Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 22-24 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 22-24 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

List of Recap:

Part 1

Part 2

Hola! I bet you were eager to read another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap! These were episodes 22-24 you don’t want to miss. It was super sweet and exciting. But first of all, I would like to explain that, as a non-native Chinese and I only relied on the subtitles, there were some timelines that were different.

In the first episode of this drama, the Chengs were away on the battlefield for 10 years. But in this episode, it turned out to be 15 years. Well, it made sense that they left Shao Shang when she was a baby and returned when she was at a marriageable age, which was 15 years old.

Next, Ling Bu Yi and his mother went missing for a year, but it turned out that they were missing for two years. Then Marquis Cheng Yang married Madam Chun Yu, and after that Huo Jun Hua and Ling Bu Yi returned less than a year after the marriage.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience, dear readers… I hope this will clear up the confusion. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Next, another new character introduction! Let us meet the people from the palace.

New Characters Appearance

Ban Jia

Love Like The Galaxy - Ban Jia
Ban Jia

Ban Jia was the heir of Marquis Ban. He was rarely mentioned in this drama, except for falling in love with Cheng Yang. He was infamous for being lost everywhere he went.

Empress Xuan Shen’an

Love Like The Galaxy - Empress Xuan Shen'an
Empress Xuan Shen’an

Empress Xuan came from the Xuan clan. As an Empress, she is a loving mother, dignified, generous, and magnanimous. She had a special bond with Shao Shang, and Shao Shang also looked up to her as a mother figure and elder. She understood she was not the one the Emperor loved, but Noble Consort Yue. She seemed to be composed, but she kept her emotions suppressed, resulting in deteriorating health.

Noble Consort Yue Heng

Love Like The Galaxy - Noble Consort Yue Heng
Noble Consort Yue Heng

Yue Heng used to be the Emperor’s childhood sweetheart. She was married to the Emperor before the Emperor married Empress Xuan. She is open-minded with vast knowledge, yet she’s not greedy for power. All she wanted was to live a peaceful life. Her relationship with the Emperor was good. She was a straightforward person and always spoke frankly.

Fifth Prince

Love Like The Galaxy - Fifth Prince
Fifth Prince

Unlike his brothers, the Crown Prince and 3rd Prince, the Fifth Prince loves to live freely. He refuses to be burdened by state affairs. As a free-spirited person, he was often scolded because he indulged in love. But nothing escaped from his eyes, including everything that happened inside the palace walls.

Luo Jitong

Love Like The Galaxy - Luo Jitong
Luo Jitong

Luo Jitong was the daughter of Luo Zhu, Colonel Changshui. She appointed as the 5th princess reading partner by the Empress years ago. Since then, she has worked as the Empress’ aide at Changqiu Palace. She loved Ling Bu Yi and wished to be his wife because the Empress used to say that she would have her marry him.

Episode Recap

Episode 22

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-1Deep in the forest, Cheng Shao Gong was doing divination for Shao Shang. It said that Shao Shang would have a good man as her husband. But, a man came running and broke his rock formation. It was Ban Jia, the son of Marquis Ban. When the rock formation changed, it also changed the result. Now, Shao Shang was going to suffer bad luck in love instead.

In the sitting area, Wan Qi Qi was still bickering with Cheng Song, when Wang Lin and Lou Li started to annoy Shao Shang. They said many provocative words to her. A dispirited Shao Shang kept silent while Wan Qi Qi was fuming.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-2

Lou Yao saw her and wanted to help Shao Shang, but He Zhao Jun deterred him and left the area. Lou Yao had to follow suit.

Wan Qi Qi and Wang Lin argued. It was a fierce fight, and they didn’t hold back their words. Wang Lin challenged her to an archery competition. Wan Qi Qi agreed and they went to the arena.

Shao Shang wanted to stop Wan Qi Qi, but she failed. Suddenly, someone sat next to her. He was Yuan Shen, and he criticized her for being subservient. Shao Shang was not in the mood to worry about his words. She immediately left the sitting area, but Yuan Shen tagged along. To shake him off, she called out his name in front of the noble ladies. They went mad and started surrounded him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-3

Ban Jia and Cheng Shao Gong catch a glimpse of Yuan Shen chased by a bunch of girls. Ban Jia suddenly caught sight of Cheng Yang, and he was stunned. Her presence took his breath away. He even composed a poem on the spot. A natural talent indeed!

Shao Shang rode her horse and found an interesting place, the Yanhui Tower. She went inside the tower to explore and inspect the building. Shao Shang climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor. But when she was almost near to the top floor, she accidentally overheard a conversation.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-4

The people talked about the Eastern Palace ( the Crown Prince’s residence). About how Grand Tutor Lou, benefited from Lou Yao’s wedding. At that moment, the Emperor turned a blind eye toward Grand Tutor Lou’s despicable deeds. He suppressed the officials who were born from ordinary backgrounds using the Crown Prince’s influence.

Those people also converse that they could elevate the Emperor’s disappointment towards the Crown Prince, therefore, he would be stripped from his position because of his incompetence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-9

Shao Sang intended to leave the tower when her jade pendant fell. The sound of a falling pendant startles the two, and they chase after her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-5

Shao Shang tried to run as fast as she could. Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth. It was Ling Bu Yi. He dragged her outside the window of the 3rd floor. Both of them rolled around to the edge of the roof where they were hanging down and only relied on Ling Bu Yi’s left arm. General Ling indeed has a strong arm.

Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang jumped in when those people were gone. He asked Shao Shang what she had heard just then. When she was about to answer, he cut her down and told her to forget everything and pretend to never come to the tower. Shao Shang complied with his instructions. She knew that her life was at stake. Therefore, she didn’t even say a word to rebut him. After that, Ling Bu Yi insisted on sending her back because it was not safe for her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-6

Meanwhile, in the arena, Wan Qi Qi and Wang Lin were having an archery competition. Cheng Song acted as the jury, and the royals watched them. But then Wang Lin suddenly directed her arrow at Wan Qi QI’s horse. It started and ran uncontrollably. Cheng Song acted fast in mounting a horse and chasing her. Wang Qi Qi’s horse leads up to a cliff. Cheng Song immediately jumped to save her, and they tumbled down the hill. Cheng Song hurt his leg.

In the forest, Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang walked together. Ling Bu Yi showed half of her jade pendant with her name engraved, which she had left behind in the tower. Ling Bu Yi decided to keep the broken pendant even though Shao Shang disagreed. When Shao Shang tried to grab her pendant, Ling Bu Yi’s right arm was in pain. But, because of the pain, he seems to have an idea inside his brain. Our general surely was a cunning one!

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-7

Back in the camp, the Emperor was angry because of the commotion between the youngsters. He talked about Wan Qi Qi and Wang Lin’s competition, Cheng Song’s injury, and Yuan Shen being chased by girls everywhere he goes. Empress Xuan and Noble Consort Yue tried to calm him down.

But he was too angry to calm down and decided to punish them. But suddenly, Eunuch Cao came and reported that Ling Bu Yi was injured because he had saved Shao Shang. Moreover, Eunuch Cao said that Shao Shang was crying profusely and said she would repay him with her life.

The Emperor’s anger swept away when he heard the news. He even said that he would no longer punish the youngsters and forgive them because it’s common for young people to be impulsive. He went out and immediately asked Cheng Shi to follow him, rendering others to be speechless.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-8

Meanwhile, in Ling Bu Yi’s tent, he trains Shao Shang on how to cry and adjust their story. When the Emperor stepped into the tent, the anxious Shao Shang greeted him clumsily. She never learned about common etiquette, let alone palace etiquette. The Emperor was dissatisfied to see that.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-10

He asked her how she made Ling Bu Yi’s old wound reopen. But Shao Shang who was on tenterhooks kept silent because his questions was not the same with the one Ling Bu Yi taught her. So, Ling Bu Yi answered the question on her behalf. The Emperor also asked her whether she had met Ling Bu Yi before, where she met him, and did she know that Ling Bu Yi was the pillar of the nation. Shao Shang kept silent, and Ling Bu Yi answered all the questions. He even scolded the Emperor for intimidating her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-11

The Emperor knew that he could not question Shao Shang further. That’s why he addressed his intimidating remark to Father Cheng. He told him not to forget Ling Bu Yi’s kindness in saving his daughter and that he should repay the kindness. Father Cheng agreed to do it straight away.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-12
This duo were cute! 🥰

In the Noble Consort Yue’s tent. The Emperor complained about Shao Shang. Noble Consort Yue criticized him for being bitter and sour. The Emperor always worried about Ling Bu Yi’s relationship matters, but being hypocritical after he met the girl that Ling Bu Yi liked. Annoyed by him, Noble Consort Yue drags the Emperor and throws him out of her tent…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-14

The Emperor went to the Empress’ tent to continue his fretting about Ling Bu Yi…🤣

This is the first time we see the Emperor’s interaction with his wives. The Empress was a magnanimous person, while Noble Consort Yue was more open-minded and carefree. It was fun to see them, especially the Emperor and Noble Consort Yue’s interaction.

Father and Mother Cheng discussed Shao Shang’s matter. They decided that they will visit General Ling to express their gratitude.

Yuan Shen, who was in a bad mood, checked on his student’s work. He shows strong dissatisfaction with Wan Qi Qi and Shao Shang’s work of art… 🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-15

He detained Shao Shang to stay in the classroom while the other was permitted to go. It seemed like he was still holding grudges about what happened at Mount Tugao. He talked about Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang’s matters. He criticizes her because he thinks that Shao Shang wants to approach Ling Bu Yi, get married to him and freed from her family’s leash.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-16

His words angered Shao Shang. When things escalated, Cheng Shao Gong informed Shao Shang that Father Cheng wanted her to go with him to the Ling residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 22-17

Aaaahhhh… I saw vinegar spilling over everywhere. Yuan Shen was very jealous of Ling Bu Yi!!😆

Episode 23

The father and daughter arrived at Ling’s residence. Liang Qiu Fei took them to the hall. Both of them were intimidated by the grim surrounding of Ling’s residence. Everything was black and white with only a bit of decoration. Truly a bachelor’s pad, ancient edition…😅

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-1

When Ling Bu Yi arrived, he showed a dissatisfied expression when he saw Father Cheng. Sensing the bad mood, they hurried to express their gratitude and ran out. But when they neared the entrance gate, Liang Qiu Qi stopped them. He showed her the broken pendant as an excuse to call Shao Shang back to the hall and prevent Father Cheng from following her suit. Father Cheng immediately said he needed to go home and say goodbye and good luck to Shao Shang… 😆

It is sooo funny to see this father and daughter fear Ling Bu Yi. Cheng Shi was a general too, but he was also afraid of Ling Bu Yi so he chose to run away and leave Shao Shang alone.

Shao Shang met Ling Bu Yi and asked why he used the pendant to threaten her. Ling Bu Yi asked her whether she was afraid of him that she had to bring her father to visit him. When they conversed harmoniously, suddenly Liang Qiu Fei came and reported that the Crown Prince was coming with Princess Yuchang to visit him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-2

Ling Bu Yi sensed Shao Shang was looking at him, and he gulped… 🤣

Well, this is their conversation.

Ling Bu Yi: “Why did she come here? I didn’t get close to her”. This is Ling Bu Yi convincing Shao Shang that he didn’t have any relationship with any woman, particularly Princess Yuchang.

Liang Qiu Fei: “Doesn’t she come often? Everyone in the capital knows that she adores you ”. This is Liang Qiu Fei being stupid.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-3

(Ling Bu Yi’s brain started spinning fast… “That stupid brat Qiu Fei… how am I going to clear my name right now?” 😡)

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-4

Liang Qiu Fei: “Ah, she doesn’t come that often.” (Damn! I’m in big trouble right now… Did Young Master will skin me alive, or feed me to the lion?”😆)

Shao Shang was going to bid goodbye when the Crown Prince, Princess Yuchang, Wang Lin, and Yuan Shen (Yessss you didn’t read it wrong. It’s Yuan Shen. He was everywhere for sure…😅) entered the hall.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-5

The Crown Prince even said that everybody was worried about him, especially Princess Yuchang, who couldn’t sleep at night. When the Crown Prince asked for her identity, Wang Lin explained to him that Shao Shang had just broken off her betrothal with Lou Yao. Wang Lin asked Shao Sang whether she had come to visit Ling Bu Yi with an ulterior motive. Shao Shang answered that she came to express gratitude because Ling Bu Yi saved her, and if Wang Ling didn’t believe his words, she could ask Ling Bu Yi directly.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-6

But Ling Bu Yi’s answer was like adding fuel to the fire. Wang Lin immediately accused her of using gratitude as a pretext to approach and cling to Ling Bu Yi.

Our Shao Shang was in a combative mode. She quickly rebuts her by reminding her that she was the one who made a bridge collapsed because she wanted to have a closer look at General Ling but ended up falling into the lake. Yuan Shen smiled at her answer.

Finally, Ling Bu Yi helped her by saying that he was the one who invited Shao Shang to come to his residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-7

But Wang Lin still has a bullet in her sleeve. She said that Shao Shang had another private meeting with another man in a secluded place. When Yuan Shen realized the man was him, he promptly explained that Cheng Yang was there too. He was there because he was delivering a message from his master. The angry Shao Shang immediately excused herself. Yuan Shen followed after.

The moody General Ling rebuked Wang Lin for insulting his distinguished guests. He kicked them out in an instant. The Crown Prince regretted Ling Bu Yi’s actions and went after the ladies.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-8

On the outside, he met the 3rd Prince and his uncle. But when they wanted to go inside, the gate was closed. Ling Bu Yi no longer accepted any guests because the physician had come to treat him.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-9

At the hall, Ling Bu Yi accepted a token from the physician. It turned out that the physician was Han Wu, the former herald of the Huo family. Ling Bu Yi asked why he had never shown up for 15 years. He told him that he managed to survive in the Gu City and intended to search for his fellow soldiers and report to the Emperor. But every time Han Wu revealed his identity to a fellow soldier, the soldier died. So Han Wu hid his identity for years.

Back then, Han Wu was not in the city. General Huo sent him to seek reinforcements from the Yue clan and Lord Qian’an. But the Gu City was already wiped out when reinforcements came. They came late because there was a poisonous miasma outside Gu City.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-10

Han Wu said that Marquis Yue dispatched some soldiers to investigate the miasma. But all of the soldiers were dead, and only their horses were alive. His statement made Ling Bu Yi wonder. Was the miasma poisonous? Why did it kill the men but keep the horses living? And the physicians who went to investigate the soldiers’ corpses were missing after the investigation. Han Wu asked permission to seek the physicians, and Ling Bu Yi agreed to his request.

At the palace, the Emperor was angry because he can’t find any opportunity to marry Ling Bu Yi to Cheng Shao Shang. The Empress tries to cool him down by changing the topic by mentioning the 5th Princess who refuses to get married to the heir of Marquis Yue because she wants to live freely just like Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-11

The Empress asked how the Emperor would plan to put Cheng Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi together. Therefore, he called Shao Shang and her parents to enter the palace.

In the carriage, the Chengs discussed the reason for the Emperor’s edict. As usual, Mother Cheng warned Shao Shang about the etiquettes.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-12

When they arrived at Xuanming Hall, Shao Sang strutted happily. The Chengs greeted the Emperor and Empress. Shao Shang’s inelegant greetings dissatisfied the Emperor.

When Shao Shang looked around, the Emperor asked her what made her interested. Shao Shang said that she had never seen a house built so exquisitely, so she was eager to look around. The Empress seemed to like her instantly.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-13

The Emperor mentioned how the Chengs broke off their betrothal out of loyalty. He asked them to come because he wanted to compliment and reward them. Also, the monarch wanted to see Shao Shang. The Emperor called her to come near them and Shao Shang stood up carrying her seat, so she could sit near the monarch.

The monarch asked her a few questions and Shao Shang answered their questions well. Even when the answers were slightly off, the monarch could see how smart and honest she was and praised her. In the end, the monarch invited the Chengs to have lunch with them. Shao Shang was happy because they treated her well.

The Empress invited Shao Shang to the side hall of Changqiu Palace. She eagerly examines the tables and the surroundings. She was impressed by the columns and the construction. Suddenly, she heard a commotion in the Empress’s room. It was the 5th Princess who barged in and protested about her marriage.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-14

The 5th Princess protested to the Empress because she felt it was unfair for her to be married to the heir of the Yue Clan. He was a good-for-nothing man. She conveyed her dissatisfaction rudely. She even said that Noble Consort Yue was the real empress in the palace because the Emperor only had his eyes on her. The Empress reprimanded her for those words and also her habit of gathering aides at her palace. A princess should not be involved in state affairs, and those aides gave her bad influence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-15

At Yongle Palace, where Noble Consort Yue resides, the 3rd Princess was laughing at the 5th princess who looked flustered when she entered Changqiu palace. Noble Consort Yue was a frank and straightforward person. She even told her daughter that she had an ugly personality and that if Ling Bu Yi liked her, the Emperor would not worry about him because there would be many women who were qualified to marry him. Yep, the 3rd Princess is also one of Ling Bu Yi’s admirers…😆

The 3rd Princess tried to provoke her mother, but she was scolded for sowing discord between Noble Consort Yue and the Empress. Noble Consort Yue only wants to live a quiet life. She forbade her to make a problem for her.

The Empress’ anger escalated because the 5th Princess accused Ling Bu Yi of being her father’s illegitimate child. Her insolent words made the Empress threaten to punish her, but the 5th Princess refused to give in.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 23-16

The 5th Princess saw Shao Shang. She called her a lowly servant and scolded her for eavesdropping. Shao Shang was almost punished by the 5th Princess when Luo Jitong, one of the Empress’s aides, came to help her. For the first time, Shao Shang found out the scary side of the royals.

Episode 24

Fifth Princess releases Shao Shang because of Luo Jitong’s words. Shao Shang asked Luo Jitong why the 5th princess was unruly. Luo Jitong explained that the 5th Princess was born when the country was peaceful. Therefore, she lived a lavish lifestyle, unlike her siblings.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-1

In the hall, everybody was seated before her. The Crown Princess, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Princess, and Princess Yuchang were there. Even Wang Lin was invited too because she was the Empress’s niece. Wang Lin mocked Shao Shang’s lowly status. But of course, Shao Shang rebuts her, resulting in Wang Lin being reprimanded by the 3rd Princess. This sparked an argument between the 3rd and 5th Princess. Well, even without Shao Shang they would have an argumentation anyhow. They were nemesis, remember?🤪

The 5th Princess recognized Shao Shang as the one who was at the Changqiu palace. She still held her grudge against her and scolded her for eating pancakes before the banquet started. Wang Lin uses this opportunity to mock her because of her lack of upbringing. But Shao Shang was not one to be trifled. She used the pancake as a reason to rebuke her before excusing herself out of the hall.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-2

But, the 5th Princess is the one who holds grudges. She was already waiting for an opportunity to punish her. She made the maidservant throw Shao Shang’s shoe and when she was going to take her shoe, the maidservant shoved her. Luo Jitong saw her from afar and did nothing. When Shao Shang was without her shoes, another maidservant threw jugs near her so the shards scattered around her. Another maid kicked her so she almost fell before a pair of hands helped her.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-3

It was Ling Bu Yi. He came at the right time and carried her in a bridal carry (I didn’t like this phrase, but I have to write it down anyway because I couldn’t find the synonym for this except princess carry, which I avoid using…🙅🏻‍♀️).

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-4

The sight of Ling Bu Yi holding a girl in his arms made everyone stunned. Ling Bu Yi helped her put on her shoes. He also took her hand and cleared her way to the hall.

Ling Bu Yi vents her anger toward the 3rd and 5th Princess by congratulating them on their marriages. He clearly showed that he was looking down at them. Luo Jitong’s maid questioned why Shao Shang seemed to be close to Ling Bu Yi. It turned out that the Empress used to talk about marrying her to Ling Bu Yi before. Luo Jitong reprimanded her for gossiping about others, whilst she looked upset after seeing the whole scene.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-5

Ling Bu Yi held her hand and took her to his seat while the royals looked at them. All the princes were looking at her in wonder. The 3rd Prince scolded the Crown Prince for letting a woman sit casually next to her. But the Crown Prince defend her because she was brought there by Ling Bu Yi himself.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-6

The 5th Prince, the flirtatious one, asked her and even told her that he wanted to take her as his concubine because she was pretty. Ling Bu Yi stood up for Shao Shang and tell the 5th Prince that he had already set his eyes on her and intended to marry her. Shao Shang was shocked that she choked (aaahh… my first rhyme).

This episode really got me glued to my iPad. Finally, Our Ling Bu Yi openly announced his intention toward Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-7

The monarch, General Wan, and the Chengs were there. Father and Mother Cheng were shocked to see her seated next to Ling Bu Yi. They were even more shocked when Ling Bu Yi suddenly kowtowed and asked the Emperor to help him propose to Cheng Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-8

This request elated the monarch, but not the Chengs. They worriedly looked at each other. Father Cheng almost said yes when the Emperor asked him about the marriage. But suddenly Mother Cheng said that the marriage should not happen because Shao Shang lacked an upbringing and it made her unworthy of the great General Ling. A look of disbelief shown on Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang’s faces. But Princess Yuchang was smiling ear to ear.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-9

Mother Cheng tried to convince the Emperor by saying that Shao Shang had bad behavior, bad at studying, and had no virtue. She even said she would not allow such a woman to marry into the Cheng family. Shao Shang hurted by her mother’s words. She looked downhearted when Mother Cheng said that she would agree to the marriage arrangement if it was for another young lady from the Cheng family (she means Cheng Yang) and not Shao Shang.

Oh my gosh… Madam, are you going to rob your own daughter’s marriage in front of the monarch? My heart was bleeding for Shao Shang. I cannot believe that a mother would say such words to her own daughter…😭

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-10

The Emperor asked Shao Shang whether her mother’s words were true or not. Sadly, Shao Shang said that all of them were true and because even her mother looked down on her, so she was not worthy of being Ling Bu Yi’s wife.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-11

Who would have known that the 3rd prince who always had a bad relationship with Ling Bu Yi spoke for her? The Crown Prince also asked Father Cheng to reconsider his action.

The rejection from Father and Mother Cheng caused the Emperor’s anger. To help her parents, Shao Shang asked the Emperor to forgive her parents because Ling Bu Yi’s sudden proposal caught them by surprise. Shao Shang said that because her mother had told him the truth about her, she asked whether Ling Bu Yi would still consider her to be his future wife.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-12

Ling Bu Yi’s answer made me cry… Ling Bu Yi said he would still choose her, because, in his eyes, Cheng Shao Shang was the best lady in the world.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-13

Shao Shang was the only one who could walk side by side with him, and he would only marry her in his life. Shao Shang, who always felt inferior, was stunned by his words.

The Emperor was happy to hear his words and asked Shao Shang to decide this matter by herself. She didn’t have to ask for her parents’ decisions.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-14

Shao Shang answered that she was willing to marry him.🎊🎉

Her answer stunned her parents, especially her mother. The 3rd prince slightly smiled at her answer. Princess Yuchang fainted on the spot…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-15

At Cheng’s residence. Mother Cheng was fuming and told Shao Shang to kneel before screaming at her because Shao Shang acted mightily and agreed to marriage without fear in front of the monarch. Father Cheng tried to calm her down. Shao Shang rebutted her and said she can not defy the imperial order. She even asked whether Mother Cheng was dissatisfied with her future husband (Lou Yao and Ling Bu Yi) or herself. Father Cheng acted as mediator and told Shao Shang that they did not want her to marry Ling Bu Yi because of his complicated family situation. And they did not want her to suffer.

It turned out that when Ling Bu Yi and her mother went missing after the Gu City massacre, Marquis Cheng Yang married Huo Jun Hua’s cousin, Madam Chun Yu. But when Ling Bu Yi and her mother reappeared two years later, Marquis Cheng Yang could not divorce Madam Chun Yu because she was close to Old Princess Ru Yang or Princess Yuchang’s grandmother. The complicated and cunning people of the Ling family scared Mother and Father Cheng.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-16

At Princess Ru Yang’s residence, Madam Chun Yu presented a nuwa statue made from gold to her. They were reminiscing the past when Princess Yuchang barged in wailing about her being a joke in the capital because Ling Bu Yi proposed to Shao Shang. Madam Chun Yu calmed her down by saying that she and her husband did not agree to the engagement and would talk about it with Ling Bu Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-17

Father and Mother Cheng still tried to reason with Shao Shang. But Shao Shang said that today, her mother condemned her until she was worthless. But Shao Shang still had her pride and wanted to live with dignity. What’s more, she didn’t have any choice because the rejection would implicate their family.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-18

She asked her mother if the one who was granted marriage was Cheng Yang, would she humiliate her just like she did today? But her mother said that she wouldn’t be this worried if it was Cheng Yang. Shao Shang was disheartened. She told them that she would rather live unhappily than implicate her family.

Shao Shang also said that she would take the responsibility for her marriage alone and Mother Cheng, who was angry, told her that she also wouldn’t be involved in her matter anymore.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 24-19

Ah.. that stubborn mother and daughter!

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