Drama RecapShe And Her Perfect HusbandShe and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 39-40 Recap) - The End

She and Her Perfect Husband (Episode 39-40 Recap) – The End

  • Title: She and Her Perfect Husband
  • Also Known As: 爱的二八定律, The 80/20 Rule of Love, Qin Shi and Her Perfect Husband, The Two Eight Law of Love
  • Director: Lin Yan
  • Casts: Li Ze Feng, Tang Jing Mei, Wang Zi Xuan, Xu Kai, Yang Mi
  • Screenwriter: Zhu Li
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Year: 2022
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Viki, WeTV

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Episode Recap

Episode 39

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(1)Qin Shi went to Tang Yi Hui’s office to report that Yao Yao has dropped the charges. Tang Yi Hui did not seem friendly that day. Her lips have been pursed into a thin line. She told Qin Shi that the labor dispute was over, but Yao Yao has been secretly contacting Tianhang Hotel’s employees. There was someone who has been investigating Yin Zhi Qiang’s sexual harassment against female employees.

Tang Yi Hui asked Qin Shi whether she was aware of it. Qin Shi lied and said she did not know about it. Tang Yi Hui’s mood was complicated. She asked Qin Shi whether she was sure about it and Qin Shi replied that she was Tianhang’s attorney. It was her duty to defend Tianhang’s rights and she did not doubt it.

But the truth was different. Earlier, Li Dai called Qin Shi to protest about the dropped charges. Li Dai asked why would Qin Shi defend someone like Yin Zhi Qiang. In an unhurried manner, Qin Shi explained that Yin Zhi Qiang’s motive was quite clear. He wanted to use Tianhang to save his own life.

Therefore, he would stall and exhaust his opponent. Yet, Qin Shi had another idea. Because the labor dispute was over, Li Dai could work on another case linked to Yin Zhi Qiang. It must be a big one that could cause an uproar and grab the public’s attention. They could charge Yin Zhi Qiang for a sexual harassment case. After the call, Li Dai started to work on the case. She and Yao Yao visited the people who had worked together with Yao Yao to fight Yin Zhi Qiang.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(2)

Qin Shi who was still in Tang Yi Hui’s office and advised Cheng & Hui to stay out of Yao Yao’s case. Tang Yi Hui took a bundle of photos from her desk and let Qin Shi see them. It was a picture of her and Li Dai in a meeting and also, more pictures of Li Dai visiting Tianhang’s former employees. Qin Shi explained to Tang Yi Hui that she and Li Dai were lawyers of the defendant and plaintiff.

It was totally normal for them to meet and discuss the case. Tang Yi Hui agreed with her explanation. It was the same explanation that she gave to Yin Zhi Qiang. However, he did not believe it. And because of that, Tang Yi Hui’s plan to be Tianhang’s legal counsel was disrupted.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(3)

Tang Yi Hui asked Qin Shi to make Yao Yao drop the sexual harassment charge. And Qin Shi refused. She tried to put some sense into Tang Yi Hui by telling her that Yin Zhi Qiang was a scumbag who abused his power and harassed his employees. The victims could do nothing because they suffered from his oppression. Qin Shi reminded Tang Yi Hui that Cheng & Hui existed to uphold justice and they did not put profit over everything.

The refusal angered Tang Yi Hui. She told Qin Shi to make Yao Yao drop the charge or Qin Shi could leave Cheng & Hui. Qin Shi made up her mind. Her eyes were full of determination. Without a word, she stood up and left the office. Tang Yi Hui warned Qin Shi that she would regret it. Qin Shi replied that she never regrets any of her decision. And if she had another chance to choose, she would still do the same. Qin Shi’s action was swift. That day, she packed her things and bid goodbye to her colleagues.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(4)

After he learned about the shocking news, Tao Jun Hui hurriedly went to see Qin Shi. They talked on the rooftop. Tao Jun Hui asked about Yao Yao’s case. He warned Qin Shi that she was bound to lose the case. In that kind of case, it was hard to present the evidence because the court would prefer direct evidence over witnesses. However, Qin Shi said they would never know unless they tried.

Tao Jun Hui asked what made her change her mind to leave Cheng & Hui willingly and Qin Shi replied that the firm has changed. Tao Jun Hui was worried about her career. If Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng reported her action to the Chinese Lawyers Association, Qin Shi would have no place in the industry. Tao Jun Hui told her that he would speak to Jin Cheng and asked her to wait for him. Qin Shi did not say anything, but she left the rooftop.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(5)

Qin Shi bumped into her mentor, Bian Jing. Both of them were surprised to see each other. Qin Shi felt guilty when she saw Bian Jing because she has let her down and failed to achieve their goal. Bian Jing smiled and told Qin Shi that she heard about her case. Qin Shi might saw it as a failure, but she begged to differ. Bian Jing said that she had done many radical methods that involved Qin Shi to reform Cheng & Hui. But after she resigned, she realized that justice within society could not be upheld by one person only.

However, as long as the people thought it was meaningful and willing to take action, it could be a huge step forward. Bian Jing said that Qin Shi had worked hard and that maybe her departure would motivate others to improve. She added that it was never easy to do the right thing.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(6)

Qin Shi went to see Li Dai and Yao Yao. They had been waiting for the people to come, but none of them showed up. Qin Shi told them that she had good and bad news for them, The good news was since that day, Qin Shi could fully focus on the case. And the bad news was Yin Zhi Qiang had found out about their plan. Therefore, it would be hard for them to collect evidence. And without evidence, they could not build the case with the allegation.

Qin Shi gave Yao Yao choices. She could continue with the case or quit. If she quit, they could continue with their own life. Li Dai could return on her labor disputes while she would find another job. But if Yao Yao wanted to continue with the case, she had to prepare to be flat broke. The road was tough and there were many uncertainties.

They could succeed or fail. If they were to succeed, they could make Yin Zhi Qiang pay for his actions and the other scumbag out there would know that women were not to be trifled with. All of them agreed to make Yin Zhi Qiang pay for his sins.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(7)

Qin Shi decided to build her own law firm. While she looked for a working space, Li Dai and Yao Yao went to visit Yin Zhi Qiang’s victims again. But they still failed. Nobody wanted to be a witness and testified for Yao Yao.

Tao Jun Hui went to visit Qin Shi’s office. She was startled to see him, but Tao Jun Hui said that he knew everything including the situation of her case. Tao Jun Hui was there to tell her that Jin Cheng has agreed to let Qin Shi keep her job, under one condition: make Yao Yao drop the charge. Qin Shi changed the subject and asked about Tao Jun Hui’s relationship with Wu Fei. She said that his relationship was too fragile and advised him to talk it through with each other.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(8)

Tao Jun Hui noticed that Qin Shi was scratching her neck and there were rashes on her face. It turned out the meat floss egg roll she ate contained beef… and she was allergic to beef. 😅

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(9)

Tao Jun Hui found Qin Shi’s divorce certificate. He stared at her and asked why Qin Shi did not tell him if she was divorced. Once again, Tao Jun Hui asked her to marry him. They could marry the next day and Qin Shi could return to Cheng & Hui. Qin Shi refused if it meant she had to make Yao Yao drop the charge. Tao Jun Hui continued to persuade her. He said if she did not want the job, she could forget it.

But Tao Jun Hui still wanted to marry her. Qin Shi sighed and stared at him. She said that Tao Jun Hui was a good man and he definitely would be a good husband and father. However, not everybody should get married. She was an example because she did not believe in marriage or eternal love.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(10)

Tao Jun Hui refuted that she might believe in love, but he was not the person she wanted to love. Qin Shi replied that marriage was an option in life and she did not want to consider it because she was not ready, yet.

Qin Shi said she did not want to give up on Yao Yao’s lawsuit and Tao Jun Hui should not give up on Wu Fei. Qin Shi’s answer broke Tao Jun Hui’s heart. He stared at her when she walked away from his eyes and his heart. Tao Jun Hui poked the wound in her heart. Qin Shi cried on her way home.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(11)

Meanwhile, Cai Liang and Yang Hua were having dinner together. Yang Hua said the job with Hu Ping had to wait for a while because he had a matter to solve. He had told Hu Ping that he wanted to deal with Yin Zhi Qiang first before he started to work. Cai Liang was impressed because Yang Hua could make a man like Hu Ping agree to all of his requests. Yang Hua said that it was because he was able to answer Hu Ping’s important question.

Cai Liang wondered whether Yang Hua did this for Qin Shi or Yao Yao. Cai Liang was surprised when Yang Hua said that he had not given up on Qin Shi. His words confused Cai Liang. He did not understand why Yang Hua would give up everything for Yao Yao if he did not like her. And if Yang Hua liked Qin Shi, why did he let her go? Cai Liang warned him that he should not forget about Tao Jun Hui who stood beside Qin Shi. And for the record, Tao Jun Hui was a fearsome rival.

Yang Hua said that Qin Shi wanted to get married, but she saw too many failed marriages. She cared about marriage more than anyone else and even tried to protect every marriage in her complicated family. Yet, Qin Shi was afraid of failure and she did not believe that she deserved happiness.

Cai Liang scolded Yang Hua for giving Qin Shi a hard time. Yang Hua explained that Qin Shi was running away from her fear and Yang Hua knew well that running away would not solve anything.

By divorcing her, Yang Hua had returned her right to choose a partner. It was the fairest way for both of them. Cai Liang said that Yang Hua had done everything for her, and if Qin Shi did not choose him, Cai Liang would pity him. Yang Hua said that he was thankful for Qin Shi. Because of her, he could figure out his own life trial.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(12)

Yang Hua had invited Gang Zi to dinner. He had asked for some information from him about some project budgets and delivery notes from suppliers. But it was not clear what project and what suppliers.

Qin Shi went home and found her home was clean and tidy, and there was hot food on the stove. She texted her mother and told her that she loved her.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(13)

Qin Shi was alone in her office and mulled over something. She took her phone and opened the contact list to block Yang Hua’s number when Gang Zi knocked on her door. He was with a girl named Han Hui Ting. She was one of Yin Zhi Qiang’s victims and she was there to sue Yin Zhi Qiang.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(14)

Qin Shi asked Gang Zi why would Han Hui Ting changed her mind. Gang Zi said he had dug some of Yin Zhi Qiang’s secrets and reported it to Tianhang. After the report, Tianhang would investigate and they would find more secrets. Qin Shi pondered his words and asked why did Gang Zi investigate Yin Zhi Qiang because she never asked him to do that and could not afford to hire him. Gang Zi reassured Qin Shi that even though she did not hire him, somebody else did.

Li Dai guessed the person was Yang Hua but Gang Zi did not want to disclose it. Li Dai thought that Yang Hua did it for Yao Yao because Qin Shi did not know anything about it. Li Dai still poked Qin Shi’s wound by asking her whether she cried. She wondered whether Qin Shi was sure that she wanted to help her love rival. Qin Shi replied that Yao Yao was not her love rival.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(15)

Qin Shi and her team were busy with the case. When they were having a brainstorming meeting, Gang Zi mentioned some opinions that impressed Qin Shi. And of course, it did not come from his brain, because Gang Zi had a cheat sheet in his palm.🤣

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(16)

At Cheng & Hui, Haitao stared at the video of Yin Zhi Qiang molesting Han Hui Ting that he recorded under the order of Tao Jun Hui. He did not know what to do because the video was a hot potato since he was a part of Cheng & Hui, Tianhang Hotel’s attorney. Tao Jun Hui came and asked him about the video file.

Haitao told Tao Jun Hui that when he asked Han Hui Ting whether she wanted to file a report to the police. If she would, Haitao was willing to be her witness. But Han Hui Ting choose not to because she could not afford to lose the job. Tao Jun Hui took the flash drive from Haitao and said that he would help him.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 39(17)

Episode 40

Qin Shi answered an important call while Li Dai, Yao Yao, and Gang Zi watched her intently. She got a piece of inside news from Tianhang. Yin Zhi Qiang had been transferred to the Supervision Office. Yao Yao laughed and explained that the Supervision Office was like a Cold Palace of their company.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(1)

Gang Zi was worried that Yin Zhi Qiang was finished before they could sue him. However, Qin Shi explained that after the acquisition, Yin Zhi Qiang had signed a lifelong contract and he could not resign or retired early. Or else, he should pay a large amount of penalty and he also could not work in the hospitality industry anymore. Yin Zhi Qiang had lost his power and Tianhang would not protect him anymore.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(2)

It was instant karma for Yin Zhi Qiang because he used to threaten Yao Yao with the same condition…😂

Qin Shi believed that Cheng & Hui would no longer take the case. And she was right. Li Dai got a message from Cheng & Hui that Yin Zhi Qiang’s case had been handed over to their legal assistants. Yao Yao asked whether they would continue with the case.

Qin Shi replied that they would surely do that. Since their enemy has lost his shield, it would be the perfect time to launch an attack. She took her bag and went to file a complaint and she told her friends to wait for the good news.

Later that day, Qin Shi, Li Dai, Yao Yao, and Gang Zi celebrated their progress. Li Dai told Qin Shi that this was the first time she felt admiration towards her. Li Dai explained that people always said women were narrow-minded and petty. But Qin Shi was different. She was willing to lose her job for a love rival and could sit to drink together with her.

Qin Shi stayed silent and kept on eating. It was Yao Yao who spoke and told Li Dai that Qin Shi was not her love rival. Yao Yao said that if she wanted a man, nobody would be able to compete with her. Qin Shi smiled and said it happened because she never met a tough opponent before.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(3)

Gang Zi was in the middle of a call when Qin Shi suddenly took his phone. She spoke to the person on the other side of the phone and guessed that he was Yang Hua. She only asked one question. Who would he choose between Yao Yao and her? Yang Hua furrowed his brow when he heard the question. Because he did not answer, Qin Shi gave the phone back to the flustered Gang Zi.

Yao Yao told Li Dai that she would return to Australia with Sunny the next day. And she might never come back. Therefore, she asked Li Dai to take care of the case. Li Dai agreed and reassured her that everything would be fine. Yao Yao told her something that Qin Shi might not know, Yang Hua would also go with her. Li Dai choked at her beer when she heard that. Li Dai did not believe her but she was shocked when Yao Yao said that Yang Hua and Qin Shi already divorced.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(4)

When Qin Shi returned to her chair, Li Dai immediately asked why Qin Shi did not tell her if she had already divorced. Li Dai scolded Yao Yao and said that Qin Shi had done so many things for her but she kidnapped Qin Shi’s husband. Qin Shi was sure that Yang Hua would not go with Yao Yao to Australia.

Yao Yao smiled and told Qin Shi that her flight was at 11.30 AM, if Qin Shi was capable, she should make him stay. Yao Yao left the table after Yang Hua came to pick her up. Qin Shi and Li Dai were taken aback when they saw him. Li Dai urged Qin Shi to chase after them but she hesitated.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(5)

Yao Yao left the bar and told Yang Hua to not turn back. She said that Qin Shi’s mind needed to straighten out. Even if Yang Hua loved her very much, Qin Shi had to be the one who took the last step toward him. After a moment of consideration, Qin Shi chased after him but she was late. She saw their car drove away dejectedly.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(6)

Qin Shi walked under the rain when suddenly her brother, Qin Wen Bin appeared from nowhere. He said that they could not find her and were worried for her safety. Qin Shi hugged him and started to cry. She let go of the pent-up emotion within.

Qin Wen Bin was shocked and asked what happened but Qin Shi did not answer his question. A few moments later, Qin Wen Yu, who was equally anxious, came and asked whether someone had bullied her. Qin Shi cried while her brothers tried to calm her down.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(7)

The next morning, Qin Shi woke up groggily. She heard someone cooking in the kitchen and went out to check. There was a slight hope in her eyes, but it disappeared when she saw it was her brother who was cooking in the kitchen. Qin Shi asked why they were there and Qin Wen Bin said that last night she got drunk and they sent her back.

But it was too late, so they stayed at her house. Qin Shi said Yang Hua was on a business trip when Qin Wen Yu asked where he was. And for the first time, Qin Wen Yu scolded her because she got drunk and wandered in the middle of the night. Qin Wen Yu also told her to take care of herself more.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(8)

Qin Wen Yu went to work after he carelessly dropped Yang Hua’s mint plant. Qin Shi was astonished by Qin Wen Yu’s changes. Qin Wen Bin told her that he was also surprised to see Qin Wen Yu diligently working. Qin Wen Yu had said that Ren Mei Mei could return anytime and he did not want to be seen in a sorry state. However, Qin Wen Bin asked Qin Shi to tell Ren Mei Mei to delay her return. They had to make sure Qin Wen Yu would change into a better man…😅

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(9)

Qin Wen Bin asked whether Qin Shi had a problem with Yang Hua but she refused to explain. Her brother advised her not to be frightened by others’ despair. She must trust herself and believe that she deserved happiness. He said that a person’s happiness depended on their sense of safety. Her home was where her peace of mind was. He left after he said those words and Qin Shi’s tears started to fall.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(10)

Meanwhile, Yang Hua, Yao Yao, and Sunny hurriedly went to the airport. At the same time, Qin Shi’s mother came to help her with her apartment. Qin Shi said that she had not finished the food that Mother Yang brought two days ago. Mother Qin was confused. She opened the fridge and saw it was loaded with food and claimed that it was not her who brought the food.

It was Yang Hua. He came to clean the house and cook some food for Qin Shi.😍

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(11)

Mother Qin told Qin Shi that she and Father Qin had already known everything about her marriage and divorce. Yang Hua had come to them and explained everything. Father Qin was angry and accused Qin Shi and Yang Hua of treating their marriage too lightly. Yang Hua disagreed. He said Qin Shi valued marriage more than anybody.

She had tried hard to protect every marriage in the family, yet it made her not confident about her own. And that was the reason why Yang Hua chose to divorce her. He said that he did not want Qin Shi to run away from her real feelings nor use their fake marriage as a way to avoid the happiness she deserved. So he gave her something he could provide: freedom.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(12)

Yang Hua came to beg Qin Shi’s parents not to give her pressure or blame her for the divorce. He said that marriage was not important to him. The most important thing was to be with Qin Shi. As long as she was willing, he did not mind if they did not get married forever. He also asked their permission to take care of Qin Shi forever.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(13)

Did it mean Yang Hua asked for Qin Shi’s parents for her hand? 🥰

Qin Shi ran to the airport after Mother Qin told her everything. Meanwhile, Yang Hua, Yao Yao, and Sunny were already there. Yao Yao was worried that they had gone overboard yesterday and their plan backfired at them. But Yang Hua was calm. He told her not to worry and leave the rest to him. Yao Yao praised him for his determination. When she teased him by asking for a hug, Yang Hua laughed and refused by saying he had a girlfriend and could not do that.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(14)

Yao Yao returned Yang Hua’s bank card. She said it was his marriage fund and she did not use it a bit. This time, Yang Hua did not reject it again. Yao Yao and Sunny bid goodbye to him. Yang Hua stood there watching the pair of mother and son left.

Qin Shi was late. She ran into the airport but found out the security check gate was already closed. She thought Yang Hua had already flown to Australia with Yao Yao. She stood there helplessly. Unbeknownst to her, Yang Hua left the airport when she was there. Both of them were oblivious to each other’s presence.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(15)

Seven months later. Qin Shi and Li Dai won the case against Yin Zhi Qiang. Their popularity skyrocketed since their case was the city’s first sexual harassment class action. The court had given them the highest financial compensation within the scope of legal aid.

Although Qin Shi said that the compensation was far from enough for the victims who were mentally abused, it could set an example for similar cases. Yin Zhi Qiang was suspended from work. He faced several convictions of forced indecency, attempted rape, and abetted perjury of He Dong Na. The prosecutor has filed for public prosecution against him and everybody involved in He Dong Na’s case.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(16)

After the case, many corporations wanted to carry out sexual harassment prevention. Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng tried to rope Qin Shi back into Cheng & Hui. They prepared a luxury office for her. She got her own massage chair and they had put her marriage picture back. Tang Yi Hui offered a senior partner position and Qin Shi could ask for her salary and benefits wanted from them.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(17)

Qin Shi smiled but did not answer the offer. She bluntly asked Tang Yi Hui whether there was a case that she had to take. Tang Yi Hui awkwardly laughed and because Qin Shi had seen through her, she told her about it. Lan Xiao Ting’s husband Pang Ding Fang and his mistress had died because of an accident. And all of his assets would be owned by Lan Xiao Ting, and she wanted Qin Shi to be the one who took care of them.

Because Qin Shi remained silent, Jin Cheng had to step in. He said that since Qin Shi left, they admitted that Cheng & Hui recruitment system was unfair. And they had it fixed, especially for single female lawyers. They had given the same allowance to all lawyers and right now, they were in a middle of a discussion about the nursery room and childcare facilities.

Tang Yi Hui continued and quoted Yang Hua that if Cheng & Hui wanted to continue improving in the long term, they could not lose their faith. As lawyers with professional ethics, justice and righteousness could not be separated.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(18)

Qin Shi asked Tang Yi Hui whether they were still in contact with Yang Hua. Tang Yi Hui answered enthusiastically. Yang Hua was the CEO of the Capital Market under Hu Ping. They had met him when Cheng & Hui opened a branch in Australia. Qin Shi asked casually whether Yang Hua had told them that he and Qin Shi were divorced. Her words completely stunned Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng. Qin Shi then asked her if Cheng & Hui still wanted her right now after she had no connection to Yang Hua or Hu Ping.

Jin Cheng was the one who explained to her that all the lawyers in Cheng & Hui were great. They did not invite her because of Lan Xiao Ting’s case or her relationship with Yang Hua. It was solely because she was a good lawyer. Especially, she was a lawyer with firm principles and conscience. They still wanted her to join them because of that.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(19)

While Qin Shi weighed over the offer, Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng stared at her expectantly. However, Qin Shi refused the offer. She said that during the periods when she worked alone, she was quite happy. But she asked them to work together on a case-to-case basis, starting with Lan Xiao Ting’s case. They could split the agency fee in half. At the moment, that was the best decision for them. Tang Yi Hui and Jin Cheng were satisfied with the arrangement.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(20)

Qin Shi walked to the elevator calmly. But when the door was closed. She could not hide the excitement. When Qin Shi left the elevator, she met Tao Jun Hui who carried boxes with him. Qin Shi thought he has resigned and invited him to her law firm. Tao Jun Hui replied that he would not give up millions of yuan of annual salary to work in her lousy firm. He told her that he has officially become the Person In Charge of the Northwest Division of Cheng & Hui Law Firm.

Qin Shi was impressed, and told him if he had any big case after this, she reminded him to find her. Yet, Tao Jun Hui coldly said that it would depend on the situation. Qin Shi wished him happiness. But Tao Jun Hui snapped that Qin Shi should think about herself, lest she comes to find him when she had become a lonely old woman.

Qin Shi smiled at his answer. When he entered the elevator, Tao Jun Hui stared at her intently and said that Qin Shi would find her happiness. He smiled and the door closed.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(21)

Outside the building, when Tao Jun Hui was busy putting his luggage in the trunk, somebody approached him. Tao Jun Hui was startled when he saw Wu Fei. She introduced herself as the new legal assistant and hoped that they could work together. She offered her hand and Tao Jun Hui took it. A wide smile appeared on his face. Both of them looked happy to see each other.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(22)

Ren Mei Mei called Qin Shi and told her that she would give birth. At the same time, Qin Wen Yu also panicked in his office. He abandoned his job and screamed that his wife is going to give birth. The three of them went to the hospital, Qin Wen Yu drove while Qin Shi accompanied Ren Mei Mei at the back.

That same day, Ren Mei Mei successfully gave birth to a cute baby girl. While she stared at the baby, Qin Shi talked to herself. She had freedom when she was alone, but it was nice to have another person with her. She thought that Yang Hua was right, she needed time and space to figure out what she really wanted.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(23)

Qin Shi walked to her apartment when he saw men from a moving company. It seemed that there was a new tenant at the apartment across from hers. Qin Shi was surprised when she saw a familiar tortoise at her front door. When Qin Shi turned around she saw Yang Hua walking out of the apartment. They stared at each other. Qin Shi was stunned while Yang Hua looked at her with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(24)

Qin Shi smiled and asked whether he was looking for the tortoise. Yang Hua opened his arms and Qin Shi ran to his arms. Inside the apartment, Qin Shi asked Yang Hua why he returned. Yang Hua replied that he never left and was busy renovating the house next to her for the last three months.

Qin Shi asked the question that annoyed her for months. Was Yang Hua there for the sake of Yao Yao or her? Yang Hua stared at her and said that she was the only person in his heart, whether in the past, present, or future.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(25)

Qin Shi had so many questions, including about the string of numbers. It turned out that was the password for an investment website. Yang Hua explained that the stock code was their wedding date. He always bought it every month regardless the price went up or down. He planned to keep it forever for the future generation. Qin Shi stared at him intently. Now she believed that she deserved happiness. The couple kissed passionately as if they never separated before.

She and Her Perfect Husband recap - episode 40(26)

The End.

There you have it, the 2 last episodes of She and Her Perfect Husband, episodes 39 and 40. Hope you all enjoy it. If you want to read about this drama ending explained, you can read it on She and Her Perfect Husband ending explained. Or maybe you can check She and Her Perfect Husband drama review if you want to read how I thought about this drama. Thank you, see you on another episode recap!

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