Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 25-26 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 25-26 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hola readers, this is another Unchained Love episode recap of Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo’s love story. They finally got back together and their feelings was getting strong. What would happen to the Emperor and Empress Rong’an in these episodes 25 and 26? Let’s find out!

Episode Recap

Episode 25

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(1)

Princess Hede followed Empress Rong’an to warn her about her encounters with Bu Yin Lou. She told Empress Rong’an that she should keep her mouth shut about what happened that day. If the Emperor learned about it, everyone would be put in a tight spot. Empress Rong’an sneered that Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo had an illicit relationship. And as the sister of the Emperor, Princess Hede was protecting them.

Princess Hede brushed it off and left Empress Rong’an with a smiling face. After Princess Hede left, Yilan reminded Empress Rong’an that Suhuai might know too much. Empress Rong’an told Yilan to warn Suhuai and threatened her with her family.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(2)

Although Princess Hede left with a smile, she was suppressing her confused thoughts. The Princess also thought that there was an unusual relationship between Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo. She recalled when Bu Yin Lou hesitated to say something when they were at the Deer’s Reed Residence. She also recalled when Bu Yin Lou took out Xiao Duo’s thumb ring. When they saw the ring, the Zhaoding guards immediately saluted her and obeyed Bu Yin Lou.

It was clear as day that the ring represented Xiao Duo himself. And such an important item for Xiao Duo was in Bu Yin Lou’s hand. Princess Hede linked those memories to Bu Yin Lou’s previous request for a drug and to Ruolan’s gossip that Bu Yin Lou had a lover in West Shu. Her eyes widened at the possibility that Xiao Duo was Bu Yin Lou’s lover.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(3)

Meanwhile, Xiao Duo was listening to She Qilang’s explanation when Cao Chun’ang ran to find his Godfather. He told them that he just went to Dyeing Workshop to find Tong Yun. Cao Chu’ang told Xiao Duo that Bu Yin Lou might be hiding something from him. They went to the Dyeing Workshop while She Qilang went to check on the medical clinic.

Tong Yun was shocked to see Xiao Duo. Before him, she immediately stated that she did not know anything. Xiao Duo asked her what happened to Bu Yin Lou and why she moved to the Deer’s Reed Residence. When Tong Yun did not want to say anything, Xiao Duo threatened her. Tong Yun stared at Xiao Duo. Her face was scrunched with hate before she told him everything.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(4)

Xiao Duo listened when Tong Yun told him that Bu Yin Lou refused to serve the Emperor in bed and how they got caught by the Emperor. His face did not change, but his eyes were grave when he heard that Bu Yin Lou wanted to use a drug to disfigure her face. Tong Yun got emotional when Xiao Duo asked why they did not alight from the carriage at the mountain. She scolded Xiao Duo and told him that the Emperor had sent a killer named Yu Zun to prepare an ambush at the mountain.

She told him that Bu Yin Lou wanted to protect him. The last thing he asked was why Bu Yin Lou kidnapped Rong’an. Tong Yun answered that Bu Yin Lou did it to help him find a killer. Xiao Duo did not say anything but he hastily left. Cao Chun’ang shoved a handkerchief into Tong Yun’s hand and told her to wipe the tears before he ran after his Godfather.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(5)

She Qilang reported that Bu Yin Lou was sick because she ate something that hurt her lungs and heart. She also bribed the doctor to conceal it from the Emperor. Xiao Duo thought for a while and realized that Bu Yin Lou did it deliberately to save him. He got angry because Bu Yin Lou had lied and tricked him. Cao Chun’ang stopped Xiao Duo and reminded him that he should not go to the Deer’s Reed Residence to vent his anger. Yet, suddenly the Emperor summoned him to go to the exact place.

At the Deer’s Reed Residence, the Emperor helped Bu Yin Lou with her medicine as she heard the maids screaming. The Emperor told her that they deserved to die because they neglected her. Bu Yin Lou’s heart lurched when she heard his words. In the Emperor’s eyes, killing a maid or servant was just as easy as lifting his fingers.

With a wide grin, the Emperor put a necklace on Bu Yin Lou and told her to wear it every day. He also told Bu Yin Lou to start calling herself, Chenqie (which means Your consort, an appellation for the Emperor’s woman when they called themselves in front of the Emperor). Bu Yin Lou was unhappy but pretended to be happy.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(6)

The Emperor said that Bu Yin Lou must be unhappy because he forbade her to see her acquaintances. He promised to remove the ban because there was someone that Bu Yin Lou must see. The Emperor said that Bu Yin Lou would be happy when she saw the person. Bu Yin Lou felt some inexplicable fear aroused within. When he saw her cousin, Lian Cheng dragged into the room in a weak and disheveled appearance, she jumped out of the bed and ran to him. The Emperor watched her every move with interest.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(7)

The Emperor told her that because she liked him, then he must die. Bu Yin Lou refuted his words. She did not like Lian Cheng and they were innocent. She begged the Emperor that Lian Cheng was the only family that her mother left her. The Emperor did not believe her at all. He put a blade in her hand and pushed the weak Lian Cheng into it. Bu Yin Lou was shocked to see the blade in her hand had stabbed Lian Cheng. Emperor asked Lian Cheng if the man was not him, who would it be?

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(8)

Lian Cheng stared at Bu Yin Lou, with a low voice he called her nickname, Zhuo Ying, and told her that she should always be happy and free. The Emperor was displeased with his remark. Without prior notice, he pushed him again, so the blade in Bu Yin Lou’s hand would stab him once more. His action shocked anyone who was around. Sun Tai Qing dropped the cup in his hand and Yu Zun widened his eyes. Lian Cheng dropped to the floor motionlessly.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(9)

Xiao Duo has just entered the Deer’s Reed Residence when he saw the imperial guard bringing a body from the hall. He was shocked when he recognized the body as Lian Cheng. He hesitated for a while before he went to the pavilion where the Emperor was leisurely drawing a picture of Bu Yin Lou. Xiao Duo kneeled and greeted him. The Emperor told Xiao Duo that he knew Bu Yin Lou quite well and remembered every feature of her face because he had been watching her for years. He even walked behind her when she entered the palace for concubine selection.

The Emperor believed that since Lian Cheng was dead, Bu Yin Lou would have him in her eyes. The Emperor told him to come often to the Deer’s Reed Residence. Xiao Duo refused because he did not want to overstep the boundary. His place was to serve the Emperor loyally. The Emperor asked for his suggestion on how to bring Bu Yin Lou to the palace. Xiao Duo told him that he could do it when they celebrate Buddha’s Birthday in Tanxi Temple.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(10)

On their way from the Deer’s Reed Residence, Cao Chun’ang tried to persuade his Godfather to reconsider a matter. Meanwhile, She Qilang was searching for something in the forest when he saw a finger buried in the ground.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(11)

Bu Yin Lou woke up in shock. She dreamed of the dead Lian cheng. But when he laid motionlessly on the ground, Lian Cheng turned into Xiao Duo. The death of Lian Cheng made her realize that Murong Gao Gong did not love her, instead what he felt towards her was possession and obsession to control her. She felt the terror and it scared her that she wished she was dead.

Sun Tai Qing tried to put some sense inside Bu Yin Lou’s head. He reminded her of what would happen if she offended the Emperor again. Bu Yin Lou did not respond or even lift her head and continued to copy the scripture for Buddha’s Birthday celebration. Her tears fell to the paper and her eyes were dimmed.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(12)

Princess Hede went to the Zhaoding Bureau to see Xiao Duo in anger. She warned him that he should not covet Bu Yin Lou because she was the Emperor’s woman. Xiao Duo calmly told the princess that he had admired Bu Yin Lou for a long time and in his opinion, the Emperor did not deserve her. His remark rendered Princess Hede speechless. She rebuked him for disregarding the Emperor. But Xiao Duo did not cower. They had a heated argument and because he provoked her, Princess Hede left in a huff.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(13)

Ruolan reported that all the maids and servants in Deer’s Reed Residence were killed and the Emperor had forced Bu Yin Lou to kill her cousin. Princess Hede was shocked. The things that happened in the residence were serious.

On the Buddha’s Birthday ceremony, Bu Yin Lou and all the inner court members were present. She stared at the Buddhist scripture that she copied on her left. Bu Yin Lou knew that after she handed in the scripture, the Emperor would take her to the palace. When the ceremony ended, a eunuch helped her to get up and at the same time, he kicked her scripture away. Another eunuch covered the scripture with his robe. Bu Yin Lou was oblivious to it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(14)

The Empress Dowager had been against Bu Yin Lou entering the harem. Therefore, she was angry when she saw Bu Yin Lou among the inner court member. The Emperor told the Empress Dowager that Bu Yin Lou had copied Buddhist Scripture as a gift for Buddha. But Bu Yin Lou could not find her scripture and lied that she forgot to bring it. Xiao Duo lowered his eyes while the Emperor pursed his lips in anger.

When he wanted to send someone to take the scripture, the Empress Dowager reminded him that it was time for the Abbot to recite the sutra and they could not wait any longer. The eunuchs who were involved with the scripture quietly left.

Xiao Duo stood at the worship hall door and watched the grandly dressed ladies pray inside. His eyes trailed to Bu Yin Lou. An inconspicuous maid entered the hall. She went to Bu Yin Lou and whispered that she was sent by Empress Rong’an. She also conveyed a message that Empress Rong’an wanted to have a truce with her and would wait for her by the lake.

Bu Yin Lou refused the invitation but she changed her mind when the maid told her that Empress Rong’an remembered something concerning Ruyi Alley, 6 years ago. Bu Yin Lou’s eyes widened. She finally agreed to leave the worship hall. At the same time, Empress Rong’an casted a glance at Bu Yin Lou and saw Xiao Duo standing at the door. She pretended to be dizzy so she had an excuse to leave the hall and followed her. Princess Hede saw Bu Yin Lou and Empress Rong’an leaving the hall in succession.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(15)

Empress Rong’an interrogated the maid who led Bu Yin Lou outside. But Princess Hede suddenly appeared and told Rong’an that she was the one who sent Bu Yin Lou out to bring something for her. When Empress Rong’an intended to follow Bu Yin Lou, Princess Hede stopped her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(16)

Bu Yin Lou went to the lake and found that the vicinity was empty and everything was dark because of the solar eclipse. Suddenly Xiao Duo dragged her into a boat and pushed the boat into the lake. Bu Yin Lou was shocked to see him. Her brain started spinning and thought about how to make him leave. But Xiao Duo stepped forward and took her in his arms.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(17)

Bu Yin Lou cried in his arms when she found out that Xiao Duo knew everything. She had been scared all the time and finally had the place to vent the emotion. But it was not for long before she realized that she should not be with him. Bu Yin Lou told him to stay away from her because she did not want him to die. Xiao Duo told her that Lian Cheng was still alive. He had sent She Qilang to find him earlier and dug him from the ground.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(18)

Bu Yin Lou was determined to make Xiao Duo leave her. She threw away the immortal fish and his thumb ring. Xiao Duo grabbed the necklace from the Emperor from her neck and threw it as well. Xiao Duo sternly told Bu Yin Lou that he did not want them to be strangers. Bu Yin Lou cried that it was impossible for them to leave the Imperial City. But Xiao Duo was determined to keep her, even if he had to tear down the Imperial City’s wall.

Unchained Love recap - episode 25(19)

Episode 26

The Empress Dowager left Tanxi Temple in anger because of the solar eclipse. She said a person with an inauspicious aura ruined the Buddha’s Birthday. The Empress Dowager called Bu Yin Lou an unchaste and ominous person. She told the Emperor that she would never accept her in the palace. The Emperor pursed his lips and looked around and found Bu Yin Lou was nowhere to be seen. Sun Tai Qing responded to his master by telling him that Bu Yin Lou’s maid reported that her mistress was feeling unwell and went back to rest.

However, Empress Rong’an said that she just dispatched her maid to send some snacks to each concubine’s room. But Bu Yin Lou’s maid did not say anything about her being in the room. Her remarks made Princess Hede feeling restless while Emperor’s anger flared up even more and he left in a huff.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(1)

Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo were just having their intimate moment. Well, from the disheveled state of Xiao Duo’s clothes and the afterglow, there must be something happening between them that time.…😉

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(2)

Since Xiao Duo already gave her his thumb ring as a token, Bu Yin Lou also gave her immortal fish pendants as a token to Xiao Duo. She said it would protect him and grant his wishes. Xiao Duo smiled and took the pendant. He told her that when everybody think that he was the one who saved Bu Yin Lou, he felt otherwise. For Xiao Duo, Bu Yin Lou saved him from being torn apart and swallowed up by the Imperial City. She was the one who rescued him from the path of no return.

Xiao Duo promised that after Empress Rong’an was punished, they will find a place where no one could find them and live a normal life. Bu Yin Lou stared into his eyes and asked him to promise her something. Bu Yin Lou said that Xiao Duo could take revenge, but he must take her with him and he was not allowed to leave her behind. Xiao Duo nodded his head. Bu Yin Lou was satisfied with his answer. She also took the silk pendant and wanted to keep it with her. Xiao Duo smiled and granted her wish.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(3)

After an intimate night, Bu Yin Lou panicked when she realized she had spent the night outside. She was afraid people might look for them. To avoid others’ suspicion, Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo left the boat in succession. However, Bu Yin Lou was oblivious that Empress Rong’an saw her running through the stairs and aroused her suspicion.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(4)

Bu Yin Lou returned to her room with a happy expression. But her smile stiffened when she saw the Emperor sitting inside her room. He asked Bu Yin Lou why she stayed out all night and asked where she was. Bu Yin Lou said she was bored and went to relax a little bit. The Emperor smiled and accused her of purposely forgetting the sutra and leaving in the middle of the recitation. He stood up and his hand circled around Bu Yin Lou’s neck and noticed the missing necklace. Bu Yin Lou was stunned because she had forgotten the necklace. The Emperor ordered Yu Zun to search for the necklace.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(5)

It was Empress Rong’an who found out about the necklace. Previously she saw Xiao Duo leaving the boat alone, so she entered. Her eyes trailed everywhere and caught a glimpse of gold under the table. She took it and was shocked when the realization dawned upon her. Empress Rong’an could not believe that Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou dared to spend the night together. When she alighted from the boat, Xiao Duo appeared. Xiao Duo realized that Empress Rong’an had found out about his relationship with Bu Yin Lou. He threatened to drag her down with him if he lost the Emperor’s favor.

Xiao Duo knew everything about Empress Rong’an’s bad deeds. From her involvement in the death of Noble Consort Shao to her collusion with the Assistant Minister of Revenue when she embezzled the disaster relief provisions which made countless people die. Xiao Duo also threatened if anybody dared to hurt Bu Yin Lou, he would drag them down to hell. Empress Rong’an knew that she lost to Xiao Duo, and all she could do was look at him hatefully.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(6)

Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou accompanied the Emperor to have breakfast. Yu Zun came and reported that he could not find the necklace everywhere. The Emperor asked her again where she was last night, but she could not say anything. Suddenly Princess Hede came to help. She said that Bu Yin Lou had spent the night with her listening to a storyteller. When the Emperor casted a suspicious glance at her, Empress Rong’an came with a necklace in her hand. She found it in front of the Princess’ room.

The necklace was stuck by the door crack and she thought it belonged to Princess Hede. The Emperor was suspicious at first but then he dismissed the thought. He scolded Princess Hede for being a bad influence on Bu Yin Lou. The Princess used her sweet act to tease her brother and then dragged Bu Yin Lou to go with her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(7)

Bu Yin Lou and Princess Hede went to talk by the lake. She casted away the happy face and scolded Bu Yin Lou. Bu Yin Lou asked carefully whether she knew everything and the princess answered by scolding her even more. She was angry because she thought Bu Yin Lou dared to disregard her brother, lied to her, and used her. But Bu Yin Lou refuted all her words. She said she never used the Princess and Bu Yin Lou knew that it was wrong for her to hide her relationship with Xiao Duo.

Bu Yin Lou cried pouring out her grievances. She told Princess Hede that she had been restless and afraid that people might found out about her relationship with Xiao Duo and condemned her as a liar. However, Bu Yin Lou realized she was a liar. Yet she did not want to let Xiao Duo go because she loved him. All this time, she was controlled by others and nobody even bothered to ask what she wanted.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(8)

After she listened to Bu Yin Lou’s grievance, Princess Hede felt some pity for her. She finally accepted the fact Bu Yin Lou did not love her brother and told her that thankfully Xiao Duo was a eunuch therefore nothing serious could happen. Bu Yin Lou hesitated but then she told her that Xiao Duo was a fake eunuch and it made Princess Hede’s jaw almost dropped. In the middle of her scoldings, a eunuch came to give a letter to Bu Yin Lou. The sender was Xiao Duo and he asked her to meet her at the same place that night.

They spent the night on the boat and recalled every moment that was precious to them. Bu Yin Lou asked him whether they could escape from the Imperial City. Xiao Duo did not say any words but stared at her meaningfully.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(9)

Cao Chun’ang helped Tong Yun with her work at the Dyeing Workshop. He told her to rest in her room and applied salve to her injured hand. Cao Chun’ang told Tong Yun to tell him if she was bullied by others and he would help her. Cao Chun’ang recalled what Xiao Duo used to tell him. The nobles did not treat them, servants, as humans.

Therefore, they have to treat themselves as human beings. Tong Yun listened to him obediently. She also felt elated when Cao Chun’ang told her that Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou had reconciled and will get her out of the Dyeing Workshop. Tong Yun did not realize that her face was blushing at Cao Chun’ang’s sight.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(10)

Bu Yin Lou was worried about Tong Yun, yet Xiao Duo promised that he would get her out of there. However, Bu Yin Lou knew that he could not do that because the Emperor currently did not trust him. She had to think about that and decided to coax the Emperor to forgive Tong Yun. Xiao Duo’s brow furrowed at her remark. He asked her in what way she would coax him. Bu Yin Lou thought for a while and said that she could do a drum dance, cook for him, or sew something. But Xiao Duo did not agree to any of her suggestions.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(11)

The Emperor asked Sun Tai Qing about Bu Yin Lou. For the last several days, Bu Yin Lou had been diligently praying at the worship hall and it surprised the Emperor. He went there and saw Bu Yin Lou and Princess Hede kneeling at the hall entrance. She prayed for Tong Yun and asked Buddha to watch over her.

In Bu Yin Lou’s heart, Tong Yun was more than a servant. She regarded Tong Yun as her family. She even prayed that she was willing to cut some flesh and pray vehemently as long as she could protect her from harm. Bu Yin Lou went as far as to take a knife and was ready to cut her flesh. Princess Hede and the Emperor were shocked when they saw it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(12)

When the knife almost cut her hand, the Emperor hastily stopped her. He roared that Bu Yin Lou was his woman and her body belonged to him. The Emperor told her that instead of begging Buddha, she should beg for his mercy. Bu Yin Lou pretended to be stupid. The Emperor was pleased to see that he could help her and spared Tong Yun for her sake. He left after he ordered Princess Hede to watch over Bu Yin Lou. Princess Hede was angry when she realized that she had been helping Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo. Yet, Bu Yin Lou still teased and chased after her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(13)

Xiao Duo showed off his Immortal Fish pendant to Cao Chun’ang. He also told him to dispose of all of his pills because Xiao Duo no longer wanted to use his identity as a eunuch in front of Bu Yin Lou. Cao Chun’ang was worried that people might find out, but Xiao Duo did not care about it. Instead, he teased Cao Chun’ang about Tong Yun who was about to be released from punishment.

Empress Rong’an was not satisfied when Yilan fixed her hair. She said that when it comes to hair, Xiao Duo was the best. Empress Rong’an wondered in a broken heart whether Xiao Duo was with Bu Yin Lou at that time. But then she was irked when she remembered Xiao Duo’s threat. She did not want to be the loser, so she ordered Yilan to find out about Xiao Duo’s weakness. Yilan told her the latest news about Tong Yun who was pardoned by the Emperor. Empress Rong’an eyes glistened when she had a new idea.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(14)

A Eunuch came to pick up Tong Yun from the Dyeing Workshop. She was ecstatic and followed after him. However, she was confused because the eunuch did not take her out to the Deer’s Reed Residence, instead, he took her somewhere inside the Imperial City. At the corner of an empty palace, Empress Rong’an stood waiting for her. Tong Yun saw her and her heart lurched.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(15)

Meanwhile, Cao Chun’ang was waiting for Tong Yun at the Dyeing Workshop. He immediately took the spaced-out Tong Yun to the Deer’s Reed Residence. When they were in a carriage, Cao Chun’ang called her name and woke her up from her daze. He asked whether a person with a secret hidden in his heart should say it out loud or not. Tong Yun was surprised by his remark. But when he said that if a person was guilty about something, the truth will come out sooner or later, Tong Yun was stunned.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(16)

Cao Chun’ang wanted to tell Tong Yun about his feeling. Before she could say something, Cao Chun’ang blurted that he cared about her and he thought that she was special. Every time, Tong Yun scolded him, he became enthusiastic. When he offered the silver hairpin, Tong Yun’s eyes were teary but she did not take it. Her response made Cao Chun’ang restless. He shoved the hairpin into her hand and left the carriage.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(17)

Yilan reminded her mistress that her plan was dangerous. One careless move would lead to catastrophe. She begged her to reconsider it. Yet, Empress Rong’an was an arrogant person who never thought about reconsidering. She always abides by the rules in her heart, that if she wanted something, she has to vie for it. If she did not want to be bullied by others, she had to fight. And if she wanted the ultimate power, she had to grab it herself.

However, she felt that she had failed someone like Xiao Duo. He was just a mere servant but he dared to disobey her. Empress Rong’an said that she was one who had tasted the life of prestige and nobility and also weathered through desolate times and loneliness. There was nothing to fear anymore. If Xiao Duo could go crazy for a woman, she could do the same thing.

Unchained Love recap - episode 26(18)

My Musings

After some thought, I realized that both Murong Gao Gong and Rong’an were obsessed with their love interests. Many royal characters in Cdrama were depicted just like them. Only a few of royal characters looked normal to me, such as the monarchs in Love Like Galaxy and Princess Hede. She was cute and have a sense of justice engraved in her bones. 🥰

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