Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 55-56 Recap) - The End

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 55-56 Recap) – The End

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Hola readers, this is the last Love Like The Galaxy episode recap. Now we get to see the ending of Shao Shang’s journey. Without further ado, let’s start episodes 55 and 56 recap!

Episode Recap

Episode 55

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-1

Shao Shang managed to dodge Lou Li’s knife. She holds Lou Li’s hand just inches from her stomach. Lou Li growled that Shao Shang deserved to die. While she fought Lou Li, Shao Shang shouted to He Zhao Jun to check the altar. Her guess was right, when He Zhao Jun moved the statue the wall behind it moved and revealed a secret room behind it.

Shao Shang pushed Lou Li and helped He Zhao Jun to run into the secret room. Lou Li wanted to chase after them, but a woman in a blue cloak appeared and stopped her. The woman said that since Shao Shang had entered the room, she was destined to die in it. She thanked Lou Li for luring Shao Shang to the temple. However, since her intention was accomplished Lou Li was useless to her now.

She stabbed Lou Li with a knife. The woman said to Lou Li that no matter how much she hated Huo Bu Yi and Cheng Shao Shang, she hated her family more. She had killed Grand Tutor Lou and his wife, and now she would send Lou Li to reunite with them. Lou Li stared at her in shock and died after she was stabbed several times.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-2

Meanwhile inside the secret room, when Cheng Shao checked on He Zhao Jun’s condition, a man called her. Shao Shang was startled. She saw a man with disheveled hair and bloodied inner robe chained in the middle of the room. He obviously had been tortured by someone. When she looked at him closely, he was Yuan Shen. Both of them never thought that they would meet again in that kind of situation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-3

Yuan Shen told Shao Shang that he was assisting the Crown Prince on the Land Distribution Order when he found out someone had bought a lot of kerosene and planted it along the road where the Crown Prince would pass by Guo Village. He was going to warn the Crown Prince when the enemy caught him.

While listening to Yuan Shen’s explanation, Shao Shang checked on the iron chain and the chain lock. Yuan Shen urged her to look for a way out and leave him. But Shao Shang would never leave anybody whatever the situation was.

Huo Bu Yi just arrived at Hua County. Although everything seemed normal, Huo Bu Yi did not let his guard down, and his intuition was right. An armed group of men ambushed them in the middle of the city. Both parties fought and everything turned into chaos.

The city dwellers panicked and ran around to find shelter. The armed group was not an opponent to the Black Armor Guards. However, they used strange tactics. They seemed to try to lure Huo Bu Yi and separate him from his troop. Huo Bu Yi knew their intention and deliberately follow them.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-5

Shao Shang tried to open the chain with her hairpin. Yuan Shen keeps on urging her to leave him. Shao Shang told him that there was no lock that she could not open. He better help her by keeping his mouth shut…😅.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-6

Shao Shang was right. After a while, she could unlock it and freed Yuan Shen from the chain. Shao Shang supported the badly wounded Yuan Shen and He Zhao Jun. Suddenly the floor beneath them split apart. They had been standing at another secret door. The three of them fall into another room underneath.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-7

The three of them were shocked and confused. Yuan Shen and He Zhao Jun urged her to leave them, but Shao Shang was determined not to leave anybody. A black shadow jumped into the room when the secret door almost closed. Shao Shang was startled when she saw it was Huo Bu Yi who jumped.

Huo Bu Yi hurriedly checks on her. His worried expression was displayed vividly on his face. Shao Shang asked why he was there and he explained that he sensed something was wrong at Hua County and rushed there. He guessed that the armored group was the remnant of Emperor Li who tried to separate him from his troop and lure him into the trap. Huo Bu Yi realized that there must be someone important to him inside the trap and it must be her.

Instead of being touched by his presence and words, Shao Shang scolded Huo Bu Yi harshly. She called him stupid for jumping into the trap. He should look for help first and avenge her later. But for Huo Bu Yi, keeping her alive was the utmost priority. Revenge would be meaningless if she was dead.

Shao Shang could not utter a single word. She just stared at him with teary eyes and mumbled, “How could you be so dumb…”. The valiant Huo Bu Yi whispered that if someone had done too many stupid things, he would not feel stupid anymore.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-8

Suddenly a woman laughed at them. He Zhao Jun whispered that it was Wang Yanji. All this time, she was alive because somebody saved her from drowning in the river. Wang Yanji said that she had been waiting for this day when they all would be dead in the grave that she had prepared for them. When Shao Shang and the rest looked around them, they saw many haystacks stored in that room.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-9

Wang Yanji said that since the day she was rescued, she determined to revenge. Huo Bu Yi told Wang Yanji that she should not involve the innocents. Back then Shao Shang just wanted to find her father and Yuan Shen was carrying his duty. Wang Yanji replied that the world is unfair and nobody is innocent except for Lou Ben.

She explained that Cheng Shao Shang caused her husband’s death and Yuan Shen knew too much and ruined her plan. Yuan Shen sneered that Lou Ben deserved to be punished because he deceived and humiliated the Emperor. Wang Yanji was determined to kill them no matter what because for her, Lou Ben was his favorite person.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-10

Shao Shang asked why Wang Yanji also tried to hurt He Zhao Jun. Her answer shocked He Zhao Jun. she said that Lou Yao did not like He Zhao Jun. He was forced to marry her because of Grand Tutor Lou’s family’s meddling.

Lou Ben was always worried about his younger brother, and as Lou Yao’s sister-in-law, she wanted to free him from He Zhao Jun. And for that, He Zhao Jun must die. Shao Shang comforted He Zhao Jun and told her not to listen to Wang Yanji’s nonsense and reassure her that Lou Yao would come for her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-11

Meanwhile, Lou Yao knocked on every door in Qin County, looking for a female physician named Madam Chen. But the physician was only Lou Li’s trick to drive him away from Hua County. Under the heavy rain, Lou Yao keep trying to find a physician who could help He Zhao Jun because she was the most important person to him.

Lou Yao was such a sweet husband…😍

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-12

Huo Bu Yi accused Wang Yanji to collude with the remnant of Emperor Li to kill them. Wang Yanji rebuked his word. If not for Tian Shuo, she would be dead by the river. She told them that Tian Shuo had 500 suicide assassins and 1,000 soldiers as his confidants.

They had bought a thousand liters of kerosene and poured it on the road all the way to Guo Village to assassinate the Crown Prince. Huo Bu Yi changed his tactics. He persuaded Wang Yanji that Lou Ben was not worth her life. He chooses his ambition over growing old with her. Wang Yanji scolded him for judging Lou Ben. Wang Yanji reminded Huo Bu Yi of what he did to Shao Shang when he sought revenge and left her alone in the capital.

Huo Bu Yi replied that the moment he killed Ling Yi, he already regretted it. A husband and wife should be together and in one mind. He should have married her first, even though his path of revenge would be more difficult afterward. Huo Bu Yi also said that he regretted not walking on the right path together with Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-13

Wang Yanji was silent after she heard his words. She stared at an altar where she put her husband’s nameplate in it and muttered if Huo Bu Yi could repent his mistakes, and why Lou Ben could not do the same. Shao Shang refutes her words, Wang Yanji did not know Lou Ben’s regret.

Shao Shang gave Wang Yanji a piece of advice that Lou Ben once gave her. If someday she was trapped in difficulties, she should look up to the sky and the earth, and not be trapped in her own heart. Huo Bu Yi told Wang Yanji that Lou Ben loves nature, but now she was destroying the things that he loves, colluding with the rebels, and blaming it on Lou Ben.

However, Wan Yanji was determined to continue her plan and throws a fire stick into a haystack and the fire burns it in an instant.

Shao Shang immediately checked on He Zhao Jun who started to cough. Huo Bu Yi gave Shao Shang his Black Armored Guard mask. Shao Shang took it and put it on He Zhao Jun. She refused the mask, but Shao Shang insisted, she said that she had promised Lou Yao to protect He Zhao Jun. While Huo Bu Yi gave his mask to Yuan Shen. Both of them were at a loss for how they would get out of the situation.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-14

Wang Yanji looked at the four and smiled. Then she pulled the hemps that connected to hidden barrels on the wall. The barrels dropped and spilled the kerosene into the fire. The fire instantly became larger. When they were looking for a way out, the secret door suddenly opened. It was Liang Qiu Qi who came with the Black Armored Guards they also brought a rope ladder.

He Zhao Jun and Yuan Shen were the first to climb the ladder. The Black Armored Guards soldiers used hooks to keep the secret door open. They must exert their powers to keep the hooks because the door was heavy. When Shao Shang climbed the ladder, the door was almost closed. When it was Huo Bu Yi’s turn to climb the ladder, Wang Yanji hold tight to his right foot, obstructing him from climbing the ladder.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-15

It was a critical time because the soldiers could not hold on much longer, and the door started to closed. Shao Shang and Liang Qiu Qi panicked and called Huo Bu Yi to hurry, but he could not shake Wang Yanji off.

Huo Bu Yi looks around the secret room and then looks up at Liang Qiu Qi and told him to take Shao Shang away. Realizing what would happen, Shao Shang frantically called for Huo Bu Yi. Just a moment before the door closed, Huo Bu Yi stared at Shao Shang’s face as if he wanted to remember her for the last time.

Shao Shang cried and refused to leave the door, but Liang Qiu Qi dragged her and told the remaining soldiers to leave the room. Seconds after they left the secret room, it exploded.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-16

The secret room collapsed and buried the secret door under the ruins. Shao Shang ran into the room, and Liang Qiu Qi must restrain her because it was dangerous. Shao Shang sat on the floor, feeling helpless. She cried and called for him, but no one answered. Between her cry, Shao Shang told Huo Bu Yi that she promised to forgive him. Yuan Shen saw her in a sorry state but could not do anything. All Black Armored Guards cried for their general. Even the expressionless Liang Qiu Qi cried.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-17

But Liang Qiu Fei stopped crying when he saw a shadow at the entrance door. It was Huo Bu Yi. He escaped the secret room before it exploded. Shao Shang looked at him, not believing that she could see him again. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. Huo Bu Yi held her back and asked her, whether everything she said was true. Shao Shang did not say anything but keep on holding him tightly.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-18

Shao Shang asked him how he escaped the room and he answered that he went into the tunnel where Wang Yanji appeared. Since she could enter the room, there must be another way to escape from the room. He was lucky to find the tunnel. Shao Shang smiled at him and hugged him again.

Liang Qiu Qi smiled at them. Suddenly Lou Yao ran into the room and called He Zhao Jun in front of the ruins. Lou Yao thought that she did not survived. He recalled everything they promised to do together, have kids, make Hua County her home, and grow old together.

He cried and cried until a weak voice called him. It was He Zhao Jun. Lou Yao was too panicky to realize that she was there all the time. He Zhao Jun was happy because Lou Yao had her in his mind.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-19

But the touching atmosphere broke when Yuan Shen suddenly poked his head. He reminded them that it was already dawn and they have to save the Crown Prince…

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-20

AAAHH… Yuan Shen was too hateful. He destroyed this scene…😅

After they settle everything, Huo Bu Yi and Shao Shang get ready to save the Crown Prince. If something happened to him, it would shake the foundation of the nation. If Tian Shuo know that the Crown Prince was not hurt, he would vent his anger to the Guo Village. The people in the village would be in danger.

Shao Shang would do everything she could to save them, while Huo Bu Yi have to save the Crown Prince. Huo Bu Yi reminded her that it was a dangerous mission. But Shao Shang was determined to do it. She said that she was blessed to be born at a peaceful age and in a happy family.

She had nothing to be afraid of and would live her life to its fullest while listening to her heart. Shao Shang told Huo Bu Yi that they were just a speck of dust in the universe. Their love and hate-relationship were nothing compared to the world. Huo Bu Yi replied that she was the only person who could walk alongside him. He would not stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Both of them mount their horses and left in different directions

Meanwhile, somebody blocked the Crown Prince road. It was Tian Shuo.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-21

The 3rd Prince, now the Crown Prince, alighted his carriage. He ordered the troops to attack Tian Shuo and his confidant. But suddenly many armored men appeared from the forest. The Crown Prince and his soldier were outnumbered. The Crown Prince was injured when he fought. Tian Shuo came at him with his sword.

Suddenly a body was thrown into his horse and made Tian Shuo fall. It was Huo Bu Yi and the Black Armored Guards. They came at the right time. Tian Shuo was shocked to see him alive. He cursed Wang Yanji who was useless not able to kill Huo Bu Yi. Tian Shuo charged at the Crown Prince, but he could not hurt him even a little bit because Huo Bu Yi protected the Crown Prince.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 55-22


Episode 56

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-1

When Shao Shang arrived at the Guo Village, she immediately made some arrangements as a preventive maneuver. Liang Qiu Qi was assigned as her right hand. She gave orders to Black Armored Guard who came with her to move the kerosene and located the wells and ponds.

As the national granary, Guo Village was very important for the country. When she looked at the landmark of Guo Village, Shao Shang realized that Tian Shuo was not only targeting the Guo Village. He wanted to jeopardize the harvest of Yu state so the people would run out of food and ruins the foothold of the nation.

Shao Shang was still immersed in her thought when a flaming arrow was shot near her and startled her. Liang Qiu Qi immediately dragged her to a safe place. They saw many armed men shoot flaming arrows toward Guo Village. The arrows ignited the kerosene and created fire everywhere. The villagers were panicked because they were not ready for the attack. Liang Qiu Qi hurriedly jumped to face the enemy while Shao Shang ran to put out the fire.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-2

When she checked the situation. There were many kerosenes hidden inside the vegetable jar of the villagers. Although Shao Shang knew that the situation would be dangerous, she was not 100% ready for the chaos. However, it did not take a long time for her to realize the situation and found a solution. She told the villagers and soldiers to use sand instead of water to put out the fire.

Meanwhile, Huo Bu Yi and the Crown Prince were still in the middle of a fight. Tian Shuo mocked Huo Bu Yi. He bragged that his plan was working perfectly. Everybody in the world would die because he ruined their crops. The people of Guo Village must face 200 men of his and 100 stones of kerosene.

Tian Shuo also wanted to ruin the Emperor’s reputation by creating a situation where Huo Bu Yi had to neglected the villagers to save the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince urged Huo Bu Yi to go and save the Guo Village. Huo Bu Yi reassured him that Guo Village would be fine since Shao Shang was in Guo Village to put out the fire.

But his explanation makes the Crown Prince urge him more to save Shao Shang. He was concerned that if Huo Bu Yi abandon her again, Shao Shang would never forgive him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-3

It was chaotic in Guo Village. Many people died or were injured because of the flaming arrows. Shao Shang was busy helping people, ordering an evacuation, and also putting out the fire. She was helping a child when Liang Qiu Qi ordered them to retreat. They were outnumbered and must think of a way to save the Guo Village.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-4

Meanwhile, Huo Bu Yi also faced a dangerous situation. Tian Shuo provoke Huo Bu Yi by mentioning Shao Shang. However, none of his words affected Huo Bu Yi. He kept his face straight without any scruples. Even when the Crown Prince himself urges him to go to Guo Village, he did not budge at all. Huo Bu Yi told the Crown Prince and Tian Shuo that he believed in her.

Shao Shang and he had an agreement to put the world as their priority. They would share the burdens and defend against their enemies together. Huo Bu Yi believes that with her intelligence, Shao Shang was able to protect Guo Village. She was different from 5 years ago. This time she won’t blame him.

Huo Bu Yi was right, Shao Shang was different from back then. She used to raise her knife when the rebel attacked the hunting lodge. But she was afraid to back then. Now, she was able to pick up a bloodied sword and aimed at the rebels without fear. She knew that Huo Bu Yi trusted her, and she would not disappoint him. Shao Shang was determined to protect the people and crops behind her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-5

Huo Bu Yi attacked Tian Shuo without mercy. Tian Shuo was never his opponent and he defeated him easily. When he was pitted to the carriage wall with a sword pierced into his chest, Tian Shuo still provoked Huo Bu Yi.

But it was not easy to fool Huo Bu Yi. Instead, Huo Bu Yi provoked him back. He mentioned that the famous officials and palace attendances of Emperor Li were buried together with the Emperor. However, Tian Shuo could be here today because he was an unknown and insignificant person.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-6

Huo Bu Yi’s provocations worked like magic to agitate Tian Shuo. He lost his cool and yelled that everything Huo BuYi said was nonsense. Emperor Li did not want him to die because he had to avenge the Emperor’s death. Right now, Tian Shuo destroyed the world to fulfill Emperor Li’s dying wish. Huo Bu Yi mocked Tian Shuo and told him to stop deceiving himself.

The Empire would not fall, and nobody would remember his name. Huo Bu Yi drew his sword and ordered his Black Armored Guard to follow him to Guo Village. He left Tian Shuo at the mercy of the Crown Prince. Right now, his priority was to save Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-7

Meanwhile, things were not looking good on Shao Shang’s side because they were outnumbered. Right now, she was standing between the Black Armored Guard with a sword in her hand, protecting the villagers. While the rest of the Black Armored Guards fought Tian Shuo’s men.

When they were in a critical situation, reinforcement suddenly appeared. The whole Cheng family had come led by Father Cheng. Shao Shang looked at them in awe. Once again her family proves their loyalty. The Cheng family was always there when she needed them the most.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-8

As for how the Cheng family know that she was in a dire situation, let’s just pretend that question never popped into your brain…😉

Shao Shang immediately issued orders for them. Father, Mother Cheng, and Qing Cong were to suppress the rebels together with the Black Armored Guards. Cheng Shao Gong would lead some men to deepen the train. Cheng Song and Qiqi must open the way for Shao Shang and the villagers. While, Cheng Yang and her husband, Ban Jia, helped her to gather the sand. Everybody worked and helped each other, including the children.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-9

When Huo Bu Yi arrived, black smoke was hanging above the Guo Village, and traces of fire were everywhere. Some buildings were still burning, and corpses were strewn all over the place. Huo Bu Yi was shocked when he saw how bad the situation was. Suddenly he saw Father and Mother Cheng emerge from the forest nearby. He immediately asked where Shao Shang was. Father Cheng did not answer only looked in the direction of the Village.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-10

Huo Bu Yi ran to Guo Village. When he was at the bridge, suddenly he saw Shao Shang appeared from the village entrance. She led the villagers and her siblings out of the burning village. She was stunned to see Huo Bu Yi in the middle of the bridge. When she stopped walking, the others behind her also stopped.

The same thing with Huo Bu Yi. The Cheng family did not know that Huo Bu Yi and Shao Shang had reconciled. Right now, they stopped simply because they did not know what would happen (plus the bridge was so narrow that they could not walk past Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi 😆).

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-11

Huo Bu Yi and Shao Shang ran toward each other and embraced in the middle of the bridge. You could see the relief on their faces. The Cheng family smiled to see them. The lovers finally got together once again.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-12

That night all of them stay at a military base camp. Liang Qiu Fei, who has a wound on his leg, cries profusely. His brother, Liang Qiu Qi, asked why did he cry. Qiu Fei replied that he felt guilty toward his young master and young lady. Back in the Northwest, he intended to have his young master marry Luo Jitong. And now his young master and the young lady were getting married, he felt at ease.

Cheng Song, who heard the conversation between the Liang duo, laughed at him. He said that they were too naive and easily deceived by women. To expand their horizon, he promised to bring them to enjoy the company of the dancers from the Southern region and songstress from Nanyue.

Cheng Song was daydreaming that he was not aware Wan Qi Qi had entered the tent with a frown on her face. He hurriedly come to his wife and praised her as his entire world and did not forget to scold the Liang duo for leading him astray 🤣.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-13

Cheng Shao Gong, who had been busy with divination, exclaimed that their family was going to have a joyous occasion. Wan Qi Qi reprimanded her brother-in-law, she told him to prepare for the imperial exam if he did not want to get married. Cheng Shao Gong refutes her words.

He planned to explore the world to find his own path. Cheng Song scolded Cheng Shao Gong and said that his divination was not accurate at all. His word hurt Cheng Shao Gong. He immediately said that according to his divination, Cheng Song’s blood would be shed tonight. Cheng Song laughed at his words. But his laugh was short when he heard Cheng Shao Gong’s words to Wan Qi Qi.

He said that he would tell her about Cheng Song’s 8 female friends. His words were like pouring oil on the fire. It made Wang Qi Qi furious and beat Cheng Song harshly. Liang duo stares at the family fight with great interest.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-14

Meanwhile, Huo Bu Yi visited Yuan Shen. Huo Bu Yi said that Shao Shang had been asking him about Yuan Shen’s condition. Yuan Shen told him to stop nagging and told Shao Shang that he was fine. Yuan Shen spoke to him that all this time, he was wrong about Shao Shang.

He assumed that Shao Shang was like him who always thought that love and deep affection would ruin the future and toned down his ambition. However, Shao Shang often said that although she was cold-blooded and selfish, she was envious of her parent’s loving marriage. Yuan Shen said that actually Shao Shang and Huo Bu Yi were the same kinds of people.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-15

Huo Bu Yi looked at them and said that he used to hate Yuan Shen. But for the last 5 years, he was grateful for him. Yuan Shen was the only person who was there when Shao Shang was in her lowest moments. And Yuan Shen did not have to be worried about her, because Huo Bu Yi would never make her sad again. Yuan Shen looked at him and smiled.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-17

This was a good ending for the love rivals…🥰

When Shao Shang met Huo Bu Yi, she asked him whether he trusted her too much today and was not afraid if something happen to her. Huo Bu Yi said that he was afraid. But he already made a promise that if something happened to her, he would die with her.

Shao Shang looks at him and smiles. She said that she was already contented when Huo Bu Yi was willing to share his burden with her. And if someday, something happened to her, Huo Bu Yi must live on and live a better life.

Happiness was all over Yongle Palace. The Emperor and Empress Yue just heard about Zisheng and Shao Shang having been reunited. He said that Empress Yuan might silently bless them from heaven.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-18

Huo Bu Yi recalled that he used to gaze at the sky and wonder whether his parents and siblings had turned into stars and watched him from above. He often talked to the stars and they would respond to him. Once again, Huo Bu Yi talked to them that night. He addressed Empress Yuan and his parents. He told them that he had found the one for him. The stars brighten as if they listen to his words. Shao Shang looked at him with teary eyes.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-19

Shao Shang looked at Huo Bu Yi’s hand and touched the string on his wrist. She said that every time she saw it, a part of her heart would feel warm. She praised Huo Bu Yi as a man with pure character and personality. He was the best man in the whole world. She was lucky to meet him.

Huo Bu Yi also praised her as the purest, kindest, and most steadfast woman he ever met. She was the best woman in the whole world. And he is also lucky to be at her side. They kissed under the stars.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-20

Father and Mother Cheng saw the kiss. Father Cheng almost scolded them, but Mother Cheng stopped him. When Shao Shang saw them, she smiled. Father Cheng told Huo Bu Yi that he would leave his daughter to him. If something happened to her, the whole Cheng family would come to his residence carrying weapons and demand justice for Shao Shang.

When Huo Bu Yi turned his face, he saw all her family staring at him with imposing faces. He firmly said Yes. Huo Bu Yi also added that the Cheng family has kind and excellent people. They all laughed together.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-21

Far away at the Cheng residence, Old Madam Cheng prayed for his sons and their family, and also for Shao Shang’s marriage that would be held at Hua County. This time, nobody would stop the marriage, and she finally would get her share of Shao Shang’s dowries. She also threaten if someone was daring enough to mess with her granddaughter’s marriage.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-22

Well… there was someone who did want to mess with the marriage. It was the Emperor. He was furious because Zisheng and Shao Shang would hold their wedding in Hua County. He had been waiting for the moment for years, and now the marriage would be held without him. Empress Yue tried to calm him down, but he did not want to listen. The Empress, who was annoyed by his stubbornness, return to her palace and told the eunuch to close the door and left the Emperor alone in the yard….😅

The scene closed with the Cheng family, including Yuan Shen, staring at the bright stars that shine as bright as their future.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-23

Aaaahhh… finally a happy ending for Shao Shang and Zisheng. I was soooo happy for them. Thank you, dear reader, for being with me all this time. I hope these recaps would bring some joy to your day. See you in another drama…😘

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 56-24

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  1. Thank you SO much for these recaps! I just marathon-watched this entire series and your recaps were a prefect accompaniment. I get stressed out at these drama sometimes, so it was really nice to be able to “peek ahead” through your recaps when I wanted to know what was coming. I really appreciate all of your labor – great job!

  2. I appreciate all your thoughts and work that go into creating these recaps.
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