Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 7-8 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 7-8 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

The last Thousand Years For You episode recap showed Lu Yan and the group fighting with time to save Yu Deng Deng’s life. She was growing older by the minute and her vitality and essence seemed to evaporate at a faster speed. While they were resting for the night, Lu Yan noticed a deep gash on Deng Deng’s arm. Let see how they resolved this crisis in the following episode 7 and 8.

Episode Recap

Episode 7

The gashes on Deng Deng’s arm was a sign that her body was rotting. Deng Deng now realized that her fate was the same as the Village Chiefs who were turned into monsters, she will soon die. It was just that everyone around her have kept her from knowing this bitter truth.

Seeing Deng Deng slipping away, Bei Xi could not bear it anymore. He charged out into the night, wanting to quickly find the culprit. A Xin and A Chang went with him, while Lu Yan stayed back with Deng Deng.

The scene then moved to Spirit Clan Leader Zhu Rong (played by Leon Lai Yi, uughhh I love him!) who was absorbing power from the man with the black cloak.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Zhu Rong

Since he was defeated by Lu Yan 3000 years ago, Zhu Rong has been relying on the black cloaked man for collecting energy for him in order to survive.

When Lu Yan fought him those years ago, Zhu Rong could not accept the fact that a mere human like Lu Yan was able to gain possession to an energy core. Even more unbelievable was for him to be able to pierce Zhu Rong’s chest with his sword.

Now for his vengeance, Zhu Rong planned to obtain that energy core, revived the saintess and turned the 9 continents into the domain of the Spirit Clan.

In the meantime, to buy some time, Lu Yan passed some of his energy to Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Lu Yan helped Deng Deng

But Deng Deng thought it was useless and asked him to stop. Lu Yan better off saving his energy to fight in case any monster came to attack them.

Deng Deng’s ability to still joke at this time perplexed Lu Yan. He then gave her some snack to replenish her energy. It was Deng Deng’s favorite, sticky rice cake. Deng Deng was touched.

Lu Yan has been protecting Deng Deng ever since the wedding. He even risked his life to save hers. Deng Deng asked if Lu Yan now has begun to like her. Lu Yan did not answer her, and she did not pursue this topic. She only asked him to help her manage the Qing Quan Village for 2 to 3 years after she died. She did not feel reassure entrusting this responsibility to anyone else.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Real husband to Deng Deng

Deng Deng then began to wonder how someone as powerful as Lu Yan would want to live in Qing Quan Village. She knew Lu Yan did not like her, so what was he after. Lu Yan then told her that he wanted the Bone of the Ying Dragon in the ancestral temple.

Deng Deng agreed to give it to him as the village had no use for it either. She tried to exchange it with Lu Yan’s promise to take care of the village once she was gone. But Lu Yan told her that he will not let her die. If she cared so much for the people in Qing Quan Village then she should fight to live.

Deng Deng agreed.

A Xin suddenly came to report that Bei Xi went missing and he could smell the blood of the spirit clansman in the vicinity. Lu Yan went out to search for Bei Xi.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Gu Bei Xi disappeared

While Deng Deng and A Xin were waiting for Lu Yan to return, Bei Xi suddenly came. But the way he spoke was different from usual. Deng Deng was suspicious of him right away.

Both A Xin and Deng Deng attacked ‘Gu Bei Xi’ at the same time, but he was able to block their attacks and charged at them instead. A Xin took a blow and was unconscious, but Deng Deng was protected by a barrier. As a last resort, Deng Deng took out her dagger and made a cut on her palm. She then launched an attack to ‘Gu Bei Xi’ using her blood.

This method worked and ‘Gu Bei Xi’ was in pain. Deng Deng then stabbed him when suddenly the dark shadow shot out of Gu Bei Xi’s body. The man with the black cloak hit the wall and vomited a mouth full of blood.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 black cloak man

Gu Bei Xi fainted but he was still alive. Deng Deng then ran out of the building to lure the black cloak man out.

In the nick of time, Lu Yan came to help her fight the black cloak man. He used his power to subdue the black cloak man, but the black cloak man was cunning. He used his energy to produce a glare in order to spread his poison to Lu Yan and Deng Deng.

Lu Yan covered Deng Deng’s eyes and placed mirrors all around the black cloak man.
The glare backfired, and the black cloak man was trapped inside the mirror. Lu Yan then destroyed the mirror, essentially killing the black cloak man along with it.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 trapped

Deng Deng love meter went through the roof seeing how powerful Lu Yan was. Even Bei Xi, who just woke up, felt a little dazed.

With the black cloak man gone, the poison that inflicted Deng Deng and all the Village Chiefs was resolved. They have all returned to their former appearance and vitality.
With one crisis over, Lu Yan was now helping Deng Deng with the cut she made on her palm. She told him that her father knew her blood could fight the Spirit Clansmen. She wondered if she had a special origin.

Yu Deng Deng made a grave for Mr. Ya. She came to pay her respect together with Lu Er.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Yu Deng Deng

Deng Deng then began to think of her mother. She felt sad that her dad never told her where her mother was buried. Hence, she could never mourn for her mother nor pay respect at her mother’s grave. Lu Er said this was her father’s way of saving her from sadness.

Deng Deng asked Lu Er how her mother died. Lu Er knew her father for a long time and has watched her grew up. Her father must have told him about this incident.

Lu Er said that when her father went away from their village to go hunting, some outlaws came to the village and killed people blindly. They also kidnapped young girls. Deng Deng’s mother risked her life to hide her.

When Deng Deng’s father came back to the village, she was the only survivor. They then moved away, and her father established the Qing Quan Village.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Lu Er

Deng Deng then asked Lu Er if he knew anything of the special properties of her blood. But Lu Er only told her that indeed her blood was special, and it had something to do with the magic bird which helped cure her disease as a child.

Back in Nanfeng Village, Gu Bei Xi was making preparation to got to Qingyun Temple. He planned to invite the grand master Spirit Hunter, master Huangxuan. Before he left, he entrusted the safety of the Qing Quan Village to Wan Lishan. It seemed it had something to do with his investigations on Lu Yan’s identity.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Gu Bei Xi

On a rare occasion, Lu Yan invited Deng Deng to his Gong Bao Garden to watch the flowers. She came along with the Bone of the Ying Dragon as previously requested by Lu Yan. Deng Deng said she would fulfill any request Lu Yan asked of her.

As a reward, Lu Yan gave her a present which she must collect by entering the magical Xin sedan chair. Deng Deng entered the sedan chair in Gong Bao Garden, but when she stepped out it was at a humble courtyard during snowfall. It was Deng Deng’s childhood house. Turned out Lu Yan has brought her a time when her mother was still alive.

Deng Deng had a chance to talk to her mother, even talked to her younger self. Seeing adult Deng Deng dressed so thinly on a snowy day, her mother gave her a red scarf around her neck. Deng Deng could not help herself to warn her mother to leave the village to avoid the impending doom, but of course this was only a dreamworld created by Lu Yan. The future did not change. Deng Deng could not even bring the red scarf back to Gong Bao Garden.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Deng Deng's mother

Returning to Gong Bao Garden, Deng Deng felt moved by Lu Yan’s gift to her. She felt Lu Yan has always been kind to her.

However, Lu Yan on the other hand was thinking on how to extract Yun Xi’s spirit from Deng Deng’s body. Tomorrow night was going to be full moon, hence Lu Yan invited her to the lantern show in town. Deng Deng happily accepted the invitation thinking that Lu Yan was asking her on a date.

At the back of Fuchang Restaurant in town, A Xin was seen by Wan Lishan and his men when he was preparing an array.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 A Xin

Wan Lishan immediately reported his findings to Bei Xi who was currently with Master Huangxuan.

Now the entire group, including Gu Bei Xi and the venerable Master Huangxuan, were spying on A Xin at the back of Fuchang Restaurant. Based on Master Huangxuan’s observation, the array that A Xin has set up was a spirit gathering formation. He said it has the capability to kill humans.

Hence, Bei Xi was convinced Lu Yan was going to harm Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 Gu Bei Xi suspected Lu Yan

Bei Xi asked Master Huangxuan if he could break the formation. But he said the formation was too strong, he could not break it. Master Huangxuan then advised Bei Xi to prevent Deng Deng to enter the formation, it was the only way to save her. He also asked Bei Xi to prepare some bullets.

During the lantern festival, Lu Yan was seen releasing a firefly at a corner of town. While Bei Xi approached Deng Deng who was buying sticky rice cake at a stall. He told Deng Deng that Lu Yan was going to kill her. He then gave her a gun that was armed with bullets blessed by Master Huangxuan. Deng Deng was to shoot Lu Yan should he tried to harm her.

Meanwhile A Xin was facing Gu Bei Xi’s men who were aiming their guns towards him, ready to fire anytime. But suddenly the firefly from before flew past, and the men all fainted.

Thousand Years For You Episode 7 A Xin attacked

Not believing Gu Bei Xi, Deng Deng tried to give Lu Yan the sticky rice cake she bought. But Lu Yan refused, so she kept it inside her jacket. He was too busy thinking about tonight’s plan.

Episode 8

Lu Yan asked Deng Deng to walk with him. Near the lake, at the back of Fuchang Restaurant, Lu Yan made so many fireflies appeared, filling the sky. Deng Deng was so happy that she felt it was God’s gift to her.

Lu Yan asked her if she had any other wish, and Deng Deng said that her wish was for his wish to come true.

Following the fireflies, Deng Deng unknowingly walked into the formation set up by A Xin. This has been Lu Yan’s plan since the beginning.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 formation

Lu Yan went through with his plan and began to extract Yun Xi’s spirit. Deng Deng was in severe pain, then she began to remember what Bei Xi told her before. Nevertheless, she remembered all the good things Lu Yan did for her more.

Deng Deng’s blood started to trickle out of her mouth and onto the formation. It broke the formation, and the spirit extraction could not continue.

Now Deng Deng finally believed that everything Gu Bei Xi told her was the truth. The reason Lu Yan was willing to stay at Qing Quan was for the Bones of the Ying Dragon. But she was confused why Lu Yan wanted to kill her after how well she treated him.

She pulled out the gun that Bei Xi gave her and aimed it at Lu Yan.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Deng Deng pulled out a gun

With tears streaming down her face, Deng Deng screamed at Lu Yan to explain why he wanted to kill her. She was willing to believe anything he said.

Lu Yan still refused to say anything; hence Deng Deng fired her gun. She fired all the bullets but did not shoot him. She told him to leave Qing Quan Village and never return. She also threw away the wooden hairpin Lu Yan gave her.

A Xin came running to Lu Yan, looking confused. Only Yun Xi’s blood was able to break formations, but how come Deng Deng also had this ability. Lu Yan made a shocking guess; could it be that Deng Deng was Yun Xi?

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Lu Yan

In Nanfeng Village, Gu Bei Xi woke up and immediately asked for Deng Deng’s condition. Wan Lishan assured him that Deng Deng was alright. Turned out everyone was made unconscious, and it was Deng Deng who brought them back.

In Yuxiang Garden, Deng Deng has refused to eat and made Lu Er and Dahai worried. Bei Xi and Wan Lishan came at this time, wanting to see how Deng Deng was doing. But Lu Er told them she has refused to see anyone since she came back the day before. This made Bei Xi angry. So against everyone’s better judgement, Gu Bei Xi went to look for Lu Yan and settled the score with him.

Lu Er first thought that Lu Yan has cheated on Deng Deng, thus it would explain why Deng Deng behaved this way. But Wan Lishan who stayed behind, told Lu Er what happened at the lantern festival.

Lu Er was infuriated.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 angry Lu Er

Both Lu Er and Dahai wanted to take revenge on Lu Yan but Wan Lishan advised them to take care of Deng Deng. The Nanfeng Village men would take care of Lu Yan instead.

Wan Lishan caught up with Bei Xi. He was proud of himself for being able to talk bad things about Lu Yan in front of Lu Er. In his eyes, this was his success of bringing up positive points for Bei Xi in front of Deng Deng’s family. Deng Deng would be able to marry Bei Xi as soon as she forgets Lu Yan.

But Bei Xi thought the only thing important now was to make Deng Deng happy again. He did not care of the matter of increasing his value in front of Lu Er, what matters was Deng Deng would cheer up again. Seeing her sad made his heart hurt. Wan Lishan commended Bei Xi’s thoughtful consideration and sincere feelings. And he made me laughed in the process too haha.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Wan Lishan

Gu Bei Xi visited all the shops that had business relations with Xin Sedan Chair. He threatened all of them not to continue their business with Xin Sedan Chair anymore, otherwise he will make them unable to make a living in town and will have to leave.

He then collected drum singers to spread rumors on the Xin Sedan Chair.

Back at Xin Sedan Chair company office, Lu Yan was still remembering yesterday’s events. Only the blood of a saintess could break a formation. He began to suspect Deng Deng’s identity, so he asked A Xin to look into Deng Deng’s childhood. Then he asked A Chang to find Yu Deng Deng’s father, known as Paralyzed Yu.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Lu Yan wants to find Yu

At this time, a worker came to report what the Nanfeng Village Chief was doing to their business. All their clients came to return the sedan chairs they rented. A Xin wanted to retaliate, but Lu Yan stopped him thinking that it was him who made mistakes in the first place.

In the wilderness, by the lake, Zhu Rong who was as pale as a ghost commanded a butterfly to investigate the identity of the woman who was close to Lu Yan. In other words, Yu Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Zhu Rong

Let’s appreciate Leon Lai Yi’s side profile for a minute.

Back in Qing Quan Village, everyone was still persuading Deng Deng to eat. But Deng Deng still refused, she hasn’t even come out of her room. While everyone was still guessing what had happened to Deng Deng, a young villager came to announce the arrival of people from Yanhuo Village. They asked to see Lu Er.

After Lu Er left, Deng Deng suddenly came out of her room. She behaved normally as how she usually was, as if nothing has ever happened. She planned to resume her normal daily lives as the Village Chief.

As Deng Deng and her men passed by Gong Bao Garden, she saw the gate was covered with a poster of two beautiful women. This was everyone’s attempt to protect her feelings every time she walked past this place.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Gong Bao Garden

However, Yu Deng Deng decided to tear apart the poster and enter the courtyard to have a look.

Memories of Lu Yan flooded Deng Deng’s mind. She was heartbroken but she rejected everyone’s idea to renovate the house. She told her men to sell the things that were left behind by Lu Yan and to tear down his sedan chair.

Daqian came in to tell her that Lu Er asked to discuss with her regarding the Yanhuo Village people’s request.

Yanhuo Village requested for permission to transport stones, that were meant to build their village, through Qing Quan Village. The request would not burden Qing Quan Village and they would even receive money for allowing them to pass. But Deng Deng refused to give them permission. Her reason was because the name ‘Yanhuo’ sounded bad.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 the name yanhuo

Yu Deng Deng even suggested they tear down Yanhuo Village. At first Daqian felt incredulous, but Lu Er supported Deng Deng’s idea, saying this was to prevent them to one day join forces with Nanfeng Village and give pressure to Qing Quan Village. I think she just needed a reason to fight someone and vent her anger. Unfortunately, it was Yanhuo Village’s turn.

Daqian was then ordered to make preparations to take down Yanhuo Village.

After that matter was settled, Deng Deng made several announcements which would affect the village. However, from these new rules and decision she made, it was clear she was not ready to let go the memories of Lu Yan yet.

For example, she designed new facilities for the village, but the image looked very much like Lu Yan. Another example was the new specialty dishes to be served on special occasions in the village, she named them with terms that easily reminded people of her broken heart with Lu Yan. So on and so forth.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 new design

Meanwhile, the Xin Sedan Chair received more and more complaints from their clients and was about to even go bankrupt. But Lu Yan continued to make payments to appease the clients without fighting back.

A Chang came bringing update on Paralyzed Yu’s whereabouts. He has not returned to Qing Quan Village for the past several months. Now he was suspected to be in Yingdu. A Xin thought this was unusual because Yingdu was now in turmoil; why would a well-known spirit hunter such as Paralyzed Yu would even go there.

A Xin then proposed they keep an eye on Lu Er. He has been seen going to the back of the mountain more often recently. On top of paying respect to the grave of Deng Deng’s mother, he also visited a small unnamed grave and burnt joss paper. It seemed the small grave was that of a little girl who died 20 years ago.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Lu Er burning joss paper

Lu Er was saying that the old Village Chief will tell the current Village Chief the truth once he was back. By then, he would be able to put the little girl’s story in the Yu family tree. It could be deciphered that this small grave was the real Deng Deng’s grave.

Lu Yan decided to go to Qing Quan Village to confirm the truth.

As Lu Er was secretly taking out the real Yu Deng Deng’s memorial tablet to clean it, Lu Yan came and froze him with his power. Lu Yan then confronted Lu Er and asked him questions to admit the truth about Deng Deng. But Lu Er just kept on lying, saying the memorial tablet was a fake.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 Lu Er

He then asked him about the golden bird that was brought back by the former Village Chief. Lu Er insisted it was eaten.

Daqian called out from outside the Ancestral Temple, so Lu Yan left, he disappeared into thin air.

Lu Yan went to Gong Bao Garden, but he saw all of his things thrown out, including the sedan chair. He once again remembered that day at the lantern festival when the extraction failed. Deng Deng told him to leave Qing Quan Village and to never come again.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 sad Deng Deng

Lu Yan’s attention was then diverted by a butterfly lingering in the old tree. He killed it with his power. He saw the butterfly was a spiritual butterfly from the Spirit Clan.

He then put up a barrier for the entire Qing Quan Village to prevent beings from Spirit Clan to enter. Lu Yan was now even more curious whether Deng Deng was truly Yun Xi.

To investigate the matter, A Xin went to obtain a book containing information on spirit hunter in the Tang Dynasty. The book was called Collection of Thousand Years’ Knowledge written by Long Yangzi. The book was stored in a library guarded by an old spirit.

However, when A Xin flipped through the book, it was only half of the book. The other half was missing. Nevertheless, he left with that half of the book anyway.

The old spirit that was left behind was now in a panic. He sensed that the saintess will rise again, which meant chaos will not be far behind. He decided to flee to save himself.

Thousand Years For You Episode 8 old spirit

At the Xin Sedan Chair company office, Lu Yan was not able to determine Deng Deng’s real identity with just half of the book. He then decided to continue protecting Deng Deng until he could confirm the truth.

A Xin then suggested him to also return the hairpin to Deng Deng if he was determined to keep her safe.

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