Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 51-52 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 51-52 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Hola readers…It’s another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap. We were soo close to the finale. In these episodes 51 and 52, I would not say much. You could start reading this ultra long recap episode. Happy reading!

Episode Recap

Episode 51

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-1

Emperor Wen cried pitifully when Zisheng told him that his name was Huo Wushang right in front of him. The Emperor embraced Zisheng and told him that he regretted he was late. Zisheng told the Emperor that he knew his sin was unforgivable. However, he stated that his loved one got nothing to do with his vengeance. All he wanted now was death to reunite with his parents.

Minister Zuo stepped forward and stated since Zisheng had already asked for death, the Emperor should grant his wish and enforce the law. His remark angered the Emperor. He told him to shut up or else, Minister Zuo would be the one to be executed. The threat did not make Minister Zuo waver. Instead, he said he was willing to be executed because he follow the Emperor’s order. But still, he begged the Emperor to execute Zisheng.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-2

Emperor Wen suddenly got up and kicked Minister Zuo to vent his anger. Everybody in the court was in an uproar until Noble Consort Yue rushed in and calmed the Emperor. She reminds him that this is the court, and he must not resort to violence.

After the Emperor calmed down, Noble Consort Yue commented that Zisheng was forgivable because he did everything to avenge his father’s death and their country’s law emphasized filial piety. Magister Zuo refuted her words and said that they were in the court, and a woman like her, should not interfere. His remark angered the Noble Consort. Just like the emperor, she kicked him mercilessly. The Emperor must calm down his wive…😅😅

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-3

I really love this couple. They have the same brain frequency.

Minister Zuo still refused to back down. He said since Ling Yi was dead, they had no evidence of Ling Yi’s crimes. Yuan Shen arrived at the hall and announced that he had the evidence. Yuan Shen explained that Madam Chunyu hide the evidence inside a a Nuwa statue which she gifted to Princess Ruyang. It was a letter of correspondence between Ling Yi and Peng Kun and the evidence of their collaboration with Emperor Li to forestall the reinforcement so they could seize Gu City.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-4

The Emperor immediately read the letter and threw it to Minister Zuo. Minister Ji immediately implores the Emperor to punish Ling Yi severely for his unforgivable crimes. Minister Zuo saw a chance to speak. He was determined to put Zisheng to death. He mentioned Zisheng’s crime of stealing the tiger seal and deploying the army unauthorized. Those crimes of Zisheng also deserved to be punished severely.

The 3rd Prince interrupted his speech. The prince asserted that the one who should be punished was Minister Zuo himself. The prince explained General Zuo’s intention to kill Zisheng when they tried to rescue him from the cliff. The 3rd Prince felt that something was amiss and decided to interrogate him harshly.

He found that the Zuo family have been accepting bribes from Tian Shuo, the remnant of Emperor Li. They colluded to kill Zisheng, the country’s God of War. They thought that if he was gone, it’ll be easy to take over the country. Minister Zuo refuted his words, but the prince already hold a piece of solid evidence: an enormous amount of money that the Zuo family keep. With Minister Zuo’s salary, he could not afford to have that money.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-5

The 3rd Prince continued his explanation. Tian Shuo was Emperor Li’s close aide. He hides his identity and lives incognito. He appeared to do business everywhere but he actually waiting for a chance to attack. He used the protection of Tian Restaurant to connect with several officials in the court, including Prince Yong and Marquis Yue.

Yuan Shen and the rest of the officials implored the Emperor to punish Minister Zuo. The Emperor ordered the guards to drag Minister Zuo off the court and tortured him. After the Minister Zuo drama ended, Minister Ji asked the 3rd prince about Tian Shuo’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, the prince was late. When he tracked him down, Tian Shuo had already escaped.

That night, the Emperor called Zisheng and the 3rd Prince to his study. He scolded Zisheng for stealing the tiger seal. His action caused the Crown Prince to be discredited and impeached by the minister. The 3rd Prince tried to defend him, but instead, he receive another scolding from his father. The Emperor knew that the tiger seal in the Crown Prince’s hand was fake. Marquis Yue was the one who originally stole the tiger seal. Zisheng took it from the Marquis, kept it for himself, and used it to deploy the army.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-6

The 3rd Prince admitted that he and Zisheng had colluded. He reckon that the Crown Prince was incapable to shoulder the responsibility as a ruler. The 3rd Prince stated that a ruler must act reasonably and logically. His brother did not award or punish the right people, and it led to the Lou Ben and Tongniu cases. The Emperor was angry to hear his reasoning. However, he also asked Zisheng the same question whether he also reckon that the crown prince was incapable to become a ruler.

Zisheng had been with the Crown Prince for only a few months. However, he already become the chief of all operations of the Eastern Palace. Zisheng told the Emperor that by the time the Crown Prince ascend to the throne, he could instantly rule the country and monopolize the power. Zisheng asked the Emperor whether he would like to see that kind of situation in the future.

The Emperor was shocked to hear his explanation. Quietly he asked Zisheng why he let go of such an opportunity to seize the power. Zisheng reassure him that his heart was loyal and he had no desire to take over the throne. However, he was willing to take the blame as an ungrateful person. It means that he was willing to be the scapegoat for the Crown Prince, so he could be deposed without severe punishment.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-7

Unbeknownst to them, the Empress listened to their conversation. However, she was not against the idea of deposing the Crown Prince. The Empress realized that her son was not suitable to be the Crown Prince of the country. It was the Emperor who had made a bad judgment when choosing his successor.

The Empress continued to question Zisheng. Whether he intentionally involved Shao Shang and whether he already decided to abandon her when he went to Ling Yi’s residence that night. Zisheng firmly answered the questions. However, no matter how hard he hold, a tear still rolled down his face before he answer with a solid Yes. He also stated that he did not regret everything he did back then.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-8

But Zisheng’s expression changed when the Empress called Shao Shang in. Just like the Empress, Shao Shang heard everything from outside the door. Zisheng immediately said to her that he could not dare to ask for forgiveness, but he knew that Shao Shang would understand him. And she did. Shao Shang understood that he did not want to involve her and the Cheng family.

She also understood that he could not let go of the opportunity to avenge. She understands it all. However, Shao Shang asked whether he understand her. Zisheng never expected that Shao Shang would beg the Monarchs to cancel their marriage.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-9

Zisheng’s face was full of sorrow and his silent cry was heartbreaking. Shao Shang added a pitiful remark for him. She always felt that she was an unfortunate person. Nobody treats her sincerely. However, Zisheng made her fall in love with him, relied on him, and believed him. But he abandoned her and she had promised that she would not forgive him if he ever did that to her. Therefore, she would do what she said.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-10

Zisheng was definitely a loyal subject and a filial son. It was too bad that he was too occupied by the hatred and grudges inside him that he neglected Shao Shang.

Shao Shang met Yuan Shen at the corridor. He asked her why she left the palace when the Empress and the Crown Prince were in a dire situation. Shao Shang said that he got it wrong. If the Empress was deposed, it was because she was no longer willing to be an empress and live in Changqiu Palace.

For the Empress and the Crown Prince, their title was like a sword hanging above their head. Shao Shang said she did not want to live in the palace anymore. She left him afterward.

At the Emperor’s study, Empress Xuan knelt and presented the Empress seal. The Emperor gaped. He asked what it was all about. Empress Xuan begged him to depose her and the Crown Prince. If she was deposed, Yue Heng could ascend to be the empress and it would convince the people to accept the 3rd Prince as the Crown Prince. The Emperor still refused her excuse.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-11

With a determined expression, Empress Xuan beseeched the Emperor to grant her wishes. She was no longer willing to be an empress. She had enough of the painful feeling when she saw the harmonious life of the Emperor and Yue Heng, while she could only pretend to be a dignified and generous empress. Empress Xuan begged again and again until the Emperor slowly took the seal from her hand. By then, her expression showed relief. On the contrary, the Emperor showed a sorrowful expression.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-12

Father Cheng and the boys peeked at Shao Shang. They were curious because she was unnaturally quiet while the world was in chaos. The Ling family was beheaded, the Empress deposed herself, the Crown Prince was relegated to the prince of Nothern Sea, and Huo Bu Yi also relegated himself and settled down in the Northwest for the next seven years. Yet Shao Shang only sat and read a book in her room, seemingly undisturbed by anything.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-13

Ling Bu Yi changed his name to Huo Bu Yi. He didn’t use his birth name, Wushang, because he said that he wanted to live for Ling Bu Yi who died for him. Therefore, I would follow his wish and change the way I addressed our favorite general to General Huo.

The trio still pondered the situation when Shao Shang caught them red-handed at the window. Cheng Song and Cheng Shao Gong informed her that Huo Bu Yi sent Liang Qiu Qi to deliver a message to her. Huo Bu Yi wanted to meet her before he departed for the Northwest. Shao Shang did not reply to the message only handed a package to Cheng Shao Gong, asked him to deliver it to Huo Bu Yi, and bid him farewell on behalf of her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-14

Zisheng had been waiting for 6 hours at the city gate. When he saw Cheng Shao Gong come, his face showed some hope, which shattered when Shao Gong tossed the package to him. Cheng Shao Gong told him that he did not have to be worried about them because the Emperor had pardoned them for helping him back then.

However, there was no fate between him and them. He should stop insisting. Cheng Shao Gong also conveyed Shao Shang’s message to him: to never ever meet again. Huo Bu Yi opened the package and found the private seal that he gave her before he went to Shouchun. Huo Bu Yi realized that he must accept that their relationship was over. He wiped his tears and departed to Northwest, leaving the capital behind.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-15

Meanwhile, at the Cheng residence, Shao Shang walked alone to the entrance door. Mother Cheng stared at her and said that Shao Shang has changed a lot. She looked like a different person right now and it made her question whether she had made mistakes since the beginning.

At the front door, a carriage had been waiting for Shao Shang. Mother Cheng stopped Shao Shang and asked where would she go. Shao Shang answered that she was going to visit the Empress at Changqiu Palace. Mother Cheng reminded her that since Empress Xuan deposed and locked herself at the Changqiu Palace, her residence had become an abandoned palace.

Shao Shang replied that in this hard time she should be beside the Empress. She made a comparison with the situation when Father and Mother Cheng must abandon her at home and go to save Gu City. Shao Shang said that she understood now, they could only choose between loyalty or filial piety. She pleaded with her mother to let her go to fulfill her loyalty.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-16

Cheng Yang interrupted her, she wanted to make Shao Shang stay because Mother Cheng’s health was not good recently. However, Shao Shang was determined to go. Before she go, Shao Shang bid farewell and told Cheng Yang and Mother Cheng to take care of themselves.

Mother Cheng felt something was not right when she watched her daughter’s carriage depart. And then she realized that Shao Shang would never return. She wanted to spend the rest of her life in Changqiu Palace. Frantically Mother Cheng ordered the servant to prepare her carriage.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-17

At the Sima gate, Shao Shang’s carriage could enter the palace, but her mother should stop before the gate. Moher Cheng screamed her name and asked her not to leave.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-18

She cried her apology while recalling everything she regretted. Shao Shang stared at her mother from afar, remembering everything that made her angry towards her mother. However, she could not stop the tears from rolling down her face. The Palace gate closed and separated a mother and a daughter.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 51-19

Episode 52

Shao Shang spent her lonely life at Changqiu Palace. The Palace which used to be full of hustle and bustle now seemed to be empty. There were no more people running around the place.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-1

Meanwhile, Huo Bu Yi encounters many life-and-death situations on the battlefield. He seemed lonely and tired. The neat Huo Bu Yi has changed. His hair was loose, and there were stubbles on his face. He looked like an ordinary soldier. He was only followed by Lian Qiu Fei. There was no sight of Liang Qiu Qi beside him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-2

Shao Shang never returns to the Cheng residence. The only way she could communicate with her family was through letters. Her mother always updated the event on their family. Including the marriage of Lianfang and Fu Deng, Cheng Yang with Ban Jia, Cheng Song with Wan Qiqi, and surprisingly Qing Cong with Cheng Cheng, Shao Shang’s second uncle, and Cheng Yang’s father.

At the Northwest, Huo Bu Yi falls sick because of his injuries. His soldiers frantically help him when the general fall from his horse. Between the panicking soldiers, there was a woman in blue. She was Luo Jitong.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-3

Luo Jitong took care of the sick Huo Bu Yi. She was by his side when he opened his eyes and stayed there to take care of him. Luo Jitong has always kept her feeling for Huo Bu Yi. His presence gave her new hope of blooming love. However, she had an obstacle right now, her ailing husband, Jia Qilang. Luo Jitong made up her mind, so one day she changed her husband’s medicine and fed it to him. Jia Qilang died not long after.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-4

When he recovered from the injuries, Huo Bu Yi stopped Luo Jitong from serving him. But she determined to serve him. Ling Bu Yi let her kneel in front of his tent and did not pay her any heed.

Five years later, The Changqiu Palace was busy preparing for the new year. It was a snowy night. Shao Shang was busy giving instructions to the palace servants. She had become a palace lady who took care of the Changqiu Palace. Everybody listened to her and obeyed her order.

When they were busy cleaning the Palace and arranging the lanterns, Empress Xuan walked out of her room accompanied by the loyal Madam Zhai. She asked Shao Shang why she refused to go home again this new year. Shao Shang replied that she only wanted to stay in Changqiu Palace to accompany Empress Xuan.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-5

Empress Xuan made a wish for Shao Shang. She wished to see Shao Shang marry a person she loved and give birth to children while she was alive. Empress Xuan still hoped for her to be together with Zisheng. However, Shao Shang determined that they were not fated to be together. It had been a long five years, she had already thought it through, but she still could not forgive.

Empress Xuan sighed and told her that she wanted to ask the Emperor to summon Zisheng back to the capital. Shao Shang said that she could marry anyone else, it did not have to be with him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-6

The Empress replied that she wanted Shao Shang to be married to the one she loved. And because Shao Shang still refused, she changed her wish. The Empress wished for Shao Shang to have someone who accompanied her when she died. Not long after that, the Empress fainted. Everybody was panicked, including Shao Shang.

The Emperor summoned Shao Shang to report Empress Xuan’s condition. Empress Xuan’s health was declining, she might only have a few months left. Shao Shang conveyed a message from Empress Xuan. She wanted to be relocated from Changqiu Palace and had her title lowered.

The Emperor and Empress Yue refused her request. Empress Yue said that she was too lazy to move her house. She liked her Yongle Palace and wanted to stay there. She also said that there was no need to change the title. Xuan Shen’an was Empress Xuan and will remain Empress Xuan.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-7

Shao Shang met Yuan Shen in the same corridor. For the past 5 years, he was the only person who always waited for her and talked to her. Yuan Shen said that Empress Xuan always wanted to see her marry. However, there were only some people who she trusted. He told her to pick him as a husband. They had similar backgrounds and situations.

They could use that and make do with it to relieve the Empress. Shao Shang refused his idea. But Yuan Shen said that the reason for her failed marriage plans was that she could not see that the most suitable person for her was him. Shao Shang asked Yuan Shen whether he still wanted to marry her although she had Zisheng in her heart. Yuan Shen said Yes. He would wait for her to slowly forget him. He would wait for her to turn around and see him… 😭

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-8

Shao Shang did not answer right away. She pondered all his words. She recalled what Empress Xuan once told her. People always hard to let go of an entanglement of emotion from the past. If they wanted a successful life, they should cherish the present and the future because the past would remain the past.

She also recalled the Emperor said that he had already summoned Zisheng back to the capital and would arrive soon. When she returned to Changqiu Palace, she asked for permission from the Empress to leave the Palace. She was going to have an engagement with Yuan Shen.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-9

A few days later, the Emperor was excited to wait for someone’s return. Empress Yue had to calm him down. When the person showed up at the Palace Gate, he already waited by the door. It was Zisheng. The Emperor and Empress Yue smiled and cried at the same time. The long-lost child has returned.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-10

The Emperor took the newly arrived Zisheng and The 3rd Prince to his study. Then he reprimanded Zisheng for neglecting his safety on the battlefields. The Emperor also blamed Zisheng for leaving the most capable person in the capital to guard Shao Shang, who obviously did not need his protection, and took the foolish one to the battlefield.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-11

Yep… The Emperor referred to Liang Qiu Qi as the capable one and Liang Qiu Fei as the foolish one 😂. Finally, we know the reason why Liang Qiu Qi was not there on the war scene. I thought he was already dead. Thank goodness he was not. Liang Duo would never be the same without him.

The Emperor ordered Liang Qiu Fei to tell him why Zisheng had so many injuries on his body. Liang Qiu Fei, the gossiper, told him that his Young Master was injured when he backed up Yuan Shen’s father with his task to help the late General Wan, who was assassinated by the remnant of Emperor Li. Two years later, Zisheng was injured again when he helped Cheng Song. At that time, Cheng Song was ambushed by the enemy.

Huhuhuu… General Wan was dead. I thought I still could see his happy face and reckless behavior at the court…😭

Zisheng said that he only provides support for his colleagues. However, the Emperor could see clearly that he did it for the sake of Shao Shang. When he asked him about that, Zisheng stated that he did not dare to ask for Shao Shang’s forgiveness.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-12

Helplessly, Emperor told him that Shao Shang had asked permission to leave the palace for the first time in 5 years to meet Yuan Shen’s parents. They would be engaged soon. Zisheng was stunned, but he managed to control his emotion. He told the Emperor that it was good for her to choose Yuan Shen. He was a stable person, and she could rely on him. The Emperor was sad because he knew that Zisheng still loved her very much.

The 3rd Prince consoled him. He said the Emperor should not be worried. Zisheng still has Luo Jitong who takes good care of him in the Northwest. Right now at the capital, Luo Jitong had said to every people she met, that Zisheng would marry her. Zisheng refutes the Prince’s words. He assured him that he did not have any relationship with Luo Jitong. Zisheng immediately orders Liang Qiu Fei to bring dowries and a bronze mirror to the Luo family and help them to find a husband for Luo Jitong… 😅😅

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-13
Can you guess what did Liang Qiu Fei had in mind? 😆

I don’t really understand why Zisheng emphasized the bronze mirror. After a quick research on google, bronze mirrors represent many things. It could be presented as a gift from the Emperor, as a pledge of love (just like Lou Ben gave to Wang Yanji), or to ward off evil. I thought that maybe Zisheng gave it to Luo Jitong so she could dispel her evil thought.😂

When Zisheng walked out to the palace gate, he told Liang Qiu Fei that he would tell his ancestors that he would not marry and have children forever. Liang Qiu Fei tried to persuade him but failed (of course he did..😅).

By the gate, unexpectedly he met the other person. Shao Shang had just returned to the palace accompanied by Yuan Shen. All of them were shocked, especially Yuan Shen.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-14

After a long scene of staring at each other, Zisheng walked toward her. Shao Shang immediately jumped into Yuan Shen’s horse nearby. She was ready to run. However, it was not her horse and the stirrups weren’t adjusted. Zisheng walked past Yuan Shen to help her with the stirrups. It was the same act that he did to her when they met at the beginning of their relationship.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-15

Shao Shang was stunned. When she saw his bruised hand, she also saw the Shao Shang string on his wrist. The same string that she used when she helped him with the arrow, and the same string that helped him at the cliff 5 years ago. Zisheng told her to be careful next time. However, Shao Shang did not show any emotions. She only said that she was no longer the same Shao Shang back then. Right now, she could ride a horse even without the stirrups.

Yuan Shen thanked Huo Bu Yi for helping his fiancée. Yuan Shen told him that he knew his intention. But he should stop thinking about that. Although Yuan Shen weighed less than him in Shao Shang’s heart, she would not choose him no matter how much she misses him. Huo Bu Yi salutes him and left without saying a word.

The Changqiu Palace was having a small banquet to welcome Luo Jitong. Empress Xuan and Shao Shang were happy with her visit. It’s been a long time since Changqiu Palace has had a visitor. Yet, Luo Jitong came with bad intentions. With a smug face, she bragged about her new relationship with General Huo.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-16

Her word impliying that if Zisheng was not summoned back to the capital, they might get married at the Northwest. Luo Jitong did not care that her words hurt the Empress. Shao Shang reminded her that Xuan Family had always protected the Luo family. She couldn’t blame the Empress, if she still did that, then she was worse than an animal.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-17

Luo Jitong panicked when she heard Shao Shang’s words. Luo Jitong mentioned that Shao Shang and Zisheng already had their marriage canceled, he could marry her now. The Empress told her to return to her home, but Luo Jitong wanted to stay at the palace.

Suddenly Madam Zhai came and announced that General Huo had delivered dowries and a bronze mirror to her home. He also told her elder to find her a good husband. With a happy occasion coming up, Luo Jitong should not be at the palace right now. Luo Jitong’s eyes widened. She never thought that her lies would be exposed so soon.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-18

Huo Bu Yi was heading to his residence. Along the way, Liang Qiu Fei told him that the Luo family wanted to climb the ranks by marrying Luo Jitong to Huo Bu Yi. Right now, she was chased out of her house by her elders and siblings because she failed.

At the front of the Huo residence, Luo Jitong waited for him. She immediately stopped him and questioned why he did that to her. She had helped him and accompanied him when they were in the Northwest. Huo Bu Yi snapped her words. What she did back then was not accompanying him.

It was different from his relationship with Shao Shang. They laugh and eat together, and that was an example of accompanying. What Luo Jitong did, well… more like a servant to him…🤣. Zisheng had chased her from his tent, but she sneaked back in to wash his clothes.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-19

Luo Jitong was determined to marry him. She was willing to be a concubine. Huo Bu Yi still rejects her. In desperation, she asked what did she do wrong, and why he could not like her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-20

Huo Bu Yi looked at her and asked back, “What did Jia Qilang do wrong?”. Zisheng had known all along that she killed him. Although she did not admit it, Zisheng knew exactly what she did to him. Luo Jitong asked him if it was because of Cheng Shao Shang that he rejected her. But Huo Bu Yi said that he would never like her, even though Shao Shang was out of the picture. Then he walked to his residence without saying another word and left Luo Jitong who stood there alone.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 52-21

Woooww… I’ve never thought that she’ll return back to the screen. I thought Luo Jitong was just a woman who admired Huo Bu Yi. It turned out that she came back stronger…😅

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  1. I know it’s been a while but I just finished watching this on Viki. The English subtitles explain that the bronze mirror meant Luo Jitong should take a look at herself and her actions 😂


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