Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 31-33 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 31-33 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Hola dear readers… Another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you. These episode 31-33 make my blood boil because of Shao Shang. You should watch these episodes and tell me, did you feel the same way I did? But before that, new characters in on the way.

New Characters Appearance

Madam Zhai

Love Like The Galaxy - Madam Zhai
Madam Zhai

Madam Zhai was the Empress’s attendant. She had stayed with her since she was young. She lead other maidservants at the Changqiu Palace and was her most trusted aide.

Tian Shu

Love Like The Galaxy - Tian Shu
Tian Shu

Tian Shu was a businessman. He owned Tian restaurant and several other restaurants. He seemed harmless and friendly, but he was befriended by many powerful people, and some of them were not good people.

Episode Recap

Episode 31

Princess Ruyang tried to make Ling Bu Yi reconsider his marriage with Shao Shang. She still wanted him to marry Princess Yuchang. Noble Consort Yue speaks for him. But because it wasn’t enough, the Emperor also helped him by threatening Princess Ruyang. Princess Ruyang weasels out instead of admitting her fault. She said that she just wanted to help Madam Chun Yu. The Empress tried to stop the argument by reminding them about the memorial ceremony at Fengxiu hall.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-1
Princess Ruyang was daydreaming…😅

Inside the Fengxiu hall, Shao Shang was stunned to see the portrait of General Huo for the first time. Ling Bu Yi’s appearance was remarkably similar to his. The Crown Princess explained that the nephew would likely be similar to the uncle.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-2

Suddenly the 3rd Princess comes and cuts off their conversation and mock the Crown Princess for being poor. To avenge the Crown Princess, Shao Shang throws some fragrance ball at the 3rd Princess when she walks. The 3rd Princess falls to the floor, and Shao Shang sees a glimpse of a bright red dress under the plain robe.

After the 3rd Princess left, the Crown Princess explained that the 3rd Princess grew up with Marquis Yue, her maternal uncle. Marquis Yue’s wife was a merchant, and the 3rd Princess learned from her how to love money and show off her wealth. Shao Shang questioned how does 3rd Princess get all the money to be spent because the Palace had reduced all expenditures, including the Prince and Princesses’ allowance.

At the ceremony, Shao Shang was in charge of holding the incense powder at a memorial ceremony. The Royals must pay respect to the altar, where General Huo Chong memorial tablet were placed. The Emperor led the ceremony.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-3

When it was the 3rd Princess’s turn, she sneakily blew the incense powder. It hurt Shao Shang’s eyes. The 3rd Princess laughed at her. Stealthily Shao Shang took the 3rd Princess’ tassel and coiled it around a candelabra. When The 3rd Princess stand up, she accidentally pulls the candelabra, and the candles burn her outer garment.

The 3rd Princess was in a panic. Eunuch Cao tried to help her put down the fire. The Empress told the servants to take out the 3rd Princess’ outer robe. Noble Consort Yue was angry when she saw the bright red dress peeking under the Princess’ white robe and rebuked her on the spot and also told the servants to take off her robe.

The 3rd Princess was afraid when she heard the Noble Consort Yue’s order. After the servants took off her robe, everyone could see her red dress. The festive dress angered the Emperor. To shift the blame, the 3rd Princess dish it out to Shao Shang. But the Emperor still scolded her. The 2nd Princes tried to help her out of the mess, but it made the Noble Consort Yue unsatisfied with her.

The 5th Princess also added some words for her that make the Emperor furious. She said that the 5th Princess’s Prince Consort’s salary was only 300 taels a year, but the whole get-up of the 3rd Princess was already 100 taels.

Bear with me, dear readers. These numbers were killing me… 😫

When it rains, it pours. It was the perfect word to describe the 3rd Princess’s situation. The Emperor hadn’t finished with the red dress, but now her source of money becomes another issues.

The panicked-stricken 3rd Princess said that her expenditures come from opening a restaurant. Suddenly the 3rd Prince stood up and presented a coin to the Emperor. He revealed that the coin was counterfeit money that circulated at the 3rd Princess fief. The 3rd Princess’s eyes were bulging. She can’t believed that her own biological brother would tattled about her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-4

The 3rd Prince’s temperament was similar to Noble Consort Yue. They were upright people who heed the law. If they found someone who bends the law, no matter who they were, they should be punished by right.

The Emperor was furious by now. Minting coins without the Emperor’s consent was equal to treason. The 3rd Prince explained to the Emperor that he already conduct an investigation. The coin was minted in Shouchon, precisely at Junior Lord Qian’an’s mine. The Emperor told Ling Bu Yi to investigate the matter with the Ministry of Justice.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-5

The 3rd Princess saw an opportunity, she persuaded the Emperor to kill Junior Lord Qian’an. But her words infuriated the Emperor again. He slapped her and ordered her to be beaten up as punishment.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-6

At The Yongle Palace, Noble Consort Yue warned her brother, Marquis Yue, not to devise such a plan again. She was not interested in his game because she already had the peaceful life she always wanted. She threatens to forsake their kinship if he keeps on doing things like this.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-7

Noble Consort Yue is a clever person. In a such short moment, she was able to grasp that the 3rd Princess intentionally spent the counterfeit money to buy dresses and jewelry. Moreover, she could guessed that the plan was devised by Marquis Yue because she knew that the 3rd Princess was not capable to do it alone.

Ling Bu Yi visited her mother again when she was having another breakdown. Ling Bu Yi asked her what happened between Noble Consort Yue and her. He found out that Huo Junhua once ordered a man to kidnap Yue Heng.

But Yue Heng was saved by Brother Wen (this is the Emperor before he was throned) and her brother, Huo Chong. Since then, Brother Wen ignored her. Ling Bu Yi realized something was off. The Yue clan was at odds with her sister. Therefore, Marquis Yue would likely to not help Huo Junhua if she was in trouble, just like in Gu City.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-8

Liang Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi discussed (more like gossiping 😂) the 3rd Princess matters.

Liang Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi were dissatisfied because the Emperor only punished her lightly. Ling Bu Yi explained that the issues involved Marquis Yue, Madam Wen Xiu, and the 3rd Princess. So he can only play fair and gave them light punishment. As for now, they had to make a new plan to trap Marquis Yue with big mistakes.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-9

Liang Qiu Fei gave him a letter from Madam Wen Xiu to her son Wang Long. In the letter, Madam Wen Xiu told him to capture some bandits and gave the money (from the bandits) to his uncle, Junior Lord Qian’an.

Ling Bu Yi told the Liang duo to let Wang Long receive the letter and disclose the plan to the bandits. Therefore, they could trap Wang Long.

In the Palace, the Emperor commented on how clumsy Shao Shang was. To give her some lesson, he ordered her to be the coordinator of the Empress’ birthday banquet despite her protests.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-10

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-11

I like to see the bantering of the Emperor and Shao Shang. They were able to converse freely as ordinary family members do.😍

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-12

The Crown Prince was worried because Wang Long was trapped by the bandits. The Crown Prince wanted to help his cousin with an unreasonable idea. Ling Bu Yi immediately refused the idea because secretly mobilizing the army was deceiving the Emperor. As a future Emperor, he has to consider thousands of families instead of his own family or clan.

When the Crown Prince reported the matter to the Emperor. He was furious and rebuked the Crown Prince. The Empress who overheard them was worried. Shao Shang tried to comfort her, but it was useless. The Empress explained that the Crown Prince was unfit to be an emperor. He was too indecisive, soft-hearted, and weak. Moreover, he put his family above all. She would rather have him be an ordinary person instead a future monarch.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-13

At home, Shao Shang contemplated the Empress’ words. Mother Cheng came and gave her a cloak. Shao Shang asked Mother Cheng, whether she ever wonder about what kind of person Shao Shang would be when she grow up. Mother Cheng didn’t answer her question because it stunned her, but Shao Shang misinterpreted her silence and felt dejected.

Shao Shang said, Mother Cheng will always want an obedient and sensible child like Cheng Yang. Mother Cheng wouldn’t want a stubborn child like her now. Shao Shang apologized for letting her down before she returned to her room.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-14

Father Cheng came and saw her in a bad mood. He asked what happened. Mother Cheng told her that Shao Shang had learned about a parent’s suffering. But she didn’t learn it because of them. That fact made her sad.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 31-15

Father Cheng asked whether she was jealous of the Empress. Mother Cheng said nothing and left him alone.

Well, in my opinion, Mother Cheng was indeed jealous of the Empress. Shao Shang proved to be sensible and obedient after the Empress taught her.😁

Episode 32

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-1

Marquis Yue and Tian Shu entertain guests at Tian Restaurant. They met the 5th Princess with her aides. Marquis Yue reprimanded her for having a good time surrounded by aides like that. But it didn’t budge her at all. Moreover, she warned Marquis Yue not to control her. Her words ignite the Marquis’s anger.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-2

He told Tian Shu to find some talented male musician as a present for the 5th Princess.That would make her reputation ruined. He also told him to spread some rumors about replacing the Crown Prince.

Shao Shang was at the Eastern Palace when the 5th Princess showed up. She wanted to see the Crown Prince. When she saw him, the 5th Princess immediately chided him about Wang Long’s case.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-3

According to the Princess, he should kill him instead of angering their father and jeopardizing his position. Her words made him angry and started a dispute between the siblings. The Crown Princess meddled in, but she also got berated by the Princess.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-4

Not long after, at the Changqiu Palace, Shao Shang saw Madam Zhai and other servants standing outside the Empress’ room like a cat on a hot tin roof. Madam Zhai told her that the Empress’s heart was palpitating after the 5th Princess came and divulged the Crown Prince’s rumor. It made her unable to speak and refuse to eat.

Shao Shang had an idea to make the Empress eat. She used a salty cucumber and told the Empress that she needed her opinion about the cucumber flavor. The Empress took a bite, and because it was too salty, she had to eat porridge to get rid of the saltiness in her mouth. Using those tricks, Shao Shang successfully made her eat.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-5

The Empress was better after the meal. She said she needed to learn from Shao Shang’s parents how to educate a caring and clever child just like Shao Shang. Her words sparked an idea in Shao Shang’s mind. Shao Shang told the Empress that she had to summon her parents to the Palace and praised her in front of them. She wanted them to know her worth because they (aka Mother Cheng 😆) always thought of her as an incapable and insensible child. She also asked the Empress to tell her parents that good parent never punishes their children.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-6

The Empress smiled to hear her words. She taught Shao Shang that no parents wanted to trade their children. Every parent would feel proud of their children. Praising other’s children in front of them is only a way to educate the children. However, Shao Shang said that being compared for a long time caused hatred in her heart.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-7

It is so sad to hear that from Shao Shang. Mother Cheng was always biased toward her and compared her to Cheng Yang. But I like how Shao Shang and Cheng Yang’s relationship was not affected by Mother Cheng’s bias.

Shao Shang met the Crown Prince outside the Empress’ room. He asked her about the Empress’ condition because he didn’t want to enter the room, afraid his presence would agitate her. Shao Shang calmed him down and advised him. As a crown prince, he should not help General Wang. But he could find a way to save his cousin. She was sure the Emperor wouldn’t rebuke him for his benevolence towards a family member. He took her words and went back to the Eastern Palace.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-8

Meanwhile, at the royal study, the Emperor was angry because the official filed a memorandum to replace the crown prince. Suddenly the Crown Prince came and asked the Emperor for a chess game. The Crown Prince uses the chess game to tell the Emperor that he took a family member’s feelings seriously. He would rather be lost the game than jeopardize a family member. The Emperor was disappointed, but he get the cue.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-9

Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi walk side by side in the corridor. Her mood was good because she could help the Crown Prince and soothe the Empress’s worries. Ling Bu Yi sensed the good mood and asked her why she was so happy. He also asked whether she was happy when the 3rd Princess was punished at the ceremony. Shao Shang immediately apologizes for ruining the altar. Ling Bu Yi said he was worried because Shao Shang always acted recklessly. She didn’t have a strong foundation at the Palace, and she should leave it to him if she wanted to make enemies.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-10

Shao Shang told him that the Empress was worried because of the Crown Prince’s rumors and asked about the people involved at Yanhui Tower. Her question alerted Ling Bu Yi. He reminds her again, in a pressing tone, that she must not interfere with this matter. Right now, the people at the court were not pleased with the Crown Prince because he was too lenient towards a family member. His word stunned her. When Ling Bu Yi asked her again the reason why she was happy, she was hesitant, and in the end, she said that the Empress ate more porridge that day,

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-11

The next day at the court assembly, the Emperor startled everyone by granting the tiger seal to the Crown Prince. Marquis Yue requested the Emperor to punish Wang Chun and Wang Long. His word sparked another debate in the court. The Emperor decided to punish Wang Long and stripped him from his position.

He also transferred Wang Long’s troops to his father, Wang Chun. Because according to the Emperor, Wang Long was guilty, but it had nothing to do with Wang Chun. The Emperor also told Ling Bu Yi to arrange an attack on the bandits. The Crown Prince who holds the tiger seal would be the one that sends off the army.

The Crown Prince was ecstatic about the tiger seal but he was worried about its safety. He even asked Ling Bu Yi to hold it for him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-12

Ling Bu Yi refused the task. It would be proper for the Crown Prince to keep it because the Emperor entrusted it to him. Ling Bu Yi assured him that the Eastern Palace security was good and the tiger seal would be safe as long as he didn’t take it out of the Eastern Palace.

Ling Bu Yi asked the Crown Prince why the Emperor suddenly became lenient towards General Wang. The Crown Prince told him about Shao Shang’s advice to him. He even praised her and Ling Bu Yi as his lucky star. Ling Bu Yi was taken aback to hear that.

That night, Ling Bu Yi got angry with Shao Shang. He rebuked her for interfering in a court matter.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-13

He told her that because the Wang family was set free from punishment, now everybody would shift their hatred towards the Crown Prince and the Empress. Shao Shang’s advice had put the Crown Prince and the Empress in grave danger. His word shocked Shao Shang. She never thought about that. She only wanted to help the Empress. However, Shao Shang never knew that a small matter might cause a big disturbance in the court.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-14

Ling Bu Yi’s words angered Shao Shang. She told him she wouldn’t be involved in this matter if he didn’t propose to her. If only she married an ordinary person, she wouldn’t have to care about politics. Also, she scolded Ling Bu Yi because he never told her his concern or stratagem but forbidding her to do this or that.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-15

Ling Bu Yi defended himself by saying that he wanted to protect her and wanted the best for her. The statement irked Shao Shang. She accused him that he wanted the best for her because she was not good enough for him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 32-16

In her room, Shao Shang contemplated Ling Bu Yi’s words and thought that it was hard for her to be married to him.

Boy oh boy… Shao Shang is indeed stubborn. She couldn’t take critics well.🤦🏻‍♀️

Episode 33

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-1

The Crown Prince suddenly woke up from his sleep because he heard a strange sound inside the room. He was worried about the tiger seal and immediately checked it with the Crown Princess. Fortunately, the tiger seal is still safe inside its box. The Crown Prince told the Crown Princess that he constantly worried about its safety because there were too many people at the Eastern Palace. The Crown Princess gave him the idea to stay at Zigui Courtyard. They could bring the tiger seal along with them. Her cousin, Sun Sheng, was the head of the Imperial Guards. Therefore, they could feel more assured about its safety.

Early in the morning, Lian Fang brought breakfast for Shao Shang. She could not find her in the bed. It turned out Shao Shang sprawled under the table. Shao Shang had a day off, so Lian Fang asked her whether she would have a date with General Ling. But Shao Shang said that she wouldn’t go anywhere. So Lian Fang guessed that she had another fight with General Ling. All of a sudden, Fu Deng come and announced that the Crown Princess had someone delivered a message.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-2

In the Palace, Ling Bu Yi was shocked to hear that the tiger seal was missing. The Crown Prince was pacing around anxiously. He was supposed to give the tiger seal to General Wang in two days. Ling Bu Yi scolded the Crown Prince because he already told him not to bring the tiger seal out of the palace. He also reminded him that he used to say that Sun Sheng was not a reliable person. The Crown Prince asked him to think about a plan. Grand Tutor Lou told the Crown Prince to ask the help from the Empress, but he was reluctant to do it because it would humiliate his mother.

Suddenly, the Crown Princess barged in and told the Crown Prince that Ling Bu Yi’s words were weighted more than others. She wanted Ling Bu Yi to talk to the Emperor about the tiger seal. But Ling Bu Yi had another idea. He told her to plead with the Emperor herself and admitted that she was the one who lost the tiger seal. The Crown Princess was reluctant to do it. When she protested, Shao Shang entered the room and rebuked Ling Bu Yi for making a woman shoulder the blame.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-3

Ling Bu Yi was startled to see her. He immediately told her to leave. However, Shao Shang said the Crown Princess invited her to come. She wanted Shao Shang to plead with the Empress. Ling Bu Yi’s face was grave to hear her reasoning. The Crown Princess was afraid and immediately took Shao Shang out of the room.

In the corridor, Shao Shang grumbled because Ling Bu Yi told her to leave. When she saw him, she pretended to ignore him. But who would have thought that Ling Bu Yi would say nothing and leave her? Shao Shang was stunned and chased him promptly and left the Crown Princess alone in the corridor.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-4
It’s an evil face, isn’t it? 😡

The Crown Princess showed her true face. She was selfish and wasn’t reluctant to use Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi as a shield for her and the Crown Prince. And I wanted to slap Shao Shang’s head because she was foolish!

At the gate, the Liang duo has already waiting for her in front of the carriage. They said that Ling Bu Yi could not take her back because he had a meeting with General Wang. However, he appeared and apologized for being angry at her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-5

Ling Bu Yi was anxious because the tiger seal matter was severe, and he didn’t want her to be involved in it. He told her to stay at Changqiu Palace and didn’t go anywhere. Shao Shang said nothing and return to the Changqiu Palace.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-6

Her silence confused the Liang duo. Ling Bu Yi said she would do something because she was unlikely to stay quiet and do nothing about the matter. He told the Liang Duo to keep an eye on the Crown Princess.

Secretly, Shao Shang went to the Eastern Palace to ask the Crown Princess whether she knew how the tiger seal looked.

Two days later, at the ceremony. The Crown Prince took the tiger seal and gave it to General Wang. General Wang would lead the army to suppress the bandits and save Wang Long.

Marquis Yue asked him to check up on the tiger seal before he took it. He knew that there were magnets inside the seal. Therefore they need to examine it to find out whether it was true or fake.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-7

Shao Shang and the Crown Princess watched the ceremony silently from afar. When they heard Marquis Yue’s words, they were anxious. Shao Shang made a counterfeit tiger seal for the ceremony, but she didn’t know there were magnets inside it.

When Ling Bu Yi lifted the tiger seal, they attached perfectly. Three people were surprised to see it. They were the Crown Prince, Crown Princess, and Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-8

Ling Bu Yi had the counterfeit tiger seal replaced by the Huo clan’s tiger seal. Both seals were made by the same master and only slightly different, therefore, except for him and the Emperor, nobody would know the difference.

With this, Ling Bu Yi would prove that the one who took the seal was Marquis Yue, and he could save Shao Shang from punishment because he promised to protect her.

I feel sorry for Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang was indeed foolish in this episode…😫

At Cheng’s residence, Shao Shang, Wan Qi Qi, and Cheng Yang looked troubled. Shao Shang teased Cheng Yang about Ban Jia and a bunch of officials who came to propose to her. When Shao Shang complained about her relationship with Ling Bu Yi, Wan Qi Qi scolded her for taking her happiness for granted. Wan Qi Qi said that the Emperor granted her marriage. Therefore she didn’t have to be worried someone would break it off. Unlike Wan Qi Qi’s relationship with Cheng Song. While Cheng Yang said that the one she liked might never like her back (do you remember that Cheng Yang has a crush on Yuan Shen?).

Shao Shang was dejected. She felt more troubled with her relationship because she was confused about her feeling. Wan Qi Qi told her to make a comparison between the time when she was happy or angry with Ling Bu Yi. Wan Qi Qi tried to knock some sense into Shao Shang’s head because she could not see clearly what Ling Bu Yi had done for her all this time.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-10

Cheng Yang also helped her by saying getting along with others is being sincere and not letting each other’s feeling down. Cheng Yang’s words finally woke her up. Shao Shang immediately jumped and ran outside the gate.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-11

Who would have thought that the one she’ll be seeing at the gate was Ling Bu Yi on his horse?

Ling Bu Yi always stood at her gate all night every time she was not at the Changqiu Palace. Shao Shang wanted to say thank you. However, Ling Bu Yi said she didn’t have to thank him because he did everything willingly. Shao Shang told Ling Bu Yi that there were two things she wanted to say to him. The first thing was she would do her best to treat him well. The second one was when they were old, she would never forget this day when she recalls the days he treated her well.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-12

Ling Bu Yi took her in his arm and asked her to get married sooner. Shao Shang nods her head and smiles widely.

Ling Bu Yi took her to visit her mother. He reminded her to keep silent when she heard or saw something off. Huo Junhua was with Marquis Cui. Huo Junhua still thought that she was a 16 years old young lady. Shao Shang was stunned to hear Ling Bu Yi address her as a Young Lady and call himself her nephew. But she played along and also greeted her as a Young Lady. However, the harmonious circumstances didn’t stay long because Huo Junhua suddenly remembered that her brother was dead. And when he saw Ling Bu Yi, she mistook him for Ling Yi, attacked him out of rage, and bite his hand.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 33-13

Finally, I really hard a hard time writing this recap for two reasons. First, the numbers. It’s so hard to write The 3rd Princess or 5th Princess repeatedly, I got confused all the time. And the second, Shao Shang really annoyed me. I wish I could slap her head once… or maybe twice in a row…🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

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