Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 23-24 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 23-24 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hola readers! How are you today? Let’s continue Unchained Love episode recap. Are you curious about what would happen to Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo’s relationship when he returned to the Imperial City? Fret not, I got the answer in these episodes 23 and 24. Without further ado, let’s start!

Episode Recap

Episode 23

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(1)

Inside the Imperial study, the Emperor was accompanied by Sun Tai Qing. He had been restless for several days because of Bu Yin Lou’s matter. Yet, when the old eunuch tried to coax his master, the Emperor denied the fact that he was restless because of her. But he could not lie, because soon after that he was worried whether Deer’s Reed Residence was equipped with ice boxes and ice desserts.

The Emperor still wondered if Bu Yin Lou was angry with him because she was sent to the isolated residence. Sun Tai Qing reminded the Emperor that Bu Yin Lou deserved the punishment. And he must not humble himself by giving in to a concubine. If the people found out, it would be embarrassing. He suggested the Emperor focus on state affairs.

However, the Emperor did not even listen to his words. He decided to visit the Deer’s Reed Residence. He wanted to send food and summer clothing for Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(2)

Meanwhile, Xiao Duo and his Zhaoding Bureau’s guard entered the city. After he listened to the report about Bu Yin Lou’s situation, Xiao Duo went to see her. When he arrived, he saw Sun Tai Qing delivering the Emperor’s reward for Bu Yin Lou. The eunuchs from the residence gossiped about their masters and Xiao Duo listened to them carefully.

They were surprised because Bu Yin Lou was still in favor. After all, the Emperor came personally to deliver rare treasures. Some people said that although Bu Yin Lou was not a great beauty, she was crafty and extremely good in bed. Therefore, the Emperor still has her in his heart.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(3)

The person who related the rumor was waiting for Empress Rong’an to come. When Suhui told her that Sun Tai Qing had come, Bu Yin Lou was disappointed and told him to go and returned all the gifts. Sun Tai Qing reported to the Emperor that all the gifts were rejected and he did not get to see Bu Yin Lou. It made the Emperor upset and returned to the palace.

Xiao Duo was restless and wanted to see her. Cao Chun’ang reminded him not to be reckless. He pointed out that the Emperor had come personally to bestow the gifts. It showed that Bu Yin Lou was still favored by him. If he insisted to enter the residence, her life would be in danger. Xiao Duo turned his back and returned to Zhaoding Bureau.

Yu Zhun reported that Xiao Duo had returned to the capital, but he did not go straight into the palace. Instead, he went to the Zhaoding Bureau. Not long after that, Sun Tai Qing announced that Bu Yu Lu had come to greet the Emperor. He came up with a report about a rumor that spread among the people in the capital. It said that Xiao Duo was the true emperor and praised his meritorious deeds. Bu Yu Lu thought that Xiao Duo himself had spread the rumor. The news ignited the Emperor’s anger. He was jealous and wary of Xiao Duo.

Therefore, a mere rumor would make him feel insecure. The Emperor said that the court officials were afraid of Xiao Duo, therefore nobody reported the rumor to him. But Bu Yu Lu reassured him that in his heart, the Emperor was the true one. The Emperor acknowledged his merit as a loyal subject. He appointed Bu Yu Lu as the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review. Bu Yu Lu was elated. With a smug face, he thanked the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(5)

Sun Tai Qing did not understand why the Emperor would use someone with no ability as Bu Yu Lu. The Emperor responded that he did not need a capable minister, but a loyal dog who could share the power with Xiao Duo. As the chief of the Zhaoding Bureau, Xiao Duo was too powerful and formidable.

After a long thought, the Emperor concluded that Bu Yin Lou rejected him because, in her eyes, he was a weak emperor compared to Xiao Duo. The thought made the Emperor decide that he would command the throne thoroughly. By then, he believed that Bu Yin Lou could rely on him with ease. Sun Tai Qing’s face was brimming with happiness. He said that an emperor should be like that. After he stated his stance, the Emperor summoned Xiao Duo to meet him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(6)

Cao Chun’ang tried to persuade his Godfather to meet the Emperor. Yet, the aloof Xiao Duo only had Bu Yin Lou in his mind. She Qilang reported the rumor in the capital. Xiao Duo understood that someone was trying to stir up trouble for him. Cao Chun’ang tried to put some sense into the head of his stubborn Godfather. He wished Xiao Duo to enter the palace and explained himself to the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(7)

Before Cao Chun’ang succeeded in his mission, Yu Zhun already came to summon Xiao Duo to the palace. Xiao Duo finally agreed to enter the palace. In front of all the court officials, he kneeled to greet the Emperor. He told the Emperor that the reason why he went to the Zhaoding Bureau was that he had to clean up first. He was afraid his disheveled appearance would offend the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(8)

The Emperor smirked and praised Xiao Duo as the pillar of the country. He could not punish him because of Xiao Duo’s meritorious deeds. However, the Emperor mentioned the True Emperor rumor. Xiao Duo immediately kneeled and reassured the Emperor that he was a loyal subject. The rumor must be spread by some people who wanted to stir up trouble. He requested an order to investigate the rumor. The Emperor told Xiao Duo that he regarded him as his most trustworthy subject.

But the Zhaoding Bureau was too prominent and attracted much-unwanted attention. And it was solely because of his capability in reviewing memorials. Therefore, he should surrender his duty.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(9)

Although his power was lessened, Xiao Duo would still be in charge of the Zhaoding Bureau to supervise the court officials on the Emperor’s behalf. The job of reviewing memorials would be handed to the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review, Bu Yu Lu. Xiao Duo’s eyes widen at the news. Before he left the court, the Emperor smugly ordered Xiao Duo to serve Empress Rong’an in Changqing Palace.

Cao Chun’ang asked for enlightenment from Xao Duo. He could not understand why the Emperor would appoint someone incompetent as Bu Yu Lu. Xiao Duo’s answer was exactly like the Emperor’s thought. Cao Chun’ang started to panic, but Xiao Duo was calm. He told Cao Chun’ang that he was not a naïve person. It was interesting to see how the Emperor was willing to humble himself to join hands with Empress Rong’an. He wanted to know what was he after.

Xiao Duo went to see Empress Rong’an. She was happy and invited him to sit on the bed with her. But Xiao Duo rejected her invitation. He sarcastically told her that she had lost her power and dignity to the point that she had to beg her old dog. Empress Rong’an was emotional. She asked why Xiao Duo did not understand her heart. Living in a palace was cold and all she wanted was a person to warm her up. Xiao Duo used his sword to keep the Empress from him.

With a cold voice, he reminded Empress Rong’an that she had forced him to work for her. She forced him to an awkward place between the late Emperor, the former Chief of Zhaoding Bureau, and her. A small mistake would immediately send him to death. Xiao Duo told her that for him, their relationship was more than an enemy.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(10)

Xiao Duo’s sharp words rendered the Empress speechless. Her face paled and she could not believe that Xiao Duo would say that to her. Empress Rong’an blamed Bu Yin Lou for making him become like that. Xiao Duo left Empress Rong’an’s bedroom.

Empress Rong’an chased after him and asked Xiao Duo what made him fond of Bu Yin Lou who had used Xiao Duo as a stepping stone. Bu Yin Lou did not choose him over money and power. Xiao Duo turned back and strangle Empress Rong’an until she could not breathe. Although she almost died, Empress Rong’an still tried to remind Xiao Duo that Bu Yin Lou was the Emperor’s woman.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(11)

Bu Yin Lou saw a plate of cherries in her bedroom. She took it and examined it. She immediately realized that it was a message that Xiao Duo has returned. But she did not understand the meaning. She calmed her restless mind and reassured herself that Xiao Duo was a narrow-minded person. But then when she turned her back, she saw a shadow on her door. When he opened it, it was her father.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(12)

Bu Yu Lu came to ask her a favor. After a roundabout speech about her accomplishments, Bu Yu Lu asked his daughter to join hands with him. Bu Yu Lu even reminded her to be thoughtful when she served the Emperor in bed. She should make him happy so Bu Yin Lou would not be trapped in an isolated place like Deer’s Reed residence. He also reminded her that she should not rely on Xiao Duo anymore.

Xiao Duo had lost his power and Bu Yin Lou should never contact him again, or else the Emperor would think that she colluded with Xiao Duo. Bu Yu Lu left her room after he said that. When she turned her back, somebody called her by her nickname, Zhuo Ying. It was Xiao Duo disguised in an imperial guard’s uniform.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(13)

Bu Yin Lou was stunned at the sight of him. When she regained her composure, she remembered that she should not let him get hurt because of her. Bu Yin Lou ran to her bedroom but Xiao Duo was faster. He asked her why she was not willing to run away with him. Bu Yin Lou told him that she did not get off the carriage because she did not want to be a fugitive with him.

They should end their relationship. Xiao Duo was not willing to believe her words. Bu Yin Lou had to do everything she could to make Xiao Duo believed that she only used him for her gain. She told him that she pretended to be naïve and that everything she said to him was a complete lie. She wanted to be the Empress because she could not stand being manipulated by others. Only if she became an empress, could she take control of her life.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(14)

Xiao Duo’s eyes reddened. He could not believe that Bu Yin Lou did that to him he asked her whether she ever liked him before. Bu Yin Lou answered him that she liked him but compared to what she wanted, her feelings were not worth mentioning. Xiao Duo begged her to use him again like she always did. He took her in his arms and told her that if she wanted power, then he would help her. He would kill everybody who gets in her way. She could make him do whatever she wanted him to do, all he wanted was her.

Bu Yin Lou’s eyes widened. She told him that he could not even protect himself. He should not drag her down with him. She warned him to stop pestering her. She knew his secrets so he should not make her angry. Bu Yin Lou took the cherries, she told him that she hated sweets and threw the cherries to the ground. Only after that, Xiao Duo left the bedroom.

Bu Yin Lou sat on the floor with a bleak expression. She picked the cherries one by one and put them in her mouth with tears glistening in her eyes. Meanwhile, Xiao Duo walked down the empty street under the downpour with a broken heart.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(15)

When he arrived at his room, Xiao duo’s anger flared. He threw a chair and swept everything off his table. When Cao Chun’ang calmed him down, he yelled that no one should watch over Bu Yin Lou because she got nothing to do with him anymore. He was angry because Bu Yin Lou had fooled, trampled and threatened him. In her eyes, Xiao Duo was nothing. Cao Chun’ang cried when he heard Xiao Duo’s words.

Yilan reported everything that Suhuai heard from Bu Yin Lou’s room. She told her mistress that Xiao Duo was a vengeful person. He would not let Bu Yin Lou off. Yet, Empress Rong’an replied that as long as Bu Yin Lou was alive, she could not rest assured. She had drugged Bu Yin Lou several times but nothing happened to her. It was time to level up the game. She wanted to lure Bu Yin Lou out of the residence and killed her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(16)

Meanwhile, after what happened that night, Xiao Duo was absentminded. He listened to She Qilang’s reports about Bu Yu Lu without any interest. Xiao Duo reassured his subordinates that Bu Yu Lu and his group were not a threat to them. When She Qilang mentioned Ah Duo’s killer investigation, Xiao Duo told him that they had to lay low since the Emperor was guarding up against him. He made the same conclusion as Bu Yin Lou about the person who killed Ah Duo, which was the person must have been involved with the Prince of Nanyuan. After he fight off his feeling, Xiao Duo stared at She Qilang and asked him for any news about the Deer’s Reed Residence.

Unchained Love recap - episode 23(17)

Episode 24

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(1)

Even though Cao Chun’ang reminded Xiao Duo that he has forbid his men from watching over Bu Yin Lou, She Qilang still had news for him. He said that Empress Rong’an had bribed Suhuai. She Qilang also reported that Bu Yin Lou was living a good and leisurely life. However, she looked restless and asked a question about when would the Imperial City sent his people several times a day. He added that it seemed that Bu Yin Lou was waiting for the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(2)

Xiao Duo’s face hardened and he left the study. When he returned to his room, he saw the leaf cards on the floor. He put them inside a box together with a pair of boots that Bu Yin Lou made. When he saw Eunuch Ba, he also put the dog inside the box and close it. But a few moments later he took the dog out, put on the boots back, and took the leaf cards with him…😅

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(3)

The formidable Xiao Duo stood alone like a forlorn lover. He stared at the peach blossom tree in his garden and recalled Bu Yin Lou’s smiling face. He felt helpless because he could not forget her. He saw her traces in every place. He still did not believe that Bu Yin Lou would give up everything easily.

In another place, another forlorn lover stared at a silver hairpin. When he saw She Qilang, Cao Chun’ang walked up to him. Earlier, Xiao Duo had ordered She Qilang to protect Bu Yin Lou secretly. And Cao Chun’ang used the chance to ask him about Tong Yun. Cao Chun’ang was shocked when She Qilang told him that Tong Yun did not go to the Deer’s Reed Residence. She had offended the Emperor and was sent to be punished and demoted to be a menial worker in the Dyeing Workshop. Cao Chung’ang left him and went to the Dyeing Workshop.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(4)

At the workshop, he saw Tong Yun almost get hit by the superior. He took her to a pavilion and checked on her hand. Tong Yun did not say anything. When Cao Chun’ang asked why she was there instead of serving Bu Yin Lou, she told him to leave her alone. Of course, the confused Cao Chun’ang could not do it. When Tong Yun saw how worried he was, she cried and cried. She protested that everything happened because of his Godfather. Her mistress suffered but Xiao Duo was nowhere to be found. Tong Yun realized that she had spoken too much and left him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(5)

Bu Yin Lou once again saw Yilan whispered to Suhuai. Yilan ordered Suhuai to find a way to bring Bu Yin Lou out of the residence. Suhuai wanted to know why Empress Rong’an wanted to see Bu Yin Lou, but Yilan reassured her that nothing would happen to Bu Yin Lou.

Meanwhile, She Qilang saw the entire scene, he immediately reported that Empress Rong’an wanted to kill Bu Yin Lou to Xiao Duo. He ordered She Qilang to protect Bu Yin Lou and prevented her from leaving the residence. He also did not forget to remind She Qilang to do everything in secret.

Suhuai served Bu Yin Lou with food and drink. After that, she dismissed the maids who guarded the room. Outside the side gate of the residence, several thugs were waiting for Bu Yin Lou. They were hired by Empress Rong’an. However, She Qilang had them taken down by the Zhaoding Bureau’s guards

In another place, Princess Hede was taking care of the sullen Yuwen Liang Xu. She had brewed the medicine for him and now she had to coax him to drink it. But Yuwen Liang Xu was shameless to ask her to feed her from mouth to mouth. The princess was angry and left him. When she exited the residence, she decided to visit Bu Yin Lou but she was stopped at the gate.

Princess Hede was confused because Bu Yin Lou was treated like a prisoner. Ruolan whispered to her that there was a rumor about Bu Yin Lou having a lover in West Shu. Because she offended the Emperor for his sake, Bu Yin Lou was sent to the Deer’s Reed Residence.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(6)

Princess Hede’s eyes widened. She thought about Bu Yin Lou who wanted to avoid the Emperor’s favor. Ruolan also reported that she saw Suhuai secretly entering Changqing Palace. Princess Hede was afraid that Bu Yin Lou was in trouble. She told Ruolan to return to the palace while she went to the market. She met Yuwen Liang Xu who followed her. Princess Hede told him her plan to sneak into the Deer’s Reed Residence. At the same time, Bu Yin Lou was also prepared to leave the palace. The three of them met at a quiet corner.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(7)

Bu Yin Lou invited Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu to her bedroom. Bu Yin Lou saw that Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu were on good terms and it made her a bit jealous of them. Princess Hede mentioned the rumor about Bu Yin Lou’s lover. Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu reassured her that they did not believe in the rumor. Bu Yin Lou wanted to tell them something, but she did not have a chance.

Princess Hede also told her about Suhuai, but Bu Yin Lou asked them to let Suhuai make a move. Bu Yin Lou explained that she deliberately made Empress Rong’an look for her because she needed to ask her about something in private. Princess Hede told Bu Yin Lou that her plan was too dangerous. Therefore, she and Yuwen Liang Xu would help her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(8)

Bu Yin Lou jumped over the wall with Princess Hede’s grappling hook. Suhuai immediately followed Bu Yin Lou, while She Qilang and Zhaoding Bureau’s guards also followed suit. Bu Yin Lou wandered in the street. She did not know where she should go. When she sat by the river, Suhuai led several men who carried a carriage in Bu Yin Lou’s direction. She told the leader to make a move on Bu Yin Lou. The thugs thought Bu Yin Lou would resist, but her cooperation rendered them speechless.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(9)

Meanwhile, Empress Rongan was happy when she received the news. She said that she would send Bu Yin Lou off (killed her) personally.

Bu Yin Lou sat in the carriage calmly. Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu followed her secretly. They already had a plan beforehand. But in the middle of the bridge, She Qilang stopped them and made the carriage bearers run away in fear. Bu Yin Lou blamed She Qilang because he ruined her plan. He even asked her to hide it from Xiao Duo because he was ordered to protect her secretly. Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu also showed up because their plan to trap Empress Rong’an was ruined. The confused She Qilang decided to follow them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(10)

Bu Yin Lou was angry because she did not know where Empress Rong’an tried to take her. When she realized that She Qilang could help her, she turned around to stare at him. To make She Qilang obey her, Bu Yin Lou showed Xiao Duo’s thumb ring to him. Princess Hede felt something was off when she saw the ring.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(11)

To find out where Empress Rong’an was going to take her, She Qilang stopped Suhuai’s carriage. When she saw the Zhaoding Bureau and She Qilang’s sword, Suhuai lost her strength.

Empress Rong’an arrived at the designated place only accompanied by Yilan. When she entered the room, she found it empty. She Qilang hit the back of their neck making them unconscious. After that Bu Yin Lou ordered She Qilang to leave and kept everything that happened today a secret. She Qilang had to obey her because Bu Yin Lou used the thumb ring again.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(12)

When Empress Rong’an regained consciousness she panicked when she found herself tied to a post. Bu Yin Lou used the chance to taunt Empress Rong’an. Empress Rong’an was angry. But she turned frightened when Bu Yin Lou showed her a white powder in a jar. Empress Rong’an was afraid to die. Therefore when Bu Yin Lou force-fed her she shouted that she would give Bu Yin Lou everything she wanted.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(13)

Bu Yin Lou asked her about the Prince of Nanyuan’s visit six years ago. She wanted to know whom the Prince met in secret. Empress Rong’an was startled. She did not want to admit it, but her words and gesture were not convincing. Only after Bu Yin Lou threatened her again, she confessed that the Prince of Nanyuan was a cautious person who hides things from her. She only knew about her meeting with him back then at a teahouse in Ruyi Alley.

Bu Yin Lou was stunned when she heard the answer. Empress Rong’an told her that back then she pretended to be one of the members of the Prince of Nanyuan’s family and used his carriage to hide her identity.

Meanwhile, Xiao Duo found Empress Rong’an’s name in the Imperial Palace’s Entry and Exit Register. he concluded that Empress Rong’an might be Ah Duo’s killer.

The Emperor visited Deer’s Reed Residence. But Bu Yin Lou was missing and it made the Emperor angry. Yu Zhun found the grappling hook that Bu Yin Lou used to escape. The Emperor thought that Xiao Duo had something to do with Bu Yin Lou’s disappearance.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(14)

Yuwen Liang Xu interrupted Bu Yin Lou’s interrogation. He hit Empress Rong’an neck to make her unconscious. He urged Bu Yin Lou to return immediately because the Emperor had led the army to Xiao Duo’s residence.

Xiao Duo met She Qilang at the door. He sensed something was amiss with his subordinate. She Qilang reluctantly admitted that Bu Yin Lou had ordered him to keep a secret from Xiao Duo. Before they could continue, the Steward reported that the Imperial Guards have surrounded the residence. The Emperor strode in anger. He accused Xiao Duo had hid Bu Yin Lou because he was the only person who could do so.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(15)

Xiao Duo was surprised when he heard that Bu Yin Lou was missing. The angry Emperor threatened him by putting a sword on Xiao Duo’s neck. Sun Tai Qing hastily reminded the Emperor not to act impulsively. Xiao Duo requested an order to find Bu Yin Lou. The Emperor hesitated but he knew that he could not kill Xiao Duo. Suddenly, Yu Zhun came to report Bu Yin Lou’s whereabouts. The Emperor threw the sword and left.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(16)

Bu Yin Lou was found in a medical clinic. She went there to get treated by the physician. Bu Yin Lou coughed in front of a physician. When she opened her handkerchief, there was blood in it. Bu Yin Lou’s face paled before she fainted right into the Emperor’s arm.

Unchained Love recap - episode 24(17)

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