Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 28-30 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 28-30 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

List of Recap:

Part 1

Part 2

Hello readers, this is the Love Like The Galaxy part 2 recap. There were 29 episodes in this part. If the first part of Love Like The Galaxy episode recap tells us more about the people in Cheng Shao Shang’s life, particularly the people in Cheng’s residence. In part 2, we will be acquainted more intimately with the palace and palace people. As always, let’s meet some new characters in these episodes 28-30 recap.

New Characters Appearance

The Wangs, except Wang Lin

Madam Wen Xiu

Madam Wen Xiu was a descendant of the Qian’an royal family from the previous dynasty. She and her younger brother were the only descendants of her father, the late Lord Qian’an. Her grandfather helped Emperor Wen to destroy the remnants of Emperor Li. Meanwhile, her father died during the battle of Gu city.

Love Like The Galaxy - Madam Wen Xiu
Madam Wen Xiu

The army of Lord Qian’an was scattered, and his family declined after his death. Madam Wen Xiu was an arrogant woman who looked down on her husband’s family, the Wang clan. She believed the Qian’an royal family would arise and conquer the world once again.

Wang Chun

Love Like The Galaxy - Wang Chun
Wang Chun

Wang Chun was a Cavalry General. He was an incompetent person, but the Crown Prince had already recruited him as his trusted aide. Although he was a brave man, Wang Chun was submissive to his wife, he rarely contradict her. He also loves and pampered his only daughter, Wang Lin.

The Royals

The 2nd Princess’ Prince Consort and The 5th Prince’s Princess Consort

As the prince Consort of the sensible 2nd Princess, this guy might be a good person who rarely mingled with the palace people. And the 5th Prince’s Princess Consort looked more reliable than her husband…😅

Love Like The Galaxy - The 2nd Princess’ Prince Consort and The 5th Prince’s Princess Consor

Both of them rarely made an appearance, so there were not many thing to say about them. 🤷‍♀️

Episode Recap

Episode 28

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-1

Ling Bu Yi was standing on a balcony when he saw Han Wu chased by masked people. He helped Han Wu fight them. Han Wu asked Ling Bu Yi to leave a man alive for interrogation. But, suddenly, the masked man shot a needle at Han Wu and killed him instantly. Fortunately, Han Wu had already reported that he had found the military physician. The physician told Han Wu that the soldiers who died because of the miasma, in reality, were killed by a sword.

The needle that killed Han Wu was military equipment. Therefore, even though Ling Bu Yi found a new clue, he can not make an open investigation. He must do it in secret and in a very cautious way.

Because Ling Bu Yi was injured during the fight to save Han Wu, the Emperor was worried about him. He thought that Cheng Shao Shang was the one who made him injured. But Noble Consort Yue helped to straighten up his mind.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-2

The next day, Shao Shang was invited to the Palace. She met the 3rd Princess on the way to the main hall. She accused her of seducing Ling Bu Yi, and when she talked back, the 3rd Princess used it as a reason to slap Shao Shang. But Ling Bu Yi came to save her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-3

The 3rd Princess tried to make a reason for him. She called Shao Shang a devious and cunning person. She also brought up the past and said that she regretted her marriage. But Ling Bu Yi cut her words and told the 3rd Princess, that he hated her. This is Ling Bu Yi slapped her without a slap.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-4

Ling Bu Yi also said that he only thought about marriage after he met Shao Shang. He also emphasized that he would only marry Cheng Shao Shang.

In the middle of the road, Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang solved their issues. Ling Bu Yi said no matter what, he would not cancel their marriage, albeit the Emperor punished him. His frown dissipated when Ling Bu Yi heard Shao Shang would not cancel the wedding. He was surprised because Shao Shang was determined to sever their ties back then.

Shao Shang admitted that Ling Bu Yi was genuinely nice to her. She also said that she was not afraid of him. Elated, Ling Bu Yi asserted to Shao Shang that he had treated her as his wife and that everything he had would belong to her too. And in the future, he would do everything he could to protect her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-5

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-6
They were soo cute, can you feel the love is everywhere??

The Emperor called Shao Shang and asked about her plan as General Ling’s wife. Shao Shang was confused because she never thought about it. Before the Emperor asked her another question, Ling Bu Yi came to help her. The Emperor explained to her that Ling Bu Yi was the pillar of the nation. As his wife, Shao Shang must behave cautiously, so others would not mock Ling Bu Yi. Therefore, he orders her to receive an education in Changqiu Palace under the supervision of Empress Xuan.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-7

Suddenly, Shao Shang complains about Wang Lin, Empress Xuan’s niece, because Wang Lin was rude and slandering Shao Shang at Lou’s banquet. Her words stunned everybody at the hall because Wang Lin was Empress Xuan’s niece.

At Wang’s residence, Madam Wen Xiu had a conversation with the envoy of Shouchun about the coin mintage. Her brother wrote her a letter and asked her to beg for the right to mintage coins because he was in a financial crisis.

Madam Wen Xiu was the descendant of Lord Qian’an from the previous dynasty. She and Empress Xuan were cousins. Lord Qian’an took Xuan Shen’an in when her father died. Madam Wen Xiu was arrogant and believed that Empress Xuan was indebted to Lord Qian’an’s family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-9

An apple didn’t fall far from the tree. No wonder Wang Lin always acted arrogantly. Her mother was waaayyy much worse than her…🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

The envoy also brought up about marrying Wang Lin to General Peng Kun. She told Madam Wen Xiu that her family was indebted to General Peng Kun, and they must repay General Peng Kun’s kindness by marrying her daughter to him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-10

Madam Wen Xiu tried to reject the proposal, but when she heard about the benefits for her brother, she decided to accept the proposal and left Wang Lin crying.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-11

Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan decided to let Shao Shang stay at the Palace for some time to receive an education. But Shao Shang was hesitant. Ling Bu Yi helped her to explain to the monarch that it was hard for her to separate from the Cheng family. Therefore, Ling Bu Yi said that the Monarch should just let Shao Shang study at noon and return to her home every day. Ling Bu Yi assured them by telling them that he would be in charge of sending Shao Shang to Changqiu Palace every day. Shao Shang agreed to the arrangement.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-12

To solve Shao Shang’s complaint, Emperor Wen sent Eunuch Cao to deliver a verbal edict to Wang Lin. Madam Wen Xiu refused to kneel when accepting the decree. Eunuch Cao tried to remind her, but she still refused.

Eunuch Cao announced the Emperor’s edict. The Emperor reprimanded Wang Lin because she was arrogant. Her father, Wang Chun, was also punished because he was negligent in disciplining his daughter. Madam Wen Xiu who was angry and felt humiliated slapped Wang Lin in front of Eunuch Cao. She scolded her harshly and almost dragged Wang Lin to the Palace to complain about the edict, but her husband deterred her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 28-14

Episode 29

In the Palace, Empress Xuan took Shao Shang to the Changqiu palace. She had prepared a room for Shao Shang to rest. When Shao Shang protested because she thought it was too much, the Empress answered that she wanted to pamper Shao Shang, and she didn’t want Shao Shang’s parents to worry about their daughter. The Empress provide everything for her, including a long table so Shao Shang could draw a design comfortably.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-1

Shao Shang tried to probe Empress Xuan’s feelings and whether she was angry over her complaint about Wang Lin. But the Empress said she was not angry. The Empress told her that she pitied Shao Shang’s bitter childhood and wanted to treat her better. Empress Xuan told Shao Shang that she also had a similar situation with her and understood how hard it was for Shao Shang to survive under the mistreatment of her grandmother and aunt. Shao Shang was touched to hear that. She kneeled to express her gratitude to the Empress.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-2

This was the starting point of a beautiful relationship between Shao Shang and Empress Xuan. Shao Shang never had a mother figure, and she was the perfect person for her.

At night, Ling Bu Yi takes her for a walk around the Palace. He reveals his understanding of Shao Shang’s complaint earlier. He also asked her opinion about the monarch. Ling Bu Yi told her that she could ask him if she wanted to know about the temperament of the monarch. Ultimately, he asked her whether she wanted to know about him too. Shao Shang comply with his question. Smiling wide, Ling Bu Yi took her hand, and they ran into the Palace wall.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-3

Ling Bu Yi took her to a place where he often go to see the stars. It was the place where he always stayed when he was a child. Ling Bu Yi also loves to see the lights of homes outside the Palace walls. He also expressed his wish to have a home. Shao Shang said it was easy, but Ling Bu Yi said it was not easy for him.

Ling Bu Yi explained that he joined the military because he wanted to repay the Emperor’s kindness. Touched by his words, Shao Shang stared at him because she wanted to see the starlight in his eyes. Ling Bu Yi told her to stand a bit closer so she could see the biggest star in his eyes. It was her.
Right at the moment, the palace guard was on patrol. And in front of them, Ling Bu Yi kissed Shao Shang’s forehead. The kiss scene shocked the palace guards. The cold-blooded General Ling kiss a girl!! They fleed as if their life was at stake… 🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-4

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-5

Aaaaahhhhhhhh… I had to wait for 29 episodes for a kiss scene. I thought I would never see Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang’s intimate scenes. 😍

Back in Cheng’s residence, Shao Shang could not sleep that night. She reminisced about the romantic scene at the palace walls.

Early in the morning, Lian Fang had a hard time to wake her up. Thankfully, a walnut helped her. Shao Shang instantly woke up after she smelled the walnut. Shao Shang praised Lian Fang because she know how to wake her up in a right way, but Lian Fang said that the walnuts were prepared to nourish her brain…🤣

Lian Fang surely knows her better than everyone else.

Liang Qiu Fei protested to Liang Qiu Qi that he had to wake up early in the morning, whereas he had not slept at all because he was accompanying Ling Bu Yi all night. It turned out, that Shao Shang was not the only one who could not sleep at all.

Since then, every day Shao Shang woke up early to go to the Changqiu Palace. She read many scrolls and learned etiquette. It was a hard thing to do for her. Shao Shang never learn anything when she was young, therefore, the lesson was quite hard for her. But Empress Xuan was a really nice to her. She teaches her slowly and never angry when she made mistakes or when she was drowsy behind the scrolls.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-6

The lesson was hard for everybody. Even the mighty Ling Bu Yi fell asleep on his horse 😅.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-7

Sometimes to relieve Shao Shang’s boredom, Empress Xuan asked Shao Shang to solve a puzzle. In return, Shao Shang made many inventions to amuse the Empress.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-8

Madam Wen Xiu and Wang Lin come to Changqiu Palace. They were clamoring outside. Madam Wen Xiu rebuked her and accused her of using her looks to seduce Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang wanted to rebut her, but the Empress stopped her, and tell her to wait outside.

Wang Lin followed Shao Shang to her room. She remarked on her room because she thought it was too modest. Wang Lin told her about the lavish life of Lord Qian’an family and mocked Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan’s frugal life. But, Shao Shang rebuked Wang Lin’s words eloquently. Wang Lin was never her opponent, to begin with…🤣

Madam Wen Xiu said many things to humiliate Empress Xuan. She said that Emperor Wen did not love Empress Xuan. Her son was not capable, her daughter-in-law was wicked, and her daughter lacked virtue. She could only shower her love on an outsider like Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-9

Madam Wen Xiu comes to the palace on her younger brother’s behalf. Junior Lord Qian’an wanted the coin mintage right because right now, he was in a financial crisis. Madam Wen Xiu’s intention was to oppress the Empress to give him the mintage right. The Empress rejected Madam Wen Xiu’s request because she never meddles in state affairs.

Madam Wen Xiu was angry. She never thought that her submissive cousin could reject her request. She accused Empress Xuan of being an ingrate and proud because she was the Empress.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-10

Madam Wen Xiu brings up the past. She reminds the Empress that Madam Wen Xiu’s father, the late Lord Qian’an helped Emperor Wen to destroy the remnants of Emperor Li (the former emperor from the previous dynasty) and died because of this war. When he was alive, Lord Qian’an took Xuan Shen’an in, treated her like his daughter, and even chose a good husband for her. When her husband was enthroned as the Emperor, Xuan Shen’an become the Empress. For this reason, Xuan Shen’an shouldn’t forget all the kindness of the Qian’an royal family and return the kindness, such as granting the coin mintage right.

Empress Xuan was helpless. She let Madam Wen Xiu said many bad things about her. Madam Wen Xiu even throws a candelabra at Empress Xuan. Shao Shang barged in right in time. She shielded the Empress and injured her hand. Shao Shang scolded Madam Wen Xiu for troubling the Empress. But Madam Wen Xiu was unshakeable. She did not fear punishment even though Shao Shang mentioned death as a consequence of disrespecting the royal family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-11

Shao Shang guessed why the late Lord Qian’an didn’t marry his daughter to the Emperor. It must be because he was not sure that Emperor Wen would succeed. But Wang Lin, who was a blabbermouth, reveals the main reason. It turned out that her mother, Madam Wen Xiu, and Emperor Wen, were from the same paternal lineage.

Shao Shang was able to pick up the most important fact from Wang Lin’s words. The Emperor and Madam Wen Xiu were first cousins. Needless to say, they couldn’t marry one another. For this sole reason, the Empress didn’t owe the Qian’an family anything.

Well… We finally know the reason why Madam Wen Xiu oppressed the Empress. She was jealous of her because she wanted to be the Empress too. She often said that she should be the empress instead of Xuan Shen’an. It seemed that deep down inside, Madam Wen Xiu believed that Xuan Shen’an had robbed her husband. What a logical thought! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-12
This is Madam Wen Xiu back in episode 29

Madam Wen Xiu attacked Shao Shang and also Ling Bu Yi to vent her anger. She mocked Ling Bu Yi, saying he was born from an abandoned madwoman. He grew up in the palace, but he was never a prince. Shao Shang speaks up for her fiancee. She said that Ling Bu Yi earnt his accomplishment on the battlefield, not because of the Emperor’s favor. Unlike Madam Wen Xiu who held on to the late Lord Qian’an achievement.

Ling Bu Yi, who stood outside and eavesdropped on the conversation with the Emperor, slightly smiled to hear her words.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-13

Did you hear that, Ling Bu Yi? Your future wife knew what you wanted to hear all this time…😆

When Madam Wen Xiu wanted to slap Shao Shang, Empress Xuan stopped her. The Emperor announces his arrival. Ling Bu Yi hurried to come to Shao Shang and asked about her condition, while the Emperor confirmed everything he heard outside to Madam Wen Xiu.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-14

Ling Bu Yi rebuked Madam Wen Xiu. He told her that the Xuan clan helped Madam Wen Xiu’s grandfather when he was in danger. The late Lord Qian’an repays their kindness by helping and protecting the Xuan clan during the war. The kindness had repaid. Madam Wen should not bring it up all the time.

Madam Wen Xiu said she only wanted the Empress to help her. But the Emperor rebutted her and said that if she had a memorial to be presented, General Wang should be the one who came to the court assembly and presented it. Madam Wen Xiu should not have come to the Empress and oppressed her. Emperor Wen was angry and wanted to punish her. The Empress asked for Ling Bu Yi’s help to prevent the punishment. So Ling Bu Yi asked Madam Wen Xiu to choose between staying and being punished or following his order to leave the palace.

And she chose to leave the palace… It seemed that Madam Wen Xiu was still afraid of being punished by the Emperor.🤣

Madam Wen Xiu and Wang Lin left the Palace. Ling Bu Yi escorted them. Madam Wen Xiu still mocked him as a cold-hearted tactful lapdog.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-15

Ling Bu Yi asked her whether she knew why the late Lord Qian’an died in Gu City. Madam Wen Xiu told him a story that back then, Marquis Yue was one step ahead of her father in sending soldiers to investigate miasma. When Marquis Yue’s men died because of the miasma, the late Lord Qian’an took the risk and led his soldiers to Gu City. He died because of the miasma.

Ling Bu Yi tried to give her hints that there was something wrong with the coin mintage and warned her not to fall into somebody’s trick. He revealed that Marquis Yue was in cahoots with the Xuan clan and reminded her not to believe a one-sided story. But still, Madam Wen Xiu refused to believe his words.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 29-16

Ling Bu Yi told Liang duo to keep their eyes on Marquis Yue.

The 3rd Princess waited for Madam Wen Xiu at the gate only to mock her and tell him that Junior Lord Qian’an was incompetent. Madam Wen Xiu pay her no heed and left the Palace.

Ling Bu Yi watched them from the palace wall.

Wow… The first episodes of Part 2 already reveal political plots. Everything was getting more and more interesting…👏

Episode 30

Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi were in the carriage on their way to Cheng’s residence. He treated her injury and explained about palace people’s tricks. Such as, Madam Wen might throw a candelabra at the Empress, but she will ensure that the candelabra will fall in another direction and not harm the Empress. After all, she was at the Changqiu Palace, the Empress’ territory.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-1

Ling Bu Yi advised Shao Shang not to interfere in a dispute like what happened just then. He explained that the Empress and Madam Wen Xiu don’t need someone like her to protect them. But Shao Shang was resolute to protect the Empress because Shao Shang believes that strong people also need protection. Ling Bu Yi denies her by asking what makes her believe that she also didn’t need his protection. His words made her stunned.

Ling Bu Yi was angry because Shao Shang put herself in a dangerous situation. What would happen to her if he and the Emperor weren’t at the Changqiu Palace? Madam Wen Xiu might beat her to death, and the Empress was too weak to help her.

When Shao Shang walked into the gate of Cheng’s residence, Ling Bu Yi stopped her. He said that he loves her outright attitude and her fearless nature.

Ling Bu Yi also said that he wasn’t a person who would give his heart easily, but when he did, he will never turn back. Therefore, if Shao Shang could not do the same as he did, he would rather take back his heart. Once again, Shao Shang was stunned.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-2

Ling Bu Yi was quite a chatter today.

At a restaurant, the 3rd Princess was drinking with her uncle, Marquis Yue. They talked about Madam Wen Xiu and the coin mintage. Ling Bu Yi’s intuition was proved. The coin mintage was a plot to set up Madam Wen Xiu. Marquis Yue was the man behind the coin mintage right that irked Madam Wen Xiu. He used her because Madam Wen Xiu easily fell into the trick, especially when it involved her brother.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-3

Marquis Yue reveals the plan that he would buy the illegal coin at a low price, and the 3rd Princess can use it inside her fief to avoid the suspicion of illegal minting. He convinced her they would be saved because the one who minted the coin was Junior Lord Qian’an. At most, they would be charged with spending counterfeit money. But he also warned the 3rd Princess to be aware of her mother, Noble Consort Yue, and the 3rd brother because they did not like to bend the rules.

When she called the waiter, Tian Shu, the owner of Tian restaurant, entered the room and gave them a wine called Blooming Flowers. This person was kinda suspicious. He also appeared when Prince Xiao was planning his rebellion back then.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-4

The 3rd Princess nags about the stingy Empress and Ling Bu Yi, who was blind because he chose a rude person like Cheng Shao Shang instead of her.

The next day, Shao Shang went to the palace by herself. Unfortunately, she encountered the 3rd Princess. The 3rd Princess used the opportunity to bully Shao Shang and vent her jealousy. She called Shao Shang greedy because Shao Shang dared to enjoy a fortune that did not belong to her. The 3rd Princess made Shao Shang kneel over a trivial matter and step on her hand.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-5

Suddenly the Crown princess appeared and helped Shao Shang. The 3rd Princess said she was only joking with her before she immediately left.

Oh my god! Just joking? That was a lame excuse. I wanted to slap her head… With the biggest ladle that I could find.😡

The Crown Princess took Shao Shang to her place and treated her injuries. Shao Shang looked disheartened after the incident, and the Crown Princess comforted her. She told Shao Shang the story of the 3rd Princess who fell in love with Ling Bu Yi. She also told her how Ling Bu Yi was bullied by others when he first came to the palace.

Crown Prince tried to persuade Ling Bu Yi to gloss over the matter between him and General Cavalry Wang Chun. However, Ling Bu Yi stated that he didn’t target Wang Chun over personal grudges. In his opinion, General Wang Chun was incapable and did not deserve his position. He also reminded the Crown Prince that state affairs should be his priority. When Ling Bu Yi asked to leave, the Crown Prince stopped him and told him that Shao Shang was in the Eastern Palace.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-6

Ling Bu Yi picked Shao Shang at the Eastern Palace. When he grabs her hand, he found the injuries. Ling Bu Yi took her to the bridge and asked who had hurt her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-7

Shao Shang didn’t want to talk to him. She was angry because of his words last night. But Ling Bu Yi sat her on the wall, so she could not go anywhere.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-8

Ling Bu Yi advised her not to get close to Eastern Palace people. But again, Shao Shang refused to be ordered and asked for a reason. Ling Bu Yi didn’t want to reveal everything yet and only reminded her that the Palace and the people were not as simple as she thought. Moreover, Shao Shang had just entered the palace for a few days. She didn’t know other personalities well.

Ling Bu Yi didn’t want her to be involved in a matter that she shouldn’t be. But Shao Shang was stubborn and refused to do what she was told to do.

Shao Shang’s explanation touched Ling Bu Yi. Shao Shang said that she had to involve in this matter because she was his future wife. That way, she could understand him and know him better. Ling Bu Yi compromised. He would let her do everything she wanted because he would protect her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-9

Noble Consort Yue was having a good time composing something when the 3rd Princess came with a jewelry box. She questioned her daughter’s source of money because the Palace was trying to reduce the expenses, including her pocket money. Even the monarch led a frugal life as an example for the people. How could she buy such expensive jewelry?

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-10

The 3rd Princess said that she was doing some business, but Noble Consort Yue did not believe her answer. She reprimanded the 3rd Princess because she acted like a moneybag who tried to impress others.

When the Princess went to the Fengxian hall, Noble Consort Yue stopped her and reprimanded her again for using a festive dress for General Huo’s death anniversary ceremony. She ordered her to change her dress into a plain one.
Noble Consort Yue was such an outright person. She scolded her daughter as an uncultured person, a moneybag who dressed like a wild chicken instead of a phoenix… 😅

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-11
See?? 😅😅

Shao Shang joined the banquet with Ling Bu Yi. The conversation flowed quite smoothly although the Emperor seemed to be dispirited. Suddenly Princess Ruyang comes and occupies Noble Consort Yue’s chair. As soon as she was seated, Princess Ruyang scolded Shao Shang for making her granddaughter, Princess Yuchang, a nun in Sancai Temple.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-12

Ling Bu Yi denies her words. His marriage was arranged by the Emperor himself and both family had agree. Princess Ruyang reprimanded him again because Shao Shang hadn’t visited Madam Chun Yu as her future mother-in-law. Ling Bu Yi was angry to hear that. Madam Chun Yu was not his mother.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-13

When the dispute was getting heated. Noble Consort Yue appeared and told Princess Ruyang to move from her seat…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-14

While everybody was silent, only Ling Bu Yi and Noble Consort Yue were brave enough to reason with this unreasonable royal aunt.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-15
This monarch used to be dispirited. But after his wife come to handle the distinguished guest, he got the mood to eat 🤣

Noble Consort Yue was in the right mood. She reprimanded everyone, including the 3rd Princess, the 2nd Princess, the Crown Princess, and the 5th Princess. Indirectly, Noble Consort Yue also criticizes the Empress because she was too soft-hearted and lenient to their children. Noble Consort Yue also dragged the Emperor when scolded Princess Ruyang.

Some princesses and consorts leave their seats after Noble Consort Yue hinted at them to leave the room. Some who stayed were Ling Bu Yi, Shao Shang, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, 3rd Prince, and 5th Prince.

Noble Consort Yue tells them the story about the Emperor who went hunting to get some meat and fur for the pregnant First Princess because Princess Ruyang refuse to lend them some money.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-16

When General Huo Chong found him, the Emperor was already turning purple because of the cold. General Huo also provided everything for First Princess during her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she died.

Princess Ruyang wanted to rebuke her words but it was not convincing. She just made it public that she only care for the Emperor because he was the ruler of the country. Back then when the Emperor was nobody, she didn’t like him at all.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-17
When dearest Aunt got nothing to say anymore…😅

Noble Consort Yue told Ling Bu Yi that he was the only descendant of the Huo family. The Emperor and her only wished him to get married and give birth to offspring, so they could burn offerings for the elders. And if someone dares to doubt his fiancee, he should ignore their foolish attempts.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-18

Yep, Princess Ruyang… The foolish part was aimed at you…😂

I thought Noble Consort Yue was such a cruel person. She didn’t look friendly compared to the Empress. She also said mean words to everybody. But in the end, she was there to protect Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang, because she knows that the Emperor was too filial to antagonize his elders and the Empress was too soft-hearted. Noble Consort Yue… I’m sorry and I love you! ❤️

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 30-19
FYI, this is what they eat during the banquet.
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