Drama RecapShe And Her Perfect HusbandShe and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 35-36 Recap)

She and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 35-36 Recap)

  • Title: She and Her Perfect Husband
  • Also Known As: 爱的二八定律, The 80/20 Rule of Love, Qin Shi and Her Perfect Husband, The Two Eight Law of Love
  • Director: Lin Yan
  • Casts: Li Ze Feng, Tang Jing Mei, Wang Zi Xuan, Xu Kai, Yang Mi
  • Screenwriter: Zhu Li
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Viki, WeTV

List of Recap:

Hola readers… Another weekend and another She and Her Perfect Husband episode recap for you. Wu Fei had to face a harsh reality about her relationship with Tao Jun Hui. However, I did not feel sorry for her. She used to be a very good person in the early episodes but now she made me curse at her nonstop. In these episodes 35 and 36, Qin Shi gave her a very precise slap. It serves her right. Okay, enough with the chit-chat. Let’s start!

Episode Recap

Episode 35

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(1)

Qin Shi stared at the supplementary agreement file in her hand. Jin Cheng urged her to sign it after she took a look at it. Qin Shi felt uneasy, but she did not say anything at all. Meanwhile, Yang Hua’s face paled when he heard everything that if Qin Shi signed the agreement, then she could be jailed. Tang Yi Hui said that adults must be responsible for everything they said or do. They stared at each other as if they had a tacit understanding of the topic of discussion.

Yang Hua barged into the study and warned Qin Shi that the agreement was a trap to test her. Qin Shi was ready to tell Jin Cheng the whole truth. But because of Yang Hua’s intrusion, she could not finish her sentence. Yang Hua told Jin Cheng that Qin Shi was a good lawyer, but Cheng & Hui was too strict and unfair. He looked at her and told her that they already knew about her lies. Qin Shi answered that she knew. Tang Yi Hui stared at her husband, but Jin Cheng signaled to her that he did not say anything to Qin Shi. Tang Yi Hui and her husband stared at Qin Shi waiting for her explanation.

Qin Shi opened her mouth. She said that she would not defend herself regarding her lies about her marriage. But she told them what she always had in mind. That Cheng & Hui had an unfair rule for single female lawyers. She hoped that they could give everybody the same chance and promote people according to their capabilities. She also humbly apologised to them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(2)

Meanwhile, Tao Jun Hui was waiting for Wu Fei at her house. Mrs. Wu said that Wu Fei did not want to see him and wanted him to leave. Mr. And Mrs. Wu were angry at him. Wu Fei was crying and Tao Jun Hui did not explain anything. He only said that everything was all his fault over and over again. Mr. Wu saw the situation as unfavorable. He beckoned Tao Jun Hui to follow him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(3)

He bluntly asked Tao Jun Hui whether he had another woman in his mind. Mr. Wu sighed and told him that in his opinion, Tao Jun Hui was a very capable young man. If he was born earlier, Tao Jun Hui would fare better than him. He told Tao Jun Hui that only a few people held the power and wealth. The sum of money that he could earn depended on the higher-ups. If Tao Jun Hui lost his support and had to rely on himself, Mr. Wu doubted Tao Jun Hui’s worth. He could not believe that Tao Jun Hui could still be a Senior Partner in Cheng & Hui without his support and connection.

Mr. Wu told him that a relationship would make a woman happy, but a man needed a career to be happy. He believed Tao Jun Hui was a smart person who knew how to weigh in on a problem. Tao Jun Hui listened to his speech in silence, yet his gesture showed his uneasiness. He only said that he understood. Mr. Wu reminded him not to let Wu Fei down because she was sincere with him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(4)

After Qin Shi and Yang Hua left, Tang Yi Hui vented her anger at Jin Cheng. She said that she had been sincere with Qin Shi and treated her as her friend. That was why she could not accept that Qin Shi lied to her for 2 years. Jin Cheng was more clear-headed than his wife. He told her that their recruitment was indeed unfair back then.

Tang Yi Hui nagged that their industry relied on people and she had spent a lot of money to train senior attorneys. Back then many female lawyers told her in the beginning that they were not in a hurry to get married and have children. But reality spoke differently.

Of twenty lawyers who worked at the law firm, six of them were pregnant in a year. She could not fire them and had to pay their salary but they could not handle any case. She said that she was a mother too and understood their situation, but nobody could understand her feeling as a boss.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(5)

Jin Cheng said that Qin Shi was a good lawyer. Tang Yi Hui snapped that Qin Shi’s work performance was good because she gave her the chance. Jin Cheng understood that in her heart, Tang Yi Hui regarded Qin Shi as her friend and colleague. He told her to calm down and let everything go. If she could not stand it, just let Qin Shi resign. She was a talented lawyer but not irreplaceable. But Tang Yi Hui was not inconvincible.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(6)

Qin Shi drank her sorrow away. Everything was doomed and she might lose her career because she knew that Tang Yi Hui would not let her go easily. Qin Shi told him that she had confessed her lies to Qin Wen Bin. Unexpectedly, Qin Wen Bin was not angry nor did she scold her instead, he was sorry for her. Qin Wen Bin told her not to push herself too hard. But Qin Shi thought about her mother who was weak and bullied by others. She did not want to be like her. She wanted to be a strong person who sat in the top 20% of people who control everything. It was the biggest temptation in her heart.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(7)

Qin Shi leaned on Yang Hua. She continued to vent her emotion. After what happened that night, Qin Shi felt that she was a hypocrite who deserved to be hated. Yang Hua took her into his arms and consoled her. He told her that Qin Shi was not the only one who was tempted by something and then realized that she was a weak and greedy person. Yang Hua recalled what happened to him and also told her the reason why he broke up with Yao Yao was because Qiu Jin Xiang wanted him to become his son-in-law.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(8)

Back in the day, he was young, talented, and successful. Everybody would praise him. One day, Mother Yang walked up to him and said that Yao Yao and him was not a match in term of jobs. Yao Yao was just a flight attendant whereas he would become a financial expert.

Although Yao Yao was a good girl, Mother Yang thought that they better broke up. Yang Hua kept telling Yao Yao that he would not leave her, yet he did not realize that his heart wavered. Yao Yao could not stand him anymore and left. After his career went down the drain. Yang Hua realized that in front of greed, talent has lost its meaning.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(9)

Yang Hua told Qin Shi that she made the right choices. If Cheng & Hui failed to see her worth, then they would find another way. Qin Shi would shine wherever she goes. After a long speech, Qin Shi did not give him any response. Yang Hua took a look at her and saw that she was asleep.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(10)

The next morning, Qin Shi woke up in a low mood. She found a note left by Yang Hua. He told her to make a decision when she felt better. A few moments later, Qin Shi was ready in her work attire. But she was hesitant to leave the house. She was afraid to face the reality. But after some thought, she decided to leave the house because, unlike Yang Hua, she could not make money at home.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(11)

Tang Yi Hui scolded Qin Shi and called her shameless. Qin shi apologised once again. But it did not appease the angry Tang Yi Hui. As a last resort, Qin Shi told Tang Yi Hui that she was willing to accept any decision and punishment from her. Tang Yi Hui told her that her career was in her hand and Qin Shi did not have any leverage over it. But Tang Yi Hui still gave Qin Shi one last chance.

Qin Shi was demoted to legal assistant. Tang Yi Hui put her in the Family department, where Qin Shi use to be a leader there. The other legal assistant was shocked when they saw Qin Shi take the table near them. Meanwhile, Tianhang’s acquisition case was given to Tao Jun Hui.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(12)

The only person who was truly happy about her demotion was Li Dai. She laughed at her misfortunes but Qin Shi did not seem to mind at all. Their friendship has reached a new level.👏

Yao Yao called Qin Shi in anger. She said that she was deceived and called the lawyers a bunch of crooks. She demanded Tianhang Hotel hand over her personal documentation in three days or else they could wait for the court summon. Qin Shi was confused because the situation changed rapidly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(13)

Qin Shi looked for Tao Jun Hui to find some information. It turned out that Tianhang had already closed the deal with Nanzhou Group and Anlyu. Therefore, they did not need Yao Yao’s cooperation anymore. Qin Shi did not understand why Tianhang still make things hard for Yao Yao. Tao Jun Hui told her that everything related to Yin Zhi Qiang.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(14)

Earlier, Yao Yao barged into Yin Zhi Qiang’s office to protest. She was removed from her post and was transferred to the training program after she agreed to cooperate.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(15)

Qin Shi said that to have a boss as bad as Yin Zhi Qiang was a nightmare. If she were Yao Yao, she would resign from Tianhang Hotel as soon as she could. Tao Jun Hui told her that they were only responsible for the acquisition and the rest has nothing to do with them. Tao Jun Hui also reminded Qin Shi that her current situation was also bad. He asked Qin Shi why she did not deny it. Tang Yi Hui did not have the evidence and now she lost the chance to be a partner.

Qin Shi stared at him and asked why he wanted her to obey him all the time. Qin Shi said that Tang Yi Hui only needed a place to vent her anger. Tao Jun Hui reminded her that she could not become a partner because she was too emotional and naive. He also called her gullible because not all good people have a good ending. He left her in a huff.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(16)

Wu Fei hesitated to go to the office, but after some thought, she decided to get ready and left.

Yang Hua asked Qin shi whether she regretted everything. Qin Shi lamented that it was hard to do the right thing. But for Yang Hua, it was precisely why those who strive for it were strong. Yang Hua also told Qin Shi that Hu Ping might not join the investment in the New Energy Smart City because the project was not feasible. And Yang Hua’s hunch was right. At that moment, Hu Ping called his colleague and expressed his apology. After he hung up the call, Hu Ping told his assistant to invite Yang Hua for a meal.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(17)

Qin Shi walked to her desk with confidence. When she sat at her desk, everybody was busy while she did nothing except stare at her photograph. Qin Shi could not stand to sit idly. She took initiative to tell Haitao that he could ask her if there was something that she could help with. She helped one of her colleagues to write a complaint letter. And to ease the tension, she treated all her colleagues with milk tea. Everybody was happy except one person, Wu Fei.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(18)

Cai Liang was ecstatic when Yang Hua told him that he wanted to buy a house. Yang Hua reminded him to give him an employee discount. Cai Liang was soooo happy that he hugged Yang Hua. He asked Yang Hua why he decided to buy a house and Yang Hua answered that he would buy the house to propose to Qin Shi.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(19)

Wu Fei looked at Qin Shi with a condescending attitude. While Qin Shi stood in front of her as how a good subordinate would do. Wu Fei called her shameless because, after everything that happened, she still had the gall to stay at Cheng & Hui. Wu Fei was angry because all her tricks to make Qin Shi leave the office failed. Qin Shi sat with calm manners. She even asked Wu Fei if she wanted to say anything else, and she was all ears.

Qin Shi‘s proud attitude irked Wu Fei but she lost words. And when she finally had something to say, Qin Shi interrupted her sentence. She told Wu Fei that she could reproach others in thirty minutes without profanity or repetitive words. Qin Shi even offered herself to teach Wu Fei how to do that. There was a bit of mockery in her words.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(20)

Qin Shi uttered that nobody in the office was free from tricks because they had been through many trials and tests. Qin Shi told Wu Fei that apart from the one she already bribed, nobody respected her because they knew that they could not learn anything from her. Qin Shi admitted that she also lied and was not proud of it. Therefore, those people could stomp on her just a little bit because she might have snatched other’s opportunities.

But Wu Fei could not do it. Wu Fei did not use her capabilities to cut corners, instead, she relied on her father. And Qin Shi emphasized that it was the lowest thing that anyone could use. Aside from using her lowly tricks and relying on her father, Wu Fei could not do anything, she did not have the brain or the capability to survive in Cheng & Hui.

Wu Fei was restless, she could not retort any of Qin Shi’s words. All she can do was smash the table with a book after she screamed to chase Qin Shi away. All the legal assistants present smiled at Qin Shi. They had been eavesdropping on their arguments.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(22)

Wu Fei gave her resignation letter to Tang Yi Hui. She told Tang Yi Hui that her father wanted her to work at his company. Wu Fei also said that she would leave without Tao Jun Hui because he was more suitable in Cheng & Hui than her. Tang Yi Hui did not persuade her to stay, she only asked whether the cooperation between Ximei PR and Cheng & Hui could continue after she left. Tang Yi Hui smiled and wished her success.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(23)

And that was the end of Wu Fei. She lost to Qin Shi. All this time, Wu Fei wanted to drive her out of Cheng & Hui out of jealousy. In the end, she was the one who would leave the office and lost a fiancee.

Yang Hua went to Hu Ping’s house. Hu Ping was busy cooking something for their lunch. He did not look like someone who had lost a big project. He said that at his age, he already knew that money was not the most important thing in the world.

Yang Hua was able to meet Hu Ping because he sent an email to Hu Ping.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 35(24)

Episode 36

Yang Hua’s report analysis regarding the Triple Supply investment email caught Hu Ping’s attention. Hu Ping called Yang Hua and asked about his intention by sending him the report. Yang Hua told Hu Ping that if he agreed with his analysis, he requested Hu Ping to reconsider his investment in Cheng & Hui Law Firm.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(1)

When they met, Hu Ping told Yang Hua that he had asked a company called Kelixin to check on Triple Supply’s due diligence. Their report arrived before Yang Hua’s email and the content was similar, but the conclusion was different. Yang Hua was confused.

If Hu Ping agreed to Kelixin’s suggestion, why did he also agree to his request? Hu Ping did not answer his question but he poured Yang Hua a cup of tea and apologised to him. Hu Ping did not know that Qin Shi was Yang Hua’s wife. Yang Hua told Hu Ping that he did not have to apologised because his wife was always serious and responsible for her job

Hu Ping told Yang Hua that there was a line in his email that left an impression on him. The line was “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Yang Hua explained that the line was a proverb that his investment mentor told him. It means that it was better to be content with what you have than to risk losing everything by seeking more. He also added that investment was like another business, you have to know when to let go.

Hu Ping also asked Yang Hua’s opinion about what would be the best investment in the next 10 or 20 years. A few moments later, Yang Hua and Hu Ping were seen walking out of his residence. Hu Ping told him to consider his suggestion. Yang Hua did not have to immediately answer the question. He could consider his answer again.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(2)

Cheng & Hui and Tianhang Hotel were celebrating the successful acquisition. At the party, Mr. Su from Tianhang Hotel and Tang Yi Hui secured a deal that in the future, Cheng & Hui would be Tianhang’s legal team.

At the office, Zhou Qian Qian walked up to Qin Shi. She had been promoted to a junior attorney thanks to Wu Fei. Zhou Qian Qian apologised to Qin Shi. However, Qin Shi knew that she was apologising because Zhou Qian Qian was afraid that Qin Shi would take revenge on her. Qin Shi reminded her, that success achieved through a shortcut was never reliable. She also warned her to know where to draw the lines next time.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(3)

Zhou Qian Qian might be worried because Wu Fei resigned after Qin Shi talked to her. She knew that Qin Shi was involved in Wu Fei’s resignation.😉

At the club, Yin Zhi Qiang invited several beautiful female staffs of Tianhang Hotel to accompany them. Yin Zhi Qiang asked Tao Jun Hui and Lawyer Shen about Yao Yao’s intention to sue Tianhang Hotel. However, Yin Zhi Qiang also wanted her to pay one million Yuan as compensation money. The female staff who heard Yin Zhi Qiang’s words rolled their eyes.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(4)

Yao Yao had consulted her case with Lawyer Tan. He was not optimistic about the case because Yao Yao was the one who breached the contract. While she talked on her phone, Yao Yao saw Li Dai in front of her apartment. Li Dai took her phone and told Lawyer Tan that she would be handling Yao Yao’s case. Lawyer Tan and Yao Yao were stunned to hear her words.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(5)

Tao Jun Hui was drunk that night. Haitao, checked on him at the toilet. When they returned to the private room, they saw Yin Zhi Qiang dragging one of the female staffs of Tianhang named Han into a room. Han resisted but Yin Zhi Qiang forced himself on her. Yin Zhi Qiang told her that he would make her the head of the department if she obeyed him. Haitao wanted to help her, but Tao Jun Hui stopped him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(6)

Qin Shi finished her job and packed her things. She talked to Li Dai on the phone. It turned out that Qin Shi was the one who sent Li Dai to Yao Yao. She wanted to help Yao Yao secretly. It was not an easy case, even Li Dai was not optimistic about the result.

As a gossip queen, Li Dai also informed her that Yao Yao has a 5-year-old son who did not look like her and lived in Australia with his father. Qin Shi did not understand why Li Dai suddenly mentioned the boy to her. Li Dai scolded her for being dense about it. She warned Qin Shi that she should not be too caring for Yao Yao and told her not to let Yang Hua find out that she was involved in Yao Yao’s case. It was not a good thing to keep an ex-girlfriend near them, the possibility of Yang Hua getting back together with Yao Yao was never zero.

When she walked out of the elevator, Qin Shi found Tao Jun Hui sitting on the floor. Qin Shi took him to the basement, but she could not find his car and Tao Jun Hui was too drunk to remember where he parked the car.

Qin Shi called Wu Fei, but she did not pick up the phone. Tao Jun Hui also could not tell her his address. Qin Shi parked her car at the side of the road and called Yang Hua for help. Qin Shi tried to fish for some information about Yao Yao from Tao Jun Hui. She wanted to know whether Tianhang would go easy on her or not. Tao Jun Hui’s expression was bleak and he did not answer her question.

When Qin Shi called Yang Hua again, Tao Jun Hui suddenly took the phone from her hand. Tao Jun Hui clasped her wrist. He stared at her and told her the words that he had kept inside his heart. Tao Jun Hui said that he let her go once and still regretted it. He did not want to let her go again. Qin Shi reminded him that he was engaged. Meanwhile, Yang Hua ran around to find them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(8)

Tao Jun Hui asked Qin Shi why she admitted to her fake marriage. He told her that he could help her. And then Tao Jun Hui asked her to give him another chance. Qin Shi did not answer his question and only told him that he was drunk. Tao Jun Hui repeated his question and asked her to marry him. When Qin Shi wanted to grab her phone, Tao Jun Hui used the chance to hug her. And at the same time, Yang Hua saw them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(9)

Tao Jun Hui told her that it had been two years but he still could not let it go and start all over again. The more he tried to forget her, the more he could not stop thinking about her. And ever since she went to Hangzhou with Wang Jie Sen, he realized that he cared about her and had been wanting to tell her about it.

Qin Shi reminded him that she could not marry him because she was already married. But when Tao Jun Hui told her that her marriage was fake, Qin Shi was speechless. He even tempted her that they could also run a law firm just like Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng if she married him.

Qin Shi explained that she would not be divorced. A Qin could lose their spouse because of death, but they would never be divorced. Tao Jun Hui said that he could convince her dad, Yang Hua, and everybody who disagreed. Qin Shi emphasized again that she would never divorce and would never remarry. Tao Jun Hui was confused. Qin Shi did not want to get married, but she married Yang Hua. And although their marriage was fake, she did not want to divorce. When he asked her whether she fell in love with Yang Hua, Qin Shi could not answer the question.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(10)

Yang Hua saw and heard everything that happened between Qin Shi and Tao Jun Hui. His eyes dimmed when he saw Qin Shi could not answer Tao Jun Hui’s question. He went up to them, took Qin Shi, and put her into the passenger seat. He told Tao Jun Hui to talk to Qin Shi again when he was sober.

When they were home, Qin Shi tried to explain that everything Yang Hua heard was only Tao Jun Hui’s drunkard nonsense. But the first question from Yang Hua caught her off guard. He asked her why she did not want to get married. Qin Shi dodged the question. Yang Hua said that their marriage was not real and she could leave anytime. But Qin Shi said that marrying Yang Hua was great and she did not have any plan to remarry. And when Yang Hua asked whether she loved him or not, Qin Shi was stunned.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(11)

While Yang Hua waited with anticipation, Qin Shi told him that they were already in a relationship. Yang Hua’s eyes dimmed and he asked if Qin Shi was not married, would she choose Tao Jun Hui? Qin Shi thought Yang Hua was getting back at her because she asked him whether he would get back together with Yao Yao or not. Qin Shi said that she would never leave him. Yang Hua did not say anything, only stared at her with a sad face.

He went to his room and took a look at an agreement of property lease. There was sadness in his eyes. When he returned to the kitchen, he gave her their prenuptial agreement. He told Qin Shi that she had violated the agreement. Yang Hua explained that their agreement was not an excuse to run away or a shield for cowardice.

Her action violated the agreement and therefore, he declared that he terminated their contract and asked for a divorce. Qin Shi could not believe his words. She hugged him and begged him to stop being angry over Tao Jun Hui’s actions. She asked him to believe her. Yang Hua stayed silent, but his eyes were teary.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(12)

When Qin Shi went to her room, Yang Hua told her that they should get the paperwork done the next day. Qin Shi’s desperation flared up. She raised her voice and asked him whether that was all he wanted. And it was because of Tao Jun Hui’s drunken words. Yang Hua told her that it had nothing to do with him. He should thank Tao Jun Hui because, without him, Yang Hua would never know what was inside Qin Shi’s mind and he would never make up his mind as well. Yang Hua said that Qin Shi needed to figure out what their marriage meant for her. Whether it was just only a barrier that shielded her from reality.

Yang Hua said that he wanted to be her fortress and the haven to which she could return. He wanted to be someone she could rely on. But he did not want to be her excuse and he did not want her to live in a lie. Qin Shi held her emotion, but the tears welled up in her eyes.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(13)

The next day, they went to the Civil Bureau to get their divorce finalized. Qin Shi drove her car in a low mood. She stopped at the red light and stared at her divorce certificate. She started to scold herself because she was such a fool who did not know how to beg so they would not get divorced. She asked herself what was wrong with being married. They have already married anyway.

Why was it hard for her to admit that she wanted to be with him and love him? She loved him and wanted to marry him. She was engrossed in her thought that she forgot to drive. Until a driver knocked on her window and yelled at her.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(14)

Qin Shi took Ren Mei Mei on a spa day. She needed someone to talk with. She asked Ren Mei Mei which one comes first in a relationship, was it love or marriage? And what if she could only have one? Ren Mei Mei told her that marriage was the next stage of love and she wanted both.

Qin Shi was not sure about herself. She enjoyed being with Yang Hua, but she believed that she was fated to never know love. She was also incapable of maintaining a long and intimate relationship. Qin Shi was afraid that Yang Hua wanted a long and intimate relationship. Something that she could not give him. So she should not selfishly enjoy her time with him and ignore his needs.

Qin Shi concluded that if the separation was the end of a relationship, then she should never start one. Ren Mei Mei told her that there was no right or wrong in a relationship, only willingness. If Qin Shi missed him, she should go see him, and if she wanted to be with him she should just grab his hand. If she gave up, the regret would be much worse.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(15)

Qin Shi finally admitted that her whole marriage was fake to Ren Mei Mei and got scolded by her. Ren Mei Mei told her that she looked smart but her action was silly. When Ren Mei Mei asked her why she agreed to divorce, Qin Shi, told her that although her feelings were real, the marriage was not. Their future should not build over a lie. Ren Mei Mei told her that her ruse had become true and she should just go with it, instead of being obsessed with formality.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 36(16)

Qin Shi believed that she and Yang Hua should calm down for the time being. It might be the best for both of them. But Ren Mei Mei saw her troubled expression. She asked if there were more stories behind it.

My Two Cents

Qin Shi did not realize that she had a fear of commitment and Yang Hua was heartbroken because of it.

My heart was broken too…😭

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