Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 45-46 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 45-46 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant, Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

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Part 2

Hi dear readers… another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you. Finally we could see the closure of the problem that surround the Cheng family. These are a heart breaking episode. Bear with me, ok? Let’s start episodes 45 and 46 recap!

Episode Recap

Episode 45

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-1

Lou Ben was stunned to hear Ling Bu Yi’s story. He admitted that nothing would escape his investigation and that friend of Yan Zhong was him. Lou Ben and Yan Zhong had been friends for some time. Furthermore, Lou Ben said that Yan Zhong’s situation saddened him.

He never mentioned their friendship because he didn’t want to vilify his friend. Lou Ben guessed that Yan Zhong decided to trade copper for his family’s life because he could not bear to see his family suffer. However, Lou Ben never thought Ma Rong could be so ruthless to massacre the Yan clan.

Shao Shang was anxious when she heard Lou Ben’s words, but Ling Bu Yi squeezed her hand, hinting her to calm down.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-2

Lou Ben didn’t stay for too long. He said that the Emperor had summoned him to the capital. Ling Bu Yi congratulated him in advance because Lou Ben would surely rise in rank.

Shao Shang questioned how Lou Ben knew that Yan Zhong and his family were murdered. Since Ling Bu Yi never announced it publicly. She presumed that Lou Ben was panicked and made a mistake.

Ling Bu Yi responded that he had been suspicious of Lou Ben since he arrived at Tongniu county. Lou ben was a nobody, not an official. His words did not have any weight, but he was capable to persuade Ma Rong to surrender. That was something impossible to do.

Shao Shang wanted to ask about her father’s whereabouts, but Ling Bu Yi stopped her because that will alert Lou Ben. Ling Bu Yi was sure that Ma Rong still held the evidence of Lou Ben’s involvement. They decided to ignore the Emperor’s edict that summon them to the capital, due to an emergency.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-3

Meanwhile, at the prison, Cheng Shao Gong’s divination revealed that they were soon to be freed. Cheng Song laughs at his divination. He never believed them. The last divination showed that he would be married before Shao Shang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-4

Suddenly, they heard Wan Qi Qi calling out to Cheng Song. Wan Qi Qi, dressed as a pageboy, was so sad to see Cheng Song behind bars. She told him that she bribed the guard to see her future husband at the prison. Cheng Song explained to her that he changed his mind and could not marry her because his mother would never allow him to marry into the Wan family

Wan Qi Qi kissed him and took her clothes off. She wore a bright red wedding dress under the pageboy clothes. Wan Qi Qi declared that starting that night, she would be marrying Cheng Song as his wife and she would not regret her decision.

If Cheng Song and all the male members of the Cheng family were executed, she would be his widow. If Cheng Song still refused her as his wife, she had prepared to cut her hair and become a nun. Cheng Song and everyone else was stunned to see Wan Qi Qi.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-5

The Cheng Old Madam cried that she would give them her consent. She sobbed and pleaded that her life was worth it if the Cheng family had a loyal fiancee like Wan Qi Qi. The Old Madam thanked her on behalf of the Cheng family ancestors. She agreed to let Cheng Song marry into the Wan family.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-6

As a wedding gift, she gave Wan Qi Qi one of her precious hairpins, but of course, the old madam did not forget to tell her that the hairpin was made from solid gold and she should keep it well. Everybody laughed at her words.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-7

The Old Madam remembered to ask Xiao Yuanyi about her decision over the marriage. Mother Cheng smiled and let her decide on the marriage because they were family. The long-time dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was finally over at that moment.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-8

Cheng Song and Wan Qi Qi was the happiest moment during the Cheng family’s hardest time. The cell and the bars could not hold back their happiness.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-9

The Lou family arranged a banquet to celebrate Lou Ben’s promotion as an official. Cheng Shao Shang came when Lou Li was bragging about the bronze mirror with ten different calligraphies that Lou Ben made for Wang Yanji as their love token. Lou Li’s words stunned Shao Shang. She asked Lou Li to show her the bronze mirror. Wang Yanji was happy to see Shao Shang and immediately showed her the bronze mirror.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-10

Lou Yao and the rest of the Lou family still overcame their surprise to see Shao Shang. All of a sudden there was a commotion at the front door. Ling Bu Yi, Yuan Shen, and Black Armored Guards came. Shao Shang gave the bronze mirror to Ling Bu Yi who immediately examined the mirror.

Grand Tutor Lou protested about the commotions. Yuan Shen announce that they were there to arrest the suspect who killed Tongniu’s county magistrate and his family. Lou Ben saluted Ling Bu Yi and Yuan Shen and asked them to talk somewhere else.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-11

Ling Bu Yi announces that Lou Ben has colluded with Peng Kun’s general, Ma Rong to deceive Yan Zhong and killed him and his family. Lou Ben also pretended to persuade Ma Rong to surrender and put the blame on Marquis Qu Ling, Cheng Shi. It was a very clever move. Lou Ben had killed three birds with a stone.

The Lou family did not believe Ling Bu Yi’s words. Lou Ben also refuted the accusations, he told them that it was a wild guess. But Ling Bu Yi did find evidence that Ma Rong hide in Yan Zhong’s study room. Hidden in a secret place behind a calligraphy display.

It was a stack of letters from Lou Ben to Yan Zhong from the first time they get acquainted. It was also written in the letters about Lou Ben inciting Yan Zhong to bring his family and Marquis Quling to transport the military fund to a secret location.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-12

Lou Ben denied the letters. He said that it was not his handwriting. But Shao Shang said that Second Madam Lou (Lou Ben’s mother) told her that Lou Ben was good at calligraphy. The bronze mirror with 10 different handwriting was the proof. All they needed was to find similar handwriting to the letter.

The Lou family was surprised to hear that. Wang Yanji asked the truth from Lou Ben. When Lou Ben answered yes, everybody was shocked. Lou Ben said that he had to do that because they were suppressed by their uncle and aunt. He did it for Lou Yao, his and Wang Yanji’s future, and his ambition.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-13

Grand Tutor Lou was afraid that Lou Ben and Lou Yao would hinder his sons’ future careers, that he refuse Ling Bu Yi and the Crown Prince’s recommendation for him. Grand Tutor Lou evaded the accusations and put all the blame on his wife. Shao Shang questioned Lou Ben about her father’s whereabouts.

Lou Ben asked Shao Shang to follow him into his study. He took out a well-made map. He gave the map to Shao Shang and wished her to be able to see the world and not be trapped by herself. Shao Shang told him that if he presented the map to the Emperor, he would spare Lou Ben from the death sentence.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-14

Lou Ben refused. He recited a phrase, “If it’s hard to get what you want, it’ll be hard to lose it. If it’s easy to get, it’ll be easy to lose it. The degree of difficulty depends on you. The cause is the effect. The effect is the cause”

I really had to write the phrase here because I would have spoiled the meaning if I don’t…😅

Meanwhile, everybody waited outside. The Lou first madam started to yell at Lou Second Madam and Wang Yanji. Lou ben’s wife was starting to lose her cool. Wang Yanji slapped First madam Lou and told her that she will spill her blood if she keep insulting her husband and her mother-in-law.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-15

Lou Ben heard the commotion. He took a sword and pointed it out to Shao Shang. He took her out as a hostage. Everybody was in an uproar. Ling Bu Yi’s Guards immediately restrain the Lou family members. Grand Tutor Lou wailed that Lou Ben had brought misfortune to the family.

Ling Bu Yi warned Lou Ben that he did not have to bring everything to ruin. If he let go of Shao Shang and revealed where Cheng Shi’s whereabouts, Ling Bu Yi would plead to the Emperor to lighten his sentence

Lou Ben refused. He was resolute about what he did. His mother pleaded with him why must he become an official. Lou Ben yelled that he did all of this so Lou Yao and his Descendants would not suffer such inferiority as his. He told Lou Yao to stay strong because the family still needed him to support them. Lou Ben pleaded for forgiveness from his wife even though she begged him to stop.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-16

Lou Ben pushed Shao Shang away and killed himself with the sword. Lou Yao and his mother cried for Lou Ben.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-17

Wang Yanji broke the barrier and ran to her husband. She cried and wailed that she was carrying his children in her womb. Shao Shang watched Wang Yanji try to wake her husband up.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-18

Wang Yanji refused when Yuan Shen told her that he had to take Lou Ben’s body to the Ministry of Justice. Wang Yanji shouted to him that they had killed her husband, and she would not give him the body. Wang Yanji looked at the stunned Shao Shang with a complicated look.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-19

Then, Shao Shang remembered the phrase that Lou Ben said before. She could guess where his father was.

It was a very sad ending for Lou Ben, Lou Yao, and the Lou family… 😭 Well, I don’t really care about Grand Tutor Lou, his wife, and Lou Li. Those arrogant people deserved to be punished. 🤬

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 45-20

Episode 46

5 days later. Father Cheng was resting on his bed while Mother Cheng fed him medicine. Father Cheng recalled everything that happened to him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-1

Yan Zhong discussed the storage of the refined copper with Father Cheng. Because Father Cheng was worried that Tongniu county would fall and the military funds would be stolen, he advised Yan Zhong to hide the copper outside the city. But they were ambushed by Ma Rong.

Father Cheng told Mother Cheng that he managed to escaped Ma Rong’s ambush with difficulty. He was injured and passed out in the bushes. When he opened his eyes, he was already at Lou Ben’s house.

Lou Ben was there and he lied that Father Cheng was saved by some miners. Lou Ben also told Father Cheng that Tongniu has fallen and Li Feng betrayed the country by colluding with Ma Rong to steal the 2000 refined copper.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-2

Lou Ben also said that the Emperor had sent people to catch them. When the wounds had healed, Father Cheng wanted to return to the capital to defend himself, but Lou Ben forbade him because if he showed up, Ma Rong’s spy would kill him. Lou Ben said that he would find a way to send news about him to the Cheng family.

Lou Ben advised him to hide until he was proven innocent. Father Cheng believed Lou Ben because he was Lou Yao’s brother. But Mother Cheng snapped that Lou Ben was nice to him because he failed his mission. If Lou Ben was successful, the first one that he killed was him.

At the city gate, Shao Shang and Ling Bu Yi send the Lou family off. The Crown Prince was also there to send Grand Tutor Lou off. Shao Shang met Lou Yao and asked him for forgiveness. Lou Yao seemed dejected. After the Lou family fell, Lou Yao and his family left for Hua county. While his uncle was banished to his hometown.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-3

Lou Yao said that he chose to go to Hua county because Hua County was the place where he felt the happiest time in his life. But if he could turn back time, Lou Yao wished to never meet Shao Shang at all. He left after he bid his farewell.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-4

He Zhao Jun also come to talk to Shao Shang. She said that Lou Yao was weighing right and wrong in his heart. Someday he would understand that what Lou Ben did was wrong.

He Zhao Jun stated that if they never met in a life-death situation, she would invite her for a meal if they met in the future. But considering their circumstances right now, she would not welcome her. She left after she said that.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-5

Shao Shang watched them leave with a heavy expression. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Ling Bu Yi comforted him. He revealed that Lou Yao would not be able to go to Hua county if not because of her recommendation. Hua county was a safe place for the Lous to live a good life and realize their dream.

Furthermore, Ling Bu Yi told her that First Madam Lou was banished to her hometown after Grand Tutor Lou pushed all the blame onto her wife. Meanwhile, Wang Yanji was sad over her husband’s death and drowned herself in the river. Her body was never found.

Shao Shang regretted that she never comforted her when Lou Ben died. She was too focused on finding her father that day. For Shao Shang, Lou Yao and Wang Yanji was the only person who treated her kindly in the Lou family.

Ling Bu Yi added that Lou Ben walked on the wrong path.

Sometimes, you only need one wrong turn and you could never go back. Shao Shang stared at Ling Bu Yi and told him that they should never make a mistake so they could never have any regrets.

Ling Bu Yi’s expression was sorrowful. Shao Shang asked him what was happening. He revealed that his mother’s condition worsen. Ling Bu Yi asked Shao Shang to visit her.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-6

Huo Junhua was having a cheerful conversation with Marquis Cui. When she saw Ling Bu Yi, she called him by his pet name, Ah Li. Huo Junhua gave him a piece of almond cake.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-7

Ling Bu Yi hesitantly eats it. Seeing the harmonious interaction, Marquis Cui and Shao Shang left the room quietly.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-8

Marquis Cui sighed and told Shao Shang that Huo Junhua was at the end of her life. She was born prematurely and has always been weak. She risked herself to give birth to Ling Bu Yi for Ling Yi who abandoned her in the end.

However, Huo Junhua was not the only one who was born prematurely, Ling Bu Yi was too. He was born as small as a kitten and weak. That is why his pet name was Ah Li. Contrary to the Ling family.

Huo Junhua’s sister-in-law gave birth to several healthy children. For the sake of Huo Junhua’s son, Madam Huo gave her son’s name, Bu Yi, to Huo Junhua’s son in exchange for Wushuang.

Dear readers, did you get it? Ling Bu Yi’s birth name was Ling Wushuang, while General Huo’s son was named Huo Bu Yi. After the exchange, Ling Wushuang becomes Ling Bu Yi while Huo Bu Yi becomes Huo Wushuang or Ah Zheng.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-9

Ling Bu Yi and Huo Wushuang had a similar appearances. Huo Junhua with her playful nature loves to dress them in identical clothes and made Huo Chong identify them. However, Ling Yi often cannot distinguish them because he rarely interacts with his son.

Ling Bu Yi and Huo Wushuang had completely different characters but, they get along very well. Ling Bu Yi was a cheerful and active child, and Huo Wushuang was a quiet and reasonable child.

Ling Bu Yi’s favorite cake was almond cake, but Huo Wushuhang was allergic and always had rashes every time he ate almonds. But Huo Wushuang is always willing to climb the almond tree to pick the fruit for his cousin.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-10

Marquis Cui murmured that Ling Bu Yi was the last surviving member of the Huo family. He should not risk his life anymore. Or else, Junhua will… his voice trailed off. Marquis Cui looked at Shao Shang and told her that he would add her dowry with the same amount her parents gave her. Shao Shang refused his goodwill because the Empress also would do the same. She already had many dowries from her wedding.

Marquis Cui said that she needed many dowries to compete with Princess Yuchang. Shao Shang was confused about Princess Yuchang’s part. She was nowhere near being her competitor. But Marquis Cui clearly had a different opinion about the princess.

According to him, Princess Yuchang was good at everything including the four arts, cooking, and famous for being virtuous. Meanwhile, Shao Shang was… he trailed off once again…🤣

This cheeky marquis also mentioned the chicken wing that Shao Shang made for Ling Bu Yi. The wings made Ling Bu Yi as a joke among the court official for days. If Shao Shang did not have more dowries than her, she won’t be able to compete with Princess Yuchang.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-11

You might not see it, but I do believe that Shao Shang was fuming inside. 🤣

Shao Shang stared at him and told the cheeky marquis that their relationship has ended. She leave without a word but return again to whisper that the wing was mandarin duck wings. Marquis Cui was bewildered when realizing that Shao Shang had a temper.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-12

On the carriage on their way home, Shao Shang noticed that rashes covered Ling Bu Yi’s skin. He also had a fever. Ling Bu Yi said that he was bitten by a bug when he was practicing. Shao Shang did not believe him because bugs did not exist in cold weather.

In Ling Bu Yi’s residence, the Liang duo discussed their master condition. The physician said that Ling Bu Yi was allergic to almonds 😱.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-13

Liang Qiu Fei questioned why Shao Shang left without a word and even did not wait for their master to wake up. Liang Qiu Qi responded that she might be angry because their master was too careless.

All of a sudden Ling Bu Yi appeared at the door. He said that he could not wait any longer and it might be too late. They will go to the Ministry of Justice and take Peng Kun away… illegally.

At his Northern Army prison, Ling Bu Yi whipped Peng Kun. He yelled at Peng Kun to answer all his questions. Why did he kill Lord Qian’an and why did he attack Gu city? Peng Kun answered that Lord Qian’an took all the credit, while he and his soldiers were the ones who risked their life.

He killed Lord Qian’an so he could take control of Lord Qian’an army because Junior Lord Qian’an was useless. Peng Kun also answered that he failed to help Gu city because General Huo Chong was unlucky.

Ling Bu Yi did not believe his answer. He reminded Peng Kun that back in Shouchun, he said that Ling Yi was involved in the Gu City case. Peng Kun laugh at him and hissed that Ling Bu Yi had become the dog of the Wen family. He did not have any consideration for his biological father.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-14

Peng Kun dare Ling Bu Yi to kill him. But Ling Bu Yi said that he wanted Peng Kun to suffer because Ling Bu Yi had 100 types of torture in the prison that he could use on him.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-15

At the Changqiu Palace, Shao Shang could not sleep because her brain won’t stop working. She thought about Ling Bu Yi and Huo Wushuang, the similarities, the almond, and the rashes on Ling Bu Yi’s skin. Suddenly, the Empress comes to her room. She could not sleep either. They sat on the bed and talked.

Shao Shang asked the empress whether she would blame her because she exposed Lou ben and caused harm for the Crown Prince. However, the empress said that she respects her and her courage. The Empress regretted that she was not as brave as her when she was young. If she did, she might be able to save her parents.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-16

Shao Shang asked the Empress to tell her about Ling Bu Yi and Huo Wushuang when they were a child. Empress Xuan told her that Ling Bu Yi used to be a cheerful kid while Huo Wushuang was quiet and mature back then. But after the fall of the Huo family, Ling Bu Yi becomes quiet like Huo Wushuang.

He is no longer a cheerful kid and has many similar habits to Huo Wushuang. When the Emperor asked him about this, Ling Bu Yi said that wanted to live for Huo Wushuang who died.

The Empress said that fortunately, Ling Bu Yi has Shao Shang to accompany him for the rest of his life. She told her to not worry about him because Ling Bu Yi know what he was doing.

All they need to do was to look ahead and forget the past. Shao Shang said that she was lucky to have the Empress by her side. In her complicated feeling, she asked the Empress to accompany her that night.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-17

Early in the morning, there was a commotion in her room. Wang Lin barged in and kneeled in her room asking for forgiveness and help. Wang Lin wanted Shao Shang to help her husband, Peng Kun for the sake of her unborn child. Shao Shang told her to get up. She warned Wang Lin that Peng Kun was a traitor. However, for Wang Lin, Peng Kun was a good husband. But Shao Shang still refuse her request.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-18

Wang Lin begged Shao Shang to speak to Ling Bu Yi and release Peng Kun. Ling Bu Yi was an unpredictable and cruel person. He must use inhumane methods to torture her husband. Wang Lin told Shao Shang every information about Ling Bu Yi that she heard from Peng Kun’s spy. Shao Shang was stunned to hear that.

Love Like The Galaxy recap - episode 46-19

Oh boy! It”s a cliffhanger!! 😱

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