Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 13-15 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 13-15 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Hola! This is another Love Like A Galaxy episode recap. Right now are episodes 13, 14, and 15 recap. Our Shao Shang was able to avoid a calamity in the last episode. After a sweet but pretty painful encounter with General Ling. We will have an engagement in this recap. But, before we start the recap, let’s meet some new characters.

New Characters Appearance

Emperor Wen

Love Like The Galaxy - Emperor Wan

Emperor Wen was an upright ruler. But unlike any emperor, he is quite an easy-going person. His harem only consisted of his empress and a royal concubine. Emperor Wen was Ling Bu Yi’s uncle, Huo Chong’s sworn brother. After General Huo died, the Emperor took Ling Bu Yi as his foster son. He done it because he wanted to protect Ling Bu Yi, the only descendant of the Huo family. Emperor Wen always concerned about Ling Bu Yi’s life, including his love life.

Eunuch Cao Cheng

Love Like The Galaxy - Eunuch Cao Cheng

Eunuch Cao Cheng is the emperor’s trusted aide. He served him as his personal eunuch. Eunuch Cao is a kinda funny guy with a face that seems to be surprised over everything. Well, it was no wonder because he served such a sly emperor who often did something unexpected.

Episode Recap

Episode 13

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-1

The Chengs arrive in the Hua County Magistrate Court. Third Uncle rushed to the entrance door to inquire about Old Magistrate Cheng’s whereabouts. He was shocked when he heard that the old magistrate had passed away.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the Emperor reprimanded Ling Bu Yi for being reckless and not treating his wound well. The Emperor was livid to see how bad the wound was.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-2
The Emperor was angry to physician because Ling Bu Yi was in pain when his injury was treated.

He lashed it out to our favorite entourage, Lian Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi. He thought it was Fan Chang who injured Ling Bu Yi. When the Emperor learned that Ling Bu Yi had rushed to save Shao Shang, he was shocked. Ling Bu Yi never shows any interest in young women. Hence, he was happy to hear the news.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-3

Back in Hua County, 3rd Uncle was not in good health after he learned about the demise of Old Magistrate Cheng. According to 3rd Aunt, 3rd Uncle has a close relationship with the old magistrate.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-4

Shao Shang and Lou Yao went to the infirmary to see Cheng Xiao Mei. The little girl’s injuries were severe. The physician said that she might not survive because of her condition.

When Shao Shang saw her, she remembered her past. Shao Shang used to be bullied and feeling helpless because she was alone without a family who protected her. That is why she felt a sympathy towards Cheng Xiao Mei who was alone now. Cheng Xiao Mei was a brave girl. She told Shao Shang that she wanted to keep on living because living was a chance given by her grandfather at the expense of his life.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-5

The hospital was full of injured people. The atmosphere was gloomy because the injured patients were despair. Shao Shang saw a man who lamented about the death of his family members and his lost leg. Shao Shang also saw a traumatized woman. She was abused during the war. Hence, she refused to eat and tried to kill herself because she was afraid her fiancée would abandon her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-6

Shao Shang told the injured people in the hospital, that they should not despair because they could survive at the expense of others’ lives. They should not give up their life. Her sincere words bring spirit to the injured people.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-7

Lou Yao helped Shao Shang with the city account. Shao Shang wanted to help the city build houses, but there wasn’t enough funds. Suddenly, she had an idea after she heard Lou Yao’s words about gaining a reputation. She ran to 3rd Uncle and explained her idea. Shao Shang wanted him to give an appreciation plaque to every person who donated money for the reconstruction. That way, the city will have funds to build houses, and the people who donate will gain a reputation as benevolent people. At first, 3rd Uncle was not convinced. But Shao Shang is a good lobbyist, and he finally agrees with her idea.

Shao Shang’s idea helped the recovery of Hua County. Many people donated money to the city, including an anonymous person who donated the biggest amount of money. That person is General Ling Bu Yi. He wanted to help Shao Shang without giving her trouble. Such a good man indeed, he’ll do anything in the name of love…😍

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-8

Shao Shang helped the house builder. Her knack of engineering helped them build better houses Cheng Xiao Mei was impressed by ShaoShang’s ability to design constructions. When Shao Shang asked her about her dream house, Cheng Xiao Mei said she wanted to build a house with windows, flowers, and butterflies. But she also said that she might not live long enough to see the house.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-9

It’s so sad to see this scene. Cheng Xiao Mei is such an adorable girl. It breaks my heart to hear her desperate words.

Shao Shang started to see the good side of Lou Yao. But she had never learned about feelings between a man and a woman. Therefore, when she said that her father would like him, Lou Yao mistook her words. Lou Yao thought that Shao Shang had the same romantic feeling as him. Third Uncle and Aunt who eavesdrop on their conversation outside, shocked to hear Shao Shang’s words.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-10

In the Palace, the Emperor read a report about Hua County. He praised 3rd Uncle for being a capable official. The Emperor was a sly man. He deliberately raised his voice so Ling Bu Yi, who resting at the side room, heard everything he said. Suddenly, Ling Bu Yi got up and told the Emperor about the good deed of the Old Official Cheng.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-11

He suggested the Emperor to reward him, and he volunteered to personally deliver the edict. Of course, the Emperor understood the hidden meaning even though Ling Bu Yi tried to hide his intention.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 13-12

Meanwhile, Huang Fu Yi was anxious to hear the news about the 3rd Aunt. Yuan Shen Jia was there too when a servant delivered the news. He was shocked when he heard that Shao Shang were among the Cheng Zhi’s caravans.

Episode 14

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-1

Hua County mourns the passing of the late magistrate Cheng. They held the funeral ceremony for Late Magistrate Cheng and his family when Ling Bu Yi came and delivered the edicts.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-2

Other than him, there was some people who also came but not for the funeral. It was Huang Fu Yi and Yuan Shen Jia. Huang Fu Yi was there to see 3rd Aunt, and Yuan Shen Jia as well as Ling Bu Yi was there to see Shao Shang. The three of them had a disappointment expression on their faces. Huang Fu Yi saw how good 3rd Uncle treated 3rd Aunt. Yuan Shen Jia and Ling Bu Yi saw the good relationship between Shao Shang and Lou Yao.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-3

Lou Yao inspired by the late Magistrate Cheng. Hence he decided that he wanted to be an official too. Lou Yao wanted to be a man who cared for the people, who wasn’t a disgrace for his family, and lived up to his name as official. Shao Shang amazed by his word. They talk in an intimate manner, Shao Shang look at him in his eyes.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-4

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-5

And I’m pretty sure General Ling and Yuan Shen Jia could see what I see. They were looking sad.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-6

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Cheng Xiao Mei condition is getting worse. She said her last word to Shao Shang. It was a touching message that said she’ll give her good luck to Shao Shang and wished her to live a happy life. Cheng Xiao Mei passed away shortly after that.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-7

Shao Shang cried in front of her tomb when Lou Yao came and sheltered her from the rain. Shao Shang lamented about her incapability to help everyone. She also said that she despised hands that were tainted with blood. Lou Yao comforts her. He said that Shao Shang was not useless because she helped the Hua County people. Lou Yao said that he admired her and confess to her. Shao Shang accepts his feeling.

Ling Bu Yi overheard them from afar, he was broken-hearted. Especially when he heard that Shao Shang despises the hands that were tainted with blood…😭

Back in the Magistrate Court, 3rd Uncle asked Lou Yao whether he was serious about marrying Shao Shang. Lou Yao said that he and Shao Shang shared the same aspiration and dream. Third Aunt tried to put some sense into him, but 3rd Uncle already accepted Lou Yao as his future nephew-in-law…😅

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-8

A while later, Father Cheng comes to Hua County. Shao Shang was ecstatic until he said that she had gained weight. At the same time, Lou Yao runs to them with food in his arms. Ahahahaha… young ladies in the ancient times were also concerned about their weight, just like us (me) nowadays…😅

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-9

Father Cheng put a scary face in front of him to intimidate Lou Yao. But after Lou Yao praised Shao Shang in front of him, he become much more amiable. Both Cheng family men already accepted Lou Yao as their in-laws.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-10

But not with Mother Cheng. She was furious because Shao Shang didn’t consult her about the hasty engagement. Mother Cheng said to Qin Chong that the Lou family is a deathtrap for Shao Shang, and she didn’t think that this marriage is good.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-11

Mother Cheng was adamant to returned the betrothal gifts from the Lou family. But Old Madam Cheng gave her a hard time by claiming the lavish betrothal gifts. However, Old Madam Cheng is not her opponent, she easily threatens her to give up and send her back to her room…😅

Mother Cheng wanted to refuse the proposal, so she set out to Hua County.

Shao Shang was afraid when she heard the news. She questioned why her mother didn’t agree to accept Lou Yao’s proposal. Third Aunt comforted her but at the same time tried to persuade Shao Shang to re-consider the proposal. Shao Sang said that she only chose the one suitable in front of her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-12

At the Palace, Official Ji Zun brought Fan Chang’s confession. The Emperor wanted to give him a chance on the account of his brotherhood with Fan Chang, but Ling Bu Yi rebuked him. Ling Bu Yi said Fan Chang had plotted to assassinate the Emperor, he must not be forgiven. The Emperor reluctantly agrees with him. From Official Ji, the Emperor heard that Shao Shang’s engagement with Lou Yao. Worriedly, the Emperor looked at Ling Bu Yi because he knew that Ling Bu Yi liked Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-13

Mother Cheng come unexpectedly to Hua County. She came without notice and found Shao Shang playing kite with Lou Yao. The shocked Lou Yao falls from the tree. Shao Shang rushed to him and called him Ah Yao. Mother Cheng scolded Shao Shang for calling Lou Yao by his nickname Ah Yao. The enraged Mother Cheng told Shao Shang and Lou Yao that she strongly opposed their marriage. Shao Shang was disappointed by her mother’s temper.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 14-14

At night, Mother Cheng caught them red-handed for meeting in private.

The angry Mother Cheng scolded Shao Shang. Third Aunt tried to defend Shao Shang, but it was pointless. Mother Cheng questioned Shao Shang about her feeling for Lou Yao. She said Shao Shang didn’t understand the feeling of a husband and wife, Shao Shang defended herself by saying that she didn’t know anything because nobody had taught her before. Her words touch Mother Cheng’s sore spot. The mother-daughter relationship is in a dire strait, again…🤦🏻‍♀️

Episode 15

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-1

Shao Shang always had a unique idea to solve her problems. This time, she wanted to learn about the romantic feeling of husband and wife. Therefore, she told Fu Deng to find some scrolls about love and romance for her. Fu Deng questioned her order because it was improper for a young lady like her to read the genre. But Shao Shang insisted, and Fu Deng must comply.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-2

When the scrolls came, she didn’t dare to read any of them because she thought it was obscene. Lou Yao came to her study and brought her some wine. So the (stupid) Shao Shang and Lou Yao read the scroll together…🤣

I can see why Mother Cheng strongly opposed them. Shao Shang and Lou Yao were too childish to understand romance. They have different ideas about marriage. In their head, marriage is only about companionship.

Third Aunt and Mother Cheng had a conversation about Shao Shang’s matters. It turned out that Mother Cheng was worried because Lou Second Branch (Lou Yao family) was weak and under the oppression of the First Branch. Mother Cheng didn’t want to see Shao Shang walked into suffering.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-3

Third Aunt still tried to put some sense to Mother Cheng because it was not wise to hinder Shao Shang’s marriage. But because Mother Cheng was stubborn, she gave her idea to test Shao Shang’s feelings and sincerity by letting them together.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-4

One day when Shao Shang and Lou Yao travel to a tea plantation, they meet Huang Fu Yi. Shao Shang (who despised him) deliberately talks about how well her 3rd Uncle treats his wife.

Because it was going to rain soon, Huang Fu Yi invited them to go to a pavilion with him. Shao Shang accepts the invitation. Her 3rd Aunt was unwilling to tell her about her love story therefore the curious Shao Shang wanted to know the story from Huang Fu Yi. Such a naughty niece…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-5

At the pavilion, they met old acquaintances, Yuan Shen Jia, and Ling Bu Yi…😁

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-6

Suddenly, Lou Yao told them that he and Shao Shang were in the middle of marriage talks. It shocked them both. Lian Qiu Qi who was delivering medicine bowl accidentally dropped it after he heard the news.

Well… This is a good episode. I wonder if Lou Yao announced the proposal because he knew Yuan Shen Jia and Ling Bu Yi have feelings for Shao Shang, or perhaps he was just too excited to meet his acquaintances and wanted to share the good news. But either way, he was soooooo… muddleheaded…😆

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-7

When thunder strikes, Lou Yao covers Shao Shang’s ear. And I saw vinegar spilled everywhere from Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen Jia 🤣.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-8

Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen Jia ganged up to bully Lou Yao. Ling Bu Yi made him ride a horse under the heavy rain and Yuan Shen Jia pretending to be his elder brother’s classmate and tested his knowledge.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-9

Yuan Shen Jia also taught him to be wary of Shao Shang because she was full of tricks and schemes. Yuan Shen Jia said many bad things about Shao Shang because he hoped it would make Lou Yao withdraw his proposal.

Poor Lou Yao was too naïve to understand the hidden meaning. They are surely jealous of him…🤣 I really like this episode!!

That night, everybody stayed in the courtyard. That place looks ordinary from the outside, but it is very lavish inside.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-10

Dinner time has come. Shao Shang gracefully enters the hall. Lou Yao, Yuan Shen Jia, and Ling Bu Yi were mesmerized by her. Yuan Shen Jia blocked her from sitting next to Lou Yao.

Huang Fu Yi wanted to tell a story to Shao Shang. I’m sure he meant it so Shao Shang would tell her aunt about it.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-11

The story was about a young man (it was him) who was exceptionally gifted (he surely didn’t hold back his choice of word 😏). He had a fiancee (3rd Aunt)who was engaged to him since childhood. When he became famous and sought after, he began to think that his ordinary fiancee was not worthy of him. Therefore he left her for a long seven years.

Third Aunt was a loyal person. Even though Huang Fu Yi left her and her family persuaded her to break off the engagement, 3rd Aunt was still adamant to wait for him. She also takes care of his family and endured bad treatment from her future mother-in-law. All for the sake of Huang Fu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-12

Huang Fu Yi has a bodyguard who is willing to die for him. Before he died, he entrusted his orphaned daughter to him. It was the obligation that ended the relationship.

Huang Fu Yi promised to return on 3rd Aunt’s father’s birthday banquet and marry her. But on the exact day, the orphaned woman tried to kill herself and delay Huang Fu Yi’s return and also his marriage.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-13

Third Aunt waited all day and night in her wedding gow. Huang Fu Yi realized that 3rd Aunt must be overwhelmed with grief, so he tried to persuade her, but it was pointless. Third Aunt still wanted to break off the engagement. So, he waited several days for her to calm down. But who would have thought that when he came again, she was already married to someone else?

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-14

It was funny that Yuan Shen Jia imagined himself as Huang Fu Yi and Shao Shang as 3rd Aunt who was married… to Ling Bu Yi. There was no Lou Yao on the scene. Yuan Shen Jia looks down upon him. For Yuan Shen Jia, only Ling Bu Yi is worthy to be his competitor…😅 poor Ah Yao…

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-15

The story sparked a heated debate between them. But most of them condemned Huang Fu Yi for not choosing his fiancee over orphaned woman.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-16

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 15-17

Later that night, Ling Bu Yi met Shao Shang in the corridor. After a brief discussion about Huang Fu Yi’s story. Ling Bu Yi asked her an important question.” Are you sure that you had choose the right one?”

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  1. About the marriage scene with Ling Buyi, I thought about it too. I mean, it was obvious that Shaoshang is engaged to Ah Yao and Shan Jien is the supposed rival, but why Ling Buyi, right? Maybe Shan Jien, being a genius that he is, already sensed that Ling Buyi desired Shaoshang and finds Buyi to be bigger threath than Ah Yao. This is one of my favorite episodes with the spilled tea in the pavillion and the refused warm cloak.

    • Hi BGM, thank you for the comment.

      Yes, that also came across my mind. Yuan Shen knew that Shao Shang was unique. Her choice of a husband must be extraordinary too. Therefore, the ordinary Ah Yao was out of his prediction. Yuan Shen’s instinct was superb, but he always missed the right time to chase Shao Shang.

      I’m so glad that we have the same opinion about Yuan Shen. Let me know when you had another opinion about them…😉


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