Drama RecapLove Like The GalaxyLove Like The Galaxy (Episode 7-9 Recap)

Love Like The Galaxy (Episode 7-9 Recap)

  • Title: Love Like The Galaxy
  • Also Known As: 星汉灿烂, Xing Han Can Lan, The Stars Are Brilliant , Splendid Stars
  • Part 1: 星汉灿烂 / Xing Han Can Lan
    • Episode: 27
  • Part 2: 月升沧海 / Yue Sheng Cang Hai
    • Episode: 29
  • Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
  • Screenwriter: Zou Yue
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Political
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent
  • Where to Watch: WeTV

List of Recap:

Part 1

Part 2

Here’s another Love Like The Galaxy episode recap for you. Finally we might see some fluff. readers… But before we start, let me introduce you to new characters in these 7-9 episodes.

The Wans

Wan Qi Qi

Love Like The Galaxy - Wan Qi Qi

Wan Qi Qi is Wan Song Bai’s 13th daughter. She was a straightforward person, bold and dauntless. She likes to hang out with the Chengs and despise the aristocratic noble ladies of the Ruyang City. Wang Qi Qi has a crush on Cheng Song, even though she didn’t realized it yet. She loves to dress to the nines with jewelry dangling from her head.

Love Like The Galaxy - General Wan Song Bai and Madam Wan
General Wan Song Bai and Madam Wan

Wan Song Bai

General Wan Song Bai was Father Cheng’s sworn brother. He was a straightforward person and loves to collect many treasures.

Madam Wan

Madam Wan seemed to be weak and insecure. Her biggest regret was she failed to gave birth to a son, even though she already has 13 daughters. Wan Qi Qi is her youngest daughter.

Love Like The Galaxy - Old Madam Wan

Old Madam Wan

There was a possibility that the smartest person in the Wan residence was the Old Madam. Despite living in the inner court, Old Madam isa a broad-minded person, quick to read situations, and also decisive. She lost her left ear because she cut it herself to avoid a dispute with her late husband’s relatives.

Ling Bu Yi’s Target

Prince Xio

Love Like The Galaxy - Old Madam Wan

Prince Xiao is the son of Old Prince Yao. He came from Feng Yi County. He was a cunning and greedy person who abuse his power to gain tremendous amount of wealth.

Ru Yang City Famous People

Wang Lin

Love Like The Galaxy - Wang Lin and Lou Li
Wang Lin and Lou Li

Wang Lin is the daughter of Cavalary General Wang Chun. Eventhough she was the descendant of militay officer, she was different compared to Shao Shang and Wan Qi Qi. She was haughty, arrogant,, and cruel. She is Princess Yuchang’s bestfriend/entourage.

Lou Li

Lou Li is Lou Yao’s cousin. She was the daugter of the first branch of Lou family. She was arrogant and always look down on others. Just like Wang Lin, she also Princess Yuchang’s entourage.

Old Princess Ruyang

Love Like The Galaxy - Old Princess Ruyang

She is Princess Yuchang’s grandmother. Old Princess Ruyang is the aunt of the emperor. She was arrogant and small-minded person. Princess Yuchang was spoiled by her. Old Princess Ruyang has a bad relationship with her husband.

Episode Recap

Episode 7

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-1

The Cheng family were having a banquet to celebrate their new home. The Wans also come as a guest. Wan Song Bai (Father Cheng’s sworn brother) and his wife also come. Mr Wan instantly grow fond for Shao Shang. He gave her a short decorated knife and a message that if she ever had trouble especially with her mother, he would help her, no matter what… (uncle Wan, you have a fan right here…🙋🏻‍♀️)

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-2

Yuan Shen Jia also came, even though he was uninvited. I wonder if he has hidden motives to come…🤔

Wang Ling also come accompanied by Lou Li. They come because they heard that Yuan Shen Jia would be attending the banquet. These noble ladies were arrogant and mocked Shao Shang because she lacked of manners.But when Yuan Shen Jia entered the room, they immediately behaved as noble and kind ladies.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-3

But they were not the only ones who was mesmerized by Yuan Shen Jia’s elegance. Cheng Yang also stunned to see him. She looked so pretty isn’t it?

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-6

Yuan Shen Jia was looking for Shao Shang because he had a message for 3rd aunt (it seemed that the message was only a made up reason). But the message was a rhapsody and it was too complicated for Shao Shang. She didn’t understand a single word of it… 😂. Shao Shang then asked for explanation from Cheng Yang, but she can’t remember the words, so Cheng Yang can’t help her at all.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-7

In the meantime, Ling Bu Yi was still inspecting the ruins of Tian restaurant. It seemed that they already found another clue for the armament case.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-9

Today is Shao Shang and Cheng Yang’s day off. They went out to find a gift for Princess Yuchang’s banquet when they met Yuan Shen Jia half way. He rebuked Shao Shang for not delivering the message to her 3rd aunt. This Yuan Shen Jia really had a way with word to trap our foolish Shao Shang. He acted like a boy who loves to tease his favorite girl.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-10

Madam Chun Yu still tried to arrange a blind date for Ling Bu Yi and Princess Yuchang. But he rejected the idea (again) and throwed her out.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-11

Liang Qiu Fei were punished by Ling Bu Yi because he received the invitation…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-12

Later at night, 3rd aunt and 3rd uncle was having a quality time together. They were so cute, I couldn’t take the sweetness. When suddenly Shao Shang barged in to deliver Yuan Shen Jia’s message. Shao Shang tried to convey the rhapsody, but she failed miserably. Fortunately, 3rd aunt understood the underlying message and guessed who was the one behind it. He was Yuan Shen Jia’s master. 3rd aunt made him vowed not to contacted her again. That’s why he used a round about method just to send her a message.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-13

It was funny to see the jealous 3rd uncle. He wanted to peek at the message that 3rd aunt wrote, but he couldn’t do anything under Shao Shang scrutiny.

Shao Shang, Cheng Yang and the rest of the family come to Princess Yuchang’s banquet. Shao Shang and Cheng Yang wore an identical gown. The color was horrible, btw. I guess Mother Cheng’s sense of fashion is just so-so.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-14

Shao Shang and her siblings met Wan Qi Qi, the 13th daughter of General Wan Song Bai. She dressed to the nines, so when she saw Shao Shang and Cheng Yang’s simple appearances she immediately gave them some of her jewelry to add some embellishment to their unadorned dress. I like this person, Wan Qi Qi is so lively…

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 7-15

Meanwhile, in the hall, Princess Yuchang’s maid gave her a report that the one who ruined her plan on the Lantern Festival was Shao Shang. At that time, Princess Yuchang was pretending to be drowned to attract Ling Bu Yi’s attention. But who would thought that Shao Shang immediately noticed that the pond was shallow. So, she kicked Princess Yuchang’s servant so he fell to the pond and exposed the princess’ plot.

Episode 8

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-1

At the banquet, Princess Yuchang, Wang Lin and Lou Li started to humiliate Shao Shang and Cheng Yang because they never ate golden dates. Wang Qi Qi tried to defend them, but she was not eloquent enough to deal with them. Shao Shang rebuked their remark by saying that Princess Yuchang has no shame for ridiculing the descendant of military officers while enjoying their hard work.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-2

When the debate still going on, Princess Yuchang’s maid announce the arrival of Zisheng. Shao Shang was not resorted to lost in the debate. She made a remark that Zisheng was only a person who has admired her, but she was not interested in him… without knowing that Zisheng is Ling Bu Yi…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-3

Ling Bu Yi, who must be eavesdropping outside, come just in the right time to say to Shao Shang, ”I’m someone who has been admiring you for a long time. But you have no interest in me at all. I’m Zisheng”. He said all the words right in front of Shao Shang, while keeping a slight smile at the corner of his lips. I am sure that he said those words intentionally…😆. Princess Yuchang was thrilled to see him coming, but Ling Bu Yi already regretted coming, and he went out as soon as possible.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-4
Ha.. ha.. ha.. Got You, Princess!! 😂

He Zhao Jun has a secret rendezvous with Prince Xiao. He said he wanted to propose to her. He Zhao Jun believed everything he said, and now she wanted to annul her engagement with Lou Yao. When Lou Yao came, he and He Zhao Jun had a quarrel about their engagement.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-6

Shao Shang had another encounter with Yuan Shen Jia. He really has a poisonous tongue, just a few words, and he was able to make Shao Shang infuriated. But he was secretly giving her pointer that she must study about the ancestry of the aristocratic families and sacrificial rites. He also wanted to gave her a recommendation for female teacher in town. What was on his mind? Did he tried to educate Shao Shang?

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-7

When Shao Shang tried to run from Yuan Shen Jia, she found out that Cheng Yang was pushed into a pond. When she rushed to save her, she noticed Wang Lin and Lou Li’s trap. They wanted to make her to fall into the pond just like Cheng Yang. But our Shao Shang was not easily to fool. She avoid the rope and save Cheng Yang.

The furious Wang Lin and Lou Li scolded and humiliated her. Shao Shang couldn’t take more humiliation, so she hit Wang Lin, and they fought.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-9

Shen Jia and Lou Yao try to separate them. When the fight amost over, Shao Shang puched her own face, hard! So nobody can blame her for not being hurt during the fight…😂

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-10

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-11
Liang Qiu Fei already said what I wanted to say….👆🏻😁

Old Princess Ruyang (Yuchang’s grandmother) held a mediation for them. Mother Cheng, 3rd Aunt, Madam Chun Yu, and Yuchang were also there too. Mother Cheng tried to protect the girls (Shao Shang and Cheng Yang) from Old Princess Ruyang’s punishment and Madam Chun Yu meddling. But Shao Shang has her own idea.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-13

In the middle of heated debate about what happening, Ling Bu Yi come with the evidence of Wang Lin and Lou Li’s evil deed. Because the evidence was sufficient, Ling Bu Yi even threaten them to take the matter to the Ministry of Justice because it concerns human life. Old Princess Ruyang couldn’t do anything than let the matter rest.

At the Cheng Residence, Mother Cheng called Shao Shang to questioned her. Shao Shang who afraid of being punished had Liang Fan to call for a back-up, her brothers. Her prediction is right, Mother Cheng called her to reprimand her. Shao Shang acted like she was badly injured, so Father Cheng took pity on her. But of course the sharp-eyed Mother Cheng wasn’t fooled. Luckily, Cheng Song and Cheng Shao Gong come just in time to plead for her and Father Cheng also help her by secretly send them away, so Mother Cheng can’t punish them.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-15

Shao Shang decided to run away. In the cold and windy night, Shao Shang met Yuan Shen Jia. He invite her to his carriage.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-16
Yuan Shen Jia wanted to give his coat to the freezing Shao Shang

I can’t believe that Yuan Shen Jia was similar to Mother Cheng. They would say many hurtful comments to Shao Shang, but what they felt for her were the exact opposite of what they have said. Yuan Shen Jia wanted to invite Shao Shang to meet his mother. He clearly attracted to her and wanted to marry her. But in front of Shao Shang, he was suddenly changed his words. He resented her for not educated enough and only resorted to violence. Yuan Shen Jia kicked her out before he told her to go home and gave her an ointment for her injuries. He must have prepared the ointment beforehand.

Cheng Song and Cheng Shao Gong was waited for her at the gate. They told Shao Shang that Mother Cheng had punished her to copy scripture and no longer resorted to physical punishment. But this is more frightening for Shao Shang, she decided to run away to Wang Qi Qi’s house.

Meanwhile, Ling Bu Yi was seen in the Wan Residence, asking for a certain map of Shu Country from General Wan.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 8-18

Episode 9

General Wan asked Ling Bu Yi to stay and have dinner with him, but Ling Bu Yi refused the offer. When he walked to the entrance door, he met Shao Shang whom just arrived at the Wan Residence. He saw that Shao Shang would be stayed at the Wan residence. Ling Bu Yi then shamelessly asked for dinner to General Wan. Eventually, he also stayed at the Wan residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-1

Shao Shang meet the Old Madam Wan for the first time. She was a brave woman who wasn’t afraid to cut her own ear to prove her loyalty to her husband. Even though Old Madam Wan lived in the inner courtyard, she was a broad-minded person. She immediately sensed something was not right when she heard that Ling Bu Yi wanted to stay at Wan residence.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-2

When Shao Shang and Wan Qi Qi is having a good time while drinking wine and talk about love and marriage, our shameless general was eavesdropping. He was curious about the topic…😆 Don’t forget to take a look at my favorite silly entourages.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-4

Meanwhile, in the Lou residence, Lou Yao came to Lou Ben’s study to talk about canceling his engagement with He Zhao Jun. Lou Ben is his older brother, and he was agree to support Lou Yao’s decision. Lou Ben was happy because Lou Yao finally be brave enough to make a decision for himself.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-5

The next day, Shao Shang was take a good look at the construction of a broken bridge at the Wan residence. She immediately hide when she saw General Wan and Ling Bu Yi walked towards the bridge. She overheard the General Wan and Ling Bu Yi talked about military matters. Ling Bu Yi saw her hiding under the bridge.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-6

Oh my God, she was literally hanging under the bridge…😂). Ling Bu Yi expression was suspicious. I guess he had some wicked ideas in his mind…😂

In the horse arena, Wan Qi Qi was happily riding a horse alone when Old Madam Wan called her. Wan Qi Qi gave the horse reins to Shao Shang, and told her to ride the horse.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-7

Shao Shang heve never learned to ride a horse before. She clumsily climbed the horse and she wasn’t ready yet when the horse suddenly run. Screaming and panicking, Shao Shang tried to stop the horse, but she failed. Thankfully someone run and mounted the horse. It’s Ling Bu Yi. He helped her with the horse and even took her to ride for several laps before they stop. It can be considered, he teach her how to ride a horse.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-8

Ling Bu Yi used the chance to threaten Shao Shang so she would be willingly helped him with the map of Shu. Ling Bu Yi told her that he stayed at the Wan residence to obtain the geographical map of Shu on behalf of the emperor. He had search for it in every possible place in the residence, except the Old Madam’s chamber.

Ling Bu Yi didn’t want to be unrespectful to the old Madam, therefore, he asked Shao Shang to secretly search the chamber. He emphasized that Shao Shang must retrieve the map, so the Wans could avoid the Emperor’s punishment of hiding an important object. As a return, he would be tightlipped and help her with the bridge.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-11

Ling Bu Yi’s hand was knocking on the bridge, what is that supposed to mean? Perhaps we’ll get the answer in the next episode… I really can’t wait…😆

Shao Shang were trapped. Whether she liked it or not, she must help him. Thus, Shao Shang dressed up like Wan Qi Qi to enter the chamber. But before she finished searching the chamber, Old Madam Wan already return from outside. She saw that someone was pretend to be Wan Qi Qi and hide inside her chamber. In a short time, the smart Old Madam guessed the whole situation.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-13

She pretend to ask the fake Wan Qi Qi (our Shao Shang) to put her hairpin on a box. Old Madm specifically said that the hairpin must be stored in a box next to the shelf and Shao Shang shouldn’t touch the red sandalwood box because General Wan had given her that box for safekeeping. Shao Shang understand the underlining message from the old Madam. When she opened the box, she saw the scroll of a map.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-14

Ling Bu Yi left the Wan residence after he got the map.

The stupid General Wan was punished by the Old Madam Wan. To avoid getting caught because she helped Ling Bu Yi, Shao Shang rushed to go home.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-15

At the Cheng residence, Shao Shang tried to curry favor with her parents. Of course Mother Cheng wasn’t fooled. Shao Shang tell them that she went home because Ling Bu Yi was at The Wan residence, and he was searching for a map. Father and Mother Cheng was surprised to hear that. But then Mother Cheng scolded her for discussing the nation’s matter.

There was a reason why Ling Bu Yi asked for Shao Shang’s help about the map. The Wan family will be punished if the map was found by him. But it would be different if the Old Madam was the one who gave the map to him through Shao Shang. So, basically, Ling Bu Yi tried to protect the Wan Family…. Well… It’s no wonder that the Old Madam was angry to General Wan. He was foolish enough to hide the map.

Love Like The Galaxy - episode 9-16

After he got the map, Ling Bu Yi decided to take his plan to another level by making the other party anxious. So, he set up a trap for Prince Xiao.

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