Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 15-16 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 15-16 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Dear readers, this was a new Unchained Love episode recap and in these episodes 15 and 16 was a new life for Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo. They finally acknowledge each other’s feelings, yet the one who was worried for their life was only Tong Yun. Plus their entourage got another member, the cute Eunuch Ba.

I know you all are excited, but let’s meet some new characters first. Happy reading!

New Characters Appearance

Empress Dowager

Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap - Empress Dowager
Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap – Empress Dowager

Empress Dowager was the mother of the late Emperor and the recent Emperor. She resided at Tanxi Palace. She was a resolute person and the Emperors were very filial to her. The Empress Dowager was not Princess Hede’s birth mother, but she took the Princess under her protection for years.

Yuwen Liang Shi

Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap - Yuwen Liang Shi
Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap – Yuwen Liang Shi

Yuwen Liang Shi was the Prince of Nanyuan. He was the older brother of Yuwen Liang Xu. Yuwen Liang Shi was a smart, cunning, and ruthless person. He could be considered Xiao Duo’s mortal enemy. He colluded with Empress Rong’an to take over the highest power in Great Ye.

Rong Bao

Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap - Rong Bao
Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap – Rong Bao

Rong Bao was the trusted subordinate of Yuwen Liang Shi. He was loyal and cunning and had served him for years.

Lian Cheng

Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap - Liang Cheng
Unchained Love episode 15-16 recap – Liang Cheng

Lian Cheng was Bu Yin Lou’s cousin brother. He lived at Jinguan City, West Shu. At the moment he was one of the male entertainer at the Mingding Tower.

Episode Recap

Episode 15

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(1)

Due to nightmares, The Emperor went to a temple to ease his mind, he chose to go to Tanxi Temple where the Empress Dowager resided. During his stay, he could have a good sleep with the help of incense. The Emperor thought one of the monks made the incense, but he never thought it was Empress Rong’an who made it.

The Emperor’s face showed animosity when he saw his sister-in-law. Empress Rong’an pretended that she did not see the expression on the Emperor’s face. She mentioned that living in the temple has changed her life. She no longer cared about worldly affairs and only strived for a quiet life. The Empress Dowager praised her daughter-in-law and told Empress Rong’an to follow her to return to the Changqing Palace. The Emperor could not reject her idea.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(2)

Meanwhile, at the boat, Tong Yun mulled over the chances of Bu Yin Lou liking Xiao Duo. Tong Yun was confused about how an ordinary woman could like a eunuch. When she spoke up her mind, Cao Chun’ang arrived and heard her words. With a smiling face, he asked Tong Yun what was she talking about. Tong Yun smiled and said no woman should like a eunuch.

Cao Chun’ang’s smile frozed, but he was able to maintain his composure. He told Tong Yun that some maids in the palace married eunuchs and lived a good life together. Tong Yun said that the act of marrying a eunuch was a hopeless thing to do. A maid would only marry a eunuch if they were desperate and lonely. They had no way out so they could only do that to avoid bullying. She also heard that some powerful eunuch was crueler than an ordinary man. She gave Eunuch Liu’s name as an example and concluded that a eunuch should never marry.

Cao Chun’ang refuted her words. He said some of the couples loved each other. Yet, Tong Yun still thought that it was no use for a woman to marry a eunuch. They could not have children nor enjoyed the happiness of an ordinary woman (you know what I mean… 😉). Cao Chun’ang’s mood was depleted after he heard Tong Yun’s view about becoming a eunuch’s lover. He put back the hairpin in his hand and carried on with his task.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(3)

Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo could not sleep that night. She knocked on the wall and called him. They did not speak but talked through knocks. She asked whether Xiao Duo thought she was beautiful and whether he liked her. Xiao Duo feigned ignorance and answered that he did not understand her question. The answer made Bu Yin Lou angry while Xiao Duo grinned from ear to ear.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(4)

I don’t understand how they could understand each other through the knocks. Perhaps they used some kind of secret military codes…🤷‍♀️

When they had a conversation, a group of pirates attacked the ship. Xiao Duo immediately went to join his guards to fight them. Bu Yin Lou followed suit to see the situation.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(5)

When a pirate tried to attack her, Xiao Duo was too busy to help her but Cao Chun’ang came in time to save him. Some of the pirates used arrows to attack Xiao Duo. The situation was unfavorable for Xiao Duo because he was outnumbered. He fell from the ship but managed to hang onto his sword. When two pirates almost killed him, Bu Yin Lou charged with a sword and stabbed them.

Xiao Duo jumped back into the ship and managed to save Bu Yin Lou from an arrow. Unfortunately, the arrow struck him and he fell back into the river. Xiao Duo’s subordinate was shocked and before they could save him, Bu Yin Lou already jumped out of the ship to help him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(6)

The river tide washed away Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo to the shore. Bu Yin Lou opened her eyes and saw Xiao Duo lying beside her. Fortunately, they were next to a thatched bamboo house outside Jinguan City. She dragged the unconscious Xiao Duo into the house. When she saw the arrow in his chest, Bu Yin Lou panicked. But she reassured herself that after she pulled the arrow, Xiao Duo would be fine.

Yet, she could not pull the arrow. Xiao Duo opened his eyes and pulled the arrow by himself. Bu Yin Lou saw it and screamed in panic. She tore her dress and with a shaking hand trying to stop the bleeding.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(7)

Xiao Duo stared at her in awe. His hand unconsciously almost touched her back, but he took it back. Bu Yin Lou saw his medicine jar. She thought it was a medicine that could bring back the dead to life. But in reality, it was the medicine to keep his beard from growing. Bu Yin Lou made him swallow several pills and Xiao Duo could not reject them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(8)

Xiao Duo guessed that the pirates were no ordinary ones. They were there to kill him and most likely were assasins sent by the Prince of Nanyuan. Xiao Duo tells him that as long as they went into West Shu, The Prince of Nanyuan could not kill him easily. Bu Yin Lou immediately pulled his hand and told him that they had to go to West Shu as soon as possible. But Xiao Duo pretended to be badly injured and told her to stay for a while until Cao Chun’ang came to rescue them.

That night they slept at the bamboo house. Xiao Duo could sleep while Bu Yin Lou could not sleep at all because she felt cold. Xiao Duo saw her state and hesitantly scooted over to her, took her in his arm and let her lean on his shoulder. Xiao Duo’s expression was stiff because he was shy. But Bu Yin Lou was excited, her eyes twinkled with happiness and she grinned from ear to ear when he warmed her with his two arms.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(9)

Bu Yin Lou said that it was warm enough with Xiao Duo by her side. Xiao Duo also said that with her around, he felt warm too. Bu Yin Lou told him to stop calling her Your highness and called her by her nickname, Zhuo Ying. Xiao Duo also told her that his nickname was Fan Jiang. It was a name he made up because it sounded like Zhuo Ying.

Bu Yin Lou fell asleep not long after their conversation. Xiao Duo stared at her and kissed her lips. When he realized what he had done, he was shocked and hurriedly left to calm down his beating heart. He sat by the door and reminisced the kiss.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(10)

Bu Yin Lou dreamed Xiao Duo kissed her and woke up when the sun was high. She thought that she must be blinded by his beauty which made her have a such ridiculous dream. She went out and saw Xiao Duo fall asleep by the door. She thought that he slept outside because she snored and grinded her teeth. While Xiao Duo thought that she would mention the kiss.

Bu Yin Lou told him that she would catch a fish to make fish soup, but then she realized that she did not know how to fish. In the end, Xiao Duo was the one who did everything. After two long hours, they finally managed to catch a fish. Xiao Duo used his precious sword to clean the fish, made the fire, and cooked the soup.

The only thing Bu Yin Lou did was throw some greens into the soup, yet she claimed that the soup was painstakingly cooked by her. They spent a good time laughing and chatting at the thatched bamboo house.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(11)

The next day, Cao Chun’ang, She Qilang, Tong Yun, and the guards found them. When he saw them, Xiao Duo pulled Bu Yin Lou to hide inside the house. Their subordinates were confused by their masters’ antics, they seemed to sense that their masters was not happy to see them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(12)

While Xiao Duo talked with his subordinates, Tong Yun asked about her mistress condition. She was afraid that her mistress suffered and urged her to leave the house immediately. However, Bu Yin Lou reassured her that with Xiao Duo around, she did not suffer at all.

She Qilang and Cao Chun’ang reported their findings. According to Cao Chun’ang, the Prince of Nanyuan had some connection with the local pirates. The information matched Xiao Duo’s guess. Right now, Xiao Duo was afraid that he was not able to do much if he entered the West Shu under Prince of Nanyuan’s nose. Cao Chun’ang suggested his Godfather to just kill the prince. But Cao Chun’ang also reminded Xiao Duo that he might get executed if he did it. It was a great crime to kill a member of the royal family.

Yet, even if he succeeded, the Emperor would still be suspicious of him and would not let him off the hook easily. Xiao Duo reassured his subordinates that he was ready to die since he took the path. And although he was gone, the Emperor still needed Zhaoding Bureau and would not implicate his subordinates. Cao Chun’ang also reminded him of Bu Yin Lou’s presence. He had worked so much to bring her to the West Shu. If he were to disappear, what would happen to her? She Qilang was confused about why Cao Chun’ang suddenly mentioned Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(13)

Rong Bao, the trusted subordinate of the Prince of Nanyuan, Yuwen Liang Shi, reported that Zhaoding Bureau had come to ask for his help. The pirates ambushed them and they lost Xiao Duo. Zhaoding Bureau had been searching for him days and nights but to no avail. Therefore, they had to ask for backup from the Prince of Nanyuan. The Prince gave Rong Bao an order to lend their man to Zhaoding Bureau. Yet, he also gave him a secret order that if they saw Xiao Duo, they had to kill him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(14)

Back in Great Ye, the Emperor was busy and Princess Hede came to bring him some soup. She persuaded the Emperor to release Yuwen Liang Xu from house arrest. Yuwen Liang Xu was not his brother and he was innocent. The Emperor chided her because she took Yuwen Liang Xu’s side and refused her request. He also reminded his sister that she and Yuwen Liang Xu were enemies and forbade her from seeing Yuwen Liang Xu. Princess Hede left the imperial study in anger.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(15)

Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou sat at a table inside the Jinfu Official Station. He was contemplating something when Bu Yin Lou asked what was on his mind. He stared at her for a while before asking whether she remembered his double swords’ name. Bu Yin Lou answered that the name was Deng Huo, the Foremost of the Eight Hell.

Xiao Duo told her that having the sword on his side was akin to having the King of Hell claiming his life. Because none of the previous owners of Deng Huo had a good end. And Xiao Duo believed that he was not an exception. He mentioned the reason he entered the Zhaoding Bureau and wielded the sword was that there was a thing that he had to do. And because of it, he might not be able to come back. Xiao Duo looked so sad after he said those words.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(16)

Bu Yin Lou stared at him with complicated eyes. She slowly said that she would see him off. She also asked whether she should let the door open for him…😂

Xiao Duo could not believed what he heard. He asked her again whether she understood his words earlier. Bu Yin Lou sipped at her tea and responded that she did understand that he might die. Xiao Duo could not contain his curiousness and asked her why she did not stop him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(17)

Bu Yin Lou understood that she could not stop him since he was willing to give up his life for the mission. Yet, she still worried about him and told Xiao Duo that he should return. She also said that when she was at the Mausoleum, she read a Buddhist script that said Deng Huo had another name, Rebirth. She hoped that after going through hell and death, Xiao Duo could put down the swords and be reborn. Bu Yin Lou said that she would be waiting for him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 15(18)

Episode 16

Rong Bao reported that their people could not find Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou’s bodies in the river. The Prince of Nanyuan felt something was amiss.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(1)

Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou entered The Jinguan City with a fake identity. He became Bu Fang Jiang, a merchant who traveled with his wife from Qinzhou to do business. Bu Yin Lou was familiar with the surrounding since she grew up in Jinguang City. When Xiao Duo would do his business, Bu Yin Lou decided to visit his cousin.

Meanwhile, Princess Hede climbed a wall of Xiao’s residence where The Emperor put Yuwen Liang Xu on house arrest. She wanted to deliver some food for him. Coincidentally, Yuwen Liang Xu also had the same idea to climb the wall and leave the residence. They met on the roof, and both of them were brimming with happiness. When Yuwen Liang Xu and Princess Hede were hiding in the corner of the residence, Princess Hede confessed that she liked him.

Yuwen Liang Xu was ecstatic and wanted to drag her to his room and made their relationship official. Princess Hede was shocked by his words and slapped him. It turned out that Yuwen Liang Xu wanted to give her the jade pendant of the Yuwen family which he stored in his room. He told her to keep it as proof of their relationship.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(2)

Well, it seemed that Princess Hede’s mind was a little bit dirty …🤣

Xiao Duo finally met The Prince of Nanyuan, Yuwen Liang Shi. He sarcastically thanked The Prince of Nanyuan for his help when he was missing. Xiao Duo also told him that he would be staying at West Shu for a while. The Prince offered one of his private residences to Xiao Duo, yet Xiao Duo refused the kindness. He said that he already had an arrangement for it.

When they were speaking face to face, Xiao Duo remembered Bu Yin Lou’s words about Rebirth while The Prince of Nanyuan unconsciously hid his thumb ring from Xiao Duo’s sight. After Xiao Duo left, The Prince of Nanyuan ordered Rong Bao to contact Empress Rong’an and asked her about Xiao Duo’s weaknesses.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(3)

At Mingding Tower, a place for entertainment, Bu Yin Lou was talking to his cousin, Young Master Lian Cheng. Bu Yin Lou told him that she was there with Xiao Duo to investigate Yuwen Liang Shi. She was worried that Lian Cheng would be implicated and asked him to leave the Mingding Tower as soon as possible. Lian Cheng reassured her that the Prince did not know their relationship.

On the other hand, Lian Cheng was worried about Bu Yin Lou because he knew the Bu family mistreated her and her mother. Lian Cheng also heard that Xiao Duo was not a good person and warned Bu Yin Lou not to be close to him lest he used her. Bu Yin Lou’s response shocked him because Bu Yin Lou openly told him that she liked Xiao Duo.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(4)

Lian Cheng spilled a teacup and the water splashed on Bu Yin Lou. Lian Cheng wiped her hand when the door was kicked open by Xiao Duo. With a cold face, Xiao Duo commented that Bu Yin Lou had secretly met a man. Bu Yin Lou hurriedly explained and asked Xiao Duo to help her cousin to leave the Mingding Tower. Yet, Lian Cheng refused Xiao Duo’s help. He also said that his indenture was in the hand of The Prince of Nanyuan, so no one could help him and he would not accept his kindness.

Bu Yin Lou was angry when somebody told Lian Cheng that the Prince called him to play the zither. Xiao Duo stopped her and Lian Cheng left in anger. To ease her anger, Xiao Duo explained that Lian Cheng should not leave the place rashly, or else The Prince of Nanyuan would be suspicious of him. Xiao Duo promised Bu Yin Lou that he would help Lian Cheng regain his freedom.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(5)

Xiao Duo took Bu Yin Lou to the Mengyun Pavillion. It was the thatched bamboo house where they spent the night. After they left, Xiao Duo bought the place and renovated it. Bu Yin Lou was very happy, especially when she saw that Xiao Duo has set up a table complete with the leaf cards for her to play. Xiao Duo smiled because he could feel her happiness.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(6)

Meanwhile, Cao Chun’ang and Tong Yun were having a good time. Cao Chun’ang served her food and even fed her. Tong Yun lamented that she felt rougher than him although she was a maid. Cao Chun’ang told her that he would always serve her because they were close friends. Tong Yun still lamented because she was worried about her mistress.

In the capital, a woman named Qiu Yuebai kneeled in front of Xiao Residence. She was Ah Duo’s old acquaintance. Steward Zheng told her to go because his master was not in the house, yet the woman refused. She demanded to see him because she claimed to have a relationship when Xiao Duo was only a low-rank eunuch of the Food Bureau. Steward Zheng was angry and told her that his master had never taken a lover before he drove her away.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(7)

A carriage stopped near Qiu Yuebai and a woman peeked from the curtain. She was Empress Rong’an.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(8)

Cao Chun’ang and Tong Yun walked to Mengyun Pavillion. Tong Yun was still worried that her mistress was lonely because she was not with her. But then they were shocked when they saw Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou sitting together at the dock. Tong Yun almost charged her mistress if Cao Chun’ang did not stop her. The little maid was anxious because she thought that Cao Chun’ang could see that her mistress was lusting after Xiao Duo. 😂

That night, Bu Yin Lou could not sleep because she was hungry. Xiao Duo called his Zhaoding guards and ordered them to buy food for Bu Yin Lou. She Qilang and the guards gaped at the order. They thought the master would give them orders for a very important mission.🤣

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(9)

Yet, when the food arrived, Bu Yin Lou was not content. She dragged Xiao Duo to a hawker stall in the city. She ordered so many foods that used to be her favorite back then. When they ate, a dog came and begged for food. In the end, they went home with the dog because the hawker told her to take the dog with her. Bu Yin Lou felt that she was deceived by the dog. She gave it a unique name, Eunuch Ba. 🤣

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(10)

Tong Yun reminded her mistress that if the Emperor knew about her relationship with Xiao Duo, he would kill her. She shamelessly inquired whether Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo had slept together. Bu Yin Lou denied it and told her that nothing happened between them. Tong Yun saw her anxiousness and believed that she was guilty.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(11)

Bu Yin Lou admitted that she liked Xiao Duo. Her confession made Tong Yun panic. She warned her mistress that sooner or later she would have to return to the Imperial city to be the Emperor’s concubine. If her affair with Xiao Duo was known to the public, her reputation would be ruined and she could lose her head as well. Tong Yun reminded her that if she wanted to flirt, she should find an intact man, not a eunuch. Bu Yin Lou cut her words and told her that she would sleep in another room.

Bu Yin Lou went to Xiao Duo’s room and climbed into his bed. She said that she could not sleep and came to sleep with him. Xiao Duo was nervous when he heard her intention. He dilly dallied until Bu Yin Lou pulled his hand and told him to lie next to her. Xiao Duo could no longer refuse and decided to lay beside her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(12)

Bu Yin Lou put her arm around him and started to talk. Xiao Duo’s expression was wooden because he was shy, but did not reject her. Bu Yin Lou asked Xiao Duo what kind of girl he would marry if he did not enter the palace as a eunuch. Bu Yin Lou was sure that he would only marry the girl he liked. And according to his personality, he would not obey his parent and matchmakers.

Bu Yin Lou wanted to know whether the girl that he chose would be a smart and brave one like Princess Hede or beautiful and elegant one like Meng Jieyu, or perhaps the girl would be like her. Xiao Duo did not want to answer her question so he pretended to sleep. Bu Yin Lou used the chance to trace his face, when her finger stopped at his lips, she kissed him and turned around shyly.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(13)

Xiao Duo opened his eyes and smiled. He scooted over and played with her hair. Bu Yin Lou could feel him and hugged him. One arm was on his body and the other one held his hand. They slept peacefully in each other arms that night.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(14)

The next morning, Tong Yun was looking for her mistress while Cao Chun’ang questioned why his Godfather had not woken up yet. They were stunned when Xiao Duo’s room door was opened. Bu Yin Lou stood in front of them and left the room with an awkward expression. The situation became tenser when Xiao Duo called Bu Yin Lou because she left her dress in his room. Tong Yun was angry and dropped the water basin before she called her mistress to scold her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(15)

Cao Chun’ang reminded Xiao Duo that if they returned to the capital with a pregnant Consort Dowager, it would cause a bloodbath and he would lose his head. But Xiao Duo placated him that Bu Yin Lou had not known that he was a fake eunuch. None of them talked about that and Xiao Duo thought that was the best scenario at the moment.

Cao Chun’ang admired his Godfather because he could sleep with his beloved but did not feel anything. He must be more like a eunuch than a eunuch. When Cao Chun’ang offered his medicine, Xiao Duo was hesitant for a while before he refused it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 16(16)

My Musing

Xiao Duo seemed to be very fond of the blue robe…😁

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