Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 47-48 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 47-48 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 2

Dear readers, another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you… This episode 47 and 48 was so intense (and a very long recap too). I’m having a hard time writing it. Everything started to escalate. Ling Bu Yi’s revenge and also his relationship with Shao Shang were at stake. Many tears and silent cry this time. Without further ado, let’s start!!

Episode Recap

Episode 47

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-1

Ling Bu Yi still torturing Peng Kun when Yuan Shen showed up at the Northern Army Prison and stopped Ling Bu Yi from pouring hot oil into Peng Kun’s throat. Yuan Shen warned Ling Bu Yi that he should not interrogate Peng Kun in private because it was against the law.

When Ling Bu Yi insisted that he was doing the right thing for the right reason, Yuan Shen reminded him about his upcoming marriage with Cheng Shao Shang. Yuan Shen said that Ling Bu Yi must be prudent with his action. If he keep creating trouble for her, Yuan Shen did not mind taking his place as the groom. Yuan Shen left the prison afterward.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-2

Meanwhile, in Chongde Hall, the Emperor summoned Cheng Shao Shang regarding her dispute with Wang Lin. The Crown Prince, the 3rd Prince, Marquis Chengyang, and Minister Zou were present too. Minister Zou blamed Shao Shang for hurting Wang Lin and her unborn baby. He also protested that while Wang Lin was bullied by Shao Shang, her husband, Peng Kun, was tortured by Ling Bu Yi.

Cheng Shao Shang and the 3rd Prince stood up for Ling Bu Yi and berated Minister Zuo. On the contrary, the Crown Prince was defending Minister Zuo. He said that there must be a misunderstanding between Minister Zuo and Ling Bu Yi. The 3rd Prince snapped at his words.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-3

The Emperor stopped the argument and switched his attention to Shao Shang. He asked what she had done to Wang Lin. Shao Shang admitted that she gagged Wang Lin because she was annoyed by her. Wang Lin kept siding with Peng Kun and vilifying Ling Bu Yi. Minister Zuo rebuked her words and Shao Shang snapped back at him. Minister Zuo called her presumptuous and disrespectful to an official. Ling Bu Yi, who suddenly showed up, spoke that Minister Zuo seemed not to have enough beating for troubling his fiancee 😅

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-4

Minister Zuo kept protesting how Ling Bu Yi took Peng Kun and tortured him privately. Shao Shang rebuked him and stated that Peng Kun’s mistake was not only treason but also related to the Gu City’s case. Ling Bu Yi and the Emperor appeared surprised by her words. But they were not the only ones who responded to Shao Shang’s words. Marquis Chengyang also made an uncomfortable gesture.

The Emperor asked her what information she had. Shao Shang revealed what Wang Lin told her Peng Kun made a desperate move because he knew that his secret of killing Lord Qian’an and his involvement in the Gu city’s case can not be hidden anymore. However, back then, Peng Kun was only a deputy general. He would not dare to plot against a general.

Therefore, he got help from someone else, the real mastermind behind all the troubles. Over the years, Peng Kun always communicated with someone from the capital. This mystery man was likely to be the real mastermind of the Gu city case. Shao Shang concluded that the reason why Ling Bu Yi took Peng Kun to the Northern Army Prison was to find out the person.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-5

Marquis Chengyang spoke that nevertheless, Ling Bu Yi was the victim of the Gu city case. He should be handed over to the Ministry of Justice. Ling Bu Yi rebuked that because he was the victim, he should be investigating the case. The Emperor decided that Ling Bu Yi together with the Ministry of Justice would handle the case under the supervision of the 3rd Prince.

Cheng Shao Shang, who is actually a soft-hearted person, pleads to the Emperor to spare Wang Lin. She said that Peng Kun was afraid to implicate his wife and unborn child. If the Emperor could spare Wang Lin and his child, she was sure that Peng Kun would confess. The Emperor agreed with her suggestion.

All this time during the discussion, Marquis Chengyang keep quiet and lowered his eyes. Outside the Chongde Hall, he called for the Crown Prince and asked him a favor.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-6

Shao Shang darted away as if she was avoiding Ling Bu Yi. He had to pull her arm to stop her. Ling Bu Yi asked her what Wang Lin had told her. Shao Shang looked him in the eyes and asked Ling Bu Yi if it was the truth that to make Marquis Yue give himself away, he let Marquis Yue collude with Liang Xia to kill Liang Shang and frame the Crown Prince.

Ling Bu Yi also let Madam Wen Xiu fall into Marquis Yue’s trap of coin mining and never planned to tell the Empress about it because he wanted the Emperor to be dissatisfied with the Empress and the Crown Prince. Ling Bu Yi also used the 5th Princess case as a trigger for Marquis Yue so he would make a move toward the Eastern Palace.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-7

Shao Shang was angry because everybody, including her, thought that Ling Bu Yi did everything for her sake. But in reality, she was merely a cover for him. Shao Shang stated that she did not want to be called as the root of his doing because she could not bear the accusation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-8

Ling Bu Yi stayed silent the whole time. He did not deny anything she said. He started to talk when Shao Shang walked away.

Ling Bu Yi said that the Crown Prince could not do anything. The officials dislike his incompetence and foolishness. He easily persuaded and valued incompetent people such as Wang Chun and Grand Tutor Lou. If this situation continues, it will bring disaster to the country. And if they did not remove the incompetent officials, they could not build a great nation.

Ling Bu Yi said that he did not want Shao Shang to misunderstand him. Shao Shang snapped that she had never misunderstood him. She only wanted to know the truth. She wanted to know how he pretended nothing happened in front of the Empress and the Crown Prince while behind them, he plotted everyone.

Ling Bu Yi claimed that he only plotted against people who were not worthy of their position and deserved punishment. However, everything he had done for her came from the bottom of his heart.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-9

Shao Shang looked him in the eyes and said they would be married soon, but she did not know anything about him. She asked him whether he had any important things that he had not told her yet. Shao Shang reassured him that she would believe everything he said. Ling Bu Yi almost spilled his secret when a eunuch from Eastern Palace came and told him that the Crown Prince wanted to meet him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-10

Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi could not continue their conversation, so she told him to go. She was disappointed by him that she cried.

Poor Shao Shang… I could feel her frustration…😟

The Crown Prince and Marquis Chengyang waited for Ling Bu Yi to have lunch together at Eastern Palace.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-11

But Ling Bu Yi did not want to stay, so he excused himself because he had a case to handle. Marquis Chengyang asked him whether Peng Kun’s case was very important that he forego his meal. However, Ling Bu Yi asked Marquis Chengyang why the Marquis was so nervous about him handling Peng Kun’s case. The Marquis even used all means to stall him from investigating the case.

Marquis Chengyang answered calmly that he only cared about Ling Bu Yi and did not want him to ruin his health. Ling Bu Yi sneered that he did not need those pretentious words nor had time to pretend that the Marquis was a good father. The Marquis could keep those words for Madam Chunyu. Ling Bu Yi left afterward. Marquis Chengyang only saw him with a calm expression.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-12

The next day, when Wang Lin came to her husband’s cell, Peng Kun was dead. He had an asthma attack and since no one was there, he did not get the treatment on time. Marquis Chengyang who came with the Crown Prince said that Peng Kun’s death was obviously retribution because he killed Lord Qian’an and it lead to the breach of Gu City. After Peng Kun’s death, he hoped that Ling Bu Yi could finally be at ease and stop worrying about irrelevant things.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-13

Marquis Chengyang’s words sparked anger in him. Ling Bu Yi grab Marquis Chengyang’s collar and shouted, asking him if he was the one who killed Peng Kun. The Crown Prince calmed him down but failed. Ling Bu Yi left in anger.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-14

Ling Bu Yi got drunk that night. It was a rainy night, but Ling Bu Yi refused to use any umbrella and drive away the worried Liang duo. Ling Bu Yi vented his anger and frustration into wine barrels and screamed under the heavy rain.

Shao Shang watched him in silence. She approached the frustrated Ling Bu Yi and comforted him. Ling Bu Yi lamented that he could not do anything. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw people drenched in blood. They asked him why he didn’t avenge them. He endured the nightmare for more than ten years. Now everything has gone, and he has no way out.

Our general cried in sorrow.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-15

Ling Bu Yi asked Shao Shang whether she still wanted to be with him. Shao Shang reassured him that whatever happened, she would help him and stand by his side. Ling Bu Yi almost said something about his name. However, Liang Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi duo interrupted him with an urgent report, Huo Junhua was dying.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-16

When Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang arrived at Huo Junhua’s room, Marquis Cui was already there. Huo Junhua called for Ling Bu Yi. In a determined expression, she told her son not to forget their revenge.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-17

Ling Bu Yi promised that he never forget and would avenge them. Huo Junhua was relieved to hear his word. She called for Li and breathed her last breath. Ling Bu Yi with a determined expression whispered that she did not have to worry.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-18

It was such a sad night for Ling Bu Yi…😭

Ling Bu Yi held a vigil before his mother’s coffin. Shao Shang came with a bowl of medicine and told him to rest because he had not slept all night. Ling Bu Yi refused, he said that he had prepared for this day to come.

Shao Shang asked him what he was going to tell her last night. However, Ling Bu Yi did not say a word. She reassured him that she would not stop him from doing whatever he wanted. Ling Bu Yi looked at her and asked whether her feeling would be the same if someday he did something that shook the world. Shao Shang responded to his question with an oath.

In front of Ling Bu Yi’s mother’s coffin, Shao Shang vowed that she would always love him, never leave him, and never betray him for the rest of her life. She would never forsake him if he never left her. And she would never regret her oath.

Shao Shang offered Ling Bu Yi to form a bond with a bite. Ling Bu Yi did not say anything, but he offered her his arm. Shao Shang bit his arm as hard as she could to leave a mark on his hand. Ling Bu Yi also did the same with her arm. Shao Shang said that the pain from the bite will link their hearts.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-19

She asked him again, if he had anything to tell her. Ling Bu Yi looked at her and said no. Shao Shang stared at him with a complicated feeling. Even after her oath, Ling Bu Yi still refused to tell his secret.

There was a commotion outside. Marquis Cui argued with Marquis Chengyang and Madam Chunyu. They come to invite Ling Bu Yi and Huo Junhua to Ling Yi’s 50th birthday banquet in the next seven days. But unexpectedly, Huo Junhua passed away. Marquis Chengyang decided to cancel the banquet despite Madam Chunyu’s protest.

It was not proper to hold a banquet in a mourning situation. However, Ling Bu Yi did not agree with him. He said that if Marquis Chengyang had already arranged the banquet then he should proceed with the plan. On his birthday, Ling Bu Yi would come with a present from him and his mother.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 47-20

Episode 48

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-1

Madam Chunyu helped her husband, Marquis Chengyang, with his robe. She grumbled about Ling Bu Yi who choose to be called a disloyal child rather than come home. She wondered what had changed his mind. Ling Yi said that all these years, Huo Junhua obstructed his relationship with his son, Ling Bu Yi. Her heart was cruel, and it was a good thing that she finally died. As long as she was alive Ling Bu Yi would never acknowledge him as his father.

Ling Yi said that he had waited this day to come for 15 years. He shall not let anyone sow discord between him and his son. Madam Chunyu hesitated and told him that Ling Bu Yi’s stare was scary. She wondered if Huo Junhua had told Ling Bu Yi the truth about what Ling Yi had done to the Huo family back then.

Before she finished her words, Ling Yi slapped her hard. He strangled her and warned her that he did nothing to the Huo Family. She must watch her words. If she dared to spout nonsense again, he would kill her with his hands.

Madam Chunyu stared at the Nuwa statue before holding it. She whispered that she had been taking care of Ling Yi for years. However, he never considered their relationship. When he insisted on marrying her, she did not mind being mocked by others. However, Ling Yi should not bully her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-2

Because of him, she lost her baby. But all he cared about was his son, Ling Bu Yi. Therefore, she would let them reunite. She would find another way out for herself.

It took me forever to realize that all this time, Madam Chunyu was happy that Ling Bu Yi hated his father. She never really wanted their relationship to be better. And Ling Yi actually understands her feeling about his relationship with Ling Bu Yi. What do you think, dear readers? Do you agree with me? 🤔

Shao Shang prepared to leave Changqiu Palace. Her wedding is around the corner and she should return to her home. The Emperor issued a decree so she could complete her wedding to Ling Bu Yi before the mourning period ended.

If she waited until after the mourning period ended, she must postpone the wedding for three years. The Empress said that the Emperor did not want to wait that long. However, she must keep her wedding low-key because of that. Even so, the Empress still prepared many dowries for her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-3

Shao Shang was gloomy and kept looking at the gate. The Empress teased her that Ling Bu Yi would not come today. The bride should not meet the groom before the wedding because it would bring bad luck. After the wedding, they’ll live together and she would be able to see him whenever she wanted. Shao Shang bid farewell and entered the sedan.

Suddenly Ling Bu Yi appeared to send her off. Shao Shang told him that they should stop seeing each other for a while. She would be waiting for him to pick her up on their wedding day. Ling Bu Yi stared at her but he keep silent the whole time. Shao Shang asked him again if there were something that he wanted to tell her. But, they are always interrupted by others.

This time, it was the Empress who reminded Ling Bu Yi to be patient because they should not see each other for a while and told Shao Shang to go. Shao Shang hesitated before she enter the sedan. She felt sad because Ling Bu Yi still did not tell her anything. Ling Bu Yi sends her off with a heavy expression.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-4

A day before the wedding. There was hustle and bustle in Shao Shang’s room. Cheng Yang, Lianfang, and Qing Cong enthusiastically helped Shao Shang try her wedding attire, including the wedding crown. All of her wedding attire was prepared by the Empress. Cheng Yang told Shao Shang that her mother had prepared a wedding gown for her, but it was too bad because Shao Shang would not get to wear it.

Shao Shang smiled at her and said that Cheng Yang should wear the gown on her wedding day. Cheng Yang refused because the gown was specially prepared for her. Shao Shang explained that during her stay at the Palace, Cheng Yang had to take care of their family. The wedding gown was Shao Shang’s gratitude for her.

Shao Shang praised Cheng Yang because she was capable and humble. She understood why Mother Cheng was so fond of Cheng Yang. Shao Shang added that this was the best arrangement for all of them. With Cheng Yang beside her, Mother Cheng would not feel sad if she lost a daughter.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-5

Cheng Yang questioned why Shao Shang mentioned sad things like that. Shao Shang explained that after a wedding, a daughter would belong to her husband. If something happened to her husband, she would not be able to come home.

Outside her room, Father Cheng was sobbing. He was so sad that his daughter would be married so soon. Mother Cheng scolded him because he was crying so loud. He was sad because he had to entrust Shao Shang to a brat named Ling Bu Yi…😅

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-6

Mother Cheng told him to stop crying and save his tears for the wedding. By that time, he could cry before Ling Bu Yi. Father Cheng stopped his crying in an instant. He said that he did not dare to do that and it would be embarrassing to cry before the guests…🤣

Mother Cheng said that everything Shao Shang said in her room sounded like a farewell speech. Father Cheng comforted her. If Mother Cheng missed Shao Shang, she could call her to return home whenever she wanted.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-7

Ling Bu Yi attended the birthday banquet at marquis Chengyang’s residence. He was accompanied only by Liang Qiu Fei and Liang Qiu Qi. Ling Bu Yi entered the banquet hall that was filled with guests. However, the atmosphere was not right. Everyone’s expression was stiff.

Ling Bu Yi presented his gifts. Two big boxes that Marquis Chengyang accepted with a smile. When he opened the first box, it was filled with strings of coins. While the other box contained a severed head. It was the head of the gardener who worked at the back garden of The Ministry Of Justice. Marquis Chengyang was surprised. He asked Ling Bu Yi what he meant by giving him that kind of gift.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-8

Ling Bu Yi responded that Marquis Chengyang should recognize the gardener because he was the one who sent him 30,000 qian as a change for a small job of blowing petals into Peng Kun’s cell. Peng Kun was allergic to flowers.

The petals make him have an asthma attack that led to his death. Furthermore, Ling Bu Yi asked him whether he was satisfied with the gifts. Or else, he would give him another gift: his death. A gift on behalf of the people who died at Gu city.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-9

At the Cheng’s residence, Shao Shang who seemed to already had a bad premonition asked Fu Deng to deliver gifts to the Marquis Chengyang. Everybody seemed confused about her request.

Marquis Chengyang asked Ling Bu Yi whether he was there to kill him. He told Ling Bu Yi that for the past 10 years, he felt like he was raising someone else’s child. Ling Bu Yi did not share the same beliefs with him and always prioritized the Huo family. Ling Yi reminded Ling Bu Yi that he should look into the ancestral tablet and see whether his surname was Ling or Huo.

Ling Bu Yi asked Ling Yi did he really wanted to know the truth. Of course, Ling Yi wanted to know the truth. He said that if Ling Bu Yi did want to kill him, he preferred to die knowing the truth. But Ling Bu Yi yelled that he refused to tell him the truth. All of a sudden, every guest who was present drew their swords. It turned out that they were not guests but armed guards disguised as guests.

Ling Bu Yi and the Liang duo stayed calm. Ling Yi said that ever since Ling Bu Yi and Huo Junhua returned to the capital, they were reluctant to meet him. People condemned Ling Bu Yi as a disloyal son. However, Ling Yi never thought that way. Ling Yi said that he understood that Ling Bu Yi was throwing tantrum. Because how could be many grudges between them, father and son? He believed that Ling Bu Yi did not really mean to kill him that night. Ling Bu Yi smirked at his words

Ling Yi stood up and drew his sword. He said that he had lived a long life. He knew how to prepare his way out. As a person who had been through many battles, he would not underestimate his enemy, including his son. Ling Yi asked him once again if Ling Bu Yi would tell him the truth. Ling Bu Yi still refused. He stated that when Ling Yi reached the underworld, the Huo family would explain it to him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-10

It seemed that Ling Yi realized that Ling Bu Yi already knew his secret. Therefore, he was fully prepared for a battle.

Fu Deng come and reported that on the way to the Chengyang residence, he was stopped by the residence’s guards. They said that only people with invitation cards could come to the banquet. And the atmosphere of the marquis Chengyang residence seemed odd. They were having a banquet, but there were no music or firecrackers. Fu Deng had no choice but to return. Tears rolled down Shao Shang’s eyes. She said that she had guessed it right.

Ling Bu Yi drew swords that he hide under his heavy cloak. He gave them to the Liang duo so the three of them were armed. The Ling residence’s guards who stood outside the hall were ready with their swords. They swarmed into the hall and locked the door. The battle started inside the banquet hall. It was the three of them against many. Ling Bu Yi pointed his sword at Ling Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-11

Shao Shang touched the wedding crown and stare at the bite mark. Meanwhile, the fight started at the Marquis Chengyang’s residence. The window was red because of the blood splatter. That was not an ordinary fight. It was a bloodbath.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-12

Shao Shang, in a red dress, walked to the front entrance of the Cheng residence. Her family already waited there. Father Cheng asked her where would she go. Mother Cheng said that the army was deployed, and they had a curfew. Shao Shang answered that she had to go somewhere because Ling Bu Yi was in trouble. She needed to be there that night.Father Cheng said that if Ling Bu Yi did something against the law, she should send men to the Palace right now, there was no need for her to risk herself.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-13

Shao Shang answered that this is about Ling Bu Yi and she could not just stand back and watch. Mother Cheng reassured her that however big the problem was, the Emperor would take care of it. However, Shao Shang added that although she was powerless and might not be able to change anything, she would try her best because they only lived once.

Our dear Shao Shang was determined to save her loved one.

Shao Shang rode her horse in the middle of the night, and behind her was the Cheng family in full force. They also take their servants and guards with them. They come to help her and they do it for her sake.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-14

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-15

I really love this family…🥰

The Marquis Chengyang’s guard stopped her, but her parents opened the way for her. Shao Shang looked at them with teary eyes. The Cheng family proved to be loyal to each other. They had each other’s back. Shao Shang rode her horse straight to the Marquis Chengyang’s residence.

In the hall, bodies were strewn all over the place, blood was everywhere. It’s a gory sight that proves how bad the fight was. Ling Yi was badly injured. But there was someone who was still able to stand. It was Ling Bu Yi.

Ling Yi asked Ling Bu Yi whether the Emperor knew about what he was doing. He reminded Ling Bu Yi that he was his son. What would the Emperor do to Ling Bu Yi if he killed his own father. He also questioned whether Ling Bu Yi was not afraid others would judge him when they knew about this.

Ling Bu Yi looked at Ling Yi and asked did he referred to Li, his brother. All this time, Ling Yi has mistaken him for Li.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-16

Ling Bu Yi growled that Ling Yi had killed Li a long time ago. It was Ling Yi who opened the city gate and let the enemy enter the city. It also Ling Yi who hung Li at the city gate. Ling Bu Yi asked him the last question, “Have you forgotten about all that, Uncle?”

The realization hit Ling Yi, hard. He could not believe it. He asked how Ling Bu Yi found out the secret. Ling Bu Yi replied that he also knew that Ling Yi was the one who killed his father. And since the day he came to the capital, Ling Bu Yi decided to kill Ling Yi.

Ling Yi pointed his sword at Ling Bu Yi. The marquis threatened that he was listed on the record as his son. If Ling Bu Yi killed him, his life would end too. Ling Bu Yi only laughed at his threat and walked to him. He hissed that he took one step at a time to get to where he was to avenge the Huo family. Ling Bu Yi let Ling Yi’s sword pierce into his flesh to show him that he was not afraid to die.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-17

Ling Yi gawked and fell to the floor, his eyes were full of dread. He was now afraid of Ling Bu Yi’s determination to kill him. Ling Yi knew that his life was at its end. Ling Bu Yi remembered the day when he hid behind the screen and watched his father, Huo Chong, killed by Ling Yi.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-18

Our general raised his sword and place it on Ling Yi’s throat. He hissed at him and told Ling Yi to remember that his last name was not Ling, but Huo. And his name was Huo Wushuang. Ling Yi died at his hand, afterward.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-19

Ling Bu Yi cried and laughed at the same time. He finally got to avenge his family. Suddenly somebody called him, and the doors were open. It was Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 48-20

Aaahhhh… cliffhanger!!!!!!

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