. Bu but then Mr. Bu caught him with spider web like strings and started to wrap him into a cocoon. A Xin and A Chang tried to help but they were also trapped into the cocoon together with Bei Xi. So now there were 3 adult men wrapped together like a zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves). None of their faces looked happy.

Lu Yan and Deng Deng were also not much better, their attacks were also blocked, and they were wrapped into a separate zongzi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Mr. Bu attacks

After the cocoons were wrapped tightly, Mr. Bu seemed to suffer some pains. Staggeringly, he left the room.

Being so close to each other, Lu Yan felt the energy core inside him reacted to Yu Deng Deng. Meanwhile, Deng Deng was telling him at this time that her father once told her that her blood had weird properties and could ward off evil creatures. She suggested they use her blood to try to break free. But Lu Yan opted to use his power instead and it worked.

Lu Yan also helped the trio to break free from their cocoon.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Lu Yan helped the group

At this time, more and more of Deng Deng’s hair has turned white, shocking Bei Xi on the spot.

Inside a room in the boutique, Mr. Bu who looked more human than before, was sitting on the floor, hugging his dresses. Lu Yan and the group confronted him. Mr. Bu claimed that his clothes never sucked away people’s essence. He has designed them to suck away people’s fat. His goal was to make everyone beautiful and able to wear his beautiful clothes. I want one of those magic clothes!

He was willing to prove that he has never hurt anyone through the clothes he sold. He said that if he lied, General Yan would be able to kill him for his crimes. He recognized Lu Yan’s true identity.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Mr. Bu defeated

While Yu Deng Deng and the rest went to proof Mr. Bu’s words, Lu Yan interogated him, asking why he revealed himself in front of the people. Mr. Bu said he also did not want to do so, but a flashlight from a camera made him felt dizzy.

At this time, Deng Deng and the group who were checking the crime scenes outside, saw Mr. Ya’s camera that fell to the floor. When she touched the camera, the flashlight suddenly went off. It paralyzed Deng Deng. The dark shadow then came into the boutique, closing the doors behind him.

He materialized into a man with black cloak. As he was about to attack Deng Deng, Lu Yan came to block him. The man was thrown against the wall, revealing his face under the cloak; it was Mr. Ya.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 bad Mr. Ya

Lu Yan said that this was not the real Mr. Ya, but a spirit who disguised itself as Mr. Ya.

‘Mr. Ya’ turned into black smoke and flew out of the boutique. Lu Yan wanted to chase after it, but Deng Deng suddenly felt pain in her chest. The white hair has now spread to almost her entire head. The toxic was eroding her in a faster speed. Deng Deng seemed to not notice the change in her appearance.

She was surprised when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 Deng Deng turned old

The group went to Mr. Ya’s photo studio.

As they were searching the place, Bei Xi consoled Deng Deng who seemed to be in distress. But Deng Deng hid her emotion and continued to joke about her appearance. Even so, Bei Xi continued to cheer her up and assured her she was pretty with white hair. He suggested one more time that Deng Deng divorce Lu Yan and marry him instead.

But Deng Deng misunderstood him by suspecting his proposal to be his way of getting control over Qing Quan Village. In short, she rejected him on the spot.

A Chang suddenly came and told them that they found something in the living room. Deng Deng seemed to have lost more and more of her vitality at this time.

A Chang and the others have found pictures of all the Village Chiefs who have turned into monsters. There were pictures of other people as well. They should be pictures of people who have been turned into monsters by ‘Mr. Ya’.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 pictures

They also found the wedding picture of Lu Yan and Deng Deng. The picture looked normal except Lu Yan’s face could not be seen. A Xin said there was a spirit clan who was able to make invisible toxin that could be implanted when taking pictures of people.

Lu Yan explained that this spirit must have framed Mr. Bu as a distraction so that he could target Deng Deng. Since this is a fake Mr. Ya, the real Mr. Ya was suspected to dead.

Deng Deng turned older and weaker by the minute. They were running out of time.

Fortunately, A Xin received report from one of their spies that the spirit was seen on the west side of town.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 west town

By the time they reached the place, Deng Deng was so old that she needed a staff to help her walk.

After they searched the place, they found the bones of teenagers, whom they suspected to be the beggars that went missing some time ago. Among the things scattered on the floor, Deng Deng also found a coat that belonged to Mr. Ya. It was given by her father as a birthday gift.

Deng Deng was devastated with what she found. This confirmed that Mr. Ya was no longer alive. This place must be the place the spirit used to do his killings.

Lu Yan suggested the group rest here for the night, then he went to whisper some orders to A Xin. A Xin left right away.

Deng Deng was getting worse and worse throughout the night. Lu Yan suddenly noticed deep gashes on her arm.

Thousand Years For You Episode 6 gashes

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