Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 4-6 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 4-6 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

List of Recap:

Part 1

Part 2

Here we come with another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap of our favorite drama. Before we start, let’s get to know some characters.

The Cheng Family (Part 2)

Cheng Song

Love Like The Galaxy - Cheng Song
Cheng Song

Cheng Song is Shao Sang’s 2nd brother. He is a military man and often joins the war expedition with their parents. Shao Song is an elegant young man. Compared to Shao Gong, he appears more calm and composed. He loves to pamper Shao Shang, especially after he saw Mother Cheng’s partiality toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Shao Gong

Love Like The Galaxy - Cheng Shao Gong
Cheng Shao Gong

Cheng Shao Gong is Shao Shang’s twin brother whose crazy about divination. He is a free-spirited and lively young man. And just like his brother, Shao Gong’s love for Shao Shang was unconditional.

Cheng Zhi

Cheng Zhi is Shao Shang’s 3rd uncle. A promising official and passionate man. Cheng Zhi may appear weak and soft-hearted but in reality, he was an upright man. His soft spot is her wife.

Sang Shun Hua

Love Like The Galaxy - Cheng Zhi and Sang Shun Hua
Cheng Zhi and Sang Shun Hua

Sang Shun Hua is Cheng Zhi’s wife. As the daughter of the Master of Mount Baliu Academy, Sang Shun Hua was smart, and just like Cheng Zhi, she was also a scholar. It was mentioned later that her appearance was mediocre, but for me, she looked beautiful. She took pity for Shao Shang after she witnessed how partial Mother Cheng is.

Lian Fang

Love Like The Galaxy - Lian Fang
Lian Fang

Lian Fang is Shao Shang’s maid. She was a bubbly girl, kind, and very loyal to Shao Shang. She’s the only one that serves Shao Shang personally. Sometimes she was smarter than Shao Shang in terms of feelings.

Ru Yang City Famous People

Lou Yao

Lou Yao used to be He Zhao Jin’s fiancée. He came from the second branch of a renowned family. His grandfather is the Imperial Grand Tutor. His father passed away, and now the second branch of the Lou family was living under the oppression of the first branch.

Love Like The Galaxy - He Zhao and Lou Yao
He Zhao and Lou Yao

He Zhao Jin

He Zhao Jin is the daughter of General He, a trusted aide of the emperor. She was arrogant and rude. Zhao Jin was dissatisfied with her fiancée, Lou Yao. She thinks that Lou Yao was too humbled and weak.

Yuan Shen Jia

Yuan Shen Jia is the acclaimed bachelor/scholar in Ru Yang City. Everywhere he goes, there are always a bunch of female fans clamoring around him. His ego was quite big, and he doesn’t surrender easily. He used many methods to approach Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - Yuan Shen Jia
Yuan Shen Jia

Princess Yuchang

Princess Yuchang has her heart dead set on Ling Bu Yi. She would use many tricks to get his attention, but all of them were for naught because Ling Bu Yi spare no attention to her. She was spoiled by her grandparents and most of the time acted unreasonably.

Love Like The Galaxy - Princess Yuchang
Princess Yuchang

Ling Family

Marquis Cheng Yang or Ling Yi

Marquis Cheng Yang is Ling Bu Yi’s father. He held an important position in court as a minister. He was a cunning person. Furthermore, he has an estranged relationship with Ling Bu Yi after he abandoned them and divorced Ling Bu Yi’s mother.

Love Like The Galaxy - Marquis Chen Yang and Lady Chun Yu
Marquis Chen Yang and Lady Chunyu

Lady Chunyu

Marchioness Cheng yang or Lady Chunyu is Ling Bu Yi’s stepmother. She was the cousin of Ling Bu Yi’s mother. When Ling BU Yi and his mother went missing after the war in Gu City, she climbed on Marquis Cheng Yang’s bed, and thus she become his wife. Lady Chunyu’s background was weak therefore she relied on her acquaintances with Princess RuoYang, Princess Yuchang’s grandmother.

Episode Recap

Episode 4

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-1

Madam Ge is barging into Shao Shang’s room to vent her anger because she can’t move to the new house due to her oath. She used the oath to keep the main courtyard of the Cheng Residence, but the scheme backfired her. Everybody, including her husband and Cheng Yang, was also going to move. She’ll be the only one in the old residence. Then, if her husband is away, it’ll be impossible to fulfill the oath.

After her plan turned into a fiasco, Madam Ge is having a fit of rage at her husband’s study. Feeling helpless, 2nd master, Cheng Cheng told her to go back to the Ge family, of course, Madam Ge refuse the offer. She got more and more agitated and start assaulting Mr. Cheng when Mother Cheng arrive, and they began to bicker until Mother Cheng slap her. Hard!! And told her that she will expel Madam Ge from the Cheng family. Wooww… I’ve never thought that Mother Cheng was THAT powerful. Where have you been all this time?🤷‍♀️

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-2

Mother Cheng revealed that she knew all along, that Shao Shang’s abandonment was something that has been schemed by Madam Ge because she wants to snatch the baby boy. Madam Ge falsify a prophecy from a monk and instigated Old Madam Cheng to force Father and Mother Cheng to leave the baby behind in the name of filiality. In the end, Shao Shang was left at home, and the rest of the family left.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-3

Ahhhh… my brain was screaming right now. You want a son, therefore you need to snatch a baby from your sister-in-law. What kind of logic is that?

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-4

Meanwhile, Ling Bu Yi is raiding a forge where Xu Jin Zhong is hiding. But before he could interrogate him, he already suicides. When our general examine his body, he found a birthmark. It turns out, that Xu Jin Zhong was involved in the Gu City case.
Old Master Go visited the Cheng residence. He came to ask for an apology on behalf of his daughter Madam Ge, and ask for a divorce letter. Finally, Madam Ge is officially divorced.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-5

After the divorce, 2nd Master Cheng decided to continue his study in Mount Biluo. Because her parents now are away, Cheng Yang’s livelihood and education were Father and Mother Cheng’s responsibility now. With a sad face, Shao Shang watched her mother praising and consoling Cheng Yang, her cousin. The things she’s longed for were said and done by Mother Cheng, but it’s not for her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 4-6

Episode 5

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-1

Ling Bu Yi, the cold-faced general, still investigated the armaments case. Right now, he was setting a trap to catch Xu Jin Zhong’s partner. While giving instructions, his entourage, Liang Qiu Fei pointed at the Cheng family’s carriage. Ling Bu Yi saw Shao Shang’s arm and his face become softer. Even the dummy Qiu Fei asked him why he looked mesmerized. And to their surprise, Ling Bu Yi even told them to prepare some new year goods such as dried fruit snacks for their brothers in the army. They have never celebrated New Year before…😆

The Cheng family left their old residence and enter the new one. Shao Shang found a pile of used woods and build her own swing. She’s quite good at sawing and hammering woods. Mother Cheng found her and reprimanded her because of her carpenter activity, but secretly smile to see the result. Lian Fang said she was impressed by Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-2

When the New Year is around the corner, the Cheng family has a reunion. 3rd Master Cheng, Cheng Zhi, and his wife San Shun Hua finally arrived. Shao Shang’s 2nd and 3rd brothers also tag along. Shao Shang instantly made a harmonious relationship (with a little bickering) with her brother, Cheng Song, and Cheng Shao Gong.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-3

3rd Aunt is a scholar and smart woman. She instantly can sense the partiality of Mother Cheng to Cheng Yang and Shao Shang’s disappointment with her mother. 3rd Aunt always praised Shao Shang as a good child because of this Shao Shang was impressed by her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-4

Marquis Cheng Yang held a family banquet at his residence. Suddenly Ling Bu Yi barged in. He didn’t come voluntarily, but because the Marquis pleaded for a decree from the Emperor to force Ling Bu Yi to come at the new year celebration. Not long after, Princess Yuchang also arrived. Ling Bu Yi who has been irritated by her made a statement that he won’t marry Yuchang. If he was forced to do so, he chose to stay single for good. Good for you Ling Bu Yi!!! You should make it clear from episode 1… 😂

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-5

Later that night, Ling Bu Yi had an idea that perhaps Xu jing Zhong’s partner might communicate with him using a lantern as the media. He told his entourage to search for the identical lanterns.

Back in the residence, Shao Shang’s brothers gave her a lot of gifts. While chatting in her study, Shao Gong saw that her table was not of the right size. He decided to give her his table. Lian Fang and several maids went to his study to carry the table.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-6

On his way back, Lian’s fang was intercepted by Changpu, Cheng Yang’s maid. Changpu and Cheng Yang’s nanny has an idea to snatch the table. Changpu and Lian Fang had a dispute over the table, and they fought, but Mother Cheng caught them.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 5-7

Episode 6

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-1

Mother Cheng saw the dispute, and she thought that it was Shao Shang’s maid who snatched the table and not the other way around. Before listening to Shao Shang’s explanations, she scolded her about the matter. And when Shao Shang tried to defend herself, Mother Cheng angrily accused her to be defiant. Shao Shang’s brothers tried to defend her. But in the end, Mother Cheng still refused to punish Cheng Yang’s maids.

When everything gets out of hand, 3rd aunt comes to the rescue. She stop Mother Cheng before everything get out of hand. In the different room, she reminded Mother Cheng that she was in the wrong. Mother Cheng speak up to fend for Cheng Yang but she didn’t help Shao Shang at all. And to make it up for our dear Shao Shang, 3rd Aunt ask her is there anything that she wanted right now. Of course, Shao Shang had… she wanted to go tho the Lantern Festival!

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-2

I was soooooooooo angry to see this scene. How could Mother Cheng be partial to this point? She was unbelievable! Poor Shao Shang. Thank goodness she has such nice brothers and an aunt and Cheng Yang was such a nice girl. She knows the partiality, but she wasn’t a smug person. Love her!

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-3

Shao Shang was able to watch the hustle and bustle of the Lanterns Festival thanks to her 3rd aunt’s kindness. Therefore, the Cheng family comes with full force, including the Old Madam Cheng.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-4

Shao Shang looked very pretty in a red gown. She was skipping about all around the street.

Ling Bu Yi and his entourages were standing in a straight line observing the festival when he caught her by his eyes. Every time he saw her, his expression become softer and there was a slight smile on the corner of his lips.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-5

Shao Shang went to Tian Restaurant to see the riddle lanterns. This is when she met Lao Yao and his arrogant fiancée, He Zhao Jin. Lao Yao was impressed by her bold and frank attitude.

Besides Lao Yao, there was also Yuan Shen Jian. The acclaimed scholar from Mount Biluo. Academy. Yuan Shen Jian was able to answer all the riddles in the lanterns. It makes He Zhao Jin angry because Lao Yao can’t answer any of them.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-6

To entertain the guest, Tian Restaurant asked Yuan Shan Jian to make up a riddle. The one who can answer would get a jar of wine from the restaurant. Of course, our Shao Shang would be interested. She aimed for the wine… 😂

Everybody was in awe when Shao Shang was able to answer the riddle correctly. Yuan Shan Jian whose impressed by her, gave her his embroidery ball. But Shao Shang throws it back at him. Yuan Shan Jiang’s ego must be hurt by then…😆

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-7

In the meantime, Ling Bu Yi finally confirms his hypothesis that Xu Jia Zhong’s partner is the infamous Prince Xiao.

Later that night something happened at Tian Restaurant. The restaurant was on fire. Among panicked people, Our Shao Shang was pushed and fell down the street, right in front of the fiery Lanterns stall. When the stall falls, Ling Bu Yi comes just in time to save her.

Love Like The Galaxy - Episode 6-8

My Train Of Thought

Oh my God… it was soooo exhausting to watched Mother Cheng’s partiality!

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  1. Lusi is a brilliant actress! I have to say that in ep 6 when she fought for herself against her mother using logic etc it was beautiful. The Chinese as well written where i don’t think the subs could match up to it. Ty so much for this awesome recap and characters intros. But please tell me the mom gets alil better.. I am however glad she does have family members sticking up to her.

    Wu Lei looks so much older in this than he actually is. I was actually surprised how young he was when king ballad came out too. Last time I remember him was in nirvana in fire lol and that was def different.

    I thought the third brothers wife looked familiar then I realized she played the flower chief in Ashes of love. Looking forward to reading more recaps from you.

    • Hi Julie… Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, I agree with you a hundred times. Lu Si is indeed a brilliant actress. Her Shao Shang was perfect that I could not imagine another actress acted as her.
      I was soooo jealous of you that you could understand the Chinese. While I had to rely on two translations, English and Indonesian to make sure that I really understand what were they saying in a scene. Because, you know, they often missed a word or two.

      Fret not girl, the mother would be better, although Cheng Shao Shang would have another mother figure for her. But I really love to see the Cheng family interaction. They do stick up for one another.

      Ahahahah… We have the same opinion about Wu Lei. The first time I saw him was in Nirvana in Fire. His character, Fei Liu, was very entertaining. Wu Lei was still young but his filmography list was impressive. Did you agree with me?

      You know, I’ve never realized that the 3rd Aunt also played in Ashes of Love before you mentioned this. I check on her and she also played in the Sword and the Brocade. Wooww… Thank you for the information.

      I’m so glad that you like my recap. Thank you very much for the compliment… 🥰


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