Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 27-28 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 27-28 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hola readers! Our drama started to reach the conflict peak. In these episodes 27 and 28, The relationship between Xiao Duo-Bu Yin Lou-The Emperor gradually become more and more complicated since the Emperor was a person who always bore a grudge against Xiao Duo. Will there be a happily ever after for Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou?

Episode Recap

Episode 27

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(1)

Bu Yin Lou waited for Tong Yun at the entrance. She checked her hand and apologized for all the hardship that she must endure. She hugged her and told her that their hard days would be over soon. Bu Yin Lou gave Tong Yun two pouches as a gift.

The big one was an empty pouch for snacks, but the smaller one was full of money. She told Tong Yun that the money was for her to buy snacks because Bu Yin Lou knew how much Tong Yun loved to eat a snack. And if the money ran out, Tong Yun should ask her for more. Tong Yun stared at the pouches, her eyes were teary but she was at a loss. Bu Yin Lou felt something was wrong with Tong Yun and asked whether she was hiding something from her. Tong Yun panicked but she answered no.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(2)

Tong Yun recalled that Empress Rong’an had threatened her with her family in Dongting county. Tong Yun begged Empress Rong’an and said that she was stupid and would hinder her plan. Yet the Empress said that she only wanted Tong Yun to do a small thing for her and would not take Bu Yin Lou’s life.

While Bu Yin Lou pondered about Tong Yun’s weird behavior, suddenly Xiao Duo appeared out of nowhere. Her shocked face amused Xiao Duo. He showed her that he had built a secret tunnel behind her closet. Xiao Duo took Bu Yin Lou through a man-made tunnel that led to the mansion next to Deer’s Reed Residence.

Xiao Duo had bought the mansion so he could come and visit her. Bu Yin Lou was impressed that he could spend so much money for her. Xiao Duo responded that Bu Yin Lou was noble and precious. Therefore, he did not mind spending lavishly for her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(4)

They walked to a bedroom and sat to drink some tea. Bu Yin Lou muttered that their action was similar to committing adultery. They were like an adulterous couple who had an illegitimate son. When she said the illegitimate son, Bu Yin Lou referred to Eunuch Ba who happily trotted into the room. 🤣

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(5)

Bu Yin Lou asked what would he do to Empress Rong’an, since it would not be easy to deal with her openly. Xiao Duo answered they did not have to do it that way since Empress Rong’an had many dirty secrets staining her hand. However, the Emperor did not seem to have any intention to turn against her. It would be better for them to wait for a chance to end her once and for all. He wanted to put an end to her properly and openly.

Bu Yin Lou was impressed by his tactics and called him a scary cunning fox. Xiao Duo laughed and said her remark was unfair. The real scary cunning fox was not him, but her. He smiled and pecked her lips.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(6)

That night, something happened at the Deer Reed’s Residence. A dead man was found in front of the residence’s side door. Xiao Duo reported to the Emperor about the case. Recently, rumors were circulating in the city. A beautiful woman was seen walking around the city followed by the death of several men in succession.

All of them died without a wound, but their happy face showed that they died in a moment of excitement. The city people called the beautiful woman a fox demon in disguise. They believed that she was the one who lured and killed those men. Xiao Duo did not believe in superstitious rumors. He said that the culprit must be the same person who targeted the royal family.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(7)

When Xiao Duo asked for the authority to investigate the case, the Emperor declined. He said that the Zhaoding Bureau’s criminal cases should be transferred to the Court of Judicial Review to take care of. Therefore, Xiao Duo did not have to worry about the matter.

Xiao Duo had not left the hall when Bu Yu Lu appeared. The Emperor immediately ordered Bu Yu Lu to investigate the fox demon case. Unlike Xiao Duo, Bu Yu Lu thought the fox demon case was only a trivial case motivated by greed. Bu Yu Lu was optimistic that the case would be solved soon.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(8)

When they walked to the Palace entrance, Bu Yu Lu said that he heard that Xiao Duo had investigated the crime scene before he went to meet the Emperor. Therefore, he dared to ask Xiao Duo to write a report about it. He also bragged about the Court of Judicial Review taking the Zhaoding Bureau’s right to investigate cases. Xiao Duo was not offended by his words at all. He answered magnanimously that they were the servants of the Emperor.

It was their duty to work for him. Xiao Duo added that the authority to handle criminal cases was the Court of Judicial Review’s, to begin with. However, their Chief Minister was useless. Therefore, their authority was handed to Zhaoding Bureau. Xiao Duo mocked Bu Yu Lu by saying that he believed that Bu Yu Lu was not a useless person like them. Bu Yu Lu’s face turned unsightly and he strode away in a huff.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(9)

While Xiao Duo did not feel offended by Bu Yu Lu’s action, Cao Chun’ang was the other way around. He advised his Godfather to stay out of the case. But Xiao Duo said that the case was not as simple as it seemed. She Qilang came and whispered something in his ear. It was a new report from Changqing Palace where Empress Rong’an resided.

Tong Yun walked out of a room with a happy face when an inconspicuous eunuch went to her and gave her a wooden box. He told her to put it in Bu Yin Lou’s room. Tong Yun wanted to refuse it but the eunuch watched her intently. Tong Yun hesitated, but then she forced herself to put the box under Bu Yin Lou’s bed and hastily left the room. She met Bu Yin Lou at the door and got flustered.

Bu Yin Lou told Tong Yun that she felt something was off about her. She told Tong Yun that if she had a problem, she should talk about it. Bu Yin Lou promised to help her. Tong Yun wanted to say something, but then she saw the eunuch lingered in front of the door. In the end, she said nothing and left the room.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(10)

Later that day, Bu Yu Lu brought his men to search the Deer’s Reed Residence. One of his men found the wooden box under Bu Yin Lou’s bed. When he opened it, the box contained balls of fox fur wrapped in yellow talisman paper. The inscription on the talisman paper was the victims’ names and birthdates.

Bu Yin Lou refused to acknowledge the wooden box but Bu Yu Lu did not believe it. He called his men who had arrested Tong Yun. He said that Tong Yun confessed that she was the one who put the box in the room. Bu Yu Lu did not hesitate to accuse his daughter of using witchcraft and keeping a fox demon to seduce the Emperor and monopolize his favor. Tong Yun was shocked when she heard the accusation.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(11)

When Bu Yu Lu called his men to arrest Bu Yin Lou, Xiao Duo came with his Zhaoding Bureau guards. He saluted Bu Yin Lou and told her with him around, Bu Yin Lou would not be wronged. Bu Yu Lu was angry because Xiao Duo intervene in his investigation but Xiao Duo refuted and said he did it for the sake of Bu Yu Lu.

Bu Yin Lou was an imperial concubine, a slight mistake in the investigation would incur the wrath of the Emperor. Bu Yu Lu asked him what they should do then. Xiao Duo answered that the Zhaoding Bureau’s prison was under the royal family. It would be more appropriate if Bu Yin Lou was sent there. If anything happened, Bu Yu Lu did not have to take responsibility.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(12)

Tong Yun was taken to a different cell from Bu Yin Lou. Cao Chun’ang hurriedly came to visit her and asked whether she was alright. Tong Yun muttered how could it be witchcraft, those people told her that they would not harm her mistress. Tong Yun became panicked and asked Cao Chun’an to tell his godfather that Bu Yin Lou did not keep a fox demon. And everything was her fault.

Cao Chun’ang reassured her that nothing would happen to Bu Yin Lou with his godfather around. But suddenly two burly men carrying big swords walked past her cell and said that they would give Bu Yin Lou a lesson. Tong Yun freaked out and ran to Bu Yin Lou’s cell.

She barged in and immediately used her body to shield Bu Yin Lou from the swords. When she felt that nothing happened, Tong Yun was released herself from Bu Yin Lou. She confusedly stared at the two burly men who asked Bu Yin Lou whether she wanted to continue playing with the swords. Tong Yun stared at Bu Yin Lou and started to cry. She apologized because she had put Bu Yin Lou in such a situation.

Tong Yun said that Empress Rong’an forced her to frame Bu Yin Lou and threatened her with her family. But Bu Yin Lou’s response was out of her expectation because she calmly said that she already knew about it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(13)

Back then, after Tong Yun left Bu Yin Lou rummaged through her room and found the wooden box. At the same time, Xiao Duo came through the secret passageway. He told her that Tong Yun’s family was kidnapped by Empress Rong’an. They decided to make use of the chance and play along with the situation. Bu Yin Lou could guess that something was off from Tong Yun’s face. She really could not hide a secret at all. 😅

Bu Yin Lou reassured Tong Yun that her family would be fine because Xiao Duo had dispatched his men to rescue them. Tong Yun regretted everything and asked Bu Yin Lou to punish her. Bu Yin Lou scolded Tong Yun and said that she was her family too. How could Tong Yun not tell her when such a serious matter happened? And for that, she would give Tong Yun a harsh punishment.

Tong Yun was dumbstruck when she heard the punishment. Bu Yin Lou said that she would confiscate Tong Yun’s snacks and pocket money. Tong Yun was also forbidden from having dinner. Bu Yin Lou continued that her anger had dissipated when Tong Yun risked her life to shield her earlier. But she was annoyed because she almost suffocated to death when Tong Yun squeezed her tightly. Bu Yin Lou told Tong Yun to return to her cell because somebody was waiting for her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(14)

And that somebody was Cao Chun’ang. He had prepared a table full of food for her. Tong Yun’s heart lurched when she heard Cao Chun’ang was angry at her because she did not tell him when such things happened. She stared at him with teary eyes when Cao Chun’ang blamed himself for being useless that made Tong Yun did not trust him.

Cao Chun’ang reminded her to talk to him if Tong Yun encountered difficulties in the future. Tong Yun showed him the hairpin that Cao Chun’ang gave her last time. She wanted to say something, but Cao Chun’ang cut her words and fled in panic. Tong Yun smiled and stared at the hairpin. She decided to tell him the words the next time she saw him again and put the hairpin into her hair.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(15)

Empress Rong’an had her underling spread the news about the involvement of Deer’s Reed Residence in the fox demon case. However, Xiao Duo was calm. He told Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang that if Empress Rong’an wanted to blow up the matter, he would gladly help.

The Emperor was angry because some court officials begged the Emperor to execute Bu Yin Lou because of the case. He vented his anger on Bu Yu Lu, who shifted the blame to Xiao Duo and implied that he was the one responsible for the leaked information. In the Emperor’s eyes, Xiao Duo took Bu Yin Lou to the Zhaoding Bureau’s prison not because he wanted to snatch the case but because he wanted to take back Zhaoding Bureau’s authority.

The Emperor’s anger had not receded when Empress Rong’an also came to urge him to punish Bu Yin Lou to appease the people. The Emperor and Bu Yu Lu’s face were unsightly when they heard her suggestion. Although the Emperor was truly angry at her, Empress Rong’an did not back down. She also used Empress Dowager’s name to threaten the Emperor. She said if the Emperor did not write the decree, the Empress Dowager would. The Emperor was getting furious and asked who could take over the case.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(16)

And Xiao Duo appeared at the right time to say he was willing to share the burden with the Emperor by taking over the case. Empress Rong’an was startled, especially when Xiao Duo said that the Emperor could behead him if he could not solve the case in three days’ time. The Emperor was astonished when he heard Xiao Duo’s words. He immediately agreed to his request.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(17)

Empress Rong’an was stunned when she heard that Bu Yin Lou was imprisoned in The Zhaoding Bureau’s prison. She could see that Bu Yin Lou was protected by Xiao Duo. Yilan also said they had lost contact with the people who were sent to Tong Yun’s hometown. Empress Rong’an could feel that her plan was ruined.

She Qilang has found the murderer’s weapon, a poisonous rogue. Xiao Duo’s guess was proven. There was no fox demon, the murderer used witchcraft as a cover. Xiao Duo ordered Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang to search every rogue shop in the city. Before Empress Rong’an could clean up her tracks, Xiao Duo had found the rogue shop owner who worked for her.

Empress Rong’an felt that Xiao Duo had driven her into a corner. Although she was sure that they had destroyed all the evidence, she could not just sit still. She told Yilan to get Xiao Duo’s palace records and documents from the first day he entered the palace.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(18)

Xiao Duo was prepared to go to Changqing Palace to arrest Empress Rong’an when She Qilang reported that Changqing Palace asked him to go over alone. Xiao Duo’s face was unsightly, but he still came to Empress Rong’an’s room. Empress Rong’an recited all the facts about Xiao Duo that she found in the palace record. And she found that Xiao Duo and Ah Duo were two different people.

Unchained Love recap - episode 27(19)

Episode 28

Although his face was still calm, Xiao Duo’s hand was prepared to launch an attack on Empress Rong’an. He calmly listened to Empress Rong’an’s conclusion. She was quite right when she concluded that he was not the real Xiao Duo, but his older brother who disappeared six years ago.

Empress Rong’an also threatened to report to the Emperor about him pretending to be his brother and seducing a royal concubine. She did not need evidence, because Xiao Duo was the evidence itself. If his identity as a fake eunuch was revealed, then the whole story would make sense and the Emperor would believe it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(1)

Xiao Duo smiled at her and asked Empress Rong’an what she wanted from him. She wanted him to kill Bu Yin Lou with his hand. Xiao Duo’s eyes become colder and the hand that wrapped around his sword tightened when he heard that.

Bu Yin Lou had been restless because Xiao Duo has not come for days. And when he came, he brought Empress Rong’an with him. Empress Rong’an asked Xiao Duo to tell Bu Yin Lou his purpose of coming. After a moment of hesitation, Xiao Duo gave Bu Yin Lou a glass of poisoned wine.

Empress Rong’an explained that she had given Xiao Duo two choices. The first was to make Bu Yin Lou drink poisoned wine personally, or Empress Rong’an would expose his secret identity as a fake eunuch. Bu Yin Lou stared at him with red-rimmed eyes. “I’m sorry” was written all over Xiao Duo’s face.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(2)

Bu Yin Lou stared at Xiao Duo in disbelief when he said that his goal was close and he could not give up. A crisp sound was heard when Bu Yin Lou used all her strength to slap Xiao Duo. Empress Rong’an was surprised. She turned around and watched Bu Yin Lou drink all the wine and threw the glass. Xiao Duo hugged the motionless Bu Yin Lou. Her last words were she never wanted to see him again in her next life or the following life. He cried over her death, while Empress Rong’an laughed incessantly. She said that Xiao Duo and her were the same kinds of people who choose the path that benefitted them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(3)

Xiao Duo followed Empress Rong’an to her bedroom. She ordered him to comb her hair. While Xiao Duo fiddled with her hair, Empress Rong’an recalled the first time he combed her hair. Xiao Duo personally handed her a paper rogue for her lips. He watched Empress Rong’an put the paper to color her lips and told her that he had specially bought the rogue from Qinshui Pavillion.

Just after she heard what he said, Empress Rong’an face paled, and she hurriedly walked to her bed and took a box from a secret container. The box contained antidotes for a rare poison that was used to kill the fox demon’s victims. Before she had a chance to speak, Xiao Duo struck the back of her neck and she fainted.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(4)

When the Emperor came, Xiao Duo personally handed him a confession from the rogue owner shop who identified Empress Rong’an as the mastermind behind the fox demon’s case. Xiao Duo also showed the Emperor the box containing an antidote for the poison.

Empress Rong’an was a woman who resided deep in the palace. If she was not the culprit, how could she have those antidotes? Xiao Duo provided a witness and physical evidence. The Emperor could not deny it. So he sentenced Empress Rong’an to be prisoned in the Changqing Palace to be executed later on.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(5)

Xiao Duo refused the reward from the Emperor. But the Emperor was still itching to punish him. So he brought up the matter that Xiao Duo had given Bu Yin Lou a poisoned wine. Xiao Duo explained that they had to take such drastic measures because Empress Rong’an had a deep grudge against Bu Yin Lou and she would not let her guard down if Bu Yin Lou was not dead.

The Emperor took his double sword and said that Xiao Duo had harmed his concubine, luckily Bu Yin Lou was saved. The Emperor used his word to test whether Xiao Duo was willing to die for him. When he had proven it, the Emperor called him a good dog and stripped him of his position as the head eunuch.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(6)

Sun Tai Qing was curious about the grudge between Empress Rong’an and Bu Yin Lou. But the Emperor did not care. As long as Xiao Duo was able to produce the evidence and Bu Yin Lou was saved, he did not care whether Empress Rong’an was the real culprit or not. And if he could not produce the evidence, Xiao Duo would be the one who died. Sun Tai Qing was shocked when he heard his master’s remark.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(7)

Bu Yin Lou pretended to sleep when Xiao Duo came. She purposely ignored him, but Xiao Duo heard a sobbing sound from her. He got panicked and apologized again and again. When he pulled her, Xiao Duo was startled to see Bu Yin Lou’s wide grin. Xiao Duo was not prepared to face the fierce side of Bu Yin Lou. She pinched him, tapped his face hard, jabbed him, and asked him to praise her impeccable acting. Xiao Duo had no way but to comply with her play.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(8)

However, he was impressed that Bu Yin Lou could see through his acting. Bu Yin Lou said it happened because she believed that Xiao Duo would not harm her. Bu Yin Lou regretted that Xiao Duo had lost his position as the head chief of Zhaoding Bureau. Xiao Duo reassured her that the people in Zhaoding Bureau were loyal to him not because of his position.

Therefore, although he was stripped from his position, the power and the complex spy intelligence of Zhaoding Bureau were still in his hand. Bu Yin Lou asked him something that bothered her. If Empress Rong’an was the one who killed Ah Duo, then after she lost her power she had become a useless chess piece for the Prince of Nanyuan. Therefore, he did not have to hide it from Xiao Duo. According to Xiao Duo, the Prince of Nanyuan might still think that Empress Rong’an could help him turn the tables.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(9)

When they were making out, Cao Chun’ang barged into the room. He said that Tong Yun was in danger because she was sentenced to be exiled by the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou was panicked but Xiao Duo calmed her down while he thought of a way to save Tong Yun.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(10)

Tong Yun dreamed of the day she was sent to exile. She could not believe her fate and asked whether anybody she knew had visited her. But neither her mistress nor Cao Chun’ang came to visit her. The guard even told her that Cao Chun’ang was going to have a wedding day. Tong Yun was dejected. But then she turned to panic when the guards said that she would be sent to a place where she should go.

When she woke up, Tong Yun was in a luxurious room and dressed in a wedding gown. She thought that she was sold off. She tried to open the door but failed. When she thought of a way out, somebody entered the room. She hid behind the pillar and only came out when she realized that it was Cao Chun’ang who came. And he was wearing a bright red wedding robe.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(11)

When he saw Tong Yun staring at his clothes, Cao Chun’ang immediately said that it was only a set-up to save her from exile. Cao Chun’ang promised that he would not ruin her reputation and obviously would not hold up her future. He did not forget to praise how beautiful Tong Yun was in her wedding gown. Once he started to speak, it was hard to stop him. Cao Chun’ang said that he had thought a lot and he already made plans.

If someday they left the Imperial city with his godfather and godmother, aka Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou, he wanted them to open a restaurant together. He would do all the hard work and Tong Yun only had to sit at the cashier. But Cao Chun’ang’s happy dream was shattered when he saw Tong Yun sitting on the wedding bed with a dejected look on her face. He thought that Tong Yun was not happy and decided to leave the room.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(12)

Tong Yun was startled and chased after him. She has not spoken yet, but Cao Chun’ang had left her. Tong Yun told Cao Chun’ang to stop. Meanwhile, three people who were in a pavilion nearby stared at them with interest.

After Cao Chun’ang turned around, Tong Yun said that she wanted to be a cashier and confessed her feelings for him. She took the hairpin and pointed it out to Cao Chun’ang. Tong Yun said that he should not go back on his words and was not allowed to run away again. Cao Chun’ang could not believe his ears and asked Tong Yun to slap him. And she did that. Cao Chun’ang smiled when he felt that his cheek was stinging. Xiao Duo splurted water when he saw them. While Bu Yin Lou and She Qilang laughed. Tong Yun was happy and pecked Cao Chun’ang ‘s cheek several times.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(13)

A few days later, Tong Yun visited Bu Yin Lou at her place. They talked about fish and pond and it made Bu Yin Lou wondered if the fish was just like humans. They should have swam in the river or sea, but here they are captivated inside a small pond that they thought was their world and humans made them live a pathetic and cruel life.

Meanwhile, Empress Rong’an was waiting for her poisoned wine which was carried by Xiao Duo himself. She asked Xiao Duo to put a hairpin in her hair once again. Empress Rong’an admitted that she had lost to him and lamented that she had never lost in her life . Xiao Duo reminded her that not everything could be gained through schemings. Yet Empress Rong’an said that it was the only way to live that she knew. Even if there was another way, she would not know how to do it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(14)

Before she drank the poisoned wine, Xiao Duo asked Empress Rong’an why did she kill a young man in Ruyi Alley, six years ago. Empress Rong’an was surprised because both xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou asked her the same question.

Empress Rong’an recalled what happened six years ago on a rainy night. Back then she walked out of the teahouse and a young man bumped into her. He recognized her as the empress and immediately kowtowed to apologize. Empress Rong’an was astonished when Xiao Duo mentioned that the young man was the real Xiao Duo.

Empress Rong’an laughed at Xiao Duo because she realized that he and Bu Yin Lou had plotted to avenge his younger brother. She told him that Xiao Duo had completely lost because she was not the murderer. She taunted him and asked whether Xiao Duo wanted to know who the murderer was.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(15)

At the Deer’s Reed Residence, Bu Yin Lou played with the silk pendant on her hand and also pondered the case. She felt something was off. She wondered whether Empress Rong’an was the only person in the carriage that night and why a woman like her would wear a man’s pendant. She unconsciously played with the silk thread and found that inside the pendant there were silk threads with a different color. The thread invoked her childhood memory.

Back then her mother was weaving threads to make a silk pendant for her father. Because she was lost in her thoughts, Bu Yin Lou’s mother had weaved the wrong threads. Bu Yin Lou also remembered that her father used the silk pendant made by her mother for a while. But after that, he never wore it anymore. Bu Yin Lou’s brain immediately linked those memories and made a conclusion.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(16)

At the same time, Empress Rong’an revealed that the murderer was Bu Yu Lu, Bu Yin Lou’s biological father. That night, Bu Yu Lu pretended to be her coachman to avoid others’ recognition. Xiao Duo did not want to believe her and accused Empress Rong’an still wanting to set him and Bu Yin Lou up. Empress Rong’an was angry because, at this juncture, Xiao Duo still refused to believe her. Empress Rong’an took a hairpin, the exact hairpin Xiao Duo put into her hair earlier, and stabbed her own chest.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(17)

Xiao Duo was shocked to see her action and took her in his arms. In her last breath, Empress Rong’an was surprised and delighted. She smiled and said Xiao Duo finally was willing to take her into his arms. She closed her eyes and died after she said that. Empress Rong’an death and the shocking truth made Xiao Duo stunned.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(18)

Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou’s mind was in chaos. She did not know what to do or how to face Xiao Duo if her father was the one who killed Ah Duo. She felt that she had to confirm it with Bu Yu Lu. Therefore, that night Bu Yi Lou invited her father to come. Bu Yu Lu was confused why she invited him late at night but he still came over.

Bu Yin Lou had not said anything when Bu Yu Lu came, but he already casted the blame on her. Bu Yu Lu said that if she summoned an official from her maiden family without the Emperor’s approval, it would only make the Emperor think he used his power for personal gain.

But he was also curious about why did Bu Yin Lou call him and thought something had happened to the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou asked whether he had come to Ruyi Alley six years ago. Bu Yu Lu was surprised when he heard the name. Bu Yin Lou then showed him the silk pendant. She reminded him that the silk pendant was his and it was her mother who made it for him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(19)

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Tong Yun and Cao Chun’ang were a cute couple…

Unchained Love recap - episode 28(20)

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