Drama RecapThousand Years For YouThousand Years For You (Episode 11-12 Recap)

Thousand Years For You (Episode 11-12 Recap)

  • Title: Thousand Years For You
  • Original Title: 请君 (Qǐng jūn)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, iQiyi

List of Recap:

In our last Thousand Years For You episode recap, Dahai and Deng Deng went on their journey to Yingdu, to look for Deng Deng’s father. They were joined by Gu Bei Xi along the way. To protect her, and give her the most comfortable travelling experiences, Lu Yan secretly arranged for Deng Deng and her group’s transportation, accommodation, and meals. But at Qianhe Town, Lu Yan’s help was discovered. Dahai and Deng Deng caught a small spirit who worked for Lu Yan. He was about to tell them who Lu Yan or General Yan really was. Let us see what he says in the next episodes 11 and 12.

Episode Recap

Episode 11

Three thousand years ago, the human race and the spirit clan were at war with each other that stretched decades long. General Yan was the newly appointed young general in ancient Shu. He fell in love with the spirit clan saintess. But he was gravely injured during a battle. To save his life, the saintess gave him an energy core, so he became half human half spirit.

After giving her energy core, the saintess’ power was greatly reduced. Her soul dissipated after her original body, the Golden Crow, was wounded.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Yun Xi

In the hopes of one day reuniting with the saintess, General Yan placed the Golden Crow feather in Qing Quan Mountain and sealed himself inside. Day after day he nurtured the feather with the energy from the energy core. This was to help the saintess to reincarnate and to reappear in the world.

Dahai and Deng Deng pieced together the information given by the young spirit and thought of the bird that was eaten by Deng Deng 20 years ago.

When she realized what might have happened, Deng Deng was devastated. Now she started to have an idea why Lu Yan tried to kill her.

Deng Deng now thought of all Lu Yan’s ‘kindness’ to her along the way as a method to lure her into a trap.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Deng Deng

Deng Deng and Dahai then decided to flee the town. But their horses were missing. Then Deng Deng saw a carriage (which Lu Yan has prepared for her) and decided to take it as her runaway transportation mode.

As the carriage sped its way throughout the town, Lu Yan was observing the entire way. It seemed everything went well as planned.

Gu Bei Xi was left behind at this point. Dahai and Deng Deng thought that since he had men stationed in Qianhe Town, he will be alright (ᗒ ᗨᗕ).

But Bei Xi was doing his own investigation, which led him to the room next to Deng Deng’s room in Laifu hotel. He entered the room and met Lu Yan and the rest there. I’m sure he would vomit blood at this point if he knew Deng Deng has escaped town without him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 standoff

Gu Bei Xi threatened Lu Yan not to hurt Deng Deng. He would kill Lu Yan if he did, even if that would cost him his life. He left after making his little speech.

A Xin and A Chang felt wronged. What they have been doing was truly to assist Deng Deng on her journey. A Xin suggested Lu Yan tell her truth and bring her to find the second half of the Millenium Memorial. But Lu Yan said whether Deng Deng was truly Yun Xi was not yet confirmed.

Bei Xi caught up to Deng Deng and Dahai who were on their way to Fanhua Town. Suddenly they were stopped by a dirty young boy who begged for food. But the boy tricked Bei Xi and stole his money pouch.

Both Deng Deng and Bei Xi gave chase. But the boy was caught by a young girl and berated for stealing again. She let him run away after taking the money pouch.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 young lady in the forest

Bei Xi asked why she let him get away, but the girl asked Bei Xi to forgive the boy. She then returned the money pouch back to him.

Dahai caught up to them at this point. Since Bei Xi got his money back, Dahai suggested they find a place to rest for the night. The young girl just now suddenly offered that they stay at her hostel. The girl explained that she saw the weather was not too good, so she was looking for business in this forest.

Deng Deng suspiciously asked her if she knew a General Yan. She did not want to fall into Lu Yan’s ‘trap’. But the girl looked completely clueless, so Deng Deng decided this offer should be safe.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 no problem

But why is the girl making that face…?

But the three people still fussed around and discussed until they were all certain of the situation. Even if the girl were a bad person, they had the upper hand. There was nothing to worry about.

Therefore, they all decided to follow the girl to her hostel. The girls boasted that though her hostel was modest, but it was very comfortable. So comfortable that she guaranteed they will sleep through the night and won’t wake up in the middle of the night. This sounded like a premonition.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Rose Hotel

The weather has turned very foggy by the time they arrived at the Rose Hotel.

The girl was showing Deng Deng and the group a look of the place, when suddenly Lu Yan and his crew came through the door. He immediately asked to speak to Deng Deng, telling her that it was not safe for her to be here. But Deng Deng thought Lu Yan must be inpatient to cut her stomach open and pull out the bird she ate those years ago. She refused to go near him and went upstairs with her group.

Lu Yan then requested the hostel girl to prepare another two rooms for him.

In her room, Dahai and Deng Deng were cutting the mugworts which they bought back in Qianhe Town. Mugworts were believed to drive away spirits. Dahai asked her why she risked staying at the same place as Lu Yan. But looking out the window, the fog was so dense, it was almost zero visibility.

It was better to stay at the hotel, at least there were many people there. Lu Yan wouldn’t rashly attack her.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Rose Hotel 2

Besides, if he really dared to do anything, Deng Deng will be ready to kill him. Dahai’s admiration to Deng Deng was like a rolling river at this point. But then he saw Deng Deng’s entire body was shaking. She was scared. Hence, they decided to continue working with the mugworts, their only weapon against spirits.

It was now dinner time, and both groups were at the dining room. Deng Deng and Dahai had pouches containing mugworts hung all over their body. Their looks caused Bei Xi to laugh at them.

Both Deng Deng and Dahai only ate vegetarian dishes. It was clear they did not have any money. A Xin was frustrated with her. Deng Deng did not want to receive their money even when she was broke.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 A Xin

Bei Xi then offered to give her money in exchange for one of the mugworts pouches on her body. Deng Deng agreed to this.

Both Deng Deng and Bei Xi had different ideas on this. Deng Deng was of the mind for self-preservation, she was deathly afraid of Lu Yan. If she could avoid him completely, that was the best scenario. But Bei Xi was gloating the fact that he was now by Deng Deng’s side. While Lu Yan was regarded coldly by Deng Deng. He wanted to show off as much as he can. Hahhahaa poor lamb.

Bei Xi even planned to sleep outside Deng Deng’s room tonight saying he would safeguard her. But Dahai said he would protect Deng Deng instead, and Deng Deng was even more worried for Bei Xi’s safety. So she gave him an amulet which was previously given to her by Lu Er.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Deng Deng and Dahai

This fueled Bei Xi to gloat even more, speaking nonsense thinking it would spark jealousy within Lu Yan. But Deng Deng was petrified, she really did not dare to provoke this General Yan.

Bei Xi’s provocation created a slight altercation. But Lu Yan only warned Deng Deng to be safe for the night. He left for his room with his group after that.

Deng Deng was unhappy with Bei Xi’s behavior. She threatened to kick him out of their travelling group if his behavior continued.

Back in her room, Deng Deng almost fainted. She was sure Lu Yan will make his move on her tonight. Dahai then reassured her and went to grab a bouquet of mugworts and stand guard for the night.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Dahai

In the middle of the night, Dahai felt hungry. After fretting about it with Deng Deng, he decided to go to the kitchen and find something to eat. But as he opened the door, Bei Xi was sleeping outside. The sound of his round head hitting the floor, and his face as Dahai opened the door made me laugh. Even after 2 more times, I still laughed. It was a funny scene.

He was safeguarding Deng Deng’s room incase Lu Yan came to attack her at night. Seeing his good intention, Dahai then said he will also get food for him. He went down the hall after that.

From outside her room on the top floor, Deng Deng could see that the hotel was so quiet at night.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Quiet Rose hotel

Dahai found the kitchen and tried to find some food. The meats that were hanging smelled questionable, so he opted for the bao inside the steamer.

He then saw a small child squatting by himself, playing with a dice. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the dice was one which belonged to Paralyzed Yu, Deng Deng’s father. He asked the child how he got the dice. The little boy said it was Daidai, the hostel girl, who brought it from the Mysterious Market.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Yu Dice

Dahai then decided to trade the dice with one of the embroidered mugworts pouch he had on him.

Dahai informed his findings to Deng Deng and Bei Xi. They concluded since Daidai was able to enter the Mysterious Market, then she must not be human. On top of that, they wanted to find out how Paralyzed Yu’s dice ended up there as well. Therefore, the trio decided to leave the hotel right that instant to follow this new lead.

As they were climbing down the stairs, they heard the sound of a woman shrieking in pain. They peeked through the door to see Daidai, who was tied up, being tormented by A Xin and A Chang.

When Deng Deng turned around, Lu Yan was already standing there. Dahai, Deng Deng pulled out their mugworts while Bei Xi pulled out his gun to attack Lu Yan. But Lu Yan made Bei Xi immobile, so he could not do anything, even with the gun in his hand. Which left Deng Deng and Dahai who desperately showered Lu Yan with all the mugworts on their bodies.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Exorcising Lu Yan

Look at Bei Xi’s face. Bahaha.

Needless to say, the mugworts did not work at all. So, Deng Deng made a bargain, Lu Yan was free to kill her as long as he let Dahai and Bei Xi go. But Lu Yan told her that he did not mean to harm Deng Deng and her friends.

He then waved his hand and exerted his power to the entire building. The beautiful looking Rose Hotel turned out to be a run-down dilapidated building. Lu Yan told them that Daidai was a spirit who liked to mislead travelers into coming here. At night, she would drug them and take their money.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Rose Hotel 3

When she saw Lu Yan’s power was greater than she anticipated, she increased the dosage of the drug she used and made everyone unconscious. Deng Deng and her friends were able to be spared of this, was probably due to the amulet given by Lu Er.

Lu Yan also told them that he did not have ways to awaken the other travelers. So he planned to ask Deng Deng to come with him to the Mysterious Market together to find the cure.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Dai Dai's plot

Deng Deng tried to refuse, but Lu Yan used his power to bring Deng Deng’s gun, which she has left in her room, into his hand. He then gave it to her and reassured her that if she wanted to kill him, he would not hide.

Deng Deng was highly suspicious of Lu Yan, hence she asked to also bring Dahai and Bei Xi along. They agreed to go. Besides, they were planning to go there to look for Deng Deng’s father anyway.

Meanwhile, Lu Yan made some arrangements with A Chang and A Xin to stay back at Rose Hotel to protect the unconscious customers. Lu Yan’s purpose for bringing Deng Deng along was to protect her from the mysterious attacks from the Spirit Clan, and also to make her see another point of view about Spirit Clan in general.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 mischiveous gang

I have to put this image here because it’s so funny. It looks like 3 little mischievous kids, plotting something bad behind the dad’s back.

Lu Yan transported all three of them back to Qianhe Town. The portal to the Mysterious Market was at the edge of the town.

The group entered the portal, and immediately the appearance of Deng Deng and her friends changed into that of a spirit.

The Mysterious Market was a magical place. Deng Deng and her group were mesmerized. But they also saw many people who were also Qianhe townspeople.

Lu Yan explained to them that items that are sold in Mysterious Market such as food, were expensive, so these spirits also needed to earn money to survive. He tried to make Deng Deng and the others see that Spirit Clan was very much like humans. Some were good, some were bad. But most were hard working and just trying to live their lives peacefully.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Spirit clan

Seeing the group still skeptic towards what he said, Lu Yan left them to explore the market by themselves.

When Deng Deng started to feel there was not much difference between humans and spirits, Lu Yan approached her and gave her a book. It was Bailing Spectrum, containing information on which type of plants would increase the energy of a spirit when eaten.

Unfortunately, one of the pages also had information on General Yan. He was depicted as this hideous monster who ate flesh and grind bones. All of Deng Deng’s good feelings evaporated like smoke.

Thousand Years For You Episode 11 Bailing spectrum

Deng Deng wished that she could find her dad, the great spirit hunter quickly so he can fight off Lu Yan.

Suddenly, a majestic looking magical whale swam across the sky.

Episode 12

The whale glided across the sky, drawing admiring gazes from everyone below. It was said that after a spirit clansman with great energy passed on, the residual energy would take form of this whale and spread blessings to everyone.

Petals of blessings fell from the whale’s body and all the spirits started to pray. Lu Yan caught one of the petals and had wanted to give one to Deng Deng, but Bei Xi stopped him. He warned Deng Deng it might be poisonous.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 spirit Deng Deng

The group then continued on their mission. Lu Yan brought them to Changle Tavern, which was the place where very powerful spirit clansmen stayed. He was planning to go in and looked for Wuxiang pill, the remedy for the unconscious customers back at the hotel.

Lu Yan asked Deng Deng and the others to wait for him outside of the Tavern. Since the spirit clansmen inside the tavern were powerful, Deng Deng and her friends will be easily discovered.

He then gave her the wooden hairpin and asked her not to lose it anymore. He placed the hairpin in her hair then left.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 wooden hairpin

As soon as Lu Yan went inside, Deng Deng and her friends left to find clues on her father’s whereabout.

Inside the tavern, Lu Yan was seen coercing someone into telling him the location of the Book of Millenium Memorial. The strangled spirit told him that the book was stolen by a Giant spirit.

Meanwhile, the Giant spirit at this time was enjoying himself, drinking with a group of beautiful female spirits. Lu Yan came to him and made a deal with him, which was to exchange a rare fluorite to make weapons, with the Book. The Giant spirit tried to cheat Lu Yan out of the deal, but he beat the snot out of the Giant spirit.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Millenium Memorial

Suddenly Lu Yan heard Deng Deng screamed for his name.

Separated from Lu Yan, Deng Deng and her friends explored the market on their own. They decided to split up to search for Paralyzed Yu’s marks.

Deng Deng took out the dice which Dahai got from the boy at the Rose Hotel and tried to sense her father’s whereabout with it. The dice would vibrate towards the direction Paralyzed Yu has gone to. Following the trails which her father left behind, Deng Deng met some people who claimed were beaten up by someone so strong. There were peculiar marks left on this person. This marking was specific notation created by Paralyzed Yu which served as some kind of code.

In the meantime, Bei Xi went together with Dahai. And they also found similar marks left on a bridge balustrade. Dahai was able to read the message within: ‘Senior Master came to the mysterious market to find an item. But I did not find it and got lost. Then I used up all my money.’

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 paralyzed yu's marks

Walking along the bridge, they found more messages saying that within 7 days he has gone to all places but still could not find the item. Another message was filled with curses, but the content showed that he was living the place.

After this last message, Dahai and Beixi planned to go find Deng Deng and tell her that her father was no longer at the market.

In another part of the market, Deng Deng unintentionally stepped on a beggar’s foot and got into an argument with him. But then the beggar discovered Deng Deng’s true identity, she was a human. He then called out to everyone and pointed that a human had come into their territory.

Not too far from where Deng Deng was now beginning to be surrounded by all the curious spirits nearby, a mysterious female spirit was observing her. She released a spiritual butterfly then left after seeing the butterfly approached Deng Deng.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 mysterious spirit

The spiritual butterfly released some of its magic to cast an illusion on Deng Deng. Deng Deng then turned timid and scared all of a sudden. She was in panic being surrounded by the spirits who were ready to attack her. Then she grabbed on to her hairpin and screamed for Lu Yan.

Lu Yan who had just gotten the Book of Millenium Memorial from the Giant spirit, appeared in front of Deng Deng and released her from the illusion. The spirits who were surrounding her were not going to attack her. They were only looking at her with interest.

Lu Yan then transported her away from the crowd, surprising everyone.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Lu Yan helped Deng Deng

Dahai and Bei Xi were similarly put under a different illusion. Bei Xi ‘saw’ Deng Deng was being strangled by Lu Yan during the night of her wedding while all the Qing Quan Village people were lying lifeless all over the courtyard.

Meanwhile for Dahai, his illusion was he was being married to a man back at the Qing Quan Village. Lu Er was about to put the red wedding veil on Dahai’s head, when Dahai noticed he was also pregnant! On top of that, 2 little toddlers came running to him and called him mommy (ᗒ ᗨᗕ). Poor Dahai, this was truly a nightmare for him.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Dahai's pregnant

Bei Xi sprayed wine on to Dahai’s face to wake him up and break his illusion. They were both able to be saved because of Lu Er’s amulet. The content of the amulets had now turned to ashes. This incident alarmed them of the danger lurking in this place. They decided to quickly find Deng Deng.

At Qing Quan Village, Lu Er was conducting a divination. He was able to know that the amulets he has given to Dahai and Deng Deng were now destroyed. He was worried Deng Deng was met with mishap.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Lu Er

Lu Yan brought Deng Deng to a forest outside of Qianhe Town. Deng Deng sprained her ankle and had to rest her foot. So, Lu Yan decided they find a place to stay for the night. This made Deng Deng worried since she will be alone with Lu Yan and no one would help her if he decided to attack her tonight.

Nevertheless, Deng Deng pretended to be brave in front of Lu Yan. She even forced herself to walk with her injured ankle. Lu Yan finally could not stand it anymore and carried her on his back.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Lu Yan carried Deng Deng

During their trip back to Qianhe Town (why did he have to transport them so far away in the first place, is beyond me), Deng Deng put up her guard towards Lu Yan. She was deathly afraid of him. But he treated her well; built a fire for her, prepared food for her and also placed a barrier to keep her safe from enemy’s attack.

At first Deng Deng hesitated to eat the fish Lu Yan made, but he provoked her to dare eat it.

Now, that it was only the two of them, Deng Deng asked Lu Yan how he was going to kill her. She was also curious how Yun Xi looked like that Lu Yan was still thinking of her after 3000 years. He did not even hesitate to kill Deng Deng, just to see her again. Aiya, my heart hurt here (。•́︿•̀。).

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 about Yun Xi

Deng Deng’s question brought Lu Yan’s memory back to the time when he fought Zhu Rong 3000 years ago. His army was placed under an illusion spell and attacked him. Zhu Rong had the upper hand and Lu Yan felt helpless.
That was when Yun Xi came.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Yun Xi

She asked Zhu Rong, a fellow spirit clansman, to stop killing the humans. The reason they came to the 9 continent was for survival. Humans and spirits were living beings and they deserved to live well.

But Zhu Rong believed only the strong deserved to live. The human race was not worthy of living side by side with the spirit clan.

Lu Yan was surprised to hear Yun Xi’s way of thinking, perhaps he has never met any spirit clansmen who sympathized with humans.

But Zhu Rong, on the other hand, was disappointed of how Yun Xi kept defending the human race. Since she has decided to oppose him, Zhu Rong was determined to also fight Yun Xi, the saintess of the spirit clan.

Let’s place Zhu Rong’s handsome face right here.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 handsome Zhu Rong

Yun Xi could not defeat Zhu Rong and she was wounded. She asked Lu Yan to leave, but he stepped forward to attack Zhu Rong instead. He took a blow from Zhu Rong and was severely injured.

Yun Xi decided to transport him to a safe place. She cured Lu Yan and kept him safe. Lu Yan felt indebted to her and as a way to repay her kindness, he agreed to bring her throughout the nine continents. She wanted to see if there was a possibility for the human race and spirit clan to live peacefully side by side.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Yun Xi's vision

She even agreed to Lu Yan’s condition to seal her energy and follow him throughout the nine continents. This was to make sure the humans were safe around her.

Lu Yan taught her many things about the human world. He brought her to a marketplace in ancient Shu and taught her about trade. This gave an idea to Yun Xi that the spirit clan should also have their own market. She was the one who came up with the idea to name it Mysterious Market.

She also learnt how humans take care of one another. About how the strong protected the weak, about parental love and filial piety, and about love between men and women.

Yun Xi was interested about love between men and women and was also curious about it. She asked Lu Yan if he had ever experienced that kind of love.

Thousand Years For You Episode 12 Yun Xi asked Lu Yan

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