Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 13-14 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 13-14 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

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In our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Lu Yan thought back to when he met Yun Xi for the first time 3000 years ago. Being a saintess from the Spirit Clan, Yun Xi was interested in many aspects of the human world. She was most curious about love between men and women among the Human Race. She asked General Yan if he ever experienced anything like that. Let’s jump into episodes 13-14 to see what will hapen next.

Episode Recap

Episode 13

Answering Yun Xi’s question, General Yan said he never experienced love. But knowing how this type of love can be so strong, Yun Xi was curious if General Yan was interested in experiencing it. General Yan brushed her question over and suggested they get something to eat.

General Yan brought Yun Xi to a restaurant and ordered several types of food for her. This was the first time Yun Xi was introduced to sticky rice cake. General Yan also explained to her how humans would process crops into delectable foods that she saw in the marketplace just now. Yun Xi has always thought that pancakes, buns and other wonderful human foods grew on trees.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Sticky rice cake Yun Xi

Yun Xi was impressed with the human race. So many things about them were different than the Spirit Clan. General Yan taught her to appreciate the lives of the people in the nine continents.

Yun Xi seemed convinced and started to have the desire for harmony between the human race and the Spirit Clan. General Yan welcomed her intention and offered to teach the Spirit Clan the ways of life in the human world.

Their common aspirations gave birth to their friendship.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 please teach

Although they consider each other as friends, but emotionally they became closer and closer. Yun Xi learnt many things from General Yan. She also began to learn that violence employed by the Spirit Clan to claim the nine continents, even though it was for survival, was wrong.

On the other hand, Yun Xi also taught Lu Yan about her origin and also about her homeland. The land where the Spirit Clan was from, was dying due to their own greed and negligence. They were guided towards the nine continents but did not think that it was already occupied by the human race. They thought the place was deserted. Yun Xi regretted the war the Spirit Clan have brought upon the human race.

But then Lu Yan promised her to help the Spirit Clan integrate and survive in the nine continents, living side by side with the human race.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Lu Yan promises

Lu Yan built a small house for Yun Xi, with a small garden with flowers. At this point, they fell for each other, much to the scorn of Wei Du, Lu Yan’s subordinate in the army. He was dissatisfied with Lu Yan’s affectionate attitude towards Yun Xi. The Spirit Clan has killed many of their brothers in arms and has destroyed their world.

Lu Yan tried to convince Wei Du that Yun Xi was different. She may be the key to bring change to the war between the Spirit Clan and the human race. But Wei Du was not buying it. He even suggested they take Yun Xi as prisoner to threaten Zhu Rong to retreat.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Wei Du

Nevertheless, Wei Du decided to trust Lu Yan in the end.

Lu Yan discussed with Yun Xi about Zhu Rong’s movement. Zhu Rong was preparing troops to attack the human race army. Yun Xi knew Zhu Rong’s agressive character, he will not back down. Hence, Yun Xi’s best bet was to convince her own people.

She believed that most of the Spirit Clan yearned for a stable life. With Lu Yan’s help, she would help them settle down and integrate with humans. Yun Xi was certain her effort would be able to stop the war.

However, Lu Yan was worried Zhu Rong might harm her if she went back by herself. He proposed to accompany her to talk to her people.

Yun Xi was touched by Lu Yan’s thoughtfulness. She gave him her wooden hairpin. The hairpin would allow them to sense each other even when they were apart.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 hairpin

When Lu Yan received the hairpin, it gave Yun Xi a chance to knock him out with her inner power. She did not want Lu Yan to come with her and face danger. And she definitely did not want Lu Yan’s subordinates to misunderstand him even more by thinking he was biased towards the Spirit Clan.

And so she left, leaving her hairpin behind.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Yun Xi

Waiting for good news from Yun Xi, Lu Yan made his troops halt at the border. Aside from Wei Du, the other lieutenants did not appreciate this move. They made harsh comments, agitating Wei Du. Wei Du even wanted to punish them, but Lu Yan stopped his hand. He’d rather have his army be in harmony with each other and decided to forgive his subordinates’ insolence.

Suddenly the hairpin from Yun Xi glowed. Lu Yan suspected Yun Xi was in trouble. He noticed that the attacks by the Spirit Clan troops in Bei Du has stopped. And it seemed they were waiting for something.

Lu Yan and his troops await in the forest. Lu Yan sensed something was going to happen there. Turned out he was right. A group of the Spirit Clan troop passed by while carrying a coffin. The leader of the group kept complaining about Yun Xi being the traitor in their clan. They blamed her for their inability to conquer ancient Shu.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 spirit clan troops

Lu Yan and his troop ambushed the group and overtook them. Afterwards, he tried to ask leader who was inside the coffin, but no one answered. He struck open the coffin and saw that it was Yun Xi who was lying inside.

Fortunately, she was still alive. Lu Yan promised to always come to her whenever she was in danger.

Wei Du suddenly warned Lu Yan to immediately leave the place. More and more spirit clansmen were surrounding Lu Yan and his troop. Yun Xi suggested that she returned to the Spirit Clan, so as not to implicate Lu Yan. But Lu Yan refused this idea. Instead, he split up the troops and agreed for them to meet at Fu Yu Mountain.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Lu Yan

The spirit clansmen attacked the troop and forced them to retreat deeper into the woods. Lu Yan and Yun Xi were cornered by the Spirit Clan troops. They asked Lu Yan to hand over Yun Xi but Lu Yan resisted.

The Spirit Clan troop then threatened Lu Yan by using the lives of Wei Du and his troops. They were captured when they split up earlier. Lu Yan and his army were ready to die than surrender at this point, however Yun Xi immediately stepped in and negotiated with the Spirit Clan.

Unfortunately, the Spirit Clan troops listened to Zhu Rong and were only interested in capturing Yun Xi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 spirit clan

Chaos ensued with both sides now engaged in battle. Yun Xi tried to stop them by using her energy power. But since she was poisoned by Zhu Rong earlier, she continued to vomit blood.

At this time, Yun Xi saw Lu Yan’s body was pierced through by two arrows. He was dying. Yun Xi quickly exerted her power to subdue both sides of the troops. She rushed to heal Lu Yan with her energy. But Wei Du, who was disoriented and angry with the Spirit Clan shifted the blame to Yun Xi.

Wei Du stabbed Yun Xi as she was still struggling to heal Lu Yan. Yun Xi then struck Wei Du, giving her a chance to transport Lu Yan to a quieter place. She continued to use her energy to heal him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 13 Yun Xi and Lu Yan

But Lu Yan wouldn’t wake up. She was devastated and so she decided to give Lu Yan her energy core. She wished that Lu Yan would live, travel the nine continents and witnessed peace in her stead.

Yun Xi then took out her hairpin.

Episode 14

To Yun Xi, if only one of them could live on, she wanted it to be Lu Yan. She then took her wooden hairpin and stabbed her own chest. The energy core was then passed to Lu Yan.

A Xin came at this time in the magical sedan chair. He was shocked to see what has happened to his master. He frantically tried to save her, but Yun Xi stopped his useless action. She entrusted Lu Yan to A Xin. From now on, A Xin was to serve him as his new master.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Yun Xi

Yun Xi passed the wooden hairpin to A Xin and urged A Xin to take Lu Yan away, before Zhu Rong caught up to them.

Now lying alone in the bamboo forest, the dying Yun Xi realized that what she had done was the feeling of love between men and women. She smiled one last time and then her body began to disperse. What was left behind was only a multicolored feather.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Yun Xi dispersed

The scene came back to the present time, where Lu Yan was telling all of his story with Yun Xi, to Deng Deng.

After that, following heresy and legend spoken among the Spirit Clan, Lu Yan followed the method to try bringing Yun Xi back. He sealed himself inside a cave in Qing Quan Mountain and let the energy from the energy core nourish the feather. Hoping that Yun Xi may reincarnate.

Hearing Lu Yan’s recount of Yun Xi, Deng Deng was full of admiration towards her. In her point of view, Yun Xi was a heroine. Therefore, at this point Deng Deng was supportive of Lu Yan’s effort in bringing Yun Xi back. But the problem now was that Deng Deng ate the magical bird which supposedly was the spirit of Yun Xi which has been gathered for 3000 years.

Deng Deng begged Lu Yan to let her live.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Yun Xi Deng Deng

In the middle of her pleading, Lu Yan told her that he found a book at the Mysterious Market which would allow him to probe spirits. He then made Deng Deng immobile with his power.

Lu Yan took out the spiritual memory in Deng Deng. Turned out she was truly Yun Xi. When Yun Xi perished, there were 2 feathers which she left behind. While 1 feather stayed with Lu Yan, the other turned into a toddler version of her. Her parents at that time has lost their real daughter, Yu Deng Deng. They came across toddler Yun Xi by the side of the lake in Qing Quan Mountain. They decided to take her and raised her as their own daughter, taking on the identity of Yu Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 toddler Yun Xi

After this truth was revealed to both Lu Yan and Deng Deng, the Spirit Clan seal on Deng Deng’s forehead appeared.

Despite all the evidence that suddenly appeared, Deng Deng found everything hard to believe. She suspected that Lu Yan was playing a trick on her so that she would be willing to give Yun Xi’s spirit back.

Lu Yan patiently tried to explain to her and asked her to confirm this with her father herself. In the meantime, Lu Yan will just continue to protect her in the dark.

Deng Deng at first rejected Lu Yan’s idea, saying that he scared her. But then Lu Yan told her that the wooden hairpin which he gave her, had Yun Xi’s energy. It could be used to hurt Lu Yan, in case Deng Deng felt he was threatening. She could also use the hairpin to call him whenever she was in danger. In any case, he will continue to protect Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Lu Yan insisted

This was a very appealing idea to Deng Deng. She agreed to keep the hairpin while she was on her quest to find her father. Lu Yan then also gave her the Book of Millenium Memorial.

Deng Deng accepted all of these, but she also requested Lu Yan to keep his distance from her. She did not yet fully trust him. Even so, she passed her handkerchief to him to cover the wound he made with the hairpin earlier to demonstrate that the hairpin indeed had the ability to hurt himself.

The two then set off to rescue the unconscious travelers at the Rose Hotel.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 handkerchief

Zhu Rong was standing by the lake at Qing Quan Mountain when the lady who sent the spiritual butterfly at Deng Deng in the Mysterious Market, materialized.

She reported to Zhu Rong that she has failed her mission to trap Deng Deng at the Mysterious Market. But Zhu Rong assured her that his trap in Yingdu will do the work. The lady also reported to him that she felt Deng Deng’s energy was similar to the saintess Yun Xi.

He was shocked but now he realized why Lu Yan stayed by Yu Deng Deng’s side. Zhu Rong decided to make his move towards Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Zhu Rong

Back at the Rose Hotel, all the travelers woke up after they were given the cure by Lu Yan and the others. They were all terrified to find themselves at such a dilapidated, haunted building. They fled in no time at all.

Gu Bei Xi and Dahai were rescued by A Xin and were reunited with Deng Deng at the Rose Hotel. At this time, they all interrogated Daidai who were currently bound and was sitting on the floor. Although she has stolen money from travelers all this time, she has never hurt anyone. She has also been taking care of the abandoned Spirit Clan children.

Daidai said that their lives were normal before, but her and the children’s parents began to disappear one after another in Yingdu. They were now using magic to trick travelers out of their money so that they could engage someone’s help to find their parents.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 spirit clan orphan

Seeing their sad situation, Deng Deng did not have the heart to pursue the matter. She reprimanded Daidai and asked her to destroy all the drugs. Daidai carried out Deng Deng’s request on the spot.

Deng Deng then offered to help Daidai to search for the news of her and the other children’s parents, since she was going to Yingdu to find her father anyway. Daidai was filled with endless gratitude, she could not stop thanking Deng Deng.

Deng Deng and her friends left the hotel, leaving Lu Yan and his group behind. Deng Deng told Dahai that he could not be trusted. However, Lu Yan and his group followed after Deng Deng once Deng Deng’s group has traveled some distance ahead of them. This was as how he has promised Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Deng Deng did not trust Lu Yan 2

At their stop at Fuchang Restaurant, Gu Bei Xi treated Deng Deng to a feast. He once again suggested Deng Deng to marry him, and she would have everything she ever wanted.

At this time, Dahai noticed Lu Yan and his group were following them and were having their own humble meal at a stall outside. The ignorant Gu Bei Xi thought Lu Yan must have run out of money.

Eating a simple bowl of noodle at the stall, A Xin grumbled why they had to stay far away from Deng Deng. How were they supposed to protect her if they could not even stay under the same roof as her.

But Lu Yan was determined not to let her get hurt.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Lu Yan determined

Meanwhile, Deng Deng was still mulling over the fact that she was the Spirit Clan saintess. She was thinking about what Lu Yan said over and over.

Dahai suddenly came into her room at this time. Looking at her absent-minded face, he was ready for gossip, so he grabbed a handful of melon seeds and perked up his ears. Solemnly, Deng Deng began to recount everything that has happened when she was alone with Lu Yan in the forest.

Unexpectedly, Dahai thought it was all a big lie, hence he fell down on the floor, laughing. His imagination of a saintess was so far off from how Deng Deng was. it was just too unbelievable.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 Dahai

Dahai then suggested Deng Deng asked her father once they found him and confirmed. However, Dahai added that if Deng Deng were truly the saintess, and the saintess was someone Lu Yan used to like, then she should be happy about it. Dahai is quite smart and wise.

In the meantime, Lu Yan has been keeping his promise to keep a distance from her while protecting her at the same time. He even insisted they followed Deng Deng on foot as to not make her worry he might catch up. When the weather was hot, he even made it rained, then also prepared umbrellas for her and her friends.

Yet, he was still keeping his distance.

Thousand Years For You Episode 14 keeping distance

Seeing Lu Yan drenched in the rain, Deng Deng was actually in distress. But she refused to give him an umbrella. His betrayal was too great, and she was not ready to trust him yet.

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