Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 16-18 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 16-18 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 1

Part 2

Another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for today! Right now are episodes 16-18. But before we started, my dear readers, I have decided to change the name of Yuan Shen Jia into Yuan Shen, as his name in the poster was only Yuan Shen without the “Jia”. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience 🙏

Back to the recap! In this episodes we’re going to meet the royals and Ling Bu Yi’s mother. As usual, here’s new characters introduction.

New Characters Appearance

Ling Family, part 2

Huo Junhua

Love Like The Galaxy - Hao Junhua
Hao Junhua

Huo Jun Hua is Ling Bu Yi’s mother and General Huo Chong’s Younger sister. Huo Jun Hua fell in love with Emperor Wen and Yue Heng become her rival love. But when Emperor Wen chose Yue Heng as her concubine, Huo Jun Hua decided to marry Marquis Cheng Yang, Ling Yi. But her marriage drove her mad.

After two years lived in a harsh situation after the Gu City massacre, Huo Jun Hua brought Ling Bu Yi back to the capital. But her husband, Ling Yi already married her cousin, Madam Chun Yu. It shocked her so much that it drove her mad and led to the estranged relationship between Ling Yi and Ling Bu Yi.

Right now, she can retain some of her memories of when she was a young adult. She lives in a secluded courtyard after her separation from Ling Yi.

The Lou Family, besides Lou Yao and Lou Li

Grand Tutor Lou

Love Like The Galaxy - Grand Tutor Lou
Grand Tutor Lou

Grand Tutor Lou formerly served as the Crown Prince’s teacher, and now he was his most trusted subordinate. He held a high position in the court. Grand Tutor Lou seems to be an upright person, but he hinders his nephew, Lou Ben, from entering the court as an official.

At that time, the Emperor only allows talented members of a noble families to join the court. This way, the Emperor wanted to make sure that families with the humble background still had the opportunity to join the court. Grand Tutor Lou tried his best to suppress his nephews, Lou Ben and Lou Yao because he wanted his biological sons to be an official at the court. But it was too bad that his sons were a disappointment and never got the Emperor’s favor.

First Madam Lou

Love Like The Galaxy - First Madam Lou
First Madam Lou

She is Imperial Tutor Lou’s wife. She is an arrogant woman who despises and looks down on the Second branch. She was domineering, and her words were sharper than swords.

Second Madam Lou

Love Like The Galaxy - Second Madam Lou
Second Madam Lou

Madam Lou is Lou Yao’s mother. As a widow, she takes care of her two sons, Lou Ben and Lou Yao. Second Madam Lou is a timid person and lives under the pressure of the First branch. She doesn’t like He Zhao Jun. Hence, she was happy when Lou Yao betrothed Shao Shang.

Wang Yanji

Love Like The Galaxy - Wang Yanji
Wang Yanji

Wang Yanji is Lou Ben’s wife and Lou Yao’s sister-in-law. She is a smart and kind-hearted woman who supported her husband and mother-in-law. Wang Yanji treats Shao Shang very well because Shao Shang stands up to her in front of the First Madam Lou since they meet for the first time.

The Royal family

Crown Prince Yuan

Love Like The Galaxy - Crown Prince Yuan
Crown Prince Yuan

Crown Prince Yuan is Empress Xuan’s biological son. He was a loyal and upright man with a kind and gentle heart and always avoids confrontation. Crown Prince Yuan dreamed about a peaceful world and that’s the reason why he opts to solve problems in a diplomatic way rather than drastic measures such as violence. He has a strained relationship with his wife, but Crown Prince Yuan always tries his best to protect her.

3rd Prince

Love Like The Galaxy - 3rd Prince
3rd Prince

The Third Prince is Consort Yue’s biological son. His astute and straightforward attitude was the complete opposite of the Crown Prince. He didn’t afraid to take extreme measures to solve a problem. He is also an ambitious man. Many officials under the Crown Prince’s faction saw him as a threat to the Crown Prince.

The Court Members

Marquis Yue

Love Like The Galaxy - Marquis Yue
Marquis Yue

Marquis Yue was the younger brother of Consort Yue and 3rd Prince’s uncle. He supports the 3rd Prince as a part of his faction. He was a cunning man but devoted to his clan. He assisted the 3rd Prince wholeheartedly and always wanted to restore the glory of the Yue clan.

Marquis Cui You

Love Like The Galaxy - Marquis Cui You
Marquis Cui You

Marquis Cui used to be the Emperor’s vanguard commander. He was a brave man who didn’t fear death. He was in love with Huo Jun Hua, his childhood friend. He kept his wife’s position empty after Jun Hua married Ling Yi.

Episode Recap

Episode 16

Huang Fu Yi drunk after the dinner banquet. He still dwells on his remorse for his past relationship. Yuan Shen tried so hard to put some sense into him. But it was to no avail. Huang Fu Yi is as stubborn as an ox.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-1

Yuan Shen told him to forget the past. He shouldn’t hold on to the past. Beside, 3rd Aunt is already married to a handsome and devoted 3rd Uncle. Huang Fu Yi vent his frustration by screaming… “Shun Hua!!’

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-2

The next morning, Shao Shang asked Ling Bu Yi if there were wolves near the courtyard because she heard a wolf’s hound last night. Ling Bu Yi just smile, because he knew the wolf was Huang Fu Yi.

Lou Yao comes with a new horse on their chariot. It was Ling Bu Yi who changed the horse since their horse was too small for their chariot, and it made the chariots bumps. A bigger horse was more suitable to prevent bumps, therefore it will be more comfortable for Shao Shang. Our general was thoughtful as always.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-3

Back to Hua County magistrate court, Shao Shang happily trotted to 3rd Aunt’s room. Third Aunt asked Shao Shang whether Huang Fu Yi had told her a story. Shao Shang lamented to her that Huang Fu Yi is a bad man because he let her 3rd Aunt down back then, but now he shamelessly pestered her. But 3rd Aunt defended him. She said, “Huang Fu Yi is not a bad guy. He just a culmination of the flaw of every man in the world.”

I can’t stop laughing when I heard this comment… 3rd Aunt is quite savage! 🤣

But 3rd aunt also give Shao Shang a valuable lesson about relationship. A lesson that still relatable nowadays. Third Aunt said, “In the future, no matter what you encounter, never give up your identity because of a man. It’s not worth it”.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-4

It such a delight to saw the harmonious relationship between 3rd Aunt and Shao Shang. Shao Shang might be jealous of Cheng Yang’s relationship with her maternal aunt back in the episode 4. But right now, she have a great aunt that support and love her unconditionally. Good things always comes to good people. It’s only a matter of time.

Finally, Shao Shang must go back to the capital. She nearly cried when says her farewell to 3rd Aunt and Uncle. Shao Shang was adorable in this scene. Sad Lu Si is sooo cute!

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-5

The Chengs leave the Huo County followed by Lou Yao.

Meanwhile, Ling Bu Yi visited Xing Hua courtyard where his mother, Huo Jun Hua reside. Her mental health is not stable. Right now, she only remembers that she was a 16 years-old girl who fell in love with Emperor Wen. Marquis Cui who was loyal to her accompanied her to play at the courtyard. When she saw Ling Bu Yi, she thought he was a nephew who stayed at her house. Ling Bu Yi called her Young lady and expressed his gratitude to her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-6

Suddenly Marquis Cheng Yang (Ling Yi) come to the courtyard uninvited. Accidentally, he heard Huo Jun Hua called Heng Yue by her name, without her imperial title, Yue Fei. Marquis Cheng Yang scolded Huo Jun Hua. Suddenly, she remembered the present and her hatred towards Ling Yi and she attacked him.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-7

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-8

Ling Bu Yi was angry towards Ling Yi for coming uninvited to the courtyard. It turns out that he came to the courtyard only to talk to Ling Bu Yi about Fan Chang matters. He wanted Ling Bu Yi to take his hand off the case. Ling Bu Yi refuse his request. Marquis Cui also stand by his side to support Ling Bu Yi.

At the city gate, Shao Shang’s caravans were blocked by military barriers. They have to queued before they can enter the city. While they waited, Lou Yao came and give Shao Shang some dried fruits. They also feed each other. Mother Cheng saw the scenes and talked about it to Father Cheng. But Father Cheng protested because Mother Cheng never feeds him with her hand. Ahahahaha… Father Cheng was jealous of Shao Shang and Lou Yao.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-9

Father Cheng asked permission to enter the city but failed. The gatekeeper refused to open the barrier and told him to wait until tomorrow. At the same time, Ling Bu Yi and his guard were about to exit the city. He saw the scene between Father Cheng and the gatekeeper.

When the gatekeeper saw him, he immediately opened the barriers. Ling Bu Yi scolds the gatekeeper for making things difficult for others. Ling Bu Yi approach Shao Shang’s carriage and greeted her. Shao Shang, out of habit, asked him about his injury. Their conversation piqued Mother Cheng and Father Cheng’s interest. Shao Shang sensed the weird atmosphere and explained to them that Ling Bu Yi used to helped her and 3rd Aunt back in the Hua County.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-10

When Father Cheng expressed his gratitude, Ling Bu Yi told him not to be so courteous because Shao Shang and him has been through a life and death situation together. She also had undressed him and treat his injuries. Shao Shang paled when she heard Ling Bu Yi’s words. The statement shocked Mother Cheng and Father Cheng too. When Ling Bu Yi saw her pale complexion, he told her to rest early, and he offered to escort them to the city.

This Ling Bu Yi really love to stir up some problems for our Shao Shang. He surely know many ways to claimed Shao Shang as his…😅 But it’s too bad that Lou Yao was as slow as Shao Shang to understand his words.

With only one sentence of “Make Way”, everybody who standing and queuing before them moved to the side to make way for their caravans. Shao Shang was impressed by their swift actions. So under the escort of the most feared general, Shao Shang and her parents entered the city gate.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-11

At the Cheng residence, Old Madam Cheng, Shao Shang’s siblings and Cheng Yang already waited impatiently at the entrance. Old Madam excitedly asked Shao Shang about her favorite son, Cheng Zhi. To keep herself out of her grandma’s questions, Shao Shang already had a clever way to deal with it. She brought a maid who used to serve 3rd Uncle and Aunt back to the Cheng residence. Therefore, Old Madam can question the maid, and not her.

Mother Cheng called Shao Shang to her room because she wanted to ask about her relationship with Ling Bu Yi. They never heard about Shao Shang undressed him, treated his injuries, or they life and death situations. Mother and Father Cheng even more surprised that Shao Shang had met him for many times. Mother and Father Cheng could read that Ling Bu Yi had special feeling for their daughter.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-12

Mother Cheng still tried to make Shao Shang re-consider her decision about Lou Yao. But Shao Shang was adamant, disregarding her mother’s word, she told her about her plan with Lou Yao to leave their family after the marriage. This plan shocked Mother Cheng. Her eyes were teary to hear the words. She never thought that Shao Shang wanted to leave the house because of her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-13

This mother and daughter relationship already broken to such extent. I think it was going to be hard for them to reconcile.

Meanwhile, the Emperor previously heard about Ling Bu Yi escorting Shao Shang into the city. These circumstances assured him that Cheng Shao Shang definitely much more than meet the eye for Ling Bu Yi. Because of Shao Shang’s engagement news already reached him, he felt sorry for Ling Bu Yi. Moreover, Fan Chang runaway from a guarded prison, thus many official used this chance to condemns Ling Bu Yi out of jealousy. However, the Emperor believe in him, no matter what.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 16-14

Episode 17

Fang Chang, who runaway earlier, were escorted by several masked man to a remote courtyard. It turned out they were there to silenced him by Prince Xiao’s order. Prince Xiao’s feared he would reveal his identity.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-1

Ling Bu Yi killed all the masked man without mercy. He lashed out since they hindered him from escorting Shao Shang to the Cheng residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-2

Mother Cheng got sick over the marriage matter. Shao Shang and Cheng Yang take turn to take care of her. Mother Cheng was still upset about Shao Shang’s stubbornness. So she lashed out at her by praising Cheng Yang for being sensible and promised to oversee her marriage. Shao Shang was disappointed. After she excused herself, Father Cheng scolded mother Cheng for speaking recklessly.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-3

At the same time, General Wan and Wan Qi Qi come to Cheng’s residence to visit Mother Cheng. In the corridor, they meet Shao Shang carrying a basin of water. General Wan praised her for being filial and taking care of her mother.

Shao Shang and Wan Qi Qi sat on the swing and talked about Lou Yao and Shao Shang’s marriage. Suddenly Cheng Song and Cheng Shao Gong appeared. Cheng Song scolds Qi Qi because she wants to have an obedient husband while according to Cheng Song, she needs a husband who can control her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-4

Wan Qi Qi didn’t like to be scolded and talked back to him. She then asked Cheng Shao Gong to read her fortune because she wanted to know what kind of husband she would have in the future. Cheng Shao Gong said that her future husband was near. Cheng Song was delighted and looked proud, but Qi Qi didn’t get the sign. Poor Cheng Song, his love interest couldn’t feel the love that radiates from him…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-5

The elders saw the youngster playing and laughing in the courtyard. These made Mother Cheng realize that they needed a teacher to teach them.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-6

In Yuan’s residence, Yuan Shen received a letter that said the Cheng family in need of a teacher, and they wanted Mount Baliu’s disciple to be one. He decided to take the job, so he could teach Shao Shang personally. Even though they are looking for a female teacher… 🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-7

On the way to the Cheng residence, Yuan Shen saw Lou Yao and his mother visiting the Cheng Residence. Yuan Shen decided to go back, not because he didn’t want to disturb them. But to change his robe because he didn’t want to lose out to Lou Yao…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-8

I found out that Yuan Shen’s servant is quite a funny person… 😁

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-9

Lou Yao and his mother come to the Cheng residence to visit the sickly Mother Cheng and also to talk about matters regarding Lou Yao and Shao Shang. Second Madam Lou blatantly talked about the engagement, even though Mother Cheng hadn’t accepted the proposal. She was adamant to made Lou Yao betrothed to Shao Shang. However, their conversation is yet to reach an agreement when Qing Cong comes and announces Yuan Shen’s visit.

It’s such a busy day for the Chengs, isn’t it? 😆

Yuan Shen told Father Cheng about his intention to be The Cheng family’s teacher. Shao Shang tried to prevent him from becoming her teacher, but it was to no avail. But there was someone who was excited about the news. It’s Cheng Yang who admired Yuan Shen.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-10

I was impressed by Lu Si’s acting every time Shao Shang met Yuan Shen. Her expression is a mixture of despise, hate, and contempt towards him. Yep, you can feel all the negative emotions radiate from her every time Yuan Shen is near…😂

At the palace, the Emperor receives a verbal report from Ling Bu Yi. He revealed the culprit behind the rebellion was Lord Yong and his son Prince Xiao. The Emperor couldn’t believe it at first. However, Ling BuYi disclosed all the pieces of evidence of their treacherous deeds.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-11
I like the Emperor’s study design. It was very different from any other historical drama.

Ling Bu Yi also revealed that Prince Xiao is going to marry He Zhao Jun, General He Yong’s daughter. The Emperor was shocked because He Yong was his trusted aide. But Ling Bu Yi assure him that He Yong didn’t involve in Lord Yong’s plot. Moreover, He Yong seems to be targeted by Lord Yong because of his position as Cavalry General. Ling Bu Yi and the Emperor made plans to lure Lord Yong and Prince Xiao to come to the capital and expose their misconduct.

The Emperor seem to be shocked to hear Prince Xiao’s new bride was He Yong’s daughter. But he was furious when he remembered that it was He Zhao Jun who ended the engagement between her and Lou Yao. It resulting in Lou Yao engaged to Shao Shang, and making Ling Bu Yi remain single and alone all this time.

I really like this emperor, he was sooooo different from other swanky emperors in any other drama. This one is a bit reckless…🤣

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-12

Mother and Father Cheng probe Shao Shang about her relationship with Yuan Shen. They were shocked when they heard Shao Shang had met him many times. Though Shao Shang assured them that she had no relationship with Yuan Shen, they couldn’t believe that he didn’t have any feelings for Shao Shang.

Mother Cheng brought Shao Shang to the Lou residence to figure out the Lou Family’s situation. They meet the cocky First Madam Lou, Imperial Tutor Lou’s wife. She showed her contempt for Shao Shang and Lou Yao’s marriage arrangement.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-13

Lou Yao’s mother hastily gave Shao Shang’s betrothal memento while the First madam Lou sneered at her. In an arrogant way, First Madam Lou wanted to pick up the auspicious date, but Mother Cheng told them not to be rushed since the world was not in peace.

When Lou Yao entered the hall, First Madam Lou reprimanded him in from of everyone. She wanted to show her power over the Second branch. But Shao Shang didn’t stay idle, she immediately refutes her words.

Wang Yanji took her out of the hall to let the elders talk, Shao Shang stealthy took the memento and put it on her robe. Wang Yanji told her that the first branch always bullies Lou Yao. Suddenly Lou Li comes and humiliates Shao Shang for her lack of upbringing. They were in the middle of a heated argument when the elders came.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-14

Mother Cheng (with a grand gesture) criticized the First Branch of the Lou family for not educating her daughter well, resulting in First Madam Lou slapping Lou Li and making her reflect on her mistakes. In the end, Shao Shang thanks First Madam for speaking up for her, in a very sweet (but sarcastic) gesture…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 17-15

Serves you right, Madam!

Episode 18

Inside the carriage, Mother Cheng asked Shao Shang whether she regretted being engaged to Lou Yao after she saw the Lou family interactions. However, Shao Shang said that she doesn’t care about his family situation considering her beliefs that husband and wife didn’t have to protect each other. She also believed that Lou Yao would be a good official in the future because of his good upbringing, and eventually, they going to have a lavish life, even though they didn’t live in the capital.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-1

Shao Shang really believe that a woman doesn’t need a protection from men, because they can protect themselves. It was such a modern train of thought at that time.

Lou Ben and his wife talked about today’s events. They praised Shao Shang for being intelligent and open-minded. But Lou Ben still worries their Uncle will hinder Lou Yao’s way to be an official.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-3

Mother Cheng tried to explain to Shao Shang why Lou Ben, who was exceled in academics and martial arts, didn’t become official. It becomes known that the Lou family’s first branch has interfered with the second branch’s future for their gain.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-4

Ling Bu Yi and his guards were patrolling around the city when Liang Qiu Fei reported that they have confiscated Prince Xiao’s businesses. Just after they set up a barrier for investigation, Shao Shang’s carriage was stopped. Ling Bu Yi offer to escort them to the residence.

Shao Shang meaningfully told him that she just come from the Lou residence to talk about the marriage matters. Mother Cheng also added some word to it. Basically, the mother-daughter duo tries to tell him (in the softest way) that Shao Shang was engaged at the moment, and he should just forget his ulterior motives. But he still insisted on sending them back.

Shao Shang shocked when her brother told her that their mother had decided to accept Yuan Shen as their teacher.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-5

But not only the Cheng boys who would learn from our Yuan Shen, but also the girls, Shao Shang and Cheng Yang, and the additional students, Lou Yao and Wan Qi Qi.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-6

The rich Wan Qi Qi used her money to purchased new desks, chairs, and writing tools. All of them was impressed by the shining things.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-7

Yuan Shen started his lesson, but Wan Qiqi and Shao Shang were spaced out during his teaching. Yuan Shen start to launch his attack on our poor Shao Shang. He criticized her over and over again. He even ignored excellent answer from Cheng Yang. But our Shao Shang wasn’t the one to be trifled with. She replied all his critics by saying that all scholar’s knowledge were useless because their knowledge is not practical for life. The angered Yua Shen decided to tell them a story about married couple with a bad fate.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-8

Oh my! Yuan She Ji really know how to vent his anger… 😅

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-9

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, He Zhao Jun were hiding under the floor with her younger brother. She wore a red robe and golden coronet for a wedding ceremony. Prince Xiao was torturing her nanny because she refuse to tell him where He Zhao Jun and her brother hide.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-10

He Zhao Jun heard everything he said, including his plan. It turns out, he married her just for his gain and his intention is to use He family as his tools. However, He Zhao Jun’s nanny is a loyal person, she kept her mouth sealed and refuse to tell him. In the end, Prince Xiao killed her. Her blood drenched He Zhao Jun and her brother. She cried silently.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-11

The scene showed that the nanny was held on the floor, her left eye peek between the flooring and stare at He Zhao Jun and her brother. It’s the last look at someone who you’ve been caring all your life. For 18 episodes of Love Like The Galaxy, this is the most intense scene for me.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-12

At the palace, The emperor called his sons and his trusted subordinates to discuss the Lord Yong’s situation. The Emperor still have a slight hesitation towards Lord Yong. The 3rd Prince advised him to send troops to Feng Yi County to counter the rebellion and punished Lord Yong. However, the Crown Prince reminded him that Lord Yong’s merit for the Emperor and advised him to only made Lord Yong surrender. This act will show the world the benevolence of the Emperor. Marquis Yue, defended the 3rd Prince and Grand Tutor Lou defended the Crown Prince.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-13

Ling Bu Yi stopped their quarrel with a report. General He’s oldest son was perished in the battle yesterday. Lord Yong’s army was too strong, what’s more, General He Yong came to Feng Yi county to attend his daughter wedding. Therefore he didn’t bring enough soldiers. Ling Bu Yi suggest the Emperor to send troops to back up General He. He also volunteered to personally lead the troops.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-14

The Emperor was hesitated to let him go and faced Lord Yong’s army. But Ling Bu Yi assured him and told him that he had an old friend who is able to draw a map of Feng Yi county. Grand Tutor Lou showed a weird expression every time this “old friend” term spoken.

It turns out the old friend that Ling Bu Yi’s mention is Grand Tutor Lou’s nephew, Lou Ben. The one that Grand Tutor Lou deliberately hinder from joining the court.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-15

The next day. The Lou family throw a banquet to celebrate Lou Yao and Shao Shang’s engagement. The First Madam Lou still tried to humiliate Shao Shang and her family in front of Lou’s family elders. But Shao Shang and Mother Cheng, with their sharp tongue, capable to refute and rendered her speechless. Wan Qi Qi was there too. She always made a cheerful atmosphere everywhere she goes.

Oh My, their nemesis also there. Meet Wang Lin and Lou Li!

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-16

Ling Bu Yi also come to the banquet. He was there to announce an edict from the Emperor. Everybody was so excited to hear the edict. The edict is for the Cheng family, specifically it was for Cheng Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-17

It said that the Emperor praised her for being knowledgeable, brave, kind, and many other compliments. Essentially, the Emperor praised her for being an example for other noble family.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-18

When Shao Shang receive the edicts, she didn’t know the rules, therefore when she clumsily reached to accept the scroll, she almost fall and Ling Bu Yi helped her. There was a silent moment when Shao Shang hand touched Ling Bu Yi, before she hastily backed away from him.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-19

Ling Bu Yi was the one who asked for this edict. He wanted to make sure the Lou family won’t bully her in the future. To secure her position, he needs the help from the Emperor. The one above all people.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 18-20

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