Drama RecapShe And Her Perfect HusbandShe and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 7-8 Recap)

She and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 7-8 Recap)

  • Title: She and Her Perfect Husband
  • Also Known As: 爱的二八定律, The 80/20 Rule of Love, Qin Shi and Her Perfect Husband, The Two Eight Law of Love
  • Director: Lin Yan
  • Screenwriter: Zhu Li
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Viki, WeTV

List of Recap:

Hello dear Readers… Another She and Her Perfect Husband episode recap for you. In these episodes 7 and 8, Yang Hua would give us some insight into how to live a frugal life and some tips on friendship, and how to keep your mental health in a good condition. The keyword was ignorance was bliss. Well, let’s get started!
But first, new characters introduction.

She and Her Perfect Husband Characters

The Qins

Liu Yan

She and Her Perfect Husband episode recap - Liu Yan
Liu Yan

Liu Yan was Qin Wenbin and Qin Wenyu’s mother. She was divorced from Lao Qin (Qin Shi’s father). Liu Yan lived on the same building with Qin Shi’s father and mother. She spoiles Qin Wenyu and was a good businesswoman. Qin Wenyu’s chain of restaurant and catering business was inherited from her.

Cheng & Hui Law Firm

Zhou Qian Qian

She and Her Perfect Husband episode recap - Zhou Qian Qian
Zhou Qian Qian

Zhou Qian Qian was an assistant lawyer at Cheng & Hui Law Firm. She was a quick-witted person who like to gossip with her colleagues.

Episode Recap

Episode 7

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-1

Qin Shi drove as fast as she could with a restless expression. If somebody saw her, they might have thought that her family member had an accident. When she arrived at her house, she saw Ren Mei Mei and Yang Hua sitting at the dining table with a hot pot in front of them.

She dragged Yang Hua to her room and close the door. She asked him what he said to Ren Mei Mei and did he know who Ren Mei Mei was. Yang Hua answered that he said what he had to say, but changed the term husband into boyfriend because it was more appropriate. He also told her that Ren Mei Mei told him that she was Qin Shi’s schoolmate.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-2

Qin Shi introduced them again. She told Ren Mei Mei that Yang Hua was her boyfriend and to Yang Hua, she introduced Ren Mei Mei as her schoolmate and sister-in-law. Ren Mei Mei wondered why did Qin Shi and Yang Hua hide their relationship for 2 years. Moreover, she was impressed because Qin Shi managed to hide Yang Hua at her house. However, Ren Mei Mei was a very good friend who toasted them for their “new” relationship. She was genuinely happy for both of them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-3

Ren Mei Mei wanted to add Yang Hua to her WeChat friend list but Yang Hua refused the request. He said that he never use WeChat and to prove it, he showed Ren Mei Mei his WeChat list which only consisted of 6 names. After that, to answer Ren Mei Mei’s astonishment about his WeChat contact list, Yang Hua told her about his minimalist life.

He narrated his opinion with a red face, under the influence of alcohol. While Ren Mei Mei stared at him with amazement clearly written on her face. While Qin Shi just sat there nicely with a mixed expression. She might have guessed that Yang Hua’s opinions would be too eccentric for the free-spirited Ren Mei Mei. And oh Boy… she guessed right!

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-4

Yang Hua said that if the text and calls were not too expensive, he would not change his old phone to a smartphone. He said that he had friends, but he did not need to prove that with the number of friends listed on his social media applications. For Yang Hua, fewer friends on social media apps would avoid too much information and excessive socialization.

Furthermore, things that people posted on their social media did not truly depict or reflect their real life. Therefore, with fewer friends on social media, he did not have to scrutinize his friends’ lives to show that he cared. In Yang Hua’s opinion, people tend to get anxious because they knew too much information. For him, ignorance can be bliss.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-5

Ren Mei Mei stared at Qin Shi, only to ask what Yang Hua talked about. She did not understand any of it. However, Qin Shi had to agree with her “boyfriend”. Therefore, she said that Yang Hua was right. She made Ren Mei Mei an example because she always wanted to know other’s life and she keep Qin Wenyu on a tight leash.

Ren Mei Mei stopped Qin Shi before she urged Yang Hua to speak more. Yang Hua continues with his opinion and mentioned the Six Degrees of Separation theory. He had been keeping the people around him strictly within six to avoid forming unnecessary relations and social connections. Ren Mei Mei did not speak a word. I think she had a hard time chewing all the information from Yang Hua.

But it did not take a long time before Ren Mei Mei asked another question. Everything Yang Hua said sparked her curiosity since he was such an insightful person to her. Ren Mei Mei wanted to know his opinion about how much wealth a person needed to attain true happiness. Yang Hua’s answer made her dumbfounded.

The next paragraph was about Yang Hua’s guide to a frugal life. Please note that when he spoke, Ren Mei Mei and Qin Shi were looking at each other. One with a “Did he really mean that?” expression, while the other has a “Yes, he really meant that!” expression.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-6

According to Yang Hua, people only need 4,500 yuan (or 640 USD) per month. And if you followed his arrangement, you could lived a comfortable life. His arrangements were:

  1. If you live alone, you could rent a house for yourself. A 25 sq meters (270 sq feet) apartement would do. The price was roughly 2,000 yuan for the area outside the central district. And if you share the house with others, that would be cheaper.She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-7
  2. Try to cut down on using electrical appliances. More books, less TV. Bonus: Reading would help you develop independent thinking skills.
  3. Exercising more and staying off the internet could reduce your chance of gaining weight, increase immunity, and finally would reduce your medical expenses.
  4. A fridge was an unnecessary expense. It would only make you store more food, and it was neither sustainable nor healthy.
  5. Air Condition was even less necessary. The human body could regulate its temperature well enough. Bonus: you could reduce carbon emissions.
  6. Few clothes would do. Fashion was a consumer scam. Sales and discounts were only promotional tactics.She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-8
  7. To live a frugal life, you should change your attitude towards food because a healthy diet did not require fancy meals. You could live only with rice, tomato and egg scramble, chicken breast, fish fillets, vegetables, or tofu soup. With this kind of menu arrangement, Yang Hua spent less than 1,000 yuan (around 142 USD) a month.
  8. However, you could splurge your money on something you like, for instance, The God of Wealth. Yang Hua spent 500 yuan (or around 71 USD) on it every month.She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-9

That was Yang Hua’s ideal life. However, he was not able to achieve it yet. Therefore he needed to work harder for it. Not long after they finished the conversation, Qin Shi dragged the slightly drunk Yang Hua and sent him away from the apartment. Because at this rate, she was afraid that Ren Mei Mei would find out about their lies.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-10

When she returned to the apartment, Ren Mei Mei gave Qin Shi a thumbs-up for finding a handsome 28-year-old young man like Yang Hua. After that, she started to nag because she felt hurt that Qin Shi hide her relationship from her. Ren Mei Mei was getting drunk and she nagged non-stop. Qin Shi who wanted to apologize and explained was dismissed by Ren Mei Mei. She was unable to say anything and could only suppressed her laughter to see her best friend in such a state.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-11

Meanwhile, Tao Jun Hui fell asleep on his office sofa. He only woke up when Wu Fei called him and urged him to go home. Wu Fei mentioned that Qin Shi had been asking about him recently. She pretended to be angry because Tao Jun Hui did not tell her that he and Qin Shi used to be on the same debate team.

Wu Fei told him that she keeps their relationship secret because she was afraid people would gossips. Tao Jun Hui guessed that Qin Shi inquired about him because of Luowei Yulan. Wu Fei was impressed with his deductive reasoning ability.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-12

Tao Jun Hui did not want to answer whether he handled Luowei Yulan’s case or not, but Wu Fei was quite a perceptive person. She was able to inquire with the right questions. Therefore, when she ended the conversation she was sure that Tao Jun Hui currently handles the Luowei Yulan case. After the call, Tao Jun Hui was a bit dazed. He glanced at the map on the car dashboard before making a turn.

Back at Qin Shi’s apartment, she was scrolling through Qin Wenyu’s Weibo moments that was full of cheesy pick-up lines for Vivian. Qin Shi told Ren Mei Mei that she already found out the real identity of Vivian. She was a professional swindler who just left prison six months ago. Ren Mei Mei decided that she would go to her mother-in-law and tell her the situation. They have to cut Qin Wenyu’s source of money, and if it failed, Ren Mei Mei would just divorce him.

A familiar car parked near Qin Shi’s apartment. It was Tao Jun Hui. He looked at the brightly lit window on the 7th floor. He recalled the day when he and Qin Shi enter the apartment for the first time. When they enter the door, he carried Qin Shi and put her on the kitchen countertop.

Then he sat next to her and put his hand around her shoulder. They started to talk about the future days that awaits them. It was a sweet conversation between a loving couple. However, now he sat all by himself in his car and stared at his ex-fiancee’s windows.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-14

When Tao Jun Hui was immersed in his thought, he saw a familiar figure walking with a bag in his hands. It was Yang Hua. Tao Jun Hui called him and asked him whether he was living in the building. However, when Yang Hua asked him whether he was looking for Qin Shi, he said that he was just passing by.

When he saw the things that Yang Hua carried in the bag, he told him that those things won’t fix the problem with the water tank. He gave him some suggestions, but he did not forget to add that he used to live in that building too. Yang Hua only looked at him and left.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-15

Poor Tao Jun Hui felt that he need to show him that he used to be at his place…

Yang Hua met Ren Mei Mei at the apartment door. This time, Ren Mei Mei was completely wasted. Her face was flushed red, and her gesture was unstable, but her speech was still eloquent. Ren Mei Mei threatened him that if he dared to use his minimalist philosophy on her best friend, she would make him her enemy. And before she left, she told Yang Hua to lock the door and never let Qin Shi out. Yang Hua looked at her in confusion.

Yang Hua entered the house and empty cans were everywhere. When he took the cans, Qin Shi came out from the bathroom only with a towel wrapped around her body. Yang Hua was stunned that a can dropped from his hand. He immediately turned his back so he could not see Qin Shi.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-16

Not long after, Qin Shi came out of her room dressed in work attire. But this time everything was in disorder, she used different shoes on each foot, her lipstick was smudged, and her clothes were unkempt. She told him that she was late to work. Yang Hua smiled because he thought that drunken Qin Shi was cute. He helped her to rest. Yang Hua stared at her face and tuck some hair behind her ear. He was so gentle that even the drunk Qin Shi told him that he was so nice.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-17

Yang Hua was just finished with his bath when he heard the door was open. He immediately went out, completely forgetting that he was shirtless (oh Boy!!!!!). He saw Qin Shi was awake and was ready to go again. He called Qin Shi several times but she did not seem to listen to him.

Yang Hua pulled her hand and Qin Shi stopped just inches near his body. Her hand touched his bare chest and he was close enough to smell the scent of her hair. Times seemed to stop for a while when they stared at each other before Qin Shi’s body swayed. She had fallen asleep while standing. Yang Hua immediately carried her and brought her to the bedroom.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-18

The next morning, Qin Shi woke up to a neat and clean house. There was no trace of last night’s party at all. She was confused to see Yang Hua sleeping on the floor in front of her room. She was completely unaware of what she did last night.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-19

Yang Hua told her that they should take some measurements to avoid the situation last night. And when they talked about their made-up relationship story, Qin Shi told Yang Hua that everything was fine in her office, but she was still concerned about Yang Hua’s parent’s problem. Qin Shi also said that because Yang Hua had helped her on Luowei Yulan case, he could stay at her house as long as he want. However, Yang Hua still suggested they make some living together agreement.

The slightly harmonious situation was interrupted when Qin Shi asked Yang Hua how much money he spent on things last night, Qin Shi insisted to return his money because he was so poor. When she realized her words, it was too late. Yang Hua was already stunned to hear her words.

It just like sprinkling salt on his wound because nothing had bothered him so much besides the fact that he was broke. The situation worsened when the upset Yang Hua left the table and Qin Shi stopped him by pulling his sweatpants. Yang Hua immediately hold his pants, because she almost pulled his pants off.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-20

And to add the awkwardness, Qin Shi caught Yang Hua lying about the meaning behind mint plant that he kept. Qin Shi immediately fled to work. But she managed to tease Yang Hua after she learned that he was a Taurean. That star sign fit him perfectly.

Meanwhile, Mother Yang was busy calling all law firms in Pujiang to find where Qin Shi worked. She did it sneakily because she did not want Father Yang to catch her red-handed.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-21

Tang Yi Hui called Qin Shi and told her that Zhao Danping was going to represent Lan Xiao Ting and they had a meeting at 10 AM. She wanted Qin Shi to be there because Jin Cheng was out of town. At the designated time, Zhao Danping stormed into Cheng & Hui Law Firm with a stern face.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 7-22


Episode 8

Zhao Danping came to Cheng & Hui Law Firm accompanied by a serious-looking man. She looked angry that she strutted to the office and ignored the receptionist girl. Tang Yi Hui and Qin Shi welcomed them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-1

Not long after Zhao Danping entered the room, a young lawyer also came. He was summoned by Tang Yi Hui. As a host, Tang Yi Hui had been extra careful not to offend Zhao Danping. She prepared a good quality tea for Zhao Danping and Attorney Liang. However, Zhao Danping refused her kindness. She stated that she was there because of the rumor between Luowei Yulan and Cheng & Hui.

Tang Yi Hui explained that the rumor also caused them trouble and an apology would not suffice to appeased Lan Xiao Ting and Luowei Yulan. Tang Yi Hui calmed her down and told her that both of them deserved to know the truth. Qin Shi showed them a screenshot of a lawyer’s chat group that mentioned the rumor. She managed to track down the source and it led to Xiao Gao, the young lawyer from Cheng & Hui, who had been standing near the door the whole time.

To prove it, Qin Shi showed her a video of Xiao Gao talking on the phone. Xiao Gao said in the video that Luowei Yulan would implode and would drag Cheng & Hui with them. Because of this, Xiao Gao was fired from Cheng & Hui.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-2

The video showed that Cheng & Hui washed their hand over the rumor and also claimed that they were also a victim. Tang Yi Hui also told Zhao Danping to convey her sincere apology to Lan Xiao Ting. After she heard the speech, Zhao Danping clapped her hand and insincerely praised Tang Yi Hui. She said that the most eloquent speaker in Cheng & Hui was not Jin Cheng, but his wife, Tang Yi Hui.

Zhao Danping said that firing a small lawyer was not enough to compensate for the damaged reputation of Luowei Yulan. Even ten Cheng & Huis would not be enough to compensate them. Zhao Danping gave her a cheque for 25 million yuan and cut their relationship.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-3

After the guests were out, Tang Yi Hui could breathe again because she finally got her money back, and this time Qin Shi helped her a lot. She asked Qin Shi what did she want for the reward. Qin Shi implied that she wanted to move to the 11th floor. Tang Yi Hui invited her and Yang Hua to come to her house the next day. She could recommend her as a partner candidate. But whether she succeeded or not will depend on the vote.

Tang Yi Hui reminded her that being a partner shoulder more responsibility for the firm’s success. She also praised her for being lucky because she had a perfect marriage and a supportive husband. Otherwise, she would not get the chance to survive in the industry.

Tang Yi Hui suggested Qin Shi to think about her request thoroughly. Tang Yi Hui’s reminder made Qin Shi recalled the past when she could not get any job because she was single. Until her mentor came and helped her. Even Qin Shi’s “wedding ring” actually was a gift from her.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-4

But Tang Yi Hui was not the only one that she helped that day. Qin Shi hid the fact that she saw a glimpse of Li Dai’s reflection in Xiao Gao’s video. Back then, Xiao Gao overheard Li Dai and Qiao Si Ming’s conversation about Luowei Yulan and the 25 million yuan and spread the information.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-5

Meanwhile, in another place, there was a meeting between a husband, a wife, and an elder. In front of his mother, Liu Yan, Qin Wenyu gave Ren Mei Mei a signed divorce agreement. He also put all his possession in front of them.

Cards, money, car key, cash, and even his wallet. Qin Wenyu was quite arrogant when he told them that he wanted a divorce. And because Ren Mei Mei only wanted his money, he was willing to walk out the door without a dime because he was sure that he still have some money on his phone account.

However, Ren Mei Mei already freezed all his phone accounts. Liu Yan was assured when she heard that. She was willing to help her Daughter-in-law however, she could only handle internal problems and not external problems. Ren Mei Mei reassured her again that she would take care of it.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-6

Li Dai dragged Qiao Si Ming to the stairs. She told her about Xiao Gao. Li Dai wanted to confirm how Xiao Gao got the news about Luowei Yulan and Cheng & Hui. She suspected that. Xiao Gao overheard her conversation with Qiao Si Ming that day. Qiao Si Ming told her that she should forget about the matter since everything was solved and the money was returned.

When she returned to her office, Li Dai found a USB flash drive on her desk. It contained a video of Xiao Gao when he made a call. Li Dai recognized the reflection of her and Qiao Si Ming in the video.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-7

Before she could calm herself, she got a call from the match-making agency. The Lady told Li Dai that she could not arrange a blind date with surnamed Yang because he called the agency and told her that he already has a girlfriend. Li Dai asked the lady to make sure that every member of the matchmaking agency was single. The agency reassured her that they always verified the status of their member. Therefore, she could promise that every member of his agency was single.

Li Dai stealthy entered Qin Shi’s office. But before she could take the photograph of Qin Shi and Yang Hua, she was caught red-handed by Qin Shi. Li Dai told Qin Shi that she was there to thank her because Qin Shi’s meddling saved her life. Considering their past relationship, Qin Shi did not believe in her insincere gratitude. Then they started to mock each other politely.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-8

Li Dai said that she respected Qin Shi because she was evil and she did not hide it. And she promised that if they fought fair and square, and Li Dai lost, she would send her the biggest flower bouquet to congratulate her. But if Qin Shi played a dirty trick, she will play along too. Li Dai pretended to drop the photograph, but she was dissapointed because the picture on the frame was different from hers.

Li Dai returned to her office and stared at the USB flash drive. She was confused about a certain thing and thought that there must be some problem there. To celebrate the victory, Qin Shi took all her colleagues, except Li Dai, for a meal.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-9

Yang Hua returned to his house to take some clothes. But there was only his father present. Father Yang tried to persuade him to change his mind. Father Yang really worried for his only son. He kept telling him that love needed some time to grow. His relationship with Qin Shi was too abrupt and now he would live together with her.

Everything went too fast and he did not want Yang Hua to act irrationally. But Yang Hua refuted his theory. Yang Hua reminded that Father Yang used to say that he only needed 3 seconds to fall in love with Mother Yang. Father Yang recalled that he indeed fall in love with Mother Yang at first sight. However, they need a year before they get married.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-10

Yang Hua asked Father Yang’s opinion about Qin Shi. He agreed with his son that Qin Shi was a wonderful and beautiful woman. Yang Hua said that he wanted to marry a wonderful and beautiful woman quickly, that was something that Mother Yang wanted. Father Yang admitted that Mother Yang was only pretending she liked Qin Shi and he was worried that she would do something crazy and dangerous to Qin Shi. Yang Hua instantly become alert when he heard his father’s words. He immediately called Qin Shi.

Meanwhile, Mother Yang found out that Qin Shi worked at Cheng & Hui Law Firm. She dressed neatly and went there. She pretended to be someone who needed a legal consultation with Qin Shi. At that time, Qin Shi was in the middle of lunch with her colleague. However, the receptionist told Mother Yang that she need an appointment to meet Qin Shi.

Mother Yang tried to barge into the office but the receptionist girl obstructed her from entering the back office. Li Dai was shocked when she overheard Mother Yang ask the receptionist to call Qin Shi and told her that she was Yang Hua’s mother. Li Dai did not waste her time and went to say hi to Mother Yang.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-11

Zhou Qian Qian was with her colleagues gossiping about their superiors and also Wu Fei. They thought that Wu Fei was calm and admired her. Zhou Qian Qian sneered that Wu Fei was surely calm because she had a leeway, they could not be compared with her. Unbeknownst to them, Wu Fei had been listening to their conversation. She mocked Zhou Qian Qian who awkwardly praised her lipstick. When Wu Fei returned to the dining table, Qin Shi already left and told her to pay the bills.

Li Dai took Mother Yang to the sofa and talked to her. She also gave Mother Yang her name card. Li Dai put on an angelic face and pretended to be Qin Shi’s friend. Mother Yang tried to inquire about Qin Shi. Li dai answered that Qin Shi was a great lawyer and one of the best in their law firm. Mother Yang said that she wanted to know how Qin Shi on her job.

Her smile turn grim when she heard how Li Dai described Qin Shi as a very capable lawyer who was proactive and competitive and was sought after by many people. Mother Yang even inquired about Qin Shi’s salary. Fortunately, Li Dai did not answer the question. She said that it was her privacy and Mother Yang should ask Qin Shi herself.

Meanwhile, Qin Shi ran to the law firm, she even took off her high heels and ran barefooted.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-12

Li Dai continued with her investigation of Yang Hua. She inadvertently showed Mother Yang the picture of Yang Hua. She even mentioned that Yang Hua or James Yang was famous as Qin Shi’s husband in their law firm. When she heard Qin Shi was her daughter-in-law, Mother Yang was shocked. When she almost refuted the fact, Qin Shi came. Li Dai tactically left them.

Qin Shi tried to suppress her emotion. She told Mother Yang that Yang Hua was on his way there and that she have two options. Wait for Yang Hua to take her away or they could talk right now. But before that, she told Mother Yang to tell her everything that she said to Li Dai.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-13

Qin Shi took Mother Yang to the consultation room on the 11th floor. Mother Yang’s braveness wavered when she saw how polite the receptionist was to Qin Shi and how luxurious the law firm was. After the receptionist left the room, Qin Shi told Mother Yang to tell her what she wanted to say. Mother Yang immediately asked why did she tell everybody in her office that she was married to Yang Hua.

Qing Shi answered that she and Yang Hua dated to get married and thanks to Mother Yang, they could progress pretty fast. Qin Shi also said that Yang Hua was an excellent person who was capable and took care of the household very well. He was her perfect househusband. Mother Yang was displeased to hear her words and lost her calm.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-14

She said that she knew Yang Hua and Qin Shi faked their relationship and wondered why a perfect and capable person like Qin Shi wanted to marry her son and not somebody else. Before Qin Shi could answer her question, Yang Hua barged in. He told Mother Yang that he would explain to her. He apologized to Qin Shi for the trouble that his mother made.

And suggested ending their partnership. Qin Shi immediately cut his words but Mother Yang was quicker. She demanded Yang Hua’s explanation about the partnership. She even said that Yang Hua did not have to be afraid to tell the truth. Mother Yang suspected Qin Shi has blackmailed her son.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-15

Qin Shi explained everything to Mother Yang. She said that for her, marriage was some kind of partnership that could last for a lifetime. Meanwhile love only lasted for 18 months. Qin Shi admitted that she and Yang Hua did not marry for love. She wanted to get married because living as a single person was too expensive and she was too busy to date.

While Yang Hua wanted to get married but he did not want to fall in love. Both of them struck a deal and agree to marry. Qin Shi looked at the dumbfounded Mother Yang and asked her whether she have any other questions.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 8-16

My Two Cents

Mother Yang reaped what she sowed…

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