Drama RecapShe And Her Perfect HusbandShe and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 11-12 Recap)

She and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 11-12 Recap)

  • Title: She and Her Perfect Husband
  • Also Known As: 爱的二八定律, The 80/20 Rule of Love, Qin Shi and Her Perfect Husband, The Two Eight Law of Love
  • Director: Lin Yan
  • Screenwriter: Zhu Li
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Viki, WeTV

List of Recap:

Dear readers, another She and Her Perfect Husband episode recap for you. This time, in these episodes 11 and 12, after some unexpected things that happened at the lunch meeting, Qin Shi and Yang Hua had another problem: Mother Yang who obviously still wanted to meddle in their relationship. However, Qin Shi always had an idea to deal with her 😉

Episode Recap

Episode 11

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (1)

Qin Shi asked Yang Hua when will he return home and enjoyed the fruit of their labor. But Yang Hua said that he might need more cooperation from her because his mother wanted to come over to the house. Qin Shi choked on her water, she thought that Mother Yang was against their relationship. Yang Hua told Qin Shi that he never told his mother that their relationship was fake.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (2)

Yang Hua recalled about his meeting with Mother Yang. Yang Hua’s mother promised that she would not meddle in his life, including his marriage fearing that he might hate her. However, Mother Yang still reminded him about Qin Shi’s family background. She also did not cancel her plan to come to their house. She wanted to know their daily life before she could be assured about their life.

Qin Shi analyzed Mother Yang’s whim. She thought that something was not right. Mother Yang’s request to visit them showed that she has not given up to persuade Yang Hua even though he was alredy in a relationship. However, if they refused her request, it would start a conflict between in-laws and would put Yang Hua in an awkward position. But if they agreed to it, it would be troublesome for their future. Mother Yang could come to their house to do an on-the-spot inspection at a random time.

Yang Hua agreed with her analysis. Qin Shi had an idea but she had to make sure about something. She asked Yang Hua whether Mother Yang was a proud and prideful person. Yang Hua said yes, but Qin Shi did not want to reveal her plan yet because she wanted to keep him intrigued.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (3)

It was a bright and sunny Sunday when Mother Yang came with a bunch of things in her hands. When Mother Yang learned that Qin Shi was not home because she had to work overtime, she asked Yang Hua whether it was only an excuse because Qin Shi wanted to avoid her. Yang Hua refuted her words. Meanwhile, at Ren Mei Mei’s apartment, Qin Shi was there to find some solace.

Ren Mei Mei laughed at her and told her that her future mother-in-law would be a pain in her neck. Ren Mei Mei asked Qin Shi if would she bring Yang Hua to her father’s 70th birthday. Qin Shi lightly reprimanded Ren Mei Mei not wanting to bring up the subject. However, Ren Mei Mei still did not give up yet.

She said that although Yang Hua was weird, he was presentable enough. Qin Shi responded that her mother was very excited about her marriage. Even if she only talked with the opposite sex, her mother’s imagination would run wild, and started to think about Qin Shi’s future children. Therefore, right now Qin Shi did not want to give her false hope.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (4)

Mother Yang still walked around the house and checked for everything. She went to the study room and checked on the books. She went to the bathroom and checked on Qin Shi’s skincare bottles. Mother Yang also wanted to see Qin Shi’s bedroom.

She was a bit perplexed when she saw only one bed in the room. She asked whether they slept on the same bed. But Yang Hua said that they slept separately because they were not married and they were pretty conservative about their relationship.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (5)

However, the way he explained those things to his mother was a bit suspicious. Mother Yang was displeased when she knew that it was Yang Hua who cleans everything in the house, including Qin Shi’s room. When she was alone and walked to the bedside table, she stepped on a condom. She was shocked when she found a drawer full of contraceptives and other love-making tools…😂

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (6)

Mother Yang was too shocked to realize that everything was still wrapped tightly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (8)

Mother Yang angrily stormed out of the room and hit Yang Hua. She roared that Yang Hua had lied to her and told him that even though she was not an old-fashioned person but Mother Yang still had a limit.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (9)

She warned Yang Hua that if he ever make someone pregnant before marriage, she would not forgive him. Yang Hua was dumbfounded the whole time. He did not know what lies Mother Yang mentioned moreover about making someone pregnant. After Mother Yang slammed the door, he still stood behind the door with a confused face… But not long before he realized something…😂

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (10)

Ren Mei Mei received a phone call from Qin Wenyu but Qin Shi hung up the phone. When she called back Qin Wenyu, her expression was unnatural which made Qin Shi curious. It was Vivian who used Qin Wenyu’s phone and asked Ren Mei Mei for a meeting. Ren Mei Mei tried to be cool but Qin Shi knew that she was anxious and afraid.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (11)

Ren Mei Mei reassured her that she feared nothing. Even if someday she had to divorce, she already has everything and she could make money by herself. Qin Shi asked her whether she really wanted to divorce and had no more feelings for Qin Wenyu. But as a good friend, Qin Shi knew that Ren Mei Mei’s feelings were the opposite of her words. Ren Mei Mei warned Qin Shi that love was a scary feeling. When she really loved someone it was like giving him a dagger that could stab her.

Ren Mei Mei said that in the last two years of her marriage, she had been stabbed countless times that she only felt an emptiness inside. She made up her mind that if she really had to divorce, she would do it. But Qin Shi was sure that they would not divorce.

Vivian and Ren Mei Mei met at a restaurant. Ren Mei Mei looked sophisticated and intimidating in a black suit while Vivian choose an outdated pink suit. She presented herself as a weak feeble woman. However, Vivian was there to negotiate with Ren Mei Mei. She said that she would make Qin Wenyu return to his family if Ren Mei Mei paid her a million Yuan.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (12)

It was such a delight to see Ren Mei Mei reprimand Vivian. Every word was dignified but sharp as a sword. Mercilessly she revealed that she knew Vivian’s real identity was Lv Fenghe. Suddenly Qin Shi came with a file of her identity and accused her of forgery and deception. And if Qin Wenyu did not come home within 24 hours, she would add the accusation of abduction. However, Vivian still wanted to threaten her with Qin Wenyu. Ren Mei Mei slapped her twice and threw her 200 yuan.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (13)

At home, Vivian vented her anger to Qin Wenyu. She told him that he was a worthless man who was nothing without his wife. She told him that she did not love him at all. All she wanted was his money. Qin Wenyu finally could see the truth. When she drove him out, Qin Wenyu asked for money. Vivian gave him the 200 yuan from Ren Mei Mei (she really took the money…😅) and also returned Ren Mei Mei’s slaps to him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (14)

Qin Wenyu cried and whined to his mother when Ren Mei Mei came. Qin Wenyu pretended to suffer. He shamelessly called Ren Mei Mei darling and told her that Vivian was a liar while he was the victim. And he only hung out with Vivian to make her jealous. He even swore that he did not do anything with Vivian.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (15)

I’m having a hard time writing about Qin Wenyu whined and wailed. Let’s stopped it right here, okay? In the end, Qin Wenyu returned home with Ren Mei Mei who smiled triumphantly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (16)

The next day was another good day in Qin Shi’s apartment. Yang Hua woke up and prepared breakfast while Qin Shi absentmindedly entered the bathroom. She took too long in the bathroom that she was already late for work. However, Yang Hua had already prepared breakfast and coffee for her to bring. They also agreed to go to the supermarket and have dinner together.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (18)

At the office, Li Dai mocked Qin Shi when she saw her carrying breakfast and coffee. However, Qin Shi was gloating that Yang Hua forced her to take it. Before they could continue their banter, an assistant called them to join a meeting on the 11th floor. When Qin Shi and Li Dai arrived, the table was almost full. It seemed that Cheng & Hui had come full force.

Besides Qin Shi and Li Dai, Jin Cheng, Tang Yi Hui, and several lawyers from the corporation and criminal department were already there. The atmosphere was tense, nobody talked until the security guards entered the meeting room with two female guests that had their faces covered with hats, scarf, and sunglasses.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (19)

Yang Hua received a call from one of his colleagues. She said that Lao Zhao was admitted to the hospital. Lao Zhao had invested all of his family money in Luowei Yulan and because Luowei Yulan was in trouble, he was shocked to the point he got a stroke. When Yang Hua entered the ward, Lao Zhao pretended to sleep. He told Yang Hua that he was saved because her daughter-in-law already had a bad premonition about the company.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (20)

She then kept his money and only bought a few stocks. However, because of the Luowei Yulan incident, he got sick and his children take turns looking after him. Their attention made him happy to the point that Lao Zhao thought that the loss was worth it.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (21)

It was sooo sad that Lao Zhao missed his children. They might be too busy to take care of their father. Therefore, he was so happy that they could look after him.

At Cheng & Hui’s meeting hall. The guests were revealed. They were Lan Xiao Ting and Zhao Dan Ping. They came to Cheng & Hui because none of the law firms in Pujiang accepted them as their client. Lan Xiao Ting and Zhao Dan Ping needed Cheng & Hui’s help in the Luowei Yulan case.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 11 (22)


Episode 12

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (1)

Everybody at the table read the data written on paper. Qin Shi wanted to ask something to Lan Xiao Ting and Zhao Dan Ping, but Tang Yi Hui signaled her to stay away from the case.

A few moments ago, Jin Cheng asked Lan Xiao Ting and Zhao Dan Ping three questions. The first question was about whom Cheng & Hui represented, was it Lan Xiao Ting or Pang Ding Fang? Lan Xiao Ting answered that Cheng & Hui would be a representation of her and her husband.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (2)

The second question was about Lan Xiao Ting’s involvement in Luowei Yulan’s daily operation, which she answered in hesitation that she did not partake in any operation of Luowei Yulan. Lan Xiao Ting was certain that Luowei Yulan did not do anything wrong. They did not in a shortage of money to defraud others. She also believed her husband wholeheartedly.

However, that was not the case for Jin Cheng and Cheng & Hui. Lawyer Shen from the corporate department explained their opinion about the case. Since Lan Xiao Ting did not partake in any operation of Luowei Yulan, the plaintiff would not have any proof of her involvement in the case. Therefore, it was highly unlikely that she were to be charged with fraudulence and illegal fund-raising. However, it was not the same case for Pang Ding Fang. Lawyer Fang and Tan continued with their analysis.

Fraudulence was a criminal case. Because the sum of money involved exceeded 2,5 million yuan, Lan Xiao Ting and Pang Ding Fang’s assets would be confiscated and they could be sentenced to either a life sentence or a death sentence. Lan Xiao Ting panicked when she heard the explanation. Jin Cheng calmed her down. He told her that the best way right now was to have Pang Ding Fang return to China and explained everything.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (3)

Jin Cheng asked Lan Xiao Ting the third question. Could Lan Xiao Ting guarantee that Pang Ding Fang would return? Lan Xiao Ting was certain that her husband would return. Whenever Pang Ding Fang called Lan Xiao Ting, he reassured his wife that he would book a flight ticket to China and that when he was back, everything would be all right. Jin Cheng was alerted when he heard that Pang Ding Fang called Lan Xiao Ting. He asked her whether she told him everything and Lan Xiao Ting said yes.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (4)

Li Dai whispered to Qin Shi because the conversation was too familiar for her, as a lawyer from the family department. Qin Shi signaled that she also felt the same.

Lan Xiao Ting asked Jin Cheng to be blunt with her. Jin Cheng gave her what she asked. He told her the worst-case scenario was, if Pang Ding Fang was found guilty and he fled abroad with the money. Lawyer Tan explained that according to criminal law if there was no direct evidence, then Lan Xiao Ting could not be charged.

Lawyer Shen continued his words, that according to civil law, Lan Xiao Ting also has to share the burden of debts. Right now, Luowei Yulan’s debt was two billion yuan. The company could not afford to pay it and would declare bankruptcy. The court would confiscate and liquidate his properties and that included Pang Ding Fang and Lan Xiao Ting’s joint assets. Li Dai continued the explanation.

Since Pang Ding Fang and Lan Xiao Ting had been married for more than 30 years and never signed any prenuptial agreement, the court would do an examination and inventory on their assets and that would include fixed assets and moving assets such as real estate, savings, jewelry, stocks, and bond or debenture. The court would confiscate and liquidate all the assets to pay the debt. And when the time come, Yulan Group’s stocks under her name could not be saved.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (5)

Zhao Dan Ping was shocked after she heard the explanation because Lan Xiao Ting would have nothing. She was worried for Lan Xiao Ting’s son who just started his university year. His expenditure was quite high around 400,000-500,000 yuan a year. She said that her aunt should not shoulder the debt even if her uncle was convicted and proven guilty.

Jin Cheng sighed and continued the explanation. Right now, Luowei Yulan was a sinking ship and there was only one way to avoid it. Divorce, said Li Dai after a minute of hesitation. Lan Xiao Ting hastily rejected the suggestion. The idea of divorcing Pang Ding Fang agitated her. She immediately took Zhao Dan Ping to leave Cheng & Hui.

Jin Cheng asked for a word with Zhao Dan Ping. He told her that they should consider his questions earlier especially question number one. Zhao Dan Ping promised that they would consider their suggestions carefully. The pair of niece and aunt left the building afterward.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (6)

After they left the meeting room, Qin Shi and Li Dai discussed the case. Both of them hid their curiosity about who would represent Lan Xiao Ting if their law firm accepted the divorce case. But of course, they pretended that they were not interested in the case and would not admit that they both wanted the case.

After Qin Shi and Li Dai entered their office rooms, there were two simultaneous phone rings in the legal assistant room. Not long after the phone call, Wu Fei and Qian Qian stood up and brought their notebook. Wu Fei went to Qin Shi’s room while Zhou Qian Qian went to Li Dai’s room. Both of them did not know that the senior attorneys would give them the same task: to investigate Lan Xiao Ting and Pang Ding Fang secretly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (7)

However, after Wu Fei walked out of the room, Qin Shi remembered what Tang Yi Hui said that she shouldn’t meddle in the case because Lan Xiao Ting’s case was a hot potato. Meanwhile, when Li Dai was gloating because Jin Cheng asked for her opinion earlier, Qiao Si Ming reminded her that Lan Xiao Ting and Jin Cheng has given her a sign that the case was not a good one by not letting their golden kid, Qin Shi, meddled in it.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (8)

At the gym, Yang Hua and Cai Liang had their regular training and a heart-to-heart session. This time, they talked about Yang Hua’s mother who kept calling Cai Liang asking many questions about her beloved son, Yang Hua. Yang Hua told him that he wanted to find a house for himself because he did not want to bother Qin Shi much longer.

However, Cai Liang said that his condition was already good enough. Looking for an apartment according to his preferences was quite hard. So Yang Hua should just pay rent and continue to live with Qin Shi, probably their relationship would change later. Yang Hua reacted to his words with a deadly glare…😂

It was not an exaggeration because according to Cai Liang, Qin Shi was the second female that lived with Yang Hua. But Yang Hua corrected his word because Qin Shi was the third female if the God of Wealth was counted. Cai Liang playfully mentioned Yang Hua’s ex-girlfriend Yao which made Yang Hua suddenly leave him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (9)

Wu Fei acted according to Qin Shi’s order earlier. She went straight to Tao Jun Hui to dig up facts about Lan Xiao Ting and Luowei Yulan. Their relationship was cute. Wu Fei always looked like she was brimming with happiness every time she was with him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (10)

A couple was in a quarrel at the supermarket’s meat sections. Qin Shi wanted to grab another pack of meat while Yang Hua said that they had enough meat in the fridge. Yang Hua continued his nags about Qin Shi’s choices of food and stuff that did not match his healthy and frugal lifestyle. Qin Shi decided that they should have different shopping carts. Yang Hua only looked at her indifferently.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (11)

Qin Shi continued to talk about her day and told him about Lan Xiao Ting’s case. She said that she wanted to take the case not because she wanted them to divorce, but based on her experiences, she guessed that Pang Ding Fang had already planned his escape and prepared for everything. He did not have any intention to protect his wife and left her with a ticking time bomb in China.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (12)

At another alley of the same supermarket, Wu Fei questioned Tao Jun Hui about the Luowei Yulan. Tao Jun Hui said that even though it was quite hard, his client could have their money back. They already asked the court to proceed with assets inspection and assets protection therefore it could be collected by distraint. Qin Shi also thought the same.

She knew that the assets inspections and protections would be carried out by the court. However, since Lan Xiao Ting had retired from managing the firm, she was afraid that Lan Xiao Ting did not know much about her assets. And in the worst-case scenario, her assets have already been leveraged. Tao Jun Hui already applied to confiscate Lan Xiao Ting’s numerous high-end beauty salons and education centers.

According to Qin Shi’s analysis, Lan Xiao Ting’s beauty salons and education centers were categorized as an asset-light business. If it was declared for bankruptcy it would be worthless. But if it was managed in a good way, it would produce a lot of money. An asset confiscation would make a slump and everything would be done for.

Yang Hua had a different opinion about asset confiscation. He thought that Pang Ding Fang deserved it because he was a greedy person. Qin Shi rebuked him that talking about capitalism in a metropolitan city such as Pujiang was hypocrisy. She also said that Yang Hua had masked his negativity with apathetic behavior.

Yang Hua was offended by her words. He said that she had no right to judge him as a hypocrite because she also built her career through the path of deception despite her rightful reason. She should be less ambitious hence, she would have fewer problems. This time it was her turn to be offended. She asked him whether Yang Hua had found a house for himself. Yang Hua glared at her and said he was working on it. Qin Shi smiled triumphantly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (13)

Tao Jun Hui asked whether Lan Xiao Ting had come to Cheng & Hui. Wu Fei lied that she did not. However, Tao Jun Hui knew that she lied. Tao Jun Hui guessed that Cheng & Hui had insisted that they would not be the plaintiff’s attorney because they wanted to be the defendant’s attorney.

And now, the whole of Pujiang’s law society has speculated whether it was a mere coincidence or it was planned carefully by Jin Cheng. Wu Fei did not believe Tao Jun Hui’s words. But Tao Jun Hui said that Jin Cheng was a farsighted man and a strategist.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (14)

That night, Qin Shi and Tao Jun Hui were destined to meet. Tao Jun Hui was stunned to see Qin Shi, while she was dismayed when she saw Wu Fei and Tao Jun Hui together. Yang Hua immediately glanced at Qin Shi. However, Wu Fei did not realize the situation and was happy to see Qin Shi.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (15)

After they paid for the groceries, they sat together at the food court. Qin Shi and Tao Jun Hui was busy with their drink and did not speak at all. This time, Wu Fei realized that something was wrong there. She apologized to Qin Shi that she did not mention that Tao Jun Hui was her fiancee.

Qin Shi changed her bearing from a laid-back Qin Shi to Senior Attorney Qin Shi. She said that they did not have any obligation to report their social relationship to the company. Wu Fei also admitted that the Ximei PR company owner was her father.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (16)

Wu Fei asked Qin Shi to keep it a secret. She did not want everybody in their office to know that she had a high-profile father. Even she did not want Tang Yi Hui to know about it. This word poked Qin Shi and Tao Jun Hui also feel it because he gulped. And I thought he might have guessed what Qin Shi would say next.

Qin Shi said that Wu Fei should proclaim about her family because it was her advantage and many people cared about one’s family background. She shot an innocent gaze at Tao Jun Hui who seemed lost in thought. The truth was Tao Jun Hui was reminiscing about the time when they were still together and ate hotpot at their house. It was a sweet memory and he was lost in it.

Yang Hua, Qin Shi, and the anxious Wu Fei stared at him. And all of a sudden, Tao Jun Hui said that he wanted to eat hotpot. Yang Hua did not say anything but his eyes darted from Tao Jun Hui to Qin Shi, and Wu Fei. I guessed his genius mind already concluded what happened between Qin Shi and Tao Jun Hui.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (17)

Qin Shi asked the lovebirds when the wedding would be held, it was at the end of the year. Qin Shi congratulated them. Wu Fei invited her but Tao Jun Hui did not agree. Qin Shi said that if Tao Jun Hui sent her an invitation, she would surely come. Tao Jun Hui answered that she did not have to force herself because not everyone liked to attend a wedding and considering their relationship, she did not have to be present.

Now Wu Fei was panicking while Yang Hua looked sad. When he saw the dismayed Qin Shi, he said that he admired Tao Jun Hui’s frankness. If everyone could talk like him, socializing would be less grueling. He took Qin Shi’s hand and told her it was time for them to go home. Tao Jun Hui glanced at their intertwined hand.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (18)

Before Qin Shi and Yang Hua left, Tao Jun Hui called her. He said that since she knew about his relationship with Wu Fei, she had to stop asking Wu Fei to fish out about Luowei Yulan’s information. Wu Fei was anxious and panicking again when she heard his words.

Qin Shi smiled and said that although Wu Fei was his fiancee, she was also her subordinate. She only allocated tasks to her subordinates. However, she agreed with him and immediately retracted Wu Fei from the project to avoid unnecessary trouble between the both of them.

Tao Jun Hui was thankful but Wu Fei was not happy about it. Wu Fei sensed that something was not right about Tao Jun Hui. She asked whether he hid something from her or if there was a dispute between him and Qin Shi. Tao Jun Hui avoided all her questions.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (19)

Qin Shi drove fast that night. Something was bothering her mind. Yang Hua consoled her. He thought Qin Shi was dejected because Tao Jun Hui was getting married. But it turned out that Tao Jun Hui’s marriage was not the case. She mentally analyzed Luowei Yulan’s case according to Tao Jun Hui’s groceries. Qin Shi knew that Tao Jun Hui was under pressure. Therefore, Luowei Yulan’s case must be difficult for him. Yang Hua was dumbfounded and thought Qin Shi was a hopeless person.

Meanwhile, at a hotel, Zhao Dan Ping was freaking out when she learned that her aunt, Lan Xiao Ting has dissapeared from her room. She immediately called Tang Yi Hui who hastily told Jin Cheng about Lan Xiao Ting’s disappearance. Both of them gathered forces to find Lan Xiao Ting. Tang Yi Hui called Li Dai to join the search and told her to find help from someone reliable. After she thought about what Qiao Si Ming told her earlier, Li Dai decided to call Qin Shi.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (20)

Meanwhile, Tao Jun Hui and Wu Fei changed the menu. Now they sat at his apartment and ate fried rice. Wu Fei questioned him again. Because Tao Jun Hui did not want to admit it, she guessed that Tao Jun Hui earlier felt oppressed by Qin Shi. Wu Fei told him that she used to hate Qin Shi because she was an aggressive and domineering person who would use all means to achieve her goal.

But Wu Fei said that in the 25 million yuan case, Qin Shi found out that the one who leaked the case was her rival. However, Qin Shi chose not to report or asked her a favor. She said that to become a lawyer, they must have boundaries. Victory did not taste sweet if they achieved it by pulling tricks or cheating.

Tao Jun Hui asked Wu Fei whether Cheng & Hui had decided to accept Lan Xiao Ting’s case and if they did, would QIn Shi become the main attorney? Wu Fei answered that it was impossible because Luowei Yulan’s case was a criminal case while Qin Shi was a member of the family department. Then suddenly, she realized something…🤔

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (21)


My Two Cents

A cliffhanger! However, I’ve got something to soothe your dissapointment.

Well… We just learned 2 new facts about Yang Hua, dear readers. Number one, Yang Hua had an ex-girlfriend. All this time, he seemed like a newbie in his relationship with Qin Shi. I never thought that he could have a relationship with another girl. 🤔

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 12 (22)

And fact number two, The God of Wealth was a female… like it matters to us…🤣🤣

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